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Chapter 622: The Arrival of She Yu

 Chapter 622: The Arrival of She Yu

Translator: Cynthia Editor: Lucas, TYZ

High above the sky.

A dazzling golden light flashed across the whistling metal wind like a golden arrow shot by a god.

She Yu was in red clothing and surrounded by faint, golden light. She was flying in a surprising speed like a shell fired from a cannon, leaving a long trace of air wave behind her. The trace was like a ship wake on the sea, and it existed for just an instant before it was torn up by the astonishingly destructive metal wind.

Her pretty and coquettish face was seductive; even her frown could melt a man's heart.

She was not very used to the vast potent power within her body.

Every heartbeat led to the tremble of her heart and spirit as if an electrical current was passing through her body.

Days ago, when she opened her eyes, everything had changed. The world in front of her was totally different. And all the changes were due to God's blood, the holy object of the God Nation.

The unabsorbed God's blood stayed dormant in her heart like a huge beast waiting to wake up. But the absorbed God's blood had already pushed her to a level that was beyond her imagination before. The power within her body was as vast as a sea. Sometimes even a small action would lead to the roar of this violent sea.

The Life and Death Flower Sacrificial Art, which she had been worrying about for a long time, had disappeared without any trace as if it never existed. Thus, her greatest concern was solved. How miraculous the world was.

Almost all troubles tended to stem from weakness.

This applied to worry as well as anger.

Now She Yu was fully focused on this task, which was critical to the God Nation. To help her finish the task, His Majesty even gave her the God's blood because both Ye Baiyi and Nangong Wulian were Irreplaceable to the God Nation.

So whatever it would take, she must complete the task and bring Ye Baiyi and Nangong Wulian back.

She would never forget the great kindness of His Majesty.

Suddenly, she felt something and turned abruptly to fly to another direction. Now she had become extremely sensitive, especially to the blood spiritual force. And the Heart of God had a special link with the God's blood. After all, the Heart of God was created for the God's blood. As a result, she could locate the Heart of God even though it was sealed, which was why His Majesty assigned the task to her.

Her figure suddenly disappeared from the high altitude.

At the next instant, she appeared out of nowhere at a lower altitude and looked down at the combat division below her.

The God Spirit Division was having a rest. Everyone was exhausted, including He Nanshan, whose weary face revealed his fatigue and anxiety. Several days ago, the Heart of God suddenly stopped jumping, followed by the disappearance of the Judgement and Dread Divisions into the mountains.

They didn't know if it was because they had killed the Heart of God or because something had happened to it. The worst situation was that they had killed both General Ye and Palace Master Nangong.

The fear in their eyes grew stronger and stronger.

The sudden change screwed up all their plans. They had to change their formation and send out spies to find any traces their enemies might have left.

This gave a good opportunity to their enemies, who were no longer on the disadvantageous side. The Judgement and Dread Divisions immediately switched from a runaway to a lone wolf in the forests. It was ferocious and cunning, and it took every opportunity to attack.

He Nanshan's division was attacked by them several times and had suffered great losses. The enemy was more experienced and cunning than they thought.

Suddenly, He Nanshan felt something unusual. He looked up at once and his heart contracted.

He didn't know when someone had appeared above his head!

Only until he saw the face of the person above did he relax and sighed with relief, "Phew, so it's Your Highness"

She Yu's status in the God Nation was not low, but not high either. Plus, she had no real power. As the head of God Spirit Division, He Nanshan's status was actually higher than hers.

But upon seeing She Yu at this time, an idea occurred to He Nanshan. His face turned pale, then he saluted and asked, "Any message from His Majesty?"

This was the most likely issue he could think of. And he was prepared to welcome the anger from His Majesty. Anyway, their performance was so terrible that even he could not accept it. He only hoped to make some more contributions to offset his guilt instead of being arrested and sent back now.

Seeing He Nanshan's expression, She Yu could guess what he was thinking.

She smiled gently.

The world in front of the soldiers of the God Spirit Division changed drastically. The smile kept being enlarged in their eyes, and the sky behind the girl in red collapsed and rotated, making them unable to stand steadily. The blood spiritual force within their bodies totally lost control. They fell on the ground powerlessly, and they even couldn't move their fingers at all.

Strong fear devoured everyone.

They had never been met with anything so weird.

Suddenly, they heard a beast's roar from behind. It was one of the blood elementalists with Ability of God who summoned his Ability of God to resist She Yu. Then, one after another, other blood elementalists with Ability of God kept summoning their Ability of God before they collapsed.

He Nanshan's face was pale and his body was shivering. But he managed to withstand the pressure and asked, with a quiver in his voice, "What does His Majesty want to do?"

She Yu didn't reply, she smiled again. Suddenly, they felt like all the flowers bloomed and the sun shined again brightly after the rain.

