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Chapter 626: Breeze of Surveillance

 Chapter 626: Breeze of Surveillance

Translator: Cynthiia Editor: X, TYZ

Ke Ning was looking over the campsite. Wary of waking his comrades whose faces were covered in dirt, he walked cautiously and quietly.

Those young faces displayed a maturity beyond their age. Experience on the battlefield could always wash away the sentimental and skittish parts of a person. The trial between life and death tested not only a person's will, but also their mind.

The change in Ke Ning also happened to many of his comrades in the Pagoda Cannon Alliance.

During consecutive fierce battles, there were several instances of extremely dangerous situations where the Pagoda Cannon Alliance had to support the front line. Today's situation was the same. Their enemies had once advanced to a distance of less than 100 meters away from the line of defense.

After a day of fierce fighting, the warriors were all burned out. Everyone seized the opportunity to have a rest because they knew that tomorrow wouldn't be any easier.

The four beast battalions were not yet defeated, and the even more powerful God Wolf and Silverfrost troops had been at ease and waiting for the defenders to grow exhausted. Any hint of fatigue would trigger their cunning enemies to launch a fatal attack.

Tong Gui and Yu Jin were sitting on a hillside that was barren and full of scorch marks. They were both looking at Ke Ning who was on patrol in the campsite on this dark night.

The night was as dark as ink, and the wind was gusting around. In the quiet camp, the young man was as straight as a spear. Enormous Beehive Heavy Cannons were placed everywhere like ancient beasts squatting on the ground and casting shadows of death.

Yu Jin suddenly said, "Ke Ning has made great progress."

Tong Gui quite agreed with her and praised, "Yes, he has been reborn. At the beginning, I wondered why Ai Hui asked us to assist him. I didn't expect that he would change so much after several battles. Ai Hui had great foresight regarding Ke Ning."

Yu Jin asked, "What's the next move for our enemy?"

Tong Gui thought for a while and said, "I don't know. The situation now is good for us. The Pagoda Cannon Alliance is doing a good job now because they have become more proficient at using pagoda cannons. As long as we don't lose the defense line, we can keep our position."

Yu Jin didn't answer.

Discussions like this happened all the time. Usually, they were just nonsense. In their daily meetings on the battlefield situation, they had discussed the specifics in more detail. This idle talk was just a way for them to encourage themselves.

Seeing Yu Jin close her eyes, Tong Gui stopped talking. The battle during the day time was not easy for them either.

Venerable Volcano, who had a contemplative look on his face, squatted on the mountain range and overlooked the valley. In the valley, the glowing swordss that looked like scorched iron swords were inserted everywhere, creating a splendid spectacle.

Although he was experienced and knowledgeable, this was the first time that he had seen such a peculiar scene.

In amazement, Venerable Volcano mused, "The first time I saw Ai Hui, I knew he was different and would always create amazing things. I wonder what he spends his time thinking about."

Xiao Shan stood beside him silently and was absorbed in his own thoughts while looking at the valley.

Suddenly, he asked, "When will Ai Hui recover?"

Lou Lan answered, "According to his recuperation status during these two days, it will still take about 10 days before he totally recovers."

The surging sword consciousness in the valley disappeared. If he had not seen this happen with his own eyes before, he would have believed there was nothing in the valley. It was shocking to them because they knew the swords that resembled red hot iron had locked away all the sword consciousness.

Restraining was much more difficult than recklessly showing off.

All of a sudden, Lou Lan looked out into the distance.

Xiao Shan was alert and asked at once, "What?"

Lou Lan was confused. "I feel vibrations from earth elemental energy under the ground. It seems that some beasts are approaching."

Venerable Volcano was curious. "Beasts? What beasts would come to this damnable place?"

Earlier, they had searched this area several times. There was not a single big insect to be found, let alone beasts. The area around the wind curtain was almost completely barren.

Xiao Shan put on a vigilant face. "What beasts? How many?"

Loa Lan closed his eyes and answered after a moment, "Many. These beasts have four legs and are traveling briskly."

He was a sand puppet who was sensitive to earth elemental energy. The volatility of earth elemental energy was much lower than other elemental energies. On the vast earth, earth elemental energy was normally subdued and as tranquil as the surface of a lake. Now, however, Lou Lan sensed that the earth elemental energy in the distance was rippling slightly.

Back when Shi Youguang was hunting Ai Hui, he had used the trace of earth elemental energy left by elementalists to locate Ai Hui.

Lou Lan was better than Shi Youguang in this aspect. Not only because he was a sand puppet, but also because with his unparalleled sand core, Midnight, his power was matchless. As a result, he could sense the slightest changes in the earth elemental energy from more than 5,000 meters away.

Xiao Shan became more nervous. "In which direction?"

Lou Lan pointed to the rear of the camp and said predictively, "Over there!"

Xiao Shan flew up into the sky without any hesitation.

Looking toward the direction in which Lou Lan pointed, Xiao Shan saw a cluster of tiny shadows that were moving, almost as if the horizon was jumping up and down.

When he saw the size of the group, he finally understood why Lou Lan said there were many of them.

