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Chapter 623: The Change in the Sword Embryo

 Chapter 623: The Change in the Sword Embryo

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Ai Hui was following the change of the sword embryo closely.

Within just a few days' time, the original sword embryo had first changed from a vapor to a foggy sword point, then to Yin Yang fish. Now that there was no more fog around it, the silky sword gradually became denser.

Small swords of different shapes compiled like a vast school of fish.

More interestingly, no matter what shapes the small swords were, they were all in pairs-one yin and one yang. The yin and yang swords were distinctly separate, but twined and rotated around each other constantly.

Small pieces of golden rays splashed and floated in the air like mayflies in the water.

The rotating Yin and Yang sword embryo was like a vortex, and the attraction created a long, thin golden fog belt that tied to the sword embryo like a transparent golden silk.

Ai Hui was shocked by the growth rate of the embryo. He realized how amazing the ancient demonic god had been. Even though it was only an unknown demonic god whose name couldn't be found in any records, the blood it left contained a spiritual imprint that was so strong that it was still indestructible after so many years.

If it were not for the support from Lou Lan and others, his sword embryo would not have gained such a surprising advantage. The sword aura kept flocking in, dividing the Yin and Yang, and making the sword fog denser. Cold lights flickered on the small swords. When they were circling, the impetus was far more colossal than before.

The sword embryo broke the golden light as well as the spiritual imprint of the God's blood into bits. The will of the demonic god was removed from the broken spiritual imprint and became the food for the sword embryo.

This was the golden silky fog.

After being absorbed into the sword embryo, the small swords kept absorbing the nutritious golden fog like greedy fish.

When the golden fog permeated into the small swords, the grey sword began to adopt a metallic luster.

A piercing aura spread out like ripples.

Even among the bloody light pillar, Ai Hui could still feel the apprehension, as if someone was holding a sword against between his eyebrows.

More and more golden light was broken by the sword embryo as its aura grew at an amazing speed.

Indulging in the pure and piercingly cold sword consciousness, Ai Hui's mind and spirit were very clear. The sword embryo seemed to be integrated with his heart, spirit, blood, and flesh. He could feel the pleasant growth of each small sword and the different auras they sent forth.

The aura of each sword was totally different from the others. Some were arbitrary, some pure, some gentle, and some tyrannical. Ai Hui had never thought that there were so many kinds of sword aura in this world. Each kind was so unique, but they were harmonious and blended into an integral whole without any conflicts.

Ai Hui was intoxicated with the various kinds of sword auras.

The root of the sword embryo was his essence, breath, and spirit. Now the growth of the embryo facilitated his accumulation of spirit. The remnant chapter on the sword embryo cultivation now flew in his mind smoothly. Ai Hui felt that he was enlightened, and mysterious content suddenly became understandable.

He didn't know how much time had passed when he woke up from the intoxication and was astonished.

All he could see was the golden fog. It had pervaded the whole place. In the thick fog, Ai Hui could not clearly see the golden light pillar.

He tried to calm himself down. After a while, he began to realize what had happened.

The sword embryo could only absorb the demonic god's spiritual imprint from the God's blood. The other ingredients were useless. However, in the God's blood, the spiritual imprint was only a small part. The ingredients of the God's blood that were related to blood and flesh permeated into Ai Hui's body, nourishing him.

Except for these two parts, the God's blood contained other mysterious powers, which were left behind. Ai Hui couldn't absorb them, so they compiled and flew freely in his body.

The power of the demonic god was beyond Ai Hui's knowledge. Therefore, he held it in awe and veneration.

His blood, flesh, and sword embryo only absorbed a small fraction of its power.

Ai Hui became alert when he saw the scope of the golden fog clearly. It was not easy for him to straighten out all the strong, weird powers within his body. Judging from the current situation, he just needed to wait until the God's blood was totally destroyed by the sword embryo.

Yet, the mysterious golden fog might become his new concern. The more the fog there was, the more dangerous it would be.

The lessons learned were profound. He would never allow unfamiliar powers into his body easily.

Having calmed down, Ai Hui didn't want to covet the power that might be contained in the golden fog. Instead, he began to consider how to get the fog out of his body. To him, the God's blood absorbed by the sword embryo as well as his flesh and blood was enough to enhance his strength.

At this moment, he had no time to explore these unknown components.

Just then, streaks of sword aura flocked into Ai Hui's body from outside. As Ai Hui's essence, breath, and spirit became stronger, he could clearly feel the continuous series of sword formations from the outside world.

Suddenly an idea occurred to him. Why not lead the unknown golden fog into the sword formation?

At the thought of this, the thousands of small swords in the sword embryo began to roar simultaneously.


