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Chapter 604: The Blood Eye On The Bandage

 Chapter 604: The Blood Eye On The Bandage

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The atmosphere on the Fish Bone was tense.

Enemy forces were at their doorstep, and Ai Hui suddenly fainted at this critical moment. This only exacerbated the already difficult situation. Previously, after the Pinwheel Sword's raid on the enemy encampment, Ai Hui unwittingly became the pillar of support for everyone, especially the Pagoda Cannon Alliance.

In the past, they were insecure and doubtful of themselves. Nowadays, they had become tenacious warriors. Some of them were even proud and arrogant. All of them had no choice but to admit that Ai Hui was qualified to lead the Pagoda Cannon Alliance.

Tong Gui and Yu Jin, who were generals that came from Newlight City, were won over by Ai Hui as well.

Needless to say, Ke Ning was the number one supporter of Ai Hui currently.

A group of people surrounded Ai Hui's tent. All of them had worried and anxious looks on their faces. Right now, Lou Lan was treating Ai Hui. Everyone hoped that Ai Hui could regain consciousness as soon as possible. Suddenly, a faint golden radiance erupted from the tent.

"Such domineering energy!" Xiao Shan's indifferent face stirred.

The Masters at the scene looked at each other and saw the uncertainty in each other's eyes. The golden radiance was muted, but its domineering aura was able to set off fear and trepidation in them. They were very sensitive toward auras and could feel the ferocity of the golden radiance.

In the tent, Lou Lan's eyes flickered with a red glow.

A trace of golden radiance appeared in Ai Hui's body. This trace of golden radiance was extremely domineering, rampaging through Ai Hui's body and causing chaos everywhere. Before this happened, Ai Hui's body was already very weak, depending on the Vitality Branches and the sword cloud to survive. This balance was toppled after the trace of golden radiance went on a rampage in his body, causing Ai Hui to fall into a coma.

No one knew what the aura of the golden radiance was, except for Lou Lan.

A drop of golden blood appeared in his palm as a look of doubt flashed across his eyes. The aura from the drop of golden blood was exactly same as the golden radiance.

Ai Hui had said before that this was the blood of a demonic god.

Ai Hui had a total of two drops of the demonic god's blood. One was used on the stone statue, which became the demonic god armor. The other one was given to Lou Lan. Where had Ai Hui gotten these two drops of demonic god's blood from?

Lou Lan did not understand what was going on.

However, he did not want to fuss over this problem for too long. Right now, time was running out. The most important thing to do now was to save Ai Hui's life.

Lou Lan was unusually sensitive to this aura. When he first saw the demonic god's blood, he knew this item was extremely beneficial for him. However, he did not try to consume it because Ai Hui had told him that the demonic god's blood was something out of the ordinary.

Lou Lan felt that Ai Hui was right. He had seen the demonic god armor before and felt that it was very odd. Furthermore, there were still a lot of things that he did not understand about the Midnight sand core in his body. He was filled with uncertainty regarding it.

Out of prudence, Lou Lan did not absorb the demonic god's blood. However, he did not stop researching it.

After studying the demonic god's blood for a very long time, Lou Lan finally understood why he would feel that it would be useful to him.

Because of blood spiritual force.

Back in the day, when he was analyzing a blood crystal, the seal on his Midnight sand core was lifted, allowing his strength to increase sharply.

This was one of the many areas that puzzled Lou Lan.

His sand core, Midnight, was extremely different from other sand cores. He had recorded various types of sand cores, but none of them were like Midnight.

The sand core of an ordinary sand puppet used elemental energy to operate, but Midnight did not work this way.

The outer layer of Midnight used elemental energy to operate, but its internal sections used blood spiritual force to function. This was why the seal on his Midnight had been lifted when he analyzed the blood crystal.

The structure of Midnight was very complicated. The complexity of its structure surpassed every sand core that Lou Lan knew of. Its structure was similar to an onion's, consisting of many layers. The structure of Midnight had a total of nine layers. Ever since the seal had been lifted, Lou Lan could only fully comprehend its three outer layers.

More and more evidence was showing that Master Shao might be from the Blood of God. Given the complexity and intricacy of Midnight's structure, Master Shao was definitely not an ordinary individual.

Lou Lan wondered if Master Shao currently was all right.

His sudden yearning for Master Shao sent him in a daze. No matter where Master Shao was from or who he was, his position in Lou Lan's heart would never change.

Lou Lan returned to his senses, and his gaze landed on the unconscious Ai Hui.

There were two individuals in the world who were very important to Lou Lan. They were Ai Hui and Master Shao. Master Shao had gone missing, and Lou Lan did not want anything to happen to Ai Hui. He was just a sand puppet, a very lucky one.

Lou Lan prepared to absorb the demonic god's blood.

Previously, Lou Lan was not in a rush to use the demonic god's blood. This was because he had yet to clarify what effects the demonic god's blood would have on him. He could sense that there was a connection between blood spiritual force and the demonic god's blood, but he wasn't sure how deep the connection was.

According to his original plan, he wanted to be more prepared before absorbing the demonic god's blood. By being more prepared, the risks that he had to take would be lower. However, when compared to Ai Hui's life, this so-called risk meant nothing to Lou Lan.


Lou Lan suddenly noticed something abnormal, and his hands froze.

A faint bloody color mysteriously appeared on the bandage wrapped around Ai Hui's body.

The red glow in Lou Lan's eyes flickered rapidly. There were no wounds on Ai Hui's body!

Where had the blood on the bandage came from?

Lou Lan did not dare to lower his guard as he stared at the bandage.

The bloodstain on the bandage became more and more obvious. It was as if blood was seeping out from within the bandage bit by bit. The bloodstain gathered at Ai Hui's chest area. If Lou Lan did not know Ai Hui's body condition like the back of his hand, he would definitely have thought that Ai Hui's chest had a huge open wound.

The bloodstain became brighter and brighter, gradually forming a demonic image.

An eye.

The blood eye occupied almost all of Ai Hui's chest. Its was a simple and unadorned image, looking like a totem from an ancient tribe. Lou Lan's sand core contained a huge amount of information, but he still could not find any information regarding this blood eye.

The blood eye seemed to have a life of its own. It was dripping with blood and giving off a gentle luster, striking fear into one's heart.

Lou Lan was a sand puppet, so he wasn't affected by it. He focused on observing every change that was taking place in Ai Hui's body.

When the blood eye appeared, the rampaging golden light suddenly stopped in its tracks. In the next moment, it rushed toward the blood eye without any hesitation and penetrated it.

The golden radiance entered the pupil of the blood eye. Following which, the cold and domineering pupil looked as if it was cast out of gold.

It stared coldly at Lou Lan.

The golden radiance that engulfed the tent dimmed, but Lou Lan sensed danger immediately.

He discovered that he was immobilized by something, unable to move even a single part of his body.


The golden pupil in the blood eye suddenly swiveled.

An invisible energy wave swept across the inside of the tent. Everything in the tent was undulating, resembling plants under the sea.

The sand that made up Lou Lan's body lost control. Specks of sand began to drift out from the external layer of his body and dispersed in the air around him.

Lou Lan's Midnight operated rapidly, while the red glow in his eyes flickered nonstop. He let go of his control over the sand that made up his body and transformed into a sandstorm that hovered in the air.

The external layer of the sandstorm circled around the interior of the tent. In the middle of the sandstorm, there was a fist-sized transparent crystal that flickered with a red glow. This was Lou Lan's sand core, Midnight. Midnight was shaped like a human heart, and its flickering red glow resembled a pulsating heart. If one took a closer look at the flickering red glow, he or she would discover that every flicker was actually the red glow revolving around the crystal's surface before disappearing like a shooting star that streaked across the sky.

In the center of the crystal, there was a deep and unfathomable void.

It was a sand core, yet it seemed to be surrounded by an invisible barrier that separated it from the sandstorm.

The sandstorm tightly wrapped up Midnight and the invisible barrier, forming an oversized sand heart. The surface of the sand heart was packed with roots that connected to every part of Lou Lan's body. Right now, these roots were swaying loosely like the roots of aquatic plants.

The closer the sandstorm was to Midnight, the more stable it was.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, the gold color of the pupil gradually faded, and the trace of golden radiance within it returned to Ai Hui's body.

Lou Lan felt his entire body relax. That invisible energy wave had disappeared, and Lou Lan's body returned to its original form. His first reaction was to examine Ai Hui. When he saw that Ai Hui's breathing had returned to normal, he heaved a sigh of relief.

This was the first time he had encountered such a bizarre invisible energy wave.

The energy wave wasn't powerful, but he could not put up any resistance against it. Nevertheless, he had already recorded all its characteristics and would analyze them later on.

After a while, the golden sheen had completely faded from the pupil in the blood eye, returning the pupil to its original crimson color.

The color of the blood eye began to fade as well.

Lou Lan recorded the changes taking place in the bandage and examined Ai Hui's condition at the same time.

He immediately discovered something abnormal.

The previously domineering and violent golden radiance had become gentle and restrained after it returned to Ai Hui's body. It even began to heal Ai Hui's body automatically.

The sudden change in the nature of the golden radiance made Lou Lan very happy. Even though he still did not understand what was going on, he knew this was a good thing for Ai Hui.

Still, the danger had yet to pass.

Right now, there were three powers in Ai Hui's body. The first one was the destructive power of lightning that came from the sword cloud in his earth palace. The second one was the three streaks of green glints that flowed around Ai Hui's body. They were the primordial life force that had been formed by the Vitality Branches. The third one was the trace of golden radiance from the demonic god's blood.

Everywhere the trace of golden radiance passed through, Ai Hui's flesh would be tempered. Following which, the three streaks of primordial life force would heal the wounds caused by the golden radiance as it tempered Ai Hui's flesh. The sword cloud seemed to have detected a threat and roared with thunderclaps. Its surging lightning bolts would then rip apart the flesh that had just been healed.

The three powers formed a cycle.

Every now and then, Ai Hui's body would be engulfed sequentially by a golden radiance, a faint green glint, and dazzling, silvery lightning streaks. During each cycle, Ai Hui's body would crack and heal repeatedly. The scene was horrifying.

Lou Lan could not do anything about it either. The three powers in Ai Hui's body were powerful and mysterious. The golden radiance was from the mysterious blood of a demonic god, the green glints were from the White-robed Divine Physician Lu Chen's masterpiece, and the sword cloud was formed by lightning that had melded with a sword embryo from the Cultivation Era.

One needed a lifetime to fully comprehend the profundity of any one of these powers. Who would have thought that Ai Hui possessed three such powers in his body.

Yet, if Ai Hui couldn't form a stable balance with these three powers, his body would become a battlefield for them. Ultimately, his body would completely collapse. No outsiders could help him with this process.

The previous problem with Ai Hui was that the primordial life force and the sword cloud could not form a complete and harmonious balance. Now that there was the addition of the golden radiance, the problem worsened.

At this moment, Ai Hui's consciousness was slowly waking up.