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Chapter 602: The Arrival of The Beast Battalions

 Chapter 602: The Arrival of The Beast Battalions

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In the distant horizon, the boundless flood of blood fiends was like a sea of reddish-black clouds that swept across the sky.

A smile appeared on Helian Tianxiao's face. Behind him, all his generals looked excited as they could not resist pumping their fists in the air. Even though their strength was superior to the elementalists, they still suffered a series of defeats in a row. All of them were stewing because of this. Furthermore, His Majesty had yet to react to the kidnapping of Ye Baiyi and Nangong Wulian. This caused everyone in the God Wolf Division to feel nervous and frightened. They felt as if the angled blade of a guillotine would drop down on their necks at any moment and claim their lives.

Every soldier in the God Wolf Division was tormented daily by a mixture of sullenness and fear. Now that their reinforcements had arrived, their suppressed emotions erupted at once.

Beast battalions were reserves that supported god divisions and blood divisions. Each beast battalion had 10,000 men. The blood fiends that were assigned to them were broadback batfish. The broadback batfish was a new species formed by combining a black blood bat and a devil fish. It looked more like a devil fish with a pitch-black body that could fly in the air At each of its eyes, there was a red line that extended all the way to its tail. Its wingspan was 40 meters, making it an extremely huge creature.

The back muscles of a broadback batfish were highly developed. They were thick and wide, making its back very comfortable to sit on.

A broadback batfish was docile and had a low intelligence level. It flew very slowly, but it could fly steadily while carrying an extremely heavy load.

If it weren't for the fact that the broadback batfish had an insatiable appetite, they would serve as an outstanding type of transportation blood fiend. Every day, they needed to consume a massive amount of jade fruits, making them extremely costly to rear. As a result, they were only assigned to beast battalions.

When the battalion leaders of the beast battalions saw Helian Tianxiao standing at the camp entrance, they quickly controlled their broadback batfishes to descend from the sky.

The sky-covering sea of "clouds" poured down from the sky, resembling floodwater that had been released from a floodgate.

When all the broadback batfish had descended from the sky, the area surrounding the encampment looked as if it had been laid with black carpet, appearing unusually spectacular.

The four battalion leaders of the beast battalions walked to Helian Tianxiao and greeted him respectfully, "Sir, we are here! Sorry for arriving late!"

"As long as you're here, it's all right. We will rest and prepare for two more days before attacking their defensive line,"Helian Tianxiao replied with satisfaction.

"Yes!" the four battalion leaders bowed and replied in unison.

Two of them had solemn looks on their faces while the other two were rubbing their hands in excitement. Still, none of them showed any fear. Before they departed, they already knew what the situation was like. As such, they had already made mental preparations for what they were going to face.

As reserves, it was extremely difficult for them to have a chance to meet Helian Tianxiao. Furthermore, when they saw Helian Tianxiao waiting for their arrival at the entrance, they felt extremely honored.

The status of the beast battalions was extremely low. Usually, the most important mission for them was to provide new recruits to the blood divisions. For the past few years, the blood divisions had not suffered heavy losses. Therefore, the number of beast battalion soldiers who could enter the blood divisions was pathetically low. Most of these troops were sent home after serving in a beast battalion for several years.

The Blood of God valued military merits. By accumulating military merits, one could achieve his or her goals, earn promotions, and obtain preferential treatments for his or her family. In the Blood of God, the social status of military personnel was very high. Their status far surpassed other professions. The family members of military personnel could receive many preferential treatments too. Even though beast battalions were just reserves, the treatment that their soldiers received was good enough to make the blood elementalists from other professions jealous.

Accordingly, if a soldier from a beast battalion couldn't enter a blood division and was discharged, all the preferential treatment that he received would be taken away.

On the contrary, if one died on the battlefield, his or her family members could enjoy this preferential treatment forever. This was why the Blood of God's soldiers were usually not scared of death on the battlefield.

It was not that there was no one in the Blood of God who opposed these preferential treatments. Rather, this decree was enacted by the Holy Emperor himself. As such, no one dared to openly oppose it.

Therefore, when the beast battalions received the order to reinforce the combat divisions at the front line, not only did they not feel fear, they felt excitement instead. They packed their belongings as fast as possible and traveled day and night to rush to the front line.

Along the way, the four battalion leaders discussed the possible scenarios they would face. Eventually, they came to the unanimous conclusion that they most likely would be taking part in a siege battle.

Since ancient times, it had not been easy to win a siege battle.

Just by having a complete defense system, the besieged side could render the offensive side helpless even if the latter outnumbered the former by several times. Consequently, the offensive side often suffered heavy losses.

The four battalion leaders ordered their subordinates to pitch camp and rest. They, themselves, did not dare to rest. Ignoring their fatigue, they observed the defensive line at the Windy Pearl Bridge.

When they saw the defensive line clearly, they gasped in unison. Even these battalion leaders who were previously eager to get into action changed their facial expressions drastically.

The situation was much worse than they had expected!

Keeping them company was the vice division leader of Silver Frost Blood Division, Pan Fengling. Pang Fengling was female, but she looked masculine. She was taller and sturdier than an average man, and her voice was deep and hoarse. Her weapon was terrifying as well. It was an azure-colored mace that was about as tall her. It gave off faint traces of white mist, exuding a chill to its surroundings.

The Blood of God's combat divisions placed great emphasis on rank. The rules of etiquette between a high-ranking officer and a low-ranking officer were very stringent.

Beast battalions were merely reserves. The rank of the beast battalion leaders was equivalent to a middle-ranking officer of a blood division. Having a vice division leader accompany the four battalion leaders already defied the Blood of God's regulations.

Pan Fengling was emotionless, but her voice contained a tinge of arrogance. However, she still described the situation clearly to the four battalion leaders.

