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Chapter 625: Breaking Through the Wind Curtain

 Chapter 625: Breaking Through the Wind Curtain

Translator: Cynthiia Editor: X, TYZ

After a whole day of battle, both the elementalists and blood elementalists were exhausted. So they came to a cease fire to recover strength and prepare for the battle tomorrow.

The beast battalions tried to attack during the night, but hadn't succeeded and came back with severe casualties.

In the night, the whistling of the metal wind curtain almost drowned out all the other sound.

About 120 miles away from the campsite, two combat divisions stood silently like statues in straight lines in front of the wind curtain. Only the howls of wolves could be heard now and then.

The weather was good tonight, there was no moon, and the sky was dark.

Standing in front of the wind curtain, Helian Tianxiao said solemnly, "Here?"

Song Xiaoqian saluted. "Yes. We detected six weak areas in the wind curtain, and here is the weakest point."

Helian Tianxiao nodded, "Then get ready."

Song Xiaoqian hesitated, "Don't we wait for reinforcements?"

Although in her heart, she didn't want to wait for reinforcements either, she felt it inappropriate to ignore the letter sent by Division Leader He.

Helian Tianxiao shook his head, "No need."

The others felt relieved too, followed by excitement.

As long as they could break through the wind curtain, the weakest abdomen of their enemies would be laid bare in front of them. If it were not for the special terrain of the Windy Pearl Bridges that created a pass where only one guard could prevent a whole army from getting through, the three God-subduing Peaks would not be able to stop their attack at all. The only combat division they feared was the Spear of Heavy Cloud, but it would hardly be a match for the God Wolf Division.

The Windy Pearl Bridges defensive line was now the last defense of their enemies. As long as they could take down the Windy Pearl Bridges, they could march forward with irresistible force and were bound to win. Therefore, none of them wanted to share the merits and honor with others.

After hearing the Division Leader's decision, they were all excited.

Helian Tianxiao looked around and said loudly, "Everybody listen to me. I don't want to stress anything further for the battle tonight. If we win, it will be a peerless merit, but if we lose, this is where we die."

The words encouraged everyone present. They were shivering with excitement, and their blood was boiling.

They were strong commanders and soldiers with illustrious military exploits, and they were more eager to earn achievements than ordinary people. Moreover, the battle tonight would definitely leave an indelible mark in history.

Matchless merit was the pursuit of every aggressive general.

Motivated by their aggression and ferocity, they had become bloodthirsty monsters. Riding on their wolves, they were breathing heavily and licking their lips now and then, revealing the impulses in their hearts that they were trying to restrain.

Helian Tianxiao cut it short and said, "Let's begin."

Song Xiaoqian no longer hesitated. She relapsed into her usual apathy and drove the silverfrost wolf toward the wind curtain.

In front of the wind curtain, 12 Silverfrost soldiers were ready.

Song Xiaoqian took a deep breath and shouted, "Begin!"

Sadness appeared on these Silverfrost soldiers' faces. They dismounted, some with tears in their eyes, and caressed the heads of the wolves.


Their voices shivered.

The silverfrost wolves howled mournfully and licked their masters. Then, they crashed into the wind curtain like silvery shooting stars.

12 silverfrost wolves transformed to 12 beams of silvery light that bumped into the wind curtain and instantly exploded.

The silver frost stabbed deep into the wind curtain like hard icicles.

A modicum of silverfrost scattered, and the piercing coldness swept the whole area. Generals and soldiers of both the God Wolf and the Silverfrost divisions became silent. Since their bonds with their mounts ran really deep, they didn't have the heart to watch this scene.

The 12 silver icicles sticking in the wind curtain formed a circle with a diameter of 15 to 20 meters.

The metal wind kept whistling, but the ice circle was stable and still.

Song Xiaoqian said coldly, "Frost Locust Grass!"

The soldiers let out the Frost Locust Grass they had prepared. Black and red blood locusts flew at the ice circle like a black and red cloud.

Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle.

The blood locusts bumped into the wind curtain in the center of the ice circle.

Gray dots began to spread. In an instant, the center of the ice circle turned to gray. The metal elemental energy was quickly eroded, and a round channel appeared in front of them. Everyone was excited and eager.

Although they had already known that the higher ups must have found a solution, when they saw that the wind curtain had really been broken through, their intent to fight suddenly broke out.

As long as they passed through the wind curtain, victory would be at their fingertips.

Song Xiaoqian was kind of relieved. She calmed down and ordered, "God Wolf and Silverfrost divisions will now mix together and pass through the channel. Silverfrost Division, reinforce the channel with cold air when passing through."

The soldiers immediately understood Song Xiaoqian's intention, and everyone marveled at her perfect method in their hearts. The two divisions had been cooperating for years and knew each other very well. They soon mixed together without any delay.

A general from the Silverfrost Division walked in front, and his silverfrost wolf jumped up and stepped into the entrance of the channel.

Each time the silverfrost wolves' claws stepped on the channel, they would produce cold fog that could reinforce the channel.

