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Chapter 613: Beat Them at Their Own Game

 Chapter 613: Beat Them at Their Own Game

Translator: YH Editor: TYZ, KLKL

Just as the sun rose the next morning, the opposite encampment started to become restless.

The pagoda cannoneers under Fatty were calmer and more confident after yesterday's victory.

However, there was still a long way to go in becoming an experienced soldier. The atmosphere was completely tense and solemn as before.

Some of them were examining the snow lava in the fire reservoirs, while a few others were cleaning the solid pagoda cannons even though they were already spotlessly clean.

The unit leaders were continuously emphasising the important points to take note of during the day's battle.

Fatty gazed into the opposite encampment and was absolutely silent.

His plump face was brimming with happiness just like before. His bean-sized eyes flashed with dangerous glints from time to time. The pagoda cannoneers would glance at Fatty now and then. Even though it hadn't been a long time, everyone's confidence in Fatty increased very rapidly.

Zu Yan who was at the side, felt that this genuine and chubby fella seemed to have an indistinct and unexplainable charisma.

One couldn't deny that wars indeed had an astonishing ability to push humans to their limit.

Even Zu Yan himself had a misconception. Although the war had only just begun, he felt that it was almost as long as a lifetime.

Zu Yan's mind was rather calm as the tactics had already been discussed yesterday.

Fatty's exceptionally brazen thinking had unexpectedly gained the support of Shi Xueman. Soon after, everyone discussed about the possible methods which the enemy might employ. With everyone pooling their ideas and the plan gradually developing, their confidence was even stronger.

However, a battle was something that could never be simply discussed behind closed doors. Ample preparation would not imply a guaranteed victory.

There was always the possibility of unforeseen circumstances on the battlefield.

Fatty suddenly said, "The enemy is preparing to attack."

Sure enough, as Fatty ended his sentence, the blood elementalists and blood fiends soared into the sky and flew over.

The glowing screen of the three God-subduing Peaks became bright all of a sudden and entered combat mode. The atmosphere around the pagoda cannon site abruptly became intense as well. Everyone went into their combat positions, shut their mouths and tenaciously stared ahead.

The black mass of broadback batfish was like a bunch of cumulonimbus clouds, flying towards them.

The soldiers of the beast battalion were carefully operating the broadback batfish. Behind them, a capable and valiant expert stood upright without any fear. The surrounding few broadback batfish were each supported by an expert.

One of them said faintly, "Let's begin."

A few of them glanced at one another and began to channel their blood spiritual force. Rough and thick hair emerged all over the bodies of some of them, while others even grew coarse skin, sharp spurs and sparkling, densely packed fish scales.

Following the changes in their bodies, they gave off a frightening and powerful aura.

Blood elementalists with Ability of God!

Astonishingly, these few people were blood elementalists with Ability of God!

Right by their feet, each person had bamboo baskets filled with fist-sized black balls.

One of the blood elementalists with Ability of God grabbed a black ball from the bamboo basket and laughed nastily. He exhaled loudly and tossed it towards the sky.

The deep and low whistling sound it made was just like the cutting sound made by a sturdy crossbow.

His strength was extremely extraordinary. In the blink of an eye, the black ball unexpectedly appeared near the defensive line of the God-subduing peak.


The black ball ruptured and a mass of red blood mist immediately pervaded the air, encompassing a radius of over thirty meters.

The wind was strong, yet that mass of red blood mist was not in the least affected.

The other blood elementalists with Ability of God made their moves and the howling lingered on.

The blood elementalists feared the consequences of the Beehive Heavy Cannon's power and threw the black balls from a fair distance away.

Masses of red blood mist exploded in front of the God-subduing Peak. No matter how the wind blew, it did not dissipate. Rather, the blood mist quickly fused into a big mass.

The pagoda cannon site was slightly stirred. Even though they had been repeatedly warned about what might happen today, the blood mist at the front of the site was so thick that it completely obstructed their vision. To a pagoda cannoneer, focusing on their enemy was a prerequisite before opening fire. If their vision was obstructed, it would disrupt their instincts.

Black balls were continuously shot to within the blood mist and exploded afterwards.

The blood mist was just like a squirmy red monster, advancing continuously.

Zu Yan heaved a sigh of relief, "As expected, it's Scarlet Mist!"

Fatty's plan was indeed excessively risky. Zu Yan was trembling in fear and he could not understand why Lady Shi would support his idea. A little inattentiveness would lead to a disastrous outcome. If Senior Xiao Shan's information was wrong and the enemy did not employ the use of Scarlet Mist, they would immediately land in a predicament.

When the first mass of blood mist exploded, he observed the blood mist right away. It conformed entirely with the characteristics of Scarlet Mist.

Fatty licked his lips and said, "It seems like yesterday's battle really pained them. They are being very cautious today."

Zu Yan had the same sentiments as he looked at the gradually advancing blood mist.

With the blood mist advancing steadily, it started to enter the firing rage of the pagoda cannon. Fatty also began to squint his bean-sized eyes.

He suddenly replied, "Let them feign open fire."

Zu Yan got distracted, "Are we not waiting for the commands to open fire?"

Fatty smiled sinisterly, "If we are going to put on a show, we should wait till the end to do it.They won't feel relieved if we do not blast a few cannons."

Zu Yan reacted, 'That's right! Despite the quick advancement of the blood mist, we have yet to open fire. This is clearly suspicious. Once the enemy starts to suspect something, they will not take the bait.'

He hurriedly instructed the rest.

