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Chapter 627: Eating Grass

 Chapter 627: Eating Grass

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The hissing of "Breeze of Surveillance" in the night sky had yet to dissipate when a flame rose from within the faraway alliance's camping ground into the sky with a loud boom. It sounded like an erupting volcano.

Venerable Volcano!

Three huge snow lava fireballs flew into the sky and drew a flaming locus in the night. Like meteorites descending from the sky, they dove for that angry, rolling, blood-colored wave with a whistle.

Helian Tianxiao had no intention of reducing speed, as if he had not seen them.

Beside him Song Xiaoqian shouted at the top of her lungs, "Archers!"

The archers from both sides of the Silverfrost Division moved in unison, pulling their bowstrings without retrieving any arrows. The surrounding cold air converged, and sparkling and translucent ice arrows appeared on their bowstrings. The tails of these beautiful ice arrows were like a magnified snow flower.

Song Xiaoqian ordered, "Release!"


The sound of 1,000 bowstrings being released rang out. A thousand ice cold lights flew into the sky, leaving behind slender and bright scars like glowing silkworms. It was as if there was an invisible palm in the sky, twisting and turning these bright silk threads to create a beautiful and brilliant ice windstorm.

One lava fireball slammed onto the ice windstorm forcefully.


Countless lava flames exploded in the air like fireworks. The next moment, the ruptured silver frost froze, and all the beautiful light rays disappeared in an instant. The fiery flowers became flowers of silver frost, while the blazing lava became silver frosted rocks that smashed onto the ground like rain, shattering into pieces.


Lights on the God-subduing Peak guarded by the Spear of Heavy Cloud were dim, and the tired soldiers took this time to rest. However, the lights were bright in Shi Xueman's tent as the officers gathered together to discuss the next day's battle.

Suddenly, Shi Xueman jerked her head up as her heart jolted.

An intense elemental energy wave motion!

Not only did the nonstop whistling of the metal wind curtain cover up the majority of the ambient sound, it would also conceal the majority of the elemental energy wave motions. Yet, this burst of wave motion was so intense that even the metal wind curtain was unable to hide it!

It was coming from... behind!

Her face changed.

Not only her, but the others also felt this alarming presence. It was simply too intense. Like a sun in the night sky, it was effortlessly striking.


A sharp alarm went off, and the soldiers in charge of the night duty rushed over, "Reporting! A big group of enemies detected!"

Everyone dashed out of the tent.

From the faraway horizon, countless broadback batfish were speedily flying toward them like a powerful current.

The number of broadback batfish made everybody take in a deep breath of cold air. They had no doubt that the enemy had placed everything on this battle. No, only all the beast battalions. What about the God Wolf and the Silverfrost divisions? Where were they?

Thinking about that astounding elemental energy wave motion from earlier, their faces quickly turned pale.

How had the enemy broken through the wind curtain?

The lights on the three God-subduing Peaks brightened. The Infantry and the Sky Edge divisions had also been alarmed.

Shi Xueman bit her lips forcefully, almost splitting them open. Never had there been a moment that terrified her this badly and made her feel this much despair! The incoming beast battalion was like an enormous tide that could easily swallow them up.

Calm down, calm down!

Her first reaction was to engage the God-subduing Peak to rescue Ai Hui and the others, but she knew it was too late.

Plus, once they retreated, Sky Edge and Infantry wouldn't be able to hold off the flock of enemies. Their defense line had been smashed in the blink of an eye, making it impossible for everyone to flee. Being familiar with military affairs, she knew that retreating was harder than going all out. They would be utterly defeated if they were even slightly careless when withdrawing.

What would Ai Hui do if he were to be in her position?

Shi Xueman composed herself. Ai Hui had been in even more dangerous situations, but he had not given up, so how could she? Furthermore, how could Ai Hui, that evildoer, die so easily?

Yeah, how could he die so easily?

Villains have long lives!

Shi Xueman threw her panic away and calmed herself down. She was much more clear-headed now. If Ai Hui were to die, the rear position would be destroyed, and the three vanguard combat divisions wouldn't survive either. Once their vanguard defense line was broken through, those at the back would also perish.

All for one, one for all.

This thought swept the last bit of fear out the window.

Abandoning comrades and fleeing alone weren't things people from the North Sea's Shi family could possibly do!

She quickly made a decision. "Qian Dai, Zu Yan, go assist the Pagoda Cannon Alliance!"

Fatty had long been feeling restless. Thinking about Ai Hui being in danger affected his fighting spirit. He admired Shi Xueman because she stuck to her principles, which was a respectable trait. He wasn't like her. He was just a fatty who was lucky to be alive and only slightly principled.

To him, no one was as important as Ai Hui.

Fatty and Zu Yan left immediately.

Having recovered her composure Shi Xueman displayed her decisiveness. She was certain that close range combat power was what the rear needed to resist the God Wolf and the Silverfrost division. However, she was also clear that it was too late to assemble people and then return to provide assistance.

She determined that the enemy had already started charging!

Furthermore, that intense and terrifying gush of elemental energy wave motion made her recall some details about the three central divisions that she had read previously.

