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Chapter 607: Test the Defenses

 Chapter 607: Test the Defenses

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Due to their relaxed movements and enormous bodies, the broadback batfish looked like black clouds when they flew in the sky. They made one felt as if they were flying very slowly, but it was merely an illusion. Whenever a broadback batfish flapped its broad wings, it would fly for a rather far distance. They were excellent for flying long distances.

The facial expressions were tense. They had never seen the broadback batfish before. Just their enormous bodies alone looked intimidating.

Fatty was very calm. He had travelled extensively and even ran a business for a few years. Hence, he had very sharp eyesight. Even though this was the first time he had seen the broadback batfish, he could tell they were docile creatures that specialized in carrying heavy loads from their appearance and flying characteristics.

When he saw a unit separate from the main force and lunge toward them, he could not help but furrow his eyebrows. That enemy unit only used 50 broadback batfish, strongly implying that they were trying to test the defenses.

When the broadback batfish became frenzied, many people cried out in alarm.

Fatty was also shocked, but when he heard the alarmed cries of his subordinates, he felt he was losing face. The chubby meat on his cheeks trembled as he yelled angrily, "What are all of you shouting for!"

At this point in time, Fatty already understood the enemy unit's intention. He shifted his gaze and yelled at the top of his voice, "Pagoda cannoneers, to the Hellfire Pagoda Cannons!"

Before he even finished his sentence, he jumped away from his Beehive Heavy Cannon and ran toward a Hellfire Pagoda Cannon.

The other pagoda cannoneers were stunned. Soon, they returned to their senses, jumped out of their Beehive Pagoda Cannons, and ran toward the Hellfire Pagoda Cannons.

The God-subduing Peak had been equipped with approximately 100 Beehive Heavy Cannons and tens of Hellfire Pagoda Cannons. These Hellfire Pagoda Cannons were initially used to repel the enemy scouts as well as for the pagoda cannoneers to practice with. Fatty had not redeployed them. After all, the God-subduing Peak had a lot of space. Furthermore, Fatty felt that the Hellfire Pagoda Cannons had a few strengths that the Beehive Heavy Cannons did not. At certain times, they might be surprisingly useful.

The area of effect for Hellfire Pagoda Cannon shots were inferior to Beehive Heavy Cannon shots, but their penetrating power was stronger and their attack range was further. They were more suitable for sniping enemy experts.

Fatty had not expected them to require these strengths so soon.

Like a nimble ball of lightning, Fatty swiftly arrived at a Hellfire Pagoda Cannon.

The light screen that engulfed the God-subduing Peak began to undulate, making it very difficult for those on the outside to see what was going on inside.

With agility that did not match his figure, Fatty jumped behind the Hellfire Pagoda Cannon and yelled, "Get ready!"

At every Hellfire Pagoda Cannon, aside from the pagoda cannoneer, the rest of its crew were also ready. When they saw Fatty running to a Hellfire Pagoda Cannon, they had already begun to prepare. By the time Fatty gave his order, all of them had finished preparing.

The barrel of Fatty's Hellfire Pagoda Cannon swiftly turned bright-red.

Fatty stood with his legs apart and used his shoulder to support the barrel. His round and plump face was extremely focused at the moment. His slightly squinting eyes flickered with a cold glint.


A thunderous boom resounded through the air as white flames shot out from the barrel.

Fatty felt a powerful recoil from the Hellfire Pagoda Cannon. All his muscles were taut, distinctively displaying their fibers and sinew. Boiling traces of steam rose from his body, resembling a bronze statue that had just been cast.

The head of the leading broadback batfish suddenly exploded. Its cranial matter, along with fresh blood, flew in all directions.

Boom, boom, boom!

Fatty's Hellfire Pagoda Cannon kept on shooting out white flames. Steam rose from his entire body. Without his knowledge, his body had been drenched with sweat. The sweat gathered and formed streams that meandered down the clearly defined muscles on his burly body.

In Fatty's hands, the Hellfire Pagoda Cannon felt as light as a bamboo stick.

The other pagoda cannoneers could not help but exclaim in admiration. They looked at Fatty with eyes filled with reverence. The overall recoil from a Hellfire Pagoda Cannon was lower than from a Beehive Heavy Cannon, but the number of people needed to man a Hellfire Pagoda Cannon was much lower than for a Beehive Heavy Cannon, Therefore, the pagoda cannoneers needed to withstand a stronger impact . Furthermore, when the firing rate increased, the impact that pagoda cannoneers received also increased.

The impact from such a rapid rate of fire was extremely terrifying. Yet, Fatty looked as if he felt nothing at all.

Even though the firing rate was extremely fast, Fatty's accuracy had not faltered. Every time the pagoda cannon was fired, a broadback batfish's head would definitely explode!

He had not missed a single target!

Fatty's facial expression was cold. He methodically reaped the lives of the broadback batfish.

He had never seen a madness blood pill before, but he was able to determine the enemy force's intention. He could tell that broadback batfish weren't combat blood fiends. The enemy detachment merely wanted to use the enormous bodies of the broadback batfish as cannon fodder to attack the defensive line.

Having such huge bodies, the broadback batfish had to have astonishing vitality. Ordinary injuries were unable to threaten their lives. From the beginning, Fatty aimed at their heads. No matter what drugs were fed to them, the broadback batfish were still blood fiends and couldn't survive if they received severe head trauma.

The difficult part was accurately striking the heads of the fast-moving broadback batfish.

