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Chapter 611: The Fantasyland Within Ai Hui’s Body

 Chapter 611: The Fantasyland Within Ai Hui's Body

Translator: YH Editor: TYZ, CakeHermit

Ai Hui's mind was engrossed in figuring out the changes to his body. He thought of the [Life and Death Flower Sacrificial Art], but did not know how to utilize it. Time was slipping away and he lapsed into a stupor.

When he woke up, he astonishedly found himself under a light pillar.

A faint, but unusually warm red light embraced him like a mother's arms. The dazed Ai Hui clearly saw what looked like ruins outside the light pillar.

Where was this? What was going on?

Ai Hui became alarmed.

Firstly, he noticed the pillar of light on his whole body.

Light pillar? He looked up subconsciously and then jerked in fright and terror.

The entire sky was covered by the rolled out, big picture of a giant blood eye. Ai Hui had never seen such a strange and horrifying scene. He even had the illusion that the sky's blood eye was like a rotating living creature, watching him. The red light pillar projected from the blood eye enveloped him with a circumference of tens of feet.

Ai Hui forced himself to calm down. He was very familiar with the blood eye pattern as it was exactly the same as the one on the bandage.

The faint red light was not harmful, but gave him a warm feeling and appeared to protect him.

Bandage... The bandage had saved Ai Hui many times and he felt an inexplicable warmth. The horror in his heart gradually disappeared and Ai Hui calmed down, but shortly after, doubts immediately arose.

Where was this?

He gazed out through the light pillar.

He saw a dilapidated, barren place in which not even a blade of grass grew.

A few dilapidated palaces could be seen far away, but Ai Hui could still clearly tell that they were already in ruins.

Not far from him was the only intact palace. It was shrouded in dark clouds that drooped low, seemingly within a hand's reach. Amidst the dark clouds, lightning flashed from time to time and electrifying silvery snakes danced. The dark clouds were surging like thousands of swords gathering and moving around. The sword symphony sometimes sounded like whispering waves, sometimes like angry, roaring waves, while the dense sword consciousness stretched endlessly.

The lightning and sword consciousness dispersed out of the palace from time to time and swept along the ground, leaving the affected areas all blackened, cracked, and scarred.

In another location, a small tree which was half a man tall, stood still. It was an unknown type of tree with three branches and had a sparkling and translucent jade green trunk. The tree had only nine leaves. Their colours were as fresh as early spring blossoms and the tree was surrounded by a green light. Suddenly, a leaf fell out of the branch and floated to the sky. Immediately, multiple strands of fine, drizzling rain fell. The black hair-like fine drizzle moistened the dry blackened ground and miraculously, the cracks on the ground gradually closed.

Far from the unreachable depth of the sky, under the giant blood eye, a golden scorching sun hung solitarily in the sky. The golden glow dazzled and was piercingly cold, like a needle without any warmth.

A spiritual thought flashed through his mind, were all these events happening in his own body?

Were the ruins under his feet the flesh and blood of his own body? Those ruined palaces were his destroyed five residences and eight palaces?The only undamaged part was the earth palace. The tree was the Vitality Branches and the dark clouds were the sword cloud. The high hanging golden scorching sun was the Blood of God?

Was this the fantasyland that the bandage created?

On recalling that bizarre dream, he remembered that the bandage was the canvas that had carried the devil's painting. Previously, he'd thought that the dream was absurd, but now he thought that the probability of it being true was seventy to eighty percent.

Nobody knew the origin of the demonic god who had managed to escape unscathed.

These thoughts flashed through his mind and he tried to focus his attention on the present. Although he knew that it was a mirage, it still seemed too real. Whether it was the blackened barren ground, the ruins of the palaces, the raw wood branches, or even the sword clouds. Everything seemed too realistic.

Ai Hui tried to walk away from the red light pillar, but it unexpectedly moved along with him.

Was the bandage protecting him?

While Ai Hui was ruminating, he suddenly raised his head and looked out of the light pillar

He was acutely aware that the light outside was brighter now.


He looked up at the scorching sun hanging under the blood eye. The scorching sun was brighter than it had been earlier.

The ice-cold golden glow, coupled with the blazing white light, was just like the ruthless ruler of the world and supervised the earth indifferently.

The blackened barren ground became even more dilapidated, but when the golden glow shone on the Vitality Branches and earth palace, it immediately provoked a counterattack.

The green light from the Vitality Branches became even brighter and exuded vitality. In the surrounding area, green shoots constantly sprouted, budded, and bloomed.

In just a short period, flowers were blooming like a piece of brocade. It was really beautiful.

The dark clouds that enveloped the earth palace surged and raged. The silvery lightning was like a stout silver python shuttling amongst the clouds. The thunder was rolling and rumbling voices were heard, sounding terrifying. Layers upon layers of sword consciousnesss found their target and, accompanied by the silver lightning, moved forward wave after wave, surging towards the golden glow in the sky.

Even in the red light pillar, Ai Hui could feel the thrill in the tripartite battle.

He confirmed that the red light pillar was the bandage protecting him. It caused the golden glow shining on the red light pillar to vanish without a trace.

