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Chapter 629: A Desperate Effort

 Chapter 629: A Desperate Effort

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Thud, thud, thud.

The footsteps of people wearing metallic warboots broke the dead silence in Newlight City. Every time their metallic warboots touched the ground, blood would splash in all directions, resembling the blossoming of a dark-red flower. Occasionally, drops of blood would land on the warboots. Following which, the drops of blood would slide silently to the ground like dewdrops falling off lotus leaves.

The warboots thus remained spotlessly clean and the footsteps remained synchronized.

The brick pavement of the street was soaked with blood. If one looked down from the sky, he or she would see the bloody pavement extend to the end of the city. The blood color of the street was dazzling. The street was filled with puddles of blood, resembling puddles of water that were left behind by a downpour. However, instead of the pleasant after-rain aroma, the air was filled with a choking, bloody stench.

Those people walked silently through the empty, bloody street, looking as if they could not see or smell anything.

Some of them had a few decapitated heads that were dripping with blood in their hands. The eyes on these heads were wide open, containing fear and anger.

If one took a closer look at these decapitated heads, he or she would be overwhelmed with shock.

Two of the heads belonged to Yuchi Ba, who tried to become a Grandmaster, and "Ugly Idol" An Chouchou, who was the mayor of Newlight City...

However, in reality, no one saw this scene. Those who saw this scene were already dead. Everyone on this street, no, the core district of Newlight City, was already killed.

Xiaobao was walking at the front with an ice-cold look on his face. "Tell them that if they don't surrender before sunset, we will massacre everyone in the entire city," he said indifferently.

"Yes!" Gui Hu replied.

Whoosh. Gui Hu suddenly appeared in the air. With elemental energy surging through his voice, he yelled, "If you don't surrender before sunset, we will massacre everyone in the city!"

After taking a glance at the setting sun, Xiaobao withdrew his gaze.

Gui Hu flew down beside Xiaobao and asked, "Why don't we massacre everyone now?"

"They are Madam's subjects after all, so we should take mercy on them," Xiaobao answered plainly.

"If it was me, I would have killed every one of these defiant new citizens. What's the point of allowing them to live? Humph, so what if Yuchi Ba is high and mighty? He still ended up like this," Gui Hui said haughtily.

"Yuchi Ba has passed his prime; he is no longer as mighty as before. It's a pity An Chouchou has suffered this fate though. He was extremely capable and talented," Xiaobao replied.

Gui Hu felt a tinge of admiration for An Chouchou as well. He snorted, "I didn't expect this fatty to so strong-willed."

"He was a foolishly loyal individual," Xiaobao continued plainly.

When they reached a crossroads, they stopped in their tracks as a group of people appeared in front of them.

Leading the group of people was a shivering old man. When he saw Xiaobao and his counterparts, he kneeled down and spoke with a trembling voice, "Newlight City is willing to surrender to you! We will surrender!"

The rest of the people behind him kneeled down as well and said, "All of us will surrender to you!"

Xiaobao did not even take a glance at them and let them continue kneeling on the puddles of blood. Then he turned around and said to his counterparts, "Newlight City has been pacified. Next stop, Palacefield City."


A cool breeze blew as the aura of killing intent lingered in the air.

Helian Tianxiao was feeling regretful at this point of time. He had underestimated the enemy. The battle he thought he would win easily was overflowing with variables. The outcomes that he anticipated did not happen. The toughness and tenacity of the enemy overwhelmed him with shock and fear.

Duanmu Huanghun's strength exceeded an ordinary Master's. Helian Tianxiao wondered, was it possible that Duanmu Huanghun's genius had already reached the gate of Grandmaster?

He single-handedly withstood an army charge. Such bravery... Didn't they say this fellow was just a pretty boy?

And these fellows from the Surveillance Division... they were actually brave!

The current Helian Tianxiao did not dare to underestimate the three central divisions anymore. Dread and Judgement joined hands and single-handedly invaded the main encampment and kidnapped General Ye and Nangong Wulian. Meanwhile, these people from Surveillance were willing to give up their lives to stop their charge without any hesitation.

Previously, Helian Tianxiao felt that the three central divisions were weak and decadent. Right now, he felt that he was really foolish and arrogant to think that way. The main reason for their repeated losses was their underestimation of the elementalists.

However, there was no medicine for regret in this world.

Now that their charge was impeded, their situation immediately became extremely dangerous.

While the rest was in a daze, Song Xiaoqian took the lead to make a decision. The breeze surrounding them seemed very weak, but she could sense that it was extremely dangerous. She took off her bow from her back and shot an arrow into the air above her head all of a sudden.

A streak of light flashed across the air and inserted itself into the deep, dark night.

Suddenly, a look of joy appeared on her face. Following which, she pulled her bowstring back. Every time she pulled her bowstring back, she would release one arrow. Eventually, she shot out 12 arrows. The 12 streaks of light spread out like the tail of a peacock in the air. The three bottommost streaks of light disappeared.

The three arrow gleams were devoured silently.

A cold shiver went down Song Xiaoqian's spine. In a flash, she had lost her connection with the three arrows.

Until now, she still did not know what was inside the breeze, but she knew that it must be something that was extremely dangerous!

However, the arrows she released just now enabled her to find out how tall the surrounding breeze was.

360 meters!

Eventually, the other generals began to imitate what Song Xiaoqian did. Rains of arrows flew towards the breeze that was surrounding them. Most of these arrows were mysteriously devoured, but the generals were still able to quickly grasp the shape of the surrounding wind

Everyone gasped in fear.