The pressure was all gone. The warm air made them cozy. The generals and soldiers couldn't help smiling too.

But He Nanshan became more scared.

How could She Yu be so horribly strong?

Then he heard her gentle voice whispering in his ears.

"I shall be the most grateful to receive the holy object of the God Nation granted by His Majesty. I shall die the cruelest death to pay my debt of gratitude. His Majesty urged me in person to bring back General Ye and Palace Master Nangong. Division Leader He, please inform the other two divisions to support the God Wolf. The great deeds of our God Nation cannot be stopped by a line of defense."

He Nanshan looked at the smiling She Yu with incredibility.

Of course he knew what the holidom was, but he couldn't believe that His Majesty would grant it to the others.

But the horrifying strength of She Yu could only be explained in this way.

It took him a long time to come back to his senses. Bowing his head, he said reverently, "Congratulations to Your Highness. Get it!"

In the God Nation, strength decided everything. Now maybe only the Red Devil could be compared with She Yu in terms of strength. Therefore, it was natural for He Nanshan to show respect in front of her. Moreover, granting the holidom in person to She Yu showed His Majesty's special favor to her.

After hesitating for a while, He Nanshan said, "Your Highness, I have something to report."

He Nanshan knew how to behave in a delicate situation, with which She Yu pleased. She said softly, "Go ahead, Division Leader He."

He Nanshan said reverently, "We don't know why, but since several days ago, the fluctuation of the Heart of God has never appeared again. As a result, we now fail to trace our enemies. It's a shame to say so, but due to my incompetency, many generals and soldiers are dead."

She Yu looked as peaceful as usual as if she had already known. With a smile on her face, she said, "You don't need to blame yourself. I think the Heart of God must have been obstructed by the enemies. With a history of over a thousand years, the Judgement and Dread Divisions are definitely not mediocre. Both Wan Shenwei and Ximen Caijue are outstanding elites. The small obstacles we encountered won't affect the overall situation."

He Nanshan felt relieved.

He knew that She Yu had come on behalf of His Majesty, which indicated his dissatisfaction with them. He was worried that She Yu would punish him here. And if so, he could only accept it.

But her words had made it clear that His Majesty didn't want to sanction them, but had given them the opportunity to right their wrongs.

The generals and soldiers around He Nanshan were also relaxed. In this way, She Yu had left a good impression in their heart.

He Nanshan was ashamed. "It's all my fault. I'm not qualified to be a division leader. I'm willing to take any punishment."

She Yu shook her head. "Victory and defeat are both common in a battle. You don't need to be too concerned about it. I have my own way of finding the Heart of God. But as for the other two combat divisions, I hope you can send someone to deliver the message and remind them not to be influenced by this."

After hearing what she said, He Nanshan knew that She Yu must've had other methods, so he cut it short, "No problem! We will set out now!"

She Yu nodded and left.

Only now did the Spirit God Division really feel relieved.

"The strength of Her Highness She Yu is so horrifying. I cannot control my body at all, not even a finger!"

"She used to be strong too. It's said that what she practiced was [Star Divine Hallucination]. Do you know who succeeded in practicing it last time?"


"His Majesty!"

"Really? This is amazing! No wonder His Majesty granted the holidom to her."

"Yes. We will have one more big shot in the God Nation in the future."

They discussed heatedly with admiration.

He Nanshan was also marveling in his heart. Back then, the Red Devil had already shocked the whole nation. Now Her Highness She Yu was not inferior in any respect to Lord Red Devil. If she could save General Ye and Palace Master Nangong, then this great achievement would be more striking than Lord Red Devil's.

Moreover, in His Majesty's heart, Her Highness was the person who deserved his trust.

He scolded them loudly, "Shut up! How dare you gossip about Her Highness! Give out my order to march towards the defense line of Windy Pearl Bridges. Send someone to inform the other two divisions of Her Highness's order. Also, send someone to the God Wolf Division as fast as possible to inform them that we are coming soon and to tell them not to act rashly before we arrive. When we all meet, we will swoop down on the defense line together!"

"Get it!"

She Yu didn't stop for a second after she left the God Spirit Division.

She wasn't telling lies. She had already sensed the aura of the Heart of God. Apparently, the enemies had sealed it so that no fluctuations could be felt, but they couldn't seal its aura.

As a peerless object of blood-refinement, the Heart of God had a strong vitality and powerful aura.

And the aura had nothing to do with elemental energy at all, so elementalists couldn't feel it. But having absorbed the God's blood, She Yu could easily detect it. That was why His Majesty granted her the God's blood and sent her to finish the task.

She flew silently like a red ghost according to what she could sense.

Gradually, the aura became stronger and stronger. It directed her way like a fingerpost.

She knew that her enemies were not far away.