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Chapter 615: The Invincibility of the Sword Embryo

 Chapter 615: The Invincibility of the Sword Embryo

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When the secret of the lightning was finally presented before Ai Hui, Ai Hui felt that his breathing had stopped for a split second. That was an illusion. In his current state, he did not need to breathe at all.

The silvery lightning within the golden light pillar emitted a silvery light band. The silvery light band resembled the mysterious aurora that appeared in the night sky above freezing mountains.

Following which, the silvery light band began to lengthen bit by bit like a shadow.

Ai Hui widened his eyes and focused all his attention on the scene for the fear of missing out on any details.

Inside the silvery light band, a mysterious ring slowly appeared before Ai Hui, looking as though it was flying out from the thick fog deep in a mountain.

Five elemental ring!

Ai Hui tried to suppress the ecstasy in him. He was right! Previously, he already had a hunch that the lightning might be a five elemental ring. However, when the structure of a five elemental ring really appeared in front of him, he could not help but feel excited.

What would the structure of the lightning's five elemental ring be like?

The glow of the five elemental ring became brighter and clearer. It was undulating endlessly with brilliant, vibrant colors. It was as if the five elemental ring was previously covered by a light muslin and now the light muslin was removed, revealing a resplendent glow.

Ai Hui was enthralled by it.

He exclaimed in admiration numerous times in his heart. Such a magical structure!

His previous comprehension of Vitality Branches' profundity had benefited him in many ways. Vitality Branches were rings of life formed by the engenderment among the five elements, while lightning was a ring of destruction formed by the restrainment among the five elements. However, Ai Hui absolutely never expected that the core of lightning was actually made up of the water elemental energy on the ring of destruction!

After thinking about it again, he realized that this was the most logical answer!

Clouds gave rise to lightning. This was a common knowledge that even a child would know. How come he had never thought of it? He wasn't the only one. Avalon of Five Elements had a history of over one thousand years, but no one had unraveled the secret of lightning. Was it possible that no one had thought of this?

As Ai Hui thought deeper about it, he came to a realization.

Vitality Branches were five elemental rings of life. Metal, water, fire, and earth elements were Yin and wood element alone was Yang. Its structure was extremely exquisite.

As compared to the Vitality Branches, the structure of lightning was rather similar, but it was more complicated and marvellous!

That was because it was made up of two five elemental rings!

For the first five elemental ring, metal, wood, fire, and earth elements were Yin, while water element was Yang. For the second five elemental ring, metal, wood, fire and, earth elements were Yang, while water element was Yin. The two five elemental rings got tangled up in the air, resembling a pair of twins.

Ai Hui was deeply fascinated by them. He had never seen such a profound and magical elemental energy structure before!

It was at this moment that he understood why no one could decode the structure of lightning all these years. Most elementalists trained with just a single type of elemental energy. Only those who had reached a high level of cultivation could come within the reach of the five elemental ring. If it wasn't for the fact that Ai Hui had a unique master who used elemental traces to utilize elemental energy and break the barrier between every type of elemental energy, Ai Hui would not have come into contact with various mixtures of elemental energies and comprehended the logic behind the five elemental ring.

The fact that Lu Chen was able to create the Vitality Branches as a wood elementalist showed how intelligent and talented he was.

The profundity of lightning, whose structure was much more complicated and mystical than Vitality Branches', was far beyond mankind's imagination.

If it weren't for the golden light from the God's blood, Ai Hui would not have pried into the profundity of lightning.

His gaze was fixated on the two Yin Yang five elemental rings which were spiralling and got tangled with each other. He had completely lost track of the time.

Suddenly, a beam of red light descended from the sky and engulfed the two spiralling five elemental rings.

The two Yin Yang five elemental rings fused and transformed into a streak of silvery light that shot into the blood eye in the sky.

Ai Hui returned to his senses.

He looked slightly in daze. All he was thinking of was the two intertwined five elemental rings that spiraled untiringly. Honestly speaking, the elemental energy structure of lightning far exceeded what Ai Hui could imagine, dealing an extremely huge blow to him.

He did not know how much understanding of elemental energy a Grandmaster had, but he did know that the fact that no one had unraveled the secret of lightning was an out-and-out truth.

After having his vision engulfed by scorching golden white light, he returned to his senses.

He was in a daze for a while before his excited mind calmed down gradually. Following which, an indescribable sense of fear gushed into his mind.

The elemental energy structure of lightning was complicated and elaborate, yet it was naturally mysterious. It had surpassed the limits of the current elementalists' understanding of elemental energy. However, even so, the lightning still could not withstand the golden light front the God's blood.

Was the God's blood... really undefeatable?

An intense fear flooded Ai Hui's mind, causing his body to shiver in fear.

Had someone created a five elemental ring that was far more complicated, elaborate, and powerful than the lightning's?

Ai Hui could only laugh bitterly to himself.

After the golden glow devoured the lightning, it was only left with one enemy: the cloud of sword embryo that resided in Ai Hui's earth palace. If the cloud of sword embryo was devoured by the golden glow, his body would be filled with the latter entirely. Would he become a blood elementalist then?

The bitter smile on Ai Hui's face widened. He treated the blood elementalists like an arch-enemy and yet he was becoming one of them. What was more ironic than this?

A sword chime erupted in his ears. The clear and crisp sword chime surged towards the golden light like a tidal wave.

Alright, before he died, he wanted to see what the sword embryo looked like.

Was this considered dying without regrets?

He could not help but laugh to himself again.

Ai Hui became slightly excited. When he thought of the sword embryo, his interest was suddenly piqued. As compared to elemental energy and five elemental ring, the sword embryo had existed for a longer time in Ai Hui's body. The sword embryo was largely responsible for the fact that he came out of Wilderness alive in the past. The sword embryo was powerful and mysterious. From the beginning, Ai Hui had been muddleheaded when it came to the sword embryo. Now, he was still muddleheaded over it.

Ai Hui was filled with curiosity towards getting a sneak peek into the profundity of the sword embryo.

He threw all his distracting thoughts to the back of his head and focused on observing the battle between the cloud of sword embryo and the golden light.

Just like before, the golden light gathered on the cloud of sword embryo at the earth palace. The golden light pillar that shone on the cloud of sword embryo became stronger and more concentrated.

Like a tidal wave that was formed by countless swords, the cloud of sword embryo's power sword consciousness erupted every now and then. Fine, fragmented golden rays fell through the air like rustling, golden leaves while the sword consciousness flew in all directions like spindrift.

The battle was much more intense than the previous one.

The two completely different auras of tyranny and chilliness clashed into each other.

Ai Hui did not dare to lose his focus. The battle between the Vitality Branches and the golden light pillar did not last very long. Once the golden light completely engulfed its prey, its prey would not last very long. Therefore, a slight moment of distraction might cause him to miss the scene.

Ai Hui widened his eyes and placed all his attention on the battle.

Time passed by slowly.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, Ai Hui began to feel that something wasn't quite right.

What had gone wrong?

Ai Hui did not know how to describe it. However, he felt that he was getting tired. Why was he getting tired? It was hard for him not to feel tired after focusing his attention for such a long period of time.

He was stunned.

A long... period of time...

He suddenly understood what had gone wrong and he shifted his gaze to his earth palace. Then, he froze as he couldn't believe what he had just seen.

The battle between the cloud of sword and the golden light did not change at all. It was still as intense as before.

How much time had passed?

It was very difficult for Ai Hui to accurately keep track of the time in the blood eye's fantasyland. However, there was one thing he was sure of. The time that had passed so far had already surpassed the total duration for the two battles between the golden light and the Vitality Branches, and the lightning.

Why was this so? Ai Hui felt incredulous.

The cloud of sword embryo, which he thought was the weakest out of the three powers, could actually hold back the golden light. Until now, it had yet to show any signs of weakening.

What was going on?

Ai Hui was slightly puzzled.

Wasn't this implying that the sword embryo and the God's blood were of the same level?

Wait, the same level?

Ai Hui could not help but look at his earth palace again. The battle between the two sides was still ongoing. It was as intense as before. Ai Hui widened his eyes once again and carefully observed the area surrounding the battle.

That's right, the cloud of sword embryo did not show any signs of weakening.

Ai Hui felt really confused. The sword embryo was so powerful that it could actually contend against the God's blood?

How could his body possess something that could contend against the God's blood? Wrong, the question should be how was it possible that he had developed something so formidable?

Ai Hui almost covered his head with his hands and groaned. What was going on?

After a long period of time, Ai Hui finally accepted this fact. And after another long period of time, Ai Hui was finally convinced that the cloud of sword embryo wasn't conceding to the golden light!

Explosions continued to erupt from the intense collisions between the surging cloud of sword embryo and the golden light pillar.

Time passed by slowly and neither side showed any signs of fatigue.

From the start, Ai Hui had been focusing all his attention on the battle. Eventually, he became numb. He even began to think about other questions. For example, how could he get out of the blood eye's fantasyland?

From the look of it, it would take a very long time for the battle between the cloud of sword embryo and the God's blood to have an outcome.

Was it possible that he would be trapped here forever?

However, Ai Hui realized that he couldn't do anything while he was standing in this red light pillar.

Who would be keeping watch over him at this point in time? It definitely had to be Lou Lan! Ai Hui thought to himself.

When Ai Hui thought of Lou Lan, his heart was warmed.

Suddenly, his mind jolted. Was it possible that Lou Lan had discovered his condition?

Just like what Ai Hui had expected, Lou Lan had been watching over Ai Hui beside his bed all this time.

At this moment, the red glow in Lou Lan's eyes kept on flickering. He had finished recording every change that took place in Ai Hui's body. Ai Hui's body had emitted a resplendent, green glow, flickering lightning streaks, surging sword consciousness, and the domineering yet familiar golden light.

Lou Lan's conjecture was right. The Vitality Branches, sword cloud, lightning, and God's blood were having epic battles in Ai Hui's body.

Very soon, the green glow and the wood elemental aura disappeared. That was when Lou Lan knew that the Vitality Branches had been devoured. As the golden light intensified, the flickering lightning streaks began to dim as well. Eventually, the lightning streaks disappeared. At this moment, the golden light intensified even more. It was so intense that it looked as though it was going to shoot out from Ai Hui's body. Now the golden light of the God's blood had already occupied an extremely huge portion of Ai Hui's body. Ai Hui's earth palace, where the cloud of sword embryo resided in, was the only portion that wasn't occupied by the golden light.

With his own eyes, Lou Lan witnessed how the surging sword embryo at Ai Hui's earth palace withstood the golden light.

At this point in time, the tent was filled with the magnificent sword consciousness and a domineering aura. That was the fallout released from the intense battle between the cloud of sword embryo and the golden light in Ai Hui's body.

Sword embryo...

Lou Lan suddenly dashed out of the tent.

He had come up with a solution.