Unable to make up for the disadvantages at the rear, she would have to further strengthen the advantages they already possessed. This was her judgment.

If the battle had already ended and the Alliance had already crumbled by the time Fatty and Zu Yan got there, it would be pointless for anyone else to go over. If the battle was still ongoing, it meant that both sides were in a deadlock and their arrival would greatly boost the Alliance's power.

The pressure at the front line was extremely huge, but Shi Xueman remained confident.

Amid this despairing chaos, Shi Xueman gambled her last bit of hope.

Ultimately, human affairs were determined by heavens.

Ke Ning frantically shouted for the soldiers to man the pagoda cannons.

Intense fear shrouded his heart, causing him to feel suffocated and breathless. However, he knew that every second was being exchanged for his comrades' fresh blood.

In the distant sky, a group of people were being enveloped by intense light rays. Watching them from afar, they were like sky lanterns drifting in the sky.

Senior Xiao Shan and the rest...

Unknowingly, tears rolled down Ke Ning's cheeks.

A sharp whistle echoed across his head as a dazzling light ray ripped across the dark sky.

The Sword of Lightning!

Ke Ning leapt up and yelled at the top of his lungs, "Cannoneers, get to your pagoda cannon! Cannoneers, get to your pagoda cannon!"

In the camp, people were dashing about with blood-shot eyes, as if in a frantic state of mind.

Far away, a surging current filled the field. Also in the distance, a dazzling light ray illuminated the night sky.

The sky lantern-like light balls emitted terrifying wave motions that made Helian Tianxiao's face change for the first time. He quickly recalled a legend that had circulated for a long time, but was rather secretive.

In the legend, it was said that the three central divisions were tasked with an important mission, which was to ensure that the Elders Guild wouldn't fall under the control of Grandmasters. As such, across generations, the three central divisions had been working diligently to create a fatal move that could suppress Grandmasters.

Helian Tianxiao's heart jumped. Could this legend be true?

In the sky many crisscrossed light beams appeared in the spaces between the former soldiers of the Surveillance Division, who had been enveloped in light rays. When they first emerged, they were as dim as shadows, but quickly brightened.

They were becoming increasingly bright!

Helian Tianxiao noticed that wind was being generated!

No, the surrounding elemental energy was being drawn away by those damned fellows in the sky.

Helian Tianxiao roared, "Shoot them down!"

Hearing that, Song Xiaoqian shouted, "Archers!"

The archers in the Silverfrost Division drew their bows at the same time.


The same ice windstorm rose once again and pounced toward those light beams and figures in the sky with a loud whistle.

Just as the ice windstorm was about to swallow those floating figures, a viridescent flower branch appeared all of a sudden.

This delicate viridescent flower branch remained motionless despite the whistling and wild ice rainstorm. The moment it appeared, it grew at an alarming rate. The branch was like a devilish vine that quickly grew into a wall of viridescent flower branches in the blink of an eye.

The ice windstorm formed by countless ice arrows slammed heavily against the wall of viridescent flower branches.

Rippling layers appeared on the wall as the bright light rays spread along the branches, filling the wall with specks of light and forming a beautiful flower scroll. It was so beautiful that it was hard to look away.

A slightly thin figure appeared overhead unknowingly.

He wore snow-white garments and had long hair that fluttered in the wind. The paleness in his face added contrast to his handsome features, effective accentuating them. The viridescent flower traces on his forehead added some mystery.

He had a cool expression and appeared exceptionally arrogant. The dark night sky overhead was like a pair of black wings fixed on his back.

Helian Tianxiao's pupils shrank once again. Duanmu Huanghun!

He was back?

It was old news that Duanmu Huanghun had been in seclusion for a long time. Who knew he would actually appear at this critical juncture. It wasn't a big deal since, according to the usual progression, Duanmu Huanghun would've only become a Master. It wasn't anything to worry about.

What could a Master do when placed on this battlefield?

Yet, that wall of viridescent flower branches made Helian Tianxiao aware that Duanmu Huanghun's abilities exceeded those of ordinary Masters.

How did this fellow get this strong?

Helian Tianxiao felt uncertain, but quickly composed himself. So what if that was the case? Without a Grandmaster the other enemies wouldn't be able to resist their attack!

They were the God Wolf Division!

Helian Tianxiao refocused his gaze onto the enemy camp. That was their main target. The annoying flies would be dealt with after seizing control over the Pagoda Cannon Alliance's camp!

"So much noise the moment I return. How unpleasant."

Duanmu Huanghun's annoyed voice rang from above. It was cold and lofty, but not loud. Nevertheless everyone on the battlefield could hear him and the former Surveillance members' frantic withdrawal of elemental energy seemed not to have any effect on him.

He stood god-like and proud, as he overlooked the ground and extended his palm out.

On his palm floated a segment of a viridescent flower branch.

The branch was very short and did not look fancy. There wasn't any alarming wave motion either, but it carried a similar tenderness and plumpness.

"These wolves have traveled a long way. Their kindness should be repaid, but I heard that wolves eat flesh. Sorry, but there's only grass today."

At that, he tossed the viridescent flower branch toward the blood-colored current that covered the field.