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Chapter 600: Judgement, Step Forward

 Chapter 600: Judgement, Step Forward

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The thick metal wind curtain blocked the line of sight of the blood elementalists. They could not find out what was happening behind it. If they could see what was happening behind the defensive line, they definitely would not be so calm.

An endless blaze of light in the camp made it as bright as daylight, and voices could be heard everywhere. Even the lights coming from the sky filled with stars were overshadowed by it. It was late at night, but the camp was bustling and full of life.

The blacksmiths were restless with bloodshot eyes. Everybody knew that battle was imminent and that the enemy had reached the defensive line. There was no need to supervise because everyone was motivated to work.

Each smelting furnace produced infernos which soared to the skies. With each slogan shouted by the blacksmiths, flowing flames and red hot molten metal discharged dazzling sparks.

Ai Hui looked down at the radiant scene from the top of the Fish Bone. He was a little lost in thought. The supplies were piled up like a continuous mountain range, and the blacksmiths shuttling to and fro looked like hard-working ants.

He could not help but laughed at himself. This was probably his most rewarding moment.

So many blacksmiths, so much supplies, and so many people. This scene just gave Ai Hui some confidence to face the next battle.

Bring it on. Since we cannot retreat, let's fight!

Use up all the supplies, and fight to the last man for this battle.

This was Ai Hui's decision.

There was no other choice.

Piece by piece, the newly forged and still warm Beehive Heavy Cannons were sent to the Pagoda Cannon Alliance and set up within the first hour. The pagoda cannon crews, which were well prepared, immediately swarmed in and learned how to operate these Beehive Heavy Cannons.

This was probably the world's craziest and extravagant training because it involved only Beehive Heavy Cannons and live ammunition.

In another corner of the camp, the Beehive Heavy Cannons were bellowing endlessly.

Ke Ning patrolled back and forth between the different teams. His throat was already hoarse, while his hair and entire body were messy and dirty. He seemed as if he was surrounded by flames and smoke, yet he exuded a indescribable aura.

Even Li Houtang would be surprised by Ke Ning at this moment.

Back then, he was seen as rich and spoiled, but now, it was as if he had completely changed.

Ke Ning was not the only one who changed. Tong Gui and Yu Jin were also quietly changing. They had served in combat divisions for many years and experienced many events which gradually honed their characters. Although both of them were capable and well versed in the art of war, their passion had long since disappeared.

The Pagoda Cannon Alliance was a fledgling alliance, and the circumstances they faced may have forced them to be more focused. Deep inside, there might have been certain overlooked areas, and they were quietly developing new ideas.

Even their subordinates had a bright, new outlook.

The majority of the soldiers in the Pagoda Cannon Alliance came from the routed troops from previous battles. They refused to leave and had revenge on their minds, hoping to have a good fight with the blood elementalists. They were most worried about being recruited into the official combat divisions because they discovered that the officers did not sincerely want to fight with the blood elementalists. Instead, these leaders were just doing perfunctory duties and secretly preparing to escape or planning to fight for power and status.

These vengeful soldiers held a wait-and-see attitude toward Ai Hui at the beginning for this reason.

Later, they found that Ai Hui sincerely wanted to fight this next battle. Moreover, the raid on the enemy's encampment had changed their opinion about him.

Their emotions also unknowingly influenced the rest.

Venerable Volcano said emotionally, "Initially, I thought the Pagoda Cannon Alliance was only a temporary coalition. Morale was low and expectations were not great. In contrast, morale is pretty good now!"

His experience was rich and diverse, but a unique combat division like the Pagoda Cannon Alliance was a first for him. It was a makeshift combat division which consisted of mostly routed troops, but was fearless and consequently had great fighting spirit.

Xiao Shan said plainly, "How could the Avalon of Five Elements exist for thousands of years if its people were simply willing to be slaughtered?"

Venerable Volcano nodded. "It is rare for a defeated army to still be extremely brave. If everyone else can do so, what is there to fear about the blood elementalists?"

Ai Hui responded with a sneer, "Everyone can do so? What a beautiful thought! Some people say that the Avalon of Five Elements was a piece of rotten wood, but these people are part of the last bit that is not rotten. However, it is wishful thinking to depend on this small piece of good wood. Furthermore, people are not hoping for resurrection, but just hoping to linger on."

Xiao Shan felt Ai Hui's words were harsh and said, "It is not as hopeless as you think, and the Elders have to consider the whole situation."

He felt guilty about what he had just said and promptly shut up.

Ai Hui stopped arguing since he was not the type to quibble. The reason he had said these words was due to the fact that he felt everyone still saw the glimmer of an illusion, but it was only a fig leaf that covered their embarrassment.

Besides, it had nothing to do with him, and he was not fighting for the sake of the Elders Guild.

He turned toward Venerable Volcano. "The results of the Pagoda Cannon Alliance's live ammunition practices are pretty good, but because the consumption of snow lava is too large, we need to prepare in advance."