A general from the God Wolf Division closely followed the wolf.

Then, the rest of the generals and soldiers flocked into the channel. When the last soldier walked through, Song Xiaoqian's face finally lit up with pleasure.

To break through the wind curtain, she had done a lot of work. Finding the weak points of the wind curtain alone took her a long time. Next, she racked her brains to think of a method to cut through the wind curtain. Later, inspired by the Frost Locust Grass used by the beast battalions, she came up with this solution.

Helian Tianxiao always looked frosty, but now he didn't try to conceal the happiness on his face. "You will be credited with the first achievement in this battle."

Song Xiaoqian, riding on her wolf's back, bowed slightly in response without saying anything.

Without continuous cold air, the ice channel in the metal wind curtain began to melt. After a while, the channel totally disappeared, and the wind curtain returned to its previous state.

Helian Tianxiao looked back at the God Wolf and the Silverfrost divisions lining up in front of him.

He said solemnly, "From now on, no hubbub, no communication. Slow down and control your steps. Don't make any noise. Go!"

The God Wolf and the Silverfrost divisions marched forward at a speed that was not fast. The large army, including the wolves, didn't make any sound. Killing intent pervaded the whole troop.


In an inconspicuous valley.

Wood elementalists planted Disguise Rattans for camouflage. Their palms shined with green light. The green rattans grew at a fast speed. Soon, the ground around the campsite was covered with the rattans. Fog scattered along the leaves of the Disguise Rattans. Seen from the outside, the campsite had disappeared.

The valley was small and clear at a glance. One could see every corner of the valley without entering.

The Judgement and the Dread divisions made use of this trait.

Blood elementalists usually only gave a glimpse of a valley before they left. They would not send anyone into the valley to search further because it was too small for combat divisions to hide in.

They began to rest.

Since Ye Baiyi's Heart of God was sealed, the situation had greatly changed. They began to take the initiative, didn't need to be kept constantly on the run, and even gained victories in previous ambushes. This boosted the morale of the troops since seeing the dawn of victory was more exciting than anything else.

Noticing the fatigue on Ximen Caijue's face, Wan Shenwei walked to her and sat beside her, "Are you okay?"

Ximen Caijue frowned unhappily. "Of course I am."

She was the kind of person who was eager to do well in everything and didn't like others to worry.

Wang Shenwei and Ximen Caijue had known each other for years and were familiar with each other's temper and character, so Wan Shenwei didn't mind and said, "Something is wrong."

Ximen Caijue shot him a glance. She always admired Wan Shenwei's capacity, so she asked in a deep voice, "What's wrong?"

Wan Shenwen said, "We didn't meet any blood elementalists both today and yesterday. No troops nor scouts."

Ximen Caijue paused for a while before her expression changed. She was not a fool and immediately realized the problem. Judging from the previous situation, they would encounter at least two to three batches of enemies every day. It was abnormal indeed that no blood elementalists appeared for two consecutive days.

Ye Baiyi was still in their hands, so blood elementalists had no reason to give up.


She blurted out, "The Holy Emperor is here?"

Wan Shenwei's expression changed too when he heard her words.

Just at this moment, they heard laughter above their heads.

Wan Shenwei was shocked. He looked up at once and saw a girl in red sitting at the peak. His pupils contracted as his heart sank. He hadn't noticed when this girl appeared at all!

This alone demonstrated her extraordinary capacity.

Looking down at them, She Yu smiled and said, "Don't overestimate yourselves. You are just remnants of a defeated army. The Holy Emperor won't bother to come in person."

Her voice was unspeakably pleasant to hear, with a hint of enchantment that lingered in the valley. Some of the soldiers began to fall into a trance.

Wan Shenwei was scared. The generals and soldiers of the Judgement and the Dread divisions had been through numerous battles, and their will was firm and determined, but even so, they couldn't escape falling into her trap.

His elemental energy surged, and he shouted like thunder, "Hey!"

As if a tornado had exploded in the valley, the others shivered and came back to their senses.

Their stares toward the figure in red at the peak changed.

A master could prove his ability with a single move.

The Judgement and Dread members were all experienced and instinctively had a keen judgement of the current situation. The girl in red seemed weak, but in their eyes, she was the most formidable enemy.

Noticing the girl's red clothing, Ximen Caijue suddenly remembered who she was and shouted, "You are She Yu, the girl in red?"

Song Yan stood right below She Yu. The moment Xiemen Caijue spoke, he launched an attack.

A dim blade ray flew toward She Yu silently.

This move illustrated the rich experience of Song Yan. Under the cover of Ximen Caijue's voice, he chose a wily angle to throw out the flying knife.

She Yu suddenly looked down and smiled at Song Yan.

This smile was like a flower blossoming. Even the sky above her head seemed to become clear and shiny.

She flicked her thin and white finger softly.


The blade exploded. Song Yan stifled a groan and staggered backward a few steps before he managed to stand still. Blood flew down the corner of his mouth.

Everyone's expression changed.