A chilly blast traveled straight through his spine and into his forehead. His scalp tightened, and he felt like he had fallen into an icehouse that was mind-numbingly cold.

Xiao Shan came back to his senses, and his face paled. He then yelled, "Enemy attack!"

The sharp sound tore through the silent night.

"Enemy attack!"

The camps of their enemy were over there. Incessant lights brightened the dark night like stars in the sky.

Helian Tianxiao murmured, "Beautiful!"

A yell wafting from the distance gradually grew clear, "Enemy attack!"

Helian Tianxiao grinned ferociously. He patted the belly of the wolf that he rode and ordered, "God Wolf, charge!"

Next, Song Xiaoqian, who was on the flank, gave her order at once, "Silverfrost, charge!"

The wolf pack accelerated.

The rumble of the beast horde became louder and gradually converged into growling thunder. Strong and powerful wolf paws struck the ground like hammers. Stiff rocks couldn't stop them and turned into powder under their limbs in almost an instant.

Boom, boom.

Thousands of paws simultaneously struck the ground as if stomping thunder into the earth. The earth shook.

The fur of the God Wolves was as red as blood and illuminated the soldiers riding on them. The red halos gradually fused together. If one looked down from the sky, he or she would see all the red halos expand and gradually merge into one large halo as the God Wolf Division charged faster and faster.

The blood red torrent galloped over the ground. They advanced as quickly as a giant red axe splitting the air.

On both sides of God Wolf troops, snow-white Silverfrost soldiers brought along a freezing fog like two swords that were ready to attack the enemies at any time. The ground that they passed froze, leaving two icy pathways behind them.

On the back of those wolves, the soldiers were excited and prepared to kill anything they encountered. Their eyes bloodshot, and their faces subconsciously broke out into brutal grins.

They had never been so sure that success was around the corner!

According to the experience accumulated during countless battles, they were quite certain that charging forward from such a close proximity to the enemy made them invincible. Even the three central divisions couldn't stop them.

The enemy camp in front of them started to fly into turmoil. Lights were lit constantly, which illuminated their camp as if it was daytime.

They were merely a mob!

The enemy's panic triggered the fierce nature of the blood elementalists. The brutal aspiration to kill writhed in their bodies. They felt like they had already seen a picture of the future: after they intruded into the enemy camp, the frail camp was shredded into pieces when encountering the forceful paws of their wolves. They would cut into the bodies of their foes and churn the flesh up effortlessly like heavy and fierce axes.

Several shadows shot up from the enemy camp and flew toward them.

All of a sudden, a piece of ice appeared in the air in front of them and wildly grew bigger and bigger.

Xiao Shan!

He was an expert from the Surveillance Division.

Helian Tianxiao had witnessed Xiao Shan fighting in battles several times and was impressed by Xiao Shan's mighty power. Many of their powerful experts who had an Ability of God were defeated by Xiao Shan.

However, this had just been during skirmishes..

In skirmishes, Masters played crucial roles. They were strong and flexible, which was a great advantage.

When it came to a full fledged battle against a charging combat division, however, the situation was totally different.

Helian Tianxiao thought that Xiao Shan was overly confident, like a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

A moment later, the ice that could freeze space grew into a transparent wall that blocked Helian Tianxiao, and he grinned scornfully.

He didn't choose to slow down. Instead, he took the lead and charged into the transparent wall. Like an enormous ax shrouded in a red halo, the God Wolf Division hacked at the transparent wall.


The transparent wall collapsed, shattering like a crystal into countless pieces.

The charging momentum of the God Wolf Division didn't decline at all.

In the sky, Xiao Shan spat a mouthful of blood and lost control of his body. Comrades beside him immediately grabbed him, allowing him to keep his balance and suppress the turbulent elemental energy in his body. He knew he couldn't stop the charging of the God Wolf Division all by himself. It was no different from suicide.

However, each second was precious for them right now!

His clothes were soaked in blood, and his face was pale. He used to look apathetic, but now he was as animated as an inferno. "[Breeze of Surveillance]!" he roared as loudly as he could.

The other soldiers were shocked by his roar. They understood that Xiao Shan was about to risk his life in this battle. The next minute, they felt as if some emotions had exploded in their hearts. They were all followers of Xiao Shan and had prepared to sacrifice their lives before they arrived.

No one flinched. They howled furiously, "[Breeze of Surveillance]!"

Elemental energy rose ferociously from under their feet and swept every single inch of their skin. Their eyes were bright, and their bodies were steady. Standing there, they could feel the resonance of each other's elemental energy.

Although they had practiced this move in their teenage years, they had never expected to use it in the future.

They smiled at each other.

Sweeping off the dust, they restored the shine to their swords. The whole army was like a sick monster who opened its eyes and demonstrated its great power once more. They were a bunch of deserters from a division that had a history that stretched more than a millenia. Now, they were singing a battle song that belonged to their ancestors. The sound lingered in the river of time and in the sky. The flags they lifted were rotten, but were radiant like the sun.

They knew that this would be the last song.

So, just let it be.