They initially thought that it was an upright, cylindrical wind curtain. However, now they realized that it was actually a bell-shaped wind curtain. Mysteriously, there was a 60-meter-wide hole at the top of the bell-shaped wind curtain.

Helian Tianxiao felt slightly glad. He conjectured that such a huge hole was created as the Surveillance Division did not activate enough men this time around.

Helian Tianxiao's conjecture was right. The real [Breeze of Surveillance] needed at least half of the Surveillance Division to execute fully.

[Breeze of Surveillance] was an ultimate move that was created to deal with Grandmasters. The Surveillance Division named this dangerous yet quiet breeze "trade wind". It was discovered during a bitter battle. "Trade wind" did not belong to any of the five elements. It was produced when elemental energy was burned. When an elementalist burned the elemental energy in his body, he was like an ignited candle, and the "trade wind" was the smoke from the candle flame. "Trade wind" could only be found in extremely small amounts.

Until now, the Surveillance Division had yet to master the core of the "trade wind". They had not found any solutions other than having their members burn their own elemental energies.

The "trade wind" would become more powerful as more elementalists burned their elemental energies. This type of unique and mysterious wind had nothing to do with the five elements, but it could merge together with the Nature as one.

Once the "Surveillance Cage" was formed, it could last for tens of thousands of years.

Even if the one that was trapped in the Surveillance Cage was a Grandmaster, he or she could only listen to the sound of the breeze in absolute darkness as he slowly died with the passing of time.

The Surveillance Cage would collapse only if the elemental energies in the world disintegrated completely, like the calamity at the end of Cultivation Era.

It was a pity Xiaoshan did not have enough men and [Breeze of Surveillance] could not be executed fully. Xiaoshan did not know about this fact, but he had already achieved his goal of impeding the charge of the God Wolf Division and the Silverfrost Blood Division to buy more time for the Pagoda Cannon Alliance.

From the look of it, everything proceeded smoothly.

The soldiers of the God Wolf Division and the Silverfrost Blood Division looked distressed. They were specialized in charging enemy lines, not flying. They were almost entirely incapable of flying straight up.

A 360-meter-tall, bell-shaped wind curtain with an exit that was only 60 meters wide!

How were they going to get out?

Time was passing bit by bit and everyone was becoming more and more flustered. They could imagine the scene of the frantic encampment of the Pagoda Cannon Alliance stabilizing gradually and aiming their Beehive Heavy Cannons one by one at them.

Even if they managed to escape this bell-shaped wind curtain, they would have to regroup before they could charge the enemy line.

Facing concentrated pagoda fire without speed would render them completely helpless like a fish on a chopping board.

"Build an ice staircase upwards!" Song Xiaoqian instructed.

Everyone's eyes lit up. It was a good solution!

Building an ice wall was a commonly-used tactic by the Silverfrost Blood Division. Not only could an ice wall act as a defensive structure, it could also create a path for them to charge their enemy lines. As long as they built an ice wall upwards, they would form an ice staircase which they could use to escape this bell-shaped wind curtain.

The soldiers of Silverfrost acted rapidly. Their silverfrost wolves raised their front paws and slammed them heavily on the ground, causing ice-cold air to flow in all directions. An ice wall began to rise from the ground.

However, very soon, everyone's facial expressions turned ugly.

The edges and corners of the ice wall were smoothening rapidly. The ice wall was melting and shrinking silently. It reminded one of a rock being eroded by wind. Within a short period of time, this thick and solid ice wall was completely eroded by a seemingly invisible wind.

"How come it turned out like this?" someone asked with a trembling voice.

No one could answer his question.

The worse thing was that time was running out.

A burly man jumped out of his rank with his silverfrost wolf and said with a deep voice, "Division Leader, if we win this battle, please take care of my family!"

Before Song Xiaoqian could say anything, the burly man roared and he and his silverfrost wolf exploded into a cloud of extremely cold mist. Their corpses could not be found at all.

An ice wall that was sturdier and more sparkling than before appeared once again. The unusual thing about it was that it was light blue in color, resembling an enormous, blue-colored gemstone that was exuding traces of cold air.

Song Xiaoqian's mind shivered. This was the Silverfrost Blood Division's unique explosion technique, [Frost Explosion]!

The blue ice wall extended in front of everyone's eyes. The corrosive wind still existed, but its speed had been greatly reduced.

Another Silverfrost soldier and his silverfrost wolf threw themselves at the ice wall and activated [Frost Explosion]!

The rest turned silently. Following which, streaks of snow-white figures stepped out of their ranks and charged towards the ice wall and activated their [Frost Explosion].

The explosions of [Frost Explosion] weren't loud, and they resembled the sound of ice shattering.

The blue-colored ice wall kept on rising as the sound of ice shattering resounded through the air continuously.

360 meters tall, 460 people.

A light blue, sparkling, ice staircase with a precipitous slope was formed. It led to the sky above their heads.

Song Xiaoqian's eyes turned slightly red as she bit her lower lip tightly. She was unable to say anything.

Helian Tianxiao watched on silently as the ice staircase increased in height. With an ice-cold facial expression like usual, he bowed at the ice staircase.

He then raised his head and looked at the sky. The aura of killing intent surrounding his body became stronger and more concentrated. He looked like the God of Death that had just arrived from hell. His ice contained nothing but chilliness.

Without saying anything, he took the lead and ran up the ice staircase. Even though the ice staircase was steep, he effortlessly ascended it.

The rest remained silent and followed closely behind him.

Their solemn faces and reddened eyes were reflected in the light-blue glow of the ice staircase.

The powerful paws of the silverfrost wolves landed gently and silently on the ice staircase, appearing as if they knew that the comrades' bodies were beneath their feet.