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Chapter 614: Frost Locust Grass

 Chapter 614: Frost Locust Grass

Translator: YH Editor: Lucas, TYZ

A wisp of red cloud rose from the shattered basket, rolling and squirming about in the air like a bunch of locusts.

The blood locusts were each about the size of a finger. Their wings were black as ink, but their bodies were fresh red and plump like drops of blood. The locusts dispersed swiftly in the air, nimbly flying toward the God-subduing Peak's light screen.

The blood locusts were uncountable and closely packed.

Fatty's face changed slightly as he felt somewhat disturbed.

Blood locusts? What were they for? An unexpected situation had occurred on the battlefield. The enemy had regarded them as their trump card, evidence that this had been plotted long ago.

This sudden change took the cannoneers off guard and threw them into disorder as they weren't sure where they should aim to shoot.

Fatty decided his course of action on the spot and shouted in a higher pitch, "Ignore everything else, go for the broadback batfish!"

Beehive Heavy Cannons were most suited to taking these small blood locusts down. However, at this point, the broadback batfish were too close to the God-subduing Peak. Such close distance rendered Beehive Heavy Cannons ineffective since their flames couldn't disperse in time to eliminate the blood locusts. Rather than aiming for the blood locusts, it would be wiser to focus all fire on the broadback batfish.

The panicking cannoneers steadied themselves and started taking aim at the broadback batfish.

The usually calm Xiao Shan couldn't help but cry out, "They're frost locust grass! Don't let them near the defensive light screen!"

Frost locust grass?

It was everybody's first time hearing this name. While no one could tell how powerful they were, Xiao Shan's rare behavior worried them. Without hesitation, they wanted to engage whatever means they could.

Sang Zhijun led the archers to shoot down the blood locusts, their arrows falling like rain.

The blood locusts did not move fast and weren't considered agile. Those that were shot instantly exploded into balls of blood rays.

Sky Edge's sword formation operated like spiraling capstans, instantly ripping the blood locusts into pieces.

Balls of blood rays blossomed in the sky like beautiful flowers.

A pity no one had the time to appreciate this stunning scenery.

However, there were simply so many blood locusts that it was hard to imagine. How could the baskets behind the soldiers' backs possibly contain this many locusts?


A broadback batfish slammed heavily onto the Spear of Heavy Cloud's God-subduing Peak, causing its light screen to shake violently. Everyone on board jerked a little and some lost their balance.

The intense quake also affected the cannoneers. Their Beehive Heavy Cannon tilted and their cannons shot off-target.

A few broadback batfish looked as though they were going to slam onto the light screen. The thick vines hanging off the God-subduing Peak like metal chains hoisted up swiftly like a raised anchor, hitting one of them.

The broadback batfish's huge body was flung off instantly.

The suspending coarse vines rose up with an alarming might and threw themselves toward the incoming broadback batfish. The God-subduing Peak was like an ancient octopus rising out from the deep ocean, its durable and thick tentacles extraordinarily strong. Upon getting hit, the broadback batfish would fly over tens of meters away.

The broadback batfish's astounding vitality was now clearly displayed, as no matter how far they were thrown off, they would come right back up shortly. Not only weren't they afraid, they became agitated and attacked with more power and wildness.

More than five batfish had already dodged the cannons. Without hesitation, Shi Xueman rose into the sky.

Yang Xiaodong, Xiao Shan, and others followed closely after.

When faced with such colossal blood fiends, ordinary elementalists could only deal little damage. Only Masters could block off their attacks.

With his bow in a full moon, Jiang Wei released the bowstring, his arrows breaking the sky like light flowing and piercing the brain of a broadback batfish.

Its brain exploded into a ball of blood mist. With the remaining momentum, the headless corpse slammed onto the God-subduing Peak's light screen, producing layers of ripples.

Everyone's attention was on the broadback batfish, so the blood locusts took this chance to invade.

A blood locust landed on the light screen.

Sang Zhijun was preparing a shot when the blood locust on the light screen exploded with a clap.

What is this?

Sang Zhijun was slightly taken aback.

There was no remnant blood ray. Instead, there was a ball of grey mist above the light screen, which left a fist-sized ash spot. In the center, a small, greyish-white blade of grass could clearly be seen.

Frost locust grass... it's really grass!

The elementalist controlling the God-subduing Peak cried out in alarm, "It's absorbing the elemental energy from the defensive light screen!"

Sang Zhijun turned pale.

The light screen around the frost locust grass was thinning at a visible speed while the greyish-white grass was growing wildly.

Sang Zhijun released her bow and a golden light struck the frost locust grass.

The next scene changed Sang Zhijun's face completely. Clap! The frost locust grass exploded, and like an exploded dye, it splattered everywhere. The next moment, many fine, greyish-white buds sprouted up.

Pop pop pop!

Another three blood locusts landed on the light screen and exploded instantly.

In the blink of an eye, the light screen appeared to be covered in a layer of ugly, greyish-white moss.

The frost locust grass was growing at an astonishing rate while frantically absorbing the light screen's elemental energy. The light screen around the grass was clearly thinner than other regions.

"Don't let it bear fruit. It's like a dandelion!"