Venerable Volcano was feeling the pinch. "I was just going to remind you, How can you train your combat division this way ? Goodness, how much snow lava is going down the drain in a day? All that money! I used to think you were stingy, but now I realize I have misjudged you. You are actually a spendthrift!"

Ai Hui said, "The lava inside the Fish Bone is certainly not enough. To replenish the snow lava, we are going to need lava of earth fire!"

Ai Hui eagerly asked, "Can it be done?"

"Not a big problem." Venerable Volcano gloated, "Many people think only volcanoes have earth fire. In fact, there is earth fire deep underground. However, it is usually buried relatively deep down, but this is not a problem for me."

Ai Hui replied with admiration, "In that case, thank you for your trouble, Venerable! "

The reason he was looking for Venerable Volcano was because he had heard in Thunder City that Venerable Volcano could summon a volcano. This left a deep impression on him. He had not expected that Venerable Volcano could actually solve the problem and felt relieved.

All of a sudden, he felt a sharp pain from his left arm. It was like a scalding iron was burning him.

He could not restrain a cry of pain.

An extremely strange and overbearing force came out from the blood plum blossom on his arm and drilled into Ai Hui body.

He could not control his body, and all of it tensely locked up..

Xiao Shan and Venerable Volcano, who were beside Ai Hui, saw him acting strangely and their expressions changed.

The exclamations from Xiao Shan and Venerable Volcano had become very distant and vague, as if coming from the clouds. The sword cloud in his body sensed danger, exploded like a covered wok, and spontaneously circulated while roaring like thunder.

Ai Hui felt several strands of power in his body separating, and his body felt like it was being torn to pieces.

A never before experienced pain made him blackout. He fell down to the ground and lapsed into a coma.

In all corners of the blacksmith camp, the tiny mini Lou Lans who commanded and coordinated all materials suddenly stopped. They all made the same move-looking up at the top of the Fish Bone as their small eyes flashed with a red gleam.

They dashed away as if by mutual consent and gravitated toward the Fish Bone like the tide. Countless mini Lou Lans ran while shouting uniformly.

"Ai Hui, there is danger!"

"Lou Lan is coming!"


At a temporary camp.

The soldiers of the Dread and Judgement divisions were gasping after experiencing a painful battle and finally getting rid of the enemy.

No one talked. Everybody snatched whatever time there was to rest and restore their physical strength.

Their situation was getting tougher, as could be seen from the frequency of the fights. In a short span of three days, they fought with blood elementalists about a dozen times. Such high intensity battles were taking a toll on them.

The deterioration of the situation could be seen from the casualties.

Their casualties were constantly increasing, especially in the Judgement Division, which had lost almost half their manpower.

Of course, the casualties inflicted on the enemy were even greater, and they had killed at least five times more than their own casualty count. However, the advantage of the enemy forces was far too great. The losses suffered by the God Spirit Division were devastating and its two supporting blood divisions were hit even harder. Nevertheless, emergency reinforcements-in the form of two more god divisions and four more blood divisions-were enough to form a large net that surrounded them in all directions.

In such a difficult situation, the Dread and Judgement divisions showed their toughness to the fullest. They seemed to be tireless and unaware of despair. The blood elementalists failed in entrap them.

From that point forward, no one from the blood elementalist combat divisions dared to mock the Dread and Judgement divisions.

If not for the Heart of God constantly releasing energy waves that exposed the position of Dread and Judgement divisions, even with a task force of three god divisions and the six blood divisions, the blood elementalists were not certain that they could overtake the Dread and Judgement divisions.

Ximen Caijue said, "We can't go on like this."

Wan Shenwei looked at her, "We can't give up halfway."

"Of course not." Ximen Caijue raised her young, feminine, apple-shaped face and looked icily arrogant. "These days, I have been studying the energy waves released by the Heart of God and thinking of ways to suppress them."

The weather beaten face of Wan Shenwei was full of surprise, "Suppress the Heart of God's energy waves? You have a way?"

Ximen Caijue said, "I have to try it to know."

Wan Shenwei was impatient. "Let's try?"

They were now in such a passive position due to the energy waves of the Heart of God which actively exposed their position. If these waves could be sealed, then their concealment would be greatly improved, and the enemy would find it more difficult to discover them.

They could delay the enemy for a longer time by playing hide-and-seek with them in the mountains.

Ximen Caijue looked calmly at Wan Shenwei. "If anyone can survive, leave some seeds for the Judgement Division."

She stood up after speaking.

Wan Shenwei's body shivered. He opened his mouth, but did not make any sound.

Ximen Caijue looked at the decimated and injured Judgement soldiers. A trace of unbearable sadness flashed in her eyes, but it was immediately replaced by a firm and determined look. At this stage, what was there to hesitate about?

In any case, she had never felt regret, but hoped that this was something worth sacrificing for.

With her petite body floating in the air, she unslung the delicate small bow from her back and coldly said, "Judgement Division, step forward."