Following the booming noise of the pagoda cannon, Fatty was clearly able to sense that the advancement of the blood mist was speeding up.

Shi Xueman and the others who were nearby returned to their senses as they'd had a narrow escape.

They were used to upright and straightforward battles. With regard to these kinds of crafty tactics, they were not accustomed at all and therefore completely overlooked this issue.

Shi Xueman's position was very close to the frontline and there were roughly over three hundred water elementalists by her side. Spear of Heavy Cloud mainly relied on fire elementalists and the number of water elementalists left were few. Moreover, the majority were from the assistance unit and not the combat unit. Back then, Central Pine Valley's reputation was limited and was not attractive for the water and metal elementalists. As a result, the water elementalists recruited had very ordinary abilities.

Moreover, because of Spear of Heavy Cloud's strict and high intensity daily trainings, people got injured easily. Shi Xueman then permitted these water elementalists to assist in the soldiers' recovery process. Although they were not legitimate doctors, they were considerably effective in restoring the health of these soldiers.

The water elementalists were a little nervous, but seeing Lady Xueman's calmness, they gradually calmed down as well.

Madam Xueman was Spear of Heavy Cloud's core. Regardless of how dangerous the situation was, as long as she was present everyone would be relieved.

Shi Xueman was listening attentively.

The blood mist obstructed her vision and she could only rely on her hearing to determine the enemy's position.

The sound of the wind was getting louder and clearer which meant that the enemy was approaching.

Shi Xueman was about to give an order when she suddenly stopped and felt that something was not right. At this moment, a light bulb went off in her head. There wasn't any yelling or roaring coming from the broadback batfish!

She vividly remembered yesterday's scenario.The broadback batfish which had consumed medicine became exceptionally impetuous, yelling and roaring uncontrollably.

The wind from within the blood mist unexpectedly did not carry any sounds of yelling or roaring.

Shi Xueman remained as calm as ice and forcibly restrained herself.

Trailing the blood mist, the thin blood wings of a blood elementalist with Ability of God stopped trembling. He smiled, "Like what I said, doing more than required."

The blood elementalist's Ability of God was derived from an ancient blood cicada.

Another blood elementalist with Ability of God shook his head and replied, "Being careful is not a bad thing."

He agilely dodged a blaze which squirted out from the pagoda cannon. Following which, he turned around immediately and made an attack gesture with his hands.

The dense blood mist did not affect the vision of the blood elementalists at all. They were like fish in water.

The beast battalion soldiers successively fed the broadback batfish drugs and the broadback batfish started to expand in size. They became exceptionally violent, yelling and roaring continuously.

However, the booming pagoda cannon noise from ahead was even more deafening. Streaks of fiery blazes clashed against the blood mist.

The frantic broadback batfish were like tremendous, surging waves, charging towards the enemy from all directions.

Just as Shi Xueman heard the thunderous roars of the broadback fish, a cold glint flashed across her sparkling and translucent gem-like pupils. She shouted loudly all of a sudden, "Prepare!"

The water elementalists got ready one by one. They had all sorts of equipment in their hands. Some had water elemental beads, some had bows and water elemental arrows while some had small masses of clouds and other things.

Many of this equipment was found in the mountain of materials through the night.

Shi Xueman held her breath for two counts and then resolutely gave orders, "Attack!"

The water elementalists concurrently tossed their weapons towards the blood mist.

The water elemental beads burst in mid-air and the dense water elemental energy infused the air. The water elemental arrows transformed into running water as they left the bowstrings and were launched at the blood mist. The small masses of clouds flew to the sky and immediately expanded in size. Unexpectedly, it started to drizzle.

Shi Xueman inhaled deeply and gently spun Cirrus in her hand. The sky which was clear a moment ago, suddenly turned dark with countless black clouds.

Cirrus thrusted out brazenly from her hand.

Dark clouds filled the sky followed by rampant lightning and heavy rain.

The raindrops pitter-pattered amidst the blood mist.

The dense and unscattered blood mist from a moment ago disappeared in a flash, just like pouring hot water onto ice.

The broadback batfish pouncing from all directions were revealed.

The blood mist disappeared very abruptly while the broadback batfish and beast battalion soldiers were involuntarily distracted for a moment.

At this moment, tongues of fire were squirted out from the top of the God-subduing Peak. The sudden booming sound shocked them till their ears buzzed.

Seven or eight broadback batfish were immediately hit and collapsed one after another.

Another head-on attack and they would sustain serious injuries!

The enemy was well prepared!

But the beast battalion soldiers responded quickly. Besides advancing there was no other option, as retreating only meant death!

Booming sounds from the Hellfire Pagoda Cannon resonated in the sky. The pagoda cannoneers, who were led by Fatty, opened fire at full force and blazing white water vapour diffused the air at the pagoda cannon site.

The broadback batfish continuously moaned and then fell. All the pagoda cannoneers gave their best and the result was remarkable. However, there were still many broadback batfish rushing to the front of the site.

But this time, the enemy had learnt their lesson and attacked from different directions. A few broadback batfish formed a team and their loose formation reduced the power of the pagoda cannons.

However, Shi Xueman and the rest were already prepared for this. The glowing screens of the three God-subduing Peaks were at their brightest, all ready to resist any attack.

There were not many broadback batfish remaining and they were able to resist them.

At this moment, Shi Xueman's pupils shrunk.

Each and every soldier on the broadback batfish was carrying a basket on their back.

She remembered clearly that the soldiers of the beast battalion had not carried any baskets yesterday!

All of a sudden, one of the soldiers grinned evilly and shattered the basket.