Compared to their broad and huge wings, their heads were very small. They didn't have necks, and their heads were connected directly to their bodies. When they were in a frenzied state, their flying speed increased sharply, making it difficult for one to target their heads.

Still, this wasn't much of a problem for Fatty.

Even if the heads of the broadback batfish were smaller, he was still confident that he could hit their heads. Furthermore, the increase in the flying speed of the broadback batfish did not affect Fatty much either. Due to their physical attributes, even if they were in the state of frenzy, they still could not maneuver as nimbly as Rust Plumes.

Fatty only found small, nimble, and vigilant blood fiends to be troublesome.

The outstanding attack range of the Hellfire Pagoda Cannon was fully utilized by Fatty. By the time the other pagoda cannoneers took up their positions, Fatty had already slain four broadback batfish.

A sharp, dazzling arrow gleam flew out from the top of the God-subduing Peak and blew up the head of a broadback batfish.

Jiang Wei was standing at another peak with a bow in hand.

"Shoot their heads!"

Fatty reminded the pagoda cannoneers.

The booms from the Hellfire Pagoda Cannons resounded through the air like firecrackers. Every now and then, the heads of the broadback batfish in the sky would explode and they would fall from the sky.

However, the accuracy of the other pagoda cannoneers was not as good as Fatty's. Other than hitting the heads of the broadback batfish, the pagoda cannoneers also hit other parts of their target, creating bowl-sized bloody holes. To the broadback batfish, which possessed astonishing vitality, these types of wounds were equivalent to mosquito bites.

One broadback batfish had its body riddled with tens of bloody holes, but it looked as if it felt nothing, and its momentum did not decrease at all.

Helian Tianxiao, who was observing the battle from afar, had a look of satisfaction on his face. "Making the best use of everything. Even though the beast battalions lack offensive capabilities, they are very useful in attacking a city or a defensive line. Back in the day, Ye Baiyi had spent a lot of time and effort developing these battle tactics for the beast battalions."

Helian Tianxiao fell silent when he thought of Ye Baiyi. He respected Ye Baiyi greatly and was very worried for his safety. Nevertheless, saving Ye Baiyi was beyond his reach, and he only hoped that he could break through this defensive line as soon as possible.

Song Xiaoqian had not blinked for even a split second. Her attention was entirely captured by the battle, and she did not sense the worry in Helian Tianxiao's words. Then, she spoke rapidly, "Other than Qian Dai, the proficiency of the other pagoda cannons isn't very high."

Their previous scouting and harassment had obtained very little information.

Now that the intensity of the battle had increased, the weaknesses of the Spear of Heavy Cloud were revealed.

The other generals agreed with Song Xiaoqian's observation. Other than Qian Dai, who was 100% accurate with his shots, the rest of the pagoda cannoneers were inefficient.

Dead broadback batfish kept on falling from the sky, but there were still 26 remaining. More than half of the deceased broadback batfish were killed by Qian Dai.

Everyone felt motivated at this instant. How much could a Pagoda Cannon Master accomplish? How many broadback batfish could he kill? 50? 100?

At this point in time, the broadback batfish were less than two kilometers away from the God-subduing Peak. To the broadback batfish, two kilometers could be covered in the blink of an eye.

Once they could attack the God-subduing Peak...

Whether it was the four beast battalion leaders at the head of the army or Song Xiaoqian and her counterparts at the rear, all of them were rejoicing. The situation was proceeding much smoother than they expected!

As the broadback batfish neared the God-subduing Peak, the accuracy of the pagoda cannoneers increased greatly. The pressure that these broadback batfish faced intensified sharply as well.

The speed at which the broadback batfish dived increased significantly.

The pressure on the pagoda cannoneers suddenly rose sharply as well. As the broadback batfish drew closer, the pressure from their huge and creepy bodies became stronger. Many pagoda cannoneers became nervous and missed their targets.

Luckily, more than half of the pagoda cannoneers were still firing at their usual level, especially Wu Feng. He had displayed an excellent control over his mental state. His battle results were second only to Fatty's. He had already killed four broadback batfish.

One by one, the broadback batfish fell from the sky like dumplings.

The last broadback batfish was less than 500 meters away from the God-subduing Peak.

It looked as if it had foreseen its death. Its sawtooth tail lashed out and a glowing red streak shot toward the God-subduing Peak with a sharp screech.

The broadback batfish's white bone spurs, moss-like blood patterns, and bright-red sawtooth tail could distinctly be seen!

Wu Feng could see it clearly and fired his pagoda cannon without any hesitation.


The head of the broadback batfish exploded like a watermelon.

The glowing red streak hit the God-subduing Peak, causing ripples to form and drift across its light screen.

Everyone's faces were astonished. The enemy's first offensive could already reach them?

Fatty's facial expression remained the same as usual. He jumped away the Hellfire Pagoda Cannon and roared, "Beehive Heavy Cannons!"

This time around, the pagoda cannoneers reacted much faster. No one hesitated, and their movements were extremely fast.

Mo Shaojun was very satisfied by the first attack wave. Even though everyone who participated in the first attack wave had died, the fact that they were able to reach the enemy's defensive position proved that the enemy was much weaker than he had expected.

"The second, third, fourth, and fifth units, prepare to strike!" Mo Shaojun said emotionlessly.

Mo Shaojun deployed 200 broadback batfish in one go. If it weren't for the fact that the enemy's defensive line was very small and that the broadback batfish couldn't spread out in the sky, he would have committed all the broadback batfish he had.

However, 200 broadback batfish were enough to overwhelm the enemy forces.

His lips curled into a sinister smile, as though looking forward to something.