On the ridge above the valley, the members of the Sword of Lightning Division lay down on the ground on all sides. Everyone was exhausted, and some members had fallen into sleep, snoring like thunder. They were too tired these past few days. All they had done those days was set up sword formations day and night. They even couldn't remember how many sword formations they had set up. Besides, they needed to offer the blood and flesh of blood fiends collected by front line soldiers as sacrifices to the sword formations.

The latest batch of long swords were not ready yet, and the battle at the front line wasn't over today. The rest time was very precious to them. Everyone was lying on the ground.

Gu Xuan was better off than the others. Although also exhausted, he managed to stand up and watch the thickly dotted sword formations in the valley in fascination.

Shi Zhiguang beside him murmured, "When will our boss wake up? Without him I'm feeling anxious..."

Gu Xuan came back to his senses and said, "Soon."

Shi Zhiguang's eyes lit up. "Really?"

Gu Xuan said firmly, "Yes! Take a closer look. He is devouring the sword formations now much faster than before and is still accelerating."

Shi Zhiguang was not a fool. He just hadn't paid attention before. Hearing Gu Xuan's words, his eyes lit up, "Yes, yes! Boss's eating speed has increased so quickly! We can hardly keep up with him now in setting sword formations."

With one hand clenched, he hit his other hand palm with excitement, "When our boss wakes up, let's put up a thorough fight with them. I'll show them how powerful the Sword of Lightning is."

He missed the thrill of the fight with the God Wolf Division from last time. That feeling was excellent.

Gu Xuan nodded as he had the same feeling.

Since he was older in age and more mature, he always thought more. He knew that the battle was fierce these days, and their enemies were changing tactics all the time. Everyone was highly focused. So far, their defense was relatively stable, but somehow Gu Xuan always felt uneasy.

Probably because their boss was absent.

Ai Hui was their backbone. When Ai Hui wasn't with them, they felt anxious no matter what they did.

On second thought, however, Gu Xuan felt this was natural because he noticed that not only the Sword of Lightning, but also Division Leader Shi, had the same feeling. Division Leader Shi was strong enough, but she was still willing to follow Boss's lead from the bottom of her heart. So, as a small fry, he took his dependence on Ai Hui for granted.

At this moment, he totally forgot he was the vice division leader of the Sword of Lightning.

What he said to Shi Zhiguang was no lie. It was the conclusion he reached after careful observation.

Boss was going to wake up soon!

Just at this moment, they heard a thundering roar in the valley.

Gu Xuan and Shi Zhiguang jumped up with a start.

The valley was quivering as tens of thousands of swords were chiming.

The sword chime converged into a torrent. The sound could shake one's heart as well as the ground.

At first, Gu Xuan and others were scared, but then on second thought, they were excited. This might be a sign that their boss was going to wake up?

Soon, they realized something was wrong.

"Look at the blood sacrifice sword formation!"

Hearing his words, the others all turned to look toward that sword formation. A blood sacrifice sword formation was a sword formation that was offered the blood and flesh of blood fiends as sacrifice. Lou Lan found that a blood sacrifice sword formation was more helpful for Ai Hui.

Actually, none of them knew how to offer the sacrifice, so they just scattered the blood fiends' blood and flesh into the sword formation. Then, they found that Ai Hui seemed to prefer blood sacrifice sword formations indeed because they would be devoured immediately after they were ready.

That blood sacrifice sword formation was just set with the blood fiends' blood and flesh delivered to them about two hours ago.

The blood sacrifice sword formation suddenly began to shine with a golden light, and the blood and flesh in the formation were soon absorbed like water in the desert. Meanwhile, each long sword in the sword formation had absorbed the blood on its blade.

In an instant, all the blood in the sword formation had completely disappeared.


With a clear sword chime, a long sword in the sword formation projected a beam of golden light.

Clank, clank, clank!

Sword chimes could be heard without end. Each long sword in the sword formation projected a beam of golden light which was almost solid. Those beams of golden light were glittering, translucent, and as straight as swords. They crisscrossed in the sky above the sword formation.

Then, with a light cracking sound, a nail-sized piece peeled off the blade of a long sword and turned to ashes and dust before it fell on the ground.

Crack, crack, crack.

Large pieces began to peel off the blade of the sword like an eroded fresco.

All the pieces turned to ashes and disappeared in the air.

After the last cracking sound, all the pieces disappeared, and the scene in front of everyone was very weird.

The sword formation was shrouded by thick golden light. Many swords of light were inserted into the ground. They were bright and dazzling, as if had just been taken out from the smelter. A sword aura shot up into the sky and criss crossed above the sword formation.

the swords formed a ray of light, one by one pierce through the ground.

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