"We can't attack on the ground. Look over there. There is a quicksand zone there. The Ardent Flower Blood Division received a fatal blow when they were slowed down by such a quicksand zone. Furthermore, the enemy has a battlefield construction master. He can raise tall walls from the quicksand zone at any time, allowing the Infantry Division to utilize their strength on the ground. The quicksand zone also hides many traps that can't be avoided. The pagoda cannons in the sky would be firing at the ground too."

She continued, "The middle section is not suitable for us to attack either. Previously, we had tested to see if we could attack through the middle section. We realized that the middle section is the most unsuitable area for us to attack. The God-subduing Peak at the middle section is guarded by the Sky Edge Division. That section might look the weakest, but in reality, it is most heavily guarded. The Infantry Division can use Master Wang Xiaoshan's rising sand platforms to provide reinforcement to the middle section. At the highest position, the Spear of Heavy Cloud's Hellfire Pagoda Cannons can easily reinforce the middle as well."

"According to the probing we have carried out over the past few days, the only way for us to attack their defensive line is through the highest position.. We have to take out the topmost God-subduing Peak, which is guarded by the Spear of Heavy Cloud. If we attack that section, we only need to face the Hellfire Pagoda Cannons. The Hellfire Pagoda Cannons might be powerful, but their attacking frequency is very low. If it weren't for the fact that they have a pagoda cannon master, we would have taken this God-subduing Peak down a long time ago."

Pan Fengling snorted. Apparently, she wasn't satisfied with the reinforcements from the beast battalions. She did not try to hide her unhappiness at all. However, when she thought about the merits she would obtain after breaking through the Pearl Defensive Line, her tone softened.

Her voice even contained a tinge of encouragement as she continued, "However, this is your only chance as well. As long as we have enough manpower, our assault will be strong enough to break through the defensive line of pagoda cannons. Once we take down the God-subduing Peak that is manned by the Spear of Heavy Cloud, taking down the other two God-subduing Peaks will be a walk in the park. We can definitely conquer the Pearl Defensive Line."

The four battalion leaders carefully observed every single detail of the Pearl Defensive Line. They had no choice but to admit that what Pan Fengling said was true. The only way to attack the defensive line was through the God-subduing Peak at the topmost position.

"Madam, you're right. The four of us will discuss it again later," one of the more prudent-looking battalion leader said respectfully to Pan Fengling.

"Don't delay the assault," Pan Fengling snorted.

After finishing her sentence, she turned and left.


She Yu had been staring at the drop of God's blood in the crystal for a very long time. She had not expected His Majesty to bestow her a drop of God's blood.

His Majesty had never bestowed God's blood to anyone before. Even Red Devil, himself, had never received such treatment from His Majesty before. She was merely a seed, yet His Majesty favored her so much by bestowing her with such a supreme artifact. She Yu felt as if she was dreaming.

This drop of God's blood was the blood of God himself. It was the God Nation's supreme sacred artifact.

There were many rumors regarding God's blood. Some said the first Holy Emperor was a descendant of God himself. God knew the Cultivation Era was going to end and that he was destined to fall. Therefore, he bestowed 10 drops of his blood to bless his descendants. Some also said God's blood was actually the purest essence blood of a devil that had lived for tens of thousands of years. Otherwise, how could the blood be preserved until now? Blood spiritual force seemed to have verified this rumor.

However, it no longer mattered whether the God's blood came from God himself or a devil.

She Yu knew every drop of God's blood possessed a boundless amount of power. The reason why His Majesty could become a Grandmaster and dominate the world was because he unravelled the secret of God's blood and absorbed the supreme power from it.

She still could not believe that His Majesty actually bestowed her with God's blood. Was it possible that His Majesty had already broken through the limits of God's blood?

This thought flashed across She Yu's mind. Following which, she threw all these distracting thoughts to the back of her head. Since when had she become worthy of guessing what the Holy Emperor was doing?

She placed her attention on the God's blood once again. Deep down, she was filled with gratitude toward Bei Shuisheng. God's blood might not be the only answer to restraining the [Life and Death Flower Sacrificial Art], but it was definitely the best answer. Previously, she had placed all of her hopes on the Heart of God since she had not even dared to dream about receiving God's blood. God's blood was a sacred artifact after all. In the blood spiritual force system, God's blood was considered a supreme entity. No matter how profound and mysterious the [Life and Death Flower Sacrificial Art] was, it still could not be compared to God's blood.

She was only worried about whether or not could she handle the power of the God's blood.

The power possessed by God's blood was boundless and dominating. If an ordinary individual consumed it, his or her body would explode on the spot. Among the generations of Holy Emperors, only the current Holy Emperor had unravelled the secret of God's blood!

She Yu did not expect herself to unravel the secrets of the God's blood. All she wanted was to use to its power to save herself from [Life and Death Flower Sacrificial Art].

His Majesty also bestowed her with some tips on consuming the God's blood. She could tell the notebook had been personally written by His Majesty. She Yu had memorized every single word in it. She had read it several times and knew its contents like the back of her hand.

She knew she only had one chance. Given such an excellent chance, if she still could not succeed, she might as well die.

She took a deep breath of air.

A determined look flashed across her eyes. She was extremely certain that her fate had come to a turning point.

She threw the crystal into her mouth.


The crystal wasn't as hard as she thought. It broke easily like an ice cube in her mouth.

A wisp of aura flowed down her throat and entered her body.

A look of agony suddenly appeared on She Yu's pale-white face.

The mysterious aura in her body diffused to her surroundings. The ground beneath her feet was reduced to fine powder silently. Instead of flying up into the air, the fine powder stayed on the ground and undulated like rippling water.

An invisible energy wave engulfed the room, slowly distorting the dimensions of space.