The golden glow gradually became brighter. Apparently, it was angered by the counterattack of the Vitality Branches and earth palace's lightning sword cloud. The glaring golden glow almost turned the outside world completely white.

The dazzling golden light shone on the flowers and plants that had freshly grown around the vitality branches. The vibrant flowers were wiped out with a speed visible to the naked eyes.

However, the Vitality Branches' green light was still very tenacious and firmly met head-on with the golden glow.

The battle between the sword cloud and the golden glow was much more intense. The dense sword consciousness was like the tide, pouncing onto the golden glow and heading towards the sky. Every time the silvery lightning's fragmented glow and the golden fragmented glow collided, there would be a large booming noise generated.

The golden glow still continued to strengthen.

It was like a cold and heartless ruler, overbearing, mighty, and awesome.

Even though the Blood of Demonic God had been around for a long time and Ai Hui had experienced the power of the demonic god armor before, it was still the first time he was directly facing the power of the God's blood.

It was really powerful!

Looking through the light pillar, Ai Hui could feel the power, but somehow, Ai Hui did not like the scent diffused from the God's blood as its power was beyond his expectations. In addition, the aura that communicated the mighty power revealed indifference.

Indifference to life.

That was why Ai Hui did not like the demonic god armor. The powerful demonic god armor also revealed the same kind of aura, one without any sign of life and only absolute calm; it also had a sheer indifference to life and ordinary calmness.

Ai Hui was very uncomfortable and not fond of it.

Deep in his heart, he had always felt that the demonic god in his dream was an evil god. In fact, Ai Hui did not have much of a concept of good and evil; he felt that people viewed life from different standpoints. It did not matter whether it was the cultivator or elementalist, it was just the ups and down, changes and replacement of the human interior. Whether it was Sky Heart City or Jadeite Forest, it was only a matter of personal interest.

The aura of the God's blood always made him associate it with a "non-human" feeling.

After all, Ai Hui was just a human being.

Fortunately, the warm red light of the bandage isolated him from the overbearing and piercingly cold golden glow. It also enabled Ai Hui to witness the amazing scene.

The golden sun in the sky suddenly started to rotate and began to search for targets.

Ai Hui was startled.

He saw the ubiquitous golden light shrink and move towards the sword cloud and the Vitality Branches.

Two golden light pillars which looked like real gold, covered the resplendent green Vitality Branches and the roaring, thundering sword cloud.

The entire vitality sapling became increasingly green and crystal clear. The rich and concentrated green glow firmly resisted the golden light pillar. At the common boundary of the golden beam and green glow, a sizzling sound abounded and the green glow continuously turned into ashes.

The counterattack of the sword cloud was even more violent.

The raging tide gathered by the dense sword consciousness crashed towards the golden light pillar. The minute golden glow and the fragmented sword consciousness flew all over the place and a rumbling sound could be heard continuously. The thick and solid lightning scurried out like a giant silver steel fork and swiftly submerged itself into the golden light pillar. Ai Hui could even see the minute golden glow scattered near the lightning.

The three parties seemed to be in a deadlock. The green light of the Vitality Branches stood firm and the thunder roaring sword consciousness seemed endless.

Time was slipping away.

Ai Hui dared not slacken even a bit. He knew the sight in front of him, though seemingly peaceful, was actually extremely dangerous. This was the conflict that was happening inside his body and any changes would have a great impact on him.

He carefully and cautiously looked at every change.

The golden light pillar became more and more luminous and then condensed. Ai Hui felt they were like two golden transparent crystal pillars and the rays in the pillars flowed slowly.

Unable to withstand the assault, the Vitality Branches' green light shrank and declined.

The lightning within the sword cloud also lost some of its ferocity and revealed signs of weakness.

Ai Hui was a little nervous.

If the Vitality Branches and sword cloud were no match for God's blood, what will become of him?

Blood elementalist?

No matter the result, Ai Hui was unwilling to accept it. After determining the existence of the relationship between the God's blood and Blood of God, this was what Ai Hui was most worried and fearful of.

But, he found himself unable to do anything.

He tried to walk towards the sword cloud, but found that once he got close to the earth palace, he could not make any more progress.

The blood eye in the sky seemed to limit the boundary of his activities.

Ai Hui was a little disappointed as he'd actually intended to take advantage of the red light beam to help the Vitality Branches and sword cloud.

It seemed that this method was ineffective.

At this moment, the Vitality Branches' green glow became unable to hold on. The last ray of green light was annihilated and the Vitality Branches were completely exposed to the transparent golden pillar.

Ai Hui was shocked.

The overbearing and piercing cold golden light shone directly on the Vitality Branches.

The resplendent green Vitality Branches suddenly stiffened and the tender green foliage edges became yellow and blackened. Following which, they turned into wisps of smoke. The rising green smoke in the golden light pillar appeared as long shadows.

The golden glow engulfed the vitality branches at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The shadows in the golden glow got increasingly clearer. They were not scattered about, as though engraved in the golden light pillar.

That was...

Ai Hui was attracted by the images of the shadow. All of a sudden, his head shook as if controlled by a magical force. He stared intensely and carefully at the shadows of the green smoke in the golden glow for fear of missing out on any details.