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Chapter 601: Seal

 Chapter 601: Seal

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Amid the pitch black sky, a weird, rugged stone looked just like a peaceful monster crouching on the ground.

The soldiers from the Judgement Division were randomly distributed in a circle. In the center, laid an unconscious Ye Baiyi. Ximen Caijue floated in the skies above Ye Baiyi and fixated her attention on him.

In another hour, the Heart of God would release waves of energy.

The Heart of God... What horrifying thing had the Beast Venom Temple actually created?!

Ximen Caijue was bewildered. It seemed like a horrifying monster was hibernating inside Ye Baiyi. No, Ye Baiyi was now actually a monster, an unconscious monster.

Ximen Caijue even suspected that as long as there was a threat to its life, the pulsating heart, which was comparable to a great dragon's heart, might possibly lose control. Without restraint, the terrifying and violent force would result in a catastrophic backlash.

All right, since the current stage had been reached, the end result would not be any different compared to the catastrophic backlash.

The only exception was that it foiled their plan to delay for time.

Ximen Caijue was somewhat lucky since Nangong Wulian was already dead. To be able to refine something as irregular as the Heart of God, it was not excessive to overestimate Nangong Wulian's danger level. Suddenly, she thought of how horrifying the situation would be if the Beast Venom Temple were to constantly refine Hearts of God.

The Judgement soldiers on the ground were absolutely silent, awaiting her command.

Every single one of them tried their best to stand perfectly straight, but it was difficult to cover up their scar riddled bodies. They fixated their bloodshot eyes on Ye Baiyi. Only half of the Judgment Division remained, and they appeared very meager.

They seemed like a bunch of defeated soldiers!

Yet, it would be this bunch of people who established their efforts and created a unfathomable miracle.

Ximen Caijue swept her gaze across everybody. After tonight, she did not know how many familiar faces would disappear from her sight. In her heart, she was both emotional and full of pride.

She suddenly asked, "Has everything been noted?


Everyone's voices were as hoarse as withered leaves and peeled off bones. Their voices penetrated the wind of the boundless desert.

Ximen Caijue's delicate and tender face radiated her determination, and she was just like a sharp, unsheathed sword. With her delicate small bow in hand, she flicked it gently.

Almost simultaneously, the Judgment soldiers uniformly pulled the bows in their hands. The bows emitted a dazzling white ray of light. In this steep and pitch-black valley, each cycle of the full moon seemed to float on the surface of the night sky.

Each drawn bowstring had white rays of light that gathered on a glowing arrow. An abstruse black pattern appeared on the body of these arrows that were aimed at Ximen Caijue in the sky. Circular light rings appeared under their feet, and these rings had various patterns which revolved endlessly.

All of the glowing arrows were pointed toward Ximen Caijue.

There was another clear and melodious strum of a bowstring.

Just like a command, the soldiers intuitively released their bowstrings. It seemed like it was raining glowing arrows. All the glowing arrows were aimed accurately at Ximen Caijue.

Ximen Caijue sparkled from head to toe, like a substantial light ray, her appearance made it piercingly painful for people to look straight at her. Her petite figure was enveloped within the glaring and blazing light ray, as if she was one of the gods.

It was unknown when her bowstring had been drawn.

A chilly sound that was clear and ice-cold as well as solemn and sacred rang out.

"Judgment as follows: Seal!"

As if it could rip the sky apart, a solid and glaring light pillar unexpectedly blasted Ye Baiyi's body. His body seemed to sustain a serious injury as his back was smashed to the ground.

The light rays which revolved under the soldiers' feet acted like a large net which swiftly engulfed Ye Baiyi.

The Heart of God within Ye Baiyi seemed to sense danger and pulsated violently.

Thud, thud, thud!

Each pulsation was just like a firm hit on a heavy drum.

The soldiers who were located in the proximity bled heavily from their seven apertures. All of a sudden, a white blaze rose from the bottom of their feet. They were engulfed by the blaze before they could even let out a tragic scream.

Though the energy released by the Heart of God was powerful, as it collided with the net composed of light rings, it was ultimately incapable of breaking through the glowing, seemingly weak net. The glowing net paused slightly before pulling back rapidly and trapping Ye Baiyi securely.

The rings surrounded Ye Baiyi's body just like a shiny fishing net. .

Thud, thud, thud.

The Heart of God pulsated slower and slower, softer and softer.

Eventually, it was completely silent.

Ye Baiyi's body lost its support and dropped from the sky.

Ximen Caijue, who was in the sky, shone with radiance all over.

Upon seeing Ximen Caijue, Wan Shenwei felt a huge shock. At this moment, a few wrinkles unexpectedly appeared on Ximen Caijue's girlish face.

Ximen Caijue's figure flashed past, and she fell from the sky.

Wan Shenwei swiftly appeared by her side and caught her.

Ximen Caijue muttered with difficulty, "Go quickly."

Wan Shenwei's eyes turned red as gave out commands, "Bring the wounded soldiers and Ye Baiyi. Transport them immediately."

The soldiers of the Dread Division urgently dashed forward and carried the surviving soldiers on their backs. At the same time, they grabbed the still comatose Ye Baiyi and followed Wan Shenwei out of the valley.

Just as they disappeared, He Nanshan, who was worn out from marching, arrived at the valley with his elites.

A moment ago, He Nanshan had seen the exceptionally bright beams of light from afar. He did not question his ominous premonition and hurriedly led the soldiers over.

There was absolutely no one when they arrived in the valley.

He Nanshan squatted on the ground. There was still a remnant fluctuation of elemental energy on the surface, and his expression grew darker.

He did not know what kind of methods the Dread and Judgment divisions employed, but he could sense a thread of sealing aura from the remnant energy fluctuations.

To be able to force the Dread and Judgment divisions to expose themselves without hesitation and also force them to utilize a sealing technique...

He Nanshan did not even need to think because he knew there was only one possibility.

This was a result that he had never thought of.

Damn it!

His face turned ghastly pale, and he smashed his fist into the ground. The terrifying force did not travel underground. Instead, the entire valley underwent waves of turmoil.

"Chase them!"

The enemy had not escaped very far, and he hoped that luck was on his side.

He Nanshan's anger disappeared shortly without a trace. He forced a bitter smile.

Luck... His own luck was extremely rotten right from the beginning.


Out of the three God-subduing Peaks, the peak located closest to the ground was the Infantry Division's position. The Infantry Division specialized in land battles, so they needed to be sufficiently close to the ground. Master Wang Xiaoshan had meticulously reconstructed the ground below the God-subduing Peak. He had created layers of traps as well as distinct terrain which could bring out the best qualities of the Infantry Division.

Silver Soldier's deep and low voice could be heard from this God-subduing Peak.

"Not a bad job. Let's try it again!"

He stood right in front of the troops with approximately 50 soldiers behind him. Every single one of them was drenched in sweat and panting heavily, but they still did their utmost to perform an offensive stance.

Silver Soldier unexpectedly took a heavy step outward and threw his fist in the air!

Behind the mask came a thunderous voice, "Kill!"

50 soldiers simultaneously threw their fists in the air and violently shouted, "Kill!"

The huge fist-shaped ray was like an overbearing siege machine that would shatter any obstruction into bits and pieces.

The fist ray remained in the sky for no less than 15 seconds before it slowly disappeared.

Silver Soldier exhaled a long breath. The air he exhaled was as solid as a sword. Slowly, he retracted his fist. The soldiers behind him had fallen into disarray and collapsed to the ground, rendered motionless.

Elemental soup, which had long since been prepared, was delivered right in front of the soldiers. After finishing the soup, their spirits soared. One by one they carried out Circulatory Cycle Revolutions to digest the elemental energy in the soup.

A gratified look appeared on Silver Soldier's face. The strength of his troops had improved rapidly and greatly exceeded his expectations. The arduous training sessions and abundant resources allowed these rookies to improve at lightning speed. The base level of his soldiers had increased by large margin.

He thought of how he had worried about Ai Hui plundering other combat divisions. Never had he expected to personally benefit from it. The ingredients of the elemental soup were delivered from Shi Xueman's side, and the recipe was from Lou Lan.

It really proved the saying: You'll eat the meat, and I'll drink the soup.

For the first time ever, Silver Soldier was leading such an extravagant life.

He laughed absurdly.

"Truly incredible. If this fist appeared on the battlefield, no enemy would be able to defend against it."

A cold, yet slightly happy, tone could be heard behind him.

Silver Soldier turned around and saw his junior come into his field of view. He somewhat loss his concentration for a moment, but immediately reacted, shook his head, and replied, "I could only gather 50 people. Compared to more than 200 people in Ai Hui's Sword of Lightning, I'm still lacking."

Karakorum Polaris shook her head, "There is no need for senior to be unduly humble. After all, the Pagoda-style military strategies were created by Ai Hui, so it was not surprising for him to mobilize 200 people. In the times to come, senior will also be able to achieve the same numbers."

Silver Soldier asked, "How's your progress?"

Karakorum Polaris's tone sounded distressed as she replied , "Not very smoothly, but it is my own problem. Ai Hui's Sword of Lightning has totally abandoned the beauty and mystery of swordsmanship. It is difficult to convince myself."

Silver Soldier consoled her, " Don't worry, let nature take its course."


The Sword of Lightning's battle style brought extreme shock to the both of them and also allowed them to follow their hearts. On this, Ai Hui was not selfish and instructed others without any reservations. The Sword of Lightning, however, was specifically established by Ai Hui according to the needs of the sword pagodas. How the Infantry Division and Sky Edge Division actually utilized the Pagoda Style military strategies was actually up to Silver Soldier and Karakorum Polaris to decide.

Silver Soldier's progress was slightly smoother as he had managed to command 50 soldiers. On the contrary, Karakorum Polaris had practically no progress. She was not the core member of her combat division

She was a very conventional swordsman, and her swordsmanship had formed long ago. In addition, she felt that the Sword of Lightning's swordsmen were not even qualified to have that title.

Unfortunately, the Sword of Lightning's combat power was extremely astonishing.

Karakorum Polaris was extremely troubled. She really wasn't an ignorant and stubborn person and even felt that the Sword of Lightning's swordsmanship would actually replace traditional swordsmanship entirely.

Traditional swordsmanship had yet to be reinstated, but would it decline again?

She was at a loss.

Soon, both of them would no longer be in the mood to train.. Jiang Wei arrived.

Silver Soldier cried out in surprise, "Ai Hui is unconscious? What happened?"

Karakorum Polaris couldn't help but glance at her senior since she rarely saw him lose his self-control. Her senior really regarded Ai Hui as someone important and cared a lot for him.

Jiang Wei did not look well. "We are still unsure. It happened too suddenly. Lou Lan is currently diagnosing the problem."

Silver Soldier was prepared to check on Ai Hui's condition with Jiang Wei when a mournful alarm unexpectedly sounded.

The three of them were distracted and subconsciously looked toward the God Wolf Division's camp. Their expressions changed drastically as they gasped in unison.