Xiao Shan, who had just killed a broadback batfish, turned around to warn his teammates. He was filled with hatred at this point. While he knew about its special characteristics, he had limited knowledge when it came to dealing with this type of strange organism.

Surveillance's infiltration into God Nation hadn't been smooth, so they had limited information. God Nation had come up with all kinds of new species over these few years, and Surveillance knew only names and general characteristics.

Surveillance's main focus and strength were still in Skyheart City.

Xiao Shan bit his lips tightly. He wanted very badly to report everything to the division leader when this was over! To let him see the number of lives involved in each report.

He turned his head and saw a wild broadback fish, whizzing like a small mountain peak while emitting an intimidating roar, diving toward him. It bore its white teeth and unpleasant-smelling saliva. It was exceptionally malevolent. The soldier from beast battalion had a crazy expression on his face, his eyes blood-shot while shouting frantically.

Xiao Shan's gaze turned cold, his finger moving slightly.

The space froze suddenly, as if ice had grown all over, rapidly swallowing the diving broadback batfish and the soldier from the beast battalion.

The broadback batfish and beast battalion soldier were sealed in a layer of ice.

The frozen space instantly cracked. Crash! It shattered into countless pieces and fell down the sky like a basin of blood rain.

Sang Zhijun heard Xiao Shan's reminder. An image of dandelions' drifting seedlings floated into her mind, instanting turning her body cold.

The frost locust grass on the light screen grew in numbers. It was a horrifying sight.


Sang Zhijun could clearly see that the number of spots on the light screen was increasing and that the screen was thinning rapidly. She knew that they had to stop the frost locust grass, or the screen would weaken and the broadback batfish would cause them heavy damage.

She also noticed that blood elementalists with the Ability of God had appeared on the battlefield.

The battle was intensifying.

The enemy saw a chance to cut in and had dispatched a huge number of elites in hopes of breaking through their defense. Without its light screen, the God-subduing Peak would lose all its protection and they would be completely exposed and vulnerable to the enemy's attacks.

But... how would they get rid of the frost locust grass?

Frost locust... grass?

Sang Zhijun's mind clicked. This was a kind of grass that could swallow elemental energy!

Recalling the explosion of the blood locust, she became more confident in her theory that the blood locusts were merely vehicles. If it's grass...

Sang Zhijun immediately thought of something that could be useful.

She turned around and searched. She quickly made a pile of stone eggs containing snow lava by the fire reservoir!

That's right, snow lava!

She spread her wings and like a quick and skillful bird, she flew out of the light screen with some snow lava in hand.

She stopped by the greyish-white spot, getting ready to break the stone shell.

A dazzling arrow ray brushed across her cheek.

Behind her, an elite blood elementalist opened his eyes wide. A bowl-sized wound could be seen on his chest.

The enemy had already gotten so close?

Sang Zhijun was shocked. She turned and saw Jiang Wei carrying his bow on the God-subduing Peak. His bowstring was still shaking and looking at her. She felt a tinge of warmth and calmness in her heart. She smiled toward him before retracting her gaze.

She broke the stone shell cleanly and poured the clear, water-like snow lava onto the greyish-white spot.


The greyish-white smoke rose and formed a ball that surged endlessly. An indistinct face could faintly be seen howling in grief and unwilling to leave.

Somehow, the surging greyish-white mist scared Sang Zhijun. She thought about the human face-like elemental traces on the blood tree trunks in the blood forest.

After a short while, the greyish-white mist vanished with a clap.

Sang Zhijun suppressed her fear and looked toward the spot from earlier. The greyish-white spot had disappeared and the thinned light screen was gradually returning to its usual condition.

She was overjoyed. Snow lava was effective!

Many people, including Jiang Wei, had been observing Sang Zhijun's actions and were now wild in joy, hurriedly searching for snow lava.

Suddenly, a energetic voice sounded, "Let me!"

It was Venerable Volcano.

He had been preparing snow lava at the back, and upon hearing about the intense battle, he hurried over to provide assistance, coincidentally catching sight of Sang Zhijun using snow lava to get rid of the greyish spots of the frost locust grass.

Venerable Volcano flew out of the light screen. Without concealing his Master's base level, his overflowing might was like an erupting volcano. His body was covered in a layer of scarlet light rays, as if formed from snow lava, which swept across the whole place with visible heat waves.

He retrieved the calabash on his belt, raising his head and drinking its contents in a gulp.

He gave a pained expression. The snow lava contained within had been meticulously made by him. The originally clear-as-water snow lava carried a golden tinge now.

Hu, a wisp of transparent flame rose from over his head.

Venerable Volcano took a deep breath, raising his head abruptly and opening his mouth.


The dazzling, whitish-red light flames shot out from his mouth and into the sky like an erupting volcano.

The blazing flame was like an enormous fire dragon, spiraling along the light screen of the God-subduing Peak. Wherever it passed, the greyish spots vanished.

Venerable Volcano followed this pattern, and in the blink of an eye, the frost locust grass on the light screens of all three God-subduing Peaks were effectively destroyed.

The elementalists started cheering.

Upon losing the chance to attack, the blood elementalists abandoned the corpse-filled field and retreated like the tide.