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Chapter 594: Helpless

 Chapter 594: Helpless

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Helian Tianxiao continuously adjusted his defensive arrangements. The enemy's speed was terrifying. If he did not reduce the enemy's speed, there was absolutely no chance for him to obtain victory. He was very prudent because he did not know whether or not the enemy still had other trump cards.

Previously, the Spear of Heavy Cloud's pagoda cannons had already given then a huge shock. Now, this odd-looking flying machine of the Sword of Lightning gave them another huge shock.

The God Wolf Division felt extremely humiliated after seeing their encampment so easily invaded. Shame and anger arose in their hearts. However, due to the impact of the previous incisive attack, they had no choice but to maintain their composure.

Helian Tianxiao predicted that the Sword of Lightning would charge their encampment once more. Everyone felt infuriated, and all of them were waiting to give the Sword of Lightning a good beating.

Shi Xueman, Silver Soldier, and the rest observed the enemy forces closely.

Soon, they were going to fight the God Wolf Division. A chance to observe them beforehand like this was hard to come by.

The God Wolf Division was like a blood-colored whirlpool. Every unit had over 100 men, and all of them were slowly cruising around the encampment, looking like routed soldiers. On the surface, their formations looked unorganized, but in reality, they were concealing their killing intent. The distance between each cruising unit was very small and faintly discernible. When a unit was in trouble, the nearest unit would immediately provide reinforcement to it and block the enemy. Meanwhile, the other nearby units would spring into action and outflank the enemy.

Members of the Silver Frost Blood Division were mixed among them. Their feet released surging traces of mist that would not dissipate.

At this moment, the Pinwheel Sword finished making its U-turn and began to increase its speed. Its glowing light screen became bright once again.

Shi Zhiguang's eyes looked as though they were surging with snow-white tidal waves under the sun. Due to exerting too much strength, his facial expression could not help but turn sinister. Coupled with his tall and muscular body, he looked like a furious wild beast that was filled with energy. However, his movements were smooth and gentle like water, looking as if he was afraid to break the sword hilt.

The buzzing produced by the Pinwheel Sword resonated once more. With a long trail of light behind it, it flew toward the enemy encampment.

Even though Helian Tianxiao had seen the Pinwheel Sword in action before, he still could not help but feel surprise when he saw it in action again. Such terrifying speed! Such fearsome might!

The distance between the two parties was reducing rapidly

"Prepare to receive the enemy!" Helian Tianxiao roared.

The mist from the Silver Frost Blood Division shot up into the sky like countless frigid white palms. These white misty palms acted as the first line of defence. Previously, the sound wave attack had left a deep impression on them. This time around, they had prepared a thicker ice wall and frosty mist that possessed a stronger restrictive ability. The members of the God Wolf Division were also prepared. As long as the speed of the Pinwheel Sword was slightly reduced, they would pounce on it like a pack of hungry wolves.

Just as the Pinwheel Sword was about to charge into the encampment, it suddenly changed its direction and flew along the edge of the encampment at an extreme speed.

As it flew along the edge of the encampment, each of the seven sword pagodas lit up with a dazzling radiance. A streak of [Great Sword Gleam] shot out from the Pinwheel Sword. The thick and shining sword gleam landed heavily on the encampment.

The sword gleam traveled at a lightning speed, and its momentum was unstoppable. It almost reached the center of the encampment.

Everyone who stood in its path was ripped into pieces of flesh and blood. The encampment was split into two with blood elementalists either injured or dead at the line of demarcation. No one could withstand its sharpness. The God Wolf Division's members were scattered, so they did not suffer heavy casualties. Even so, 12 of their members still died on the spot and six of their members were severely injured.

The number of wounded blood elementalists was fewer than the number of dead blood elementalists. This showed how powerful the sword gleam was.

Helian Tianxiao did not care about the casualties. His heart skipped a beat as he realized Ai Hui's intention!

Indeed, the Pinwheel Sword drew another arc in the sky and charged at the encampment again. Halfway through, it suddenly changed its direction and flew at an oblique angle to the encampment.

As it neared the edge of the encampment, it shot out another streak of sword gleam into the encampment!

The previous scene was reenacted, causing more than 10 casualties.

Damn it!

Helian Tianxia's face turned extremely sullen. For a period of time, he did not know what to do either. The Pinwheel Sword was like a sharp fruit knife that pared the encampment bit by bit.

Even though he knew Ai Hui's intention, he could not think of any good solution. The Pinwheel Sword was too fast, too nimble, and it only flew along the edge of the encampment.

Suddenly, Helian Tianxiao found that this battle tactic looked unusually familiar.

Eh? Wasn't this the tactic that the God Wolf Division frequently used? They used speed and maneuvering to cruise around the edge of the enemy forces. Whenever the enemy forces relaxed, the God Wolf Division would pounce and take a bite of them.

By the time Helian Tianxiao realized what was going on, he turned even more sullen.

The Pinwheel Sword was using his favorite tactic against him, yet he was helpless against it. Helian Tianxiao was a shrewd and calm individual, but he was flustered and exasperated by this point in time.

After a while, the other party had already charged them five times. There were almost 100 casualties.

Calm down! Calm down!

He took a deep breath and suppressed the anger within him. "Defend! Raise the defenses! Strengthen the defenses!"

When Helian Tianxiao saw the blood canopy rising up slowly, the veins on his neck popped while his fists were clenched so tightly that they turned pale-white. In the past, the God Wolf Division would always laugh at its enemies for being a tortoise that hid in its shell. He had not expected that he would now be the one who hid in a tortoise shell.

The blood canopy rose and covered the entire encampment once more.

Every blood elementalist heaved a sigh of relief. The Pinwheel Sword's continuous sorties had caused them to bleed. Even the bravest soldiers would feel fear when stuck in a situation where they could get hit, but couldn't retaliate.

The distant Pinwheel Sword stopped in its tracks. Following which, It turned around and looked at the encampment from a distance.

Helian Tianxiao's gaze was fixated on the tallest sword pagoda on the Pinwheel Sword. There was a skinny figure whose body was completely covered in bandages.

Ai Hui!

This name popped up in Helian Tianxiao's mind. A nobody whom he had completely disregarded in the past had become his nemesis now. The killing intent in his eyes was unconcealable. He had to seek revenge for the humiliation he suffered today!

Atop the sword pagoda, Ai Hui stood in front of a pagoda window, seemingly looking at Helian Tianxiao too.

Suddenly, Ai Hui raised the sword in his hand, a sword that was mysteriously covered with cracks. Ai Hui then pointed the sword at Helian Tianxiao.

This provocative action enraged the entire God Wolf Division. All the soldiers flew into a frenzy. Curses, roars, and requests to launch a counterattack flooded the encampment.

Ai Hui suddenly let go of the sword hilt. In the midair, the sword shattered, and its fragments fell all over the ground. Following which, Ai Hui dusted his hands.

This action caused the God Wolf Division to explode. Even the most honest-looking soldier flew into a fury.

Helian Tianxiao suddenly smiled. He raised his voice and said, "Brother Ai is indeed powerful and talented. Furthermore, the Sword of Lightning Division truly deserves the reputation it has. I admire you! However, in the current times of chaos, Brother Ai's effort alone will be futile. Why not join the God Nation and undertake the mission of bringing peace to this world with us?! His Majesty is eager for talents..."

Atop the Pinwheel Sword, Ai Hui did not care about Helian Tianxiao at all. He turned around and said to Shi Zhiguang, "Go back."

Upon hearing these words, Shi Zhiguang quickly operated the Pinwheel Sword. Following which, the Pinwheel Sword drew an arc in the sky and flew toward the Windy Pearl Bridge.

Inside the God Wolf Division's encampment, Helian Tianxiao gazed at the distant Pinwheel Sword. For a moment, he was dazed.

When he returned to his senses and saw the low morale of his soldiers, he silently shivered in fear. The Sword of Lightning came at a really inopportune time. Just before a win-or-die battle, the Sword of Lightning delivered a devastating blow to them. The momentum that he had gathered for his army disappeared in an instant.

Helian Tianxiao pretended to be calm and laughed, "We are going to win for sure!"

The rest were stunned and looked at their division leader. The fighting capabilities displayed by the Sword of Lightning had just injured them, and they could not do anything about it. They could not understand what their division leader meant by "win for sure."

When Helian Tianxiao saw that he had succeeded in getting everyone's attention, he said calmly, "The Sword of Lightning is powerful, but what has it achieved today other than revealing its weaknesses? If the Sword of Lightning Division was my trump card, I would keep it a secret and use it only at the critical moment to obtain victory. I would definitely not use it to scout my enemy and alert them against me. Do you all think that this makes sense?"

The voice of a woman rang through the air, "Sir, you're right!"

The voice belonged to the Silver Frost Blood Division's Song Xiaoqian. She continued, "By revealing his trump card, Ai Hui clearly knows that he can't use it to obtain victory!"

The other generals weren't fools. They were merely shocked by the might of the Sword of Lightning Division. Now that the two division leaders had unravelled the reason behind Ai Hui's raid, they returned to their senses and nodded their heads.

When Helian Tianxiao saw that the dejected looks on everyone's faces disappeared, he felt at ