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Chapter 618: Sword Mist

 Chapter 618: Sword Mist

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Hu Huan returned to the Sky Edge Division with his mind filled with doubt.

Lou Lan carried Ai Hui to the valley.

Gu Xuan carried something unknown in his hands and hurriedly arrived at the valley as well.

He explained, "Didn't Captain He say that the sword formations would perform better with blood imbuement? Just now I went to the front line and saw many corpses of broadback batfishes. I brought some back so that we try using them for the blood imbuement. There shouldn't be any problem if we try it on just one sword formation, right?"

Gu Xuan looked at Lou Lan with an uncertain look on his face.

"We can give it a try, Lou Lan is also not sure. Try it at the last sword formation." Lou Lan nodded his head.

Gu Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. He was scared that his well-intentioned action might cause trouble.

This time around, they wanted to find out which type of sword formation woud help Ai Hui the most. Right now, Ai Hui's body was only left with two powers, the God's blood and the sword embryo. They had to help Ai Hui defeat the God's blood.

Previously, the [Big Dipper Sword Formation] had proven that Lou Lan's idea was useful. Now they were trying to find which one would help Ai Hui the most. Gu Xuan and his counterparts found out that the difference between the amount of help that every sword formation provided to Ai Hui was very small.

However, the amount of help provided by every sword formation was already very small. Therefore, the difference was actually quite significant. They wanted to find a sword formation that produced the best effect and consumed the least number of swords. After all, every sword formation needed a huge amount of resources and manpower to build.

They wanted to help Ai Hui as much as possible while optimizing the manpower and resources.

The clever Lou Lan was able to convince everyone.

Lou Lan carried Ai Hui and carefully placed him in the center of the valley.

Following which, he quickly returned to the mountain ridge beside the valley. His eyes flickered with a red glow as he carefully observed and recorded every change taking place in the valley. In his body, the operating speed of his Midnight sand core kept on increasing.

Everyone else was holding their breaths. They did not even dare to breathe too loud as they stared at Ai Hui.

Ai Hui was lying silently on the valley floor. Above him, there was mist drifting and countless swords flying.

Time seemed to have frozen at this moment.

Everything looked unusually silent, so much so that it made one flustered.

Did it not work?

An anxious look appeared on some members' faces. They had worked throughout the night and had high expectations for these sword formations.

Those timid members could not help but close their eyes, not daring to see what will happen.

Inside the blood eye's fantasyland, Ai Hui was startled.

The battle between the sword embryo and the God's blood remained the same as before. The battle was still as intense as before and it did not show a single sign of abating. However, as time passed, Ai Hui began to feel numb.

He couldn't do anything.

Previously, there were a few traces of sword consciousness that entered the fantasyland to supplement the sword embryo.

Ai Hui knew it was definitely Lou Lan thinking of a solution for him. However, it was obvious that the effect was very small. Both the God's blood and the sword embryo were colossi that were terrifyingly powerful. Their powers far surpassed Ai Hui's knowledge. Even the lightning wasn't their match. Hence, one could tell how powerful they were.

The more powerful, pure, and high level a power was, the more difficult it was for it to be supplemented and strengthened.

The few traces of sword consciousness that supplemented the sword embryo were really too weak. It was similar to adding a bowl of water to a lake, completely pointless.

Ai Hui himself also could not think of any solutions to help the sword embryo.

Just the thought of needing to find a power that was of the same level as the God's blood was enough to make him feel despair.

However, at this moment, Ai Hui felt something enter his body and he was startled.

Very soon, he noticed that it was an extremely weak trace of sword aura. He shook his head as it wasn't helpful to the situation at all.

Another trace of sword aura entered his body. Two traces, three traces...


Ai Hui was stunned. An endless amount of sword aura was entering the earth palace where the sword embryo resided in.

This amount... doesn't seem right...

Meanwhile, on the mountain ridge, the Sword of Lightning's members were looking at another scene.

After experiencing a moment of silence, a deafening sword chime rang through the air and awakened everyone.

A smile appeared on Gu Xuan's face. The first sword that produced the sword chime belonged to the sword formation which he added the broadback batfish's flesh to.

However, the next moment, he did not have the time to think about it anymore.

It sounded as if a rainstorm had suddenly arrived.

Concentrated sword chimes gathered and exploded in the valley like a powerful current.

One could not describe how intimidating the sound produced by combining sword chimes from 10,000 swords together was!

The Sword of Lightning's members on the mountain ridge felt their ears buzz while their bodies turned numb. A wave of chilliness rose from their tailbones, causing them to tremble involuntarily. The elemental energy in their bodies ran amok, resembling a headless fly that was flying all over the place.

One by one, the members of Sword of Lightning had their faces turned white as they fell to the ground.

Gu Xuan's face turned slightly pale as well. He felt as though there was a paper-thin blade cut across his brain. Every strand of hair on his body was standing on end, looking as if a streak of static electricity had flitted across his skin.

Unlike the other members that fell to the ground, he forcibly held his ground and stared at the valley.

He felt slightly worried. Could Boss endure such powerful and scary sword aura?

Every sword that was inserted into the ground of the valley began to rise into the air, and traces of mist were emitting from them. Everything happening in the valley now defied Gu Xuan's rationality.

Every trace of mist was pure sword aura.

The swords that had lost their sword auras began to crumble like rotten wooden blocks. Eventually, all of them were reduced to ashes.

Under everyone's attentive gazes, the 10,000 swords crumbled at the same time. The scene of them crumbling to ashes had an extraordinary power that grasped Gu Xuan's mind tightly. He was feeling fearful and hopeful at the same time.

Such an epic scene!

When the last sword turned into ashes, the spiralling traces of mist almost covered the entire valley. They did not produce any sound and they were spiralling silently. However, Gu Xuan felt as if a formidable dire beast was staring at him, causing his body to tighten. There was nowhere he could run to. Following which, a strong sense of danger engulfed his mind. He did not doubt the fact that those spiralling, gentle-looking traces of mist in the valley could easily shred him to pieces.

When he was young, he went to the Silver Mist Sea.

The thick mist that engulfed the Silver Mist Sea was silvery and sparkling, looking extremely spectacular.

However, the mist of Silver Mist Sea had never caused him to feel so fearful like now.

The spiralling traces of mist in the valley were like a cold, razor-sharp, and ruthless beast.

Thump, thump, thump...

Gu Xuan felt his mouth go dry. He could not help but say, "There seems to be a sound."

"It is Ai Hui's sword embryo, it is beating," Lou Lan said.

The red glow in Lou Lan's eyes was flickering at a terrifying speed.

Gu Xuan did not notice that Lou Lan's current tone was completely different from his usual tone. At this point in time, his tone was mechanical and cold without any emotions.

Gu Xuan's attention was placed entirely on Lou Lan's words. The sword embryo was beating? He could not help but ask with a pleasant surprise, "So it's working?"

"Yes, it's working."

Just as Lou Lan finished his sentence, the mist in the valley began to change.

The previously spiralling mist suddenly began to surge violently. The color and shape of the mist started to change continuously. Eventually, traces of mist that were of various colors and shapes were formed.

The traces of mist surged more and more violently, resembling a wild beast that was frantically struggling for its life after getting caught in a trap.

No matter how hard they struggled, they still could not break free. The traces of mist looked as if they were firmly trapped by an invisible net.

Thump, thump, thump. The sound of the sword embryo palpitating became louder and clearer. It sounded like someone was beating a drum in the mist. At the same time, it also sounded like a dire beast that was waking up from its ten-thousand-year slumber.

Gu Xuan's mouth became more and more dry.

As time passed, the traces of mist that engulfed the valley began to thin.

Ai Hui's body appeared in everyone's vision once again.

Thump, thump, thump. The thumping of the sword embryo sounded as if it was right beside everyone's ears, unusually clear and powerful.

This time around, everyone could see what was going on clearly.

Every time the sword embryo palpitated, a trace of mist would be absorbed by Ai Hui's earth palace and the mist that engulfed Ai Hui would thin by a bit.

Gu Xuan felt that it wasn't an illusion. The remaining traces of mist seemed to know their fate. They kept on struggling, but they still couldn't break free from the invisible force that was confining them.

The sword embryo seemed to have an extraordinary power of dominion over the sword aura.

Gu Xuan was fascinated and envious at the same time. Boss had taught them the method of forming a sword embryo before, but none of them had succeeded in doing it. They already felt that the remnant chapter on cultivating a sword embryo was like a profound heavenly book which could not be understood, let alone cultivating one.

They knew every single word in the remnant chapter, but they could not understand them when they strung them together.

Boss also did not know how to explain its profundity to them.

Even a foolish person could sense how powerful the sword embryo was.

When the sword embryo finished absorbing the last trace of the mist, it gradually quieted down.

Everything seemed to be back to normal.

Ai Hui lied silently in the center of the valley. Intense, golden light continued to emit from his body. The aura spiralling around his sword embryo was sharp like a sword.

The valley was filled with densely packed, small holes. They were left behind by the sword formations that had reduced to ashes.

Did it not work?

Gu Xuan looked slightly disappointed. After witnessing the epic scene just now, he thought that Ai Hui would definitely wake up this time around. He did not expect they would fail again.

The flickering red glow in Lou Lan's eyes calmed down gradually.

Lou Lan's cheerful voice broke the silence.

"Lou Lan found it!"


The forge was bustling with activity and brightly lit, illuminating the night sky.

Newly forged swords were being taken out from the furnace in a seemingly endless stream.

All the blacksmiths were filled with fatigue.

"Insane! I thought we had just completed ten thousand swords. Now they want one million swords!?"

"Damn it! Is he eating the swords?"

"Eating the swords? Who the hell can finish eating ten thousand swords in a night?"

"What the hell is going on? Even if he wants to squander his wealth, he shouldn't do it in this way!"

"Damn it! Whoever asks me to forge a sword in the future, he or she better get out of my sight!"

"That's right! I think I will puke if I see another sword!"

"Aaaaaah, someone come and save me!"

"No one can save you!" A cold voice suddenly broke out behind everyone's backs.

To everyone's surprise, it was Master He. They did not know when Master He had appeared behind them, and they immediately kept quiet.

Blind He snorted and left. After he was 30 meters away from the other blacksmiths, he could not help but produce a mutter.

"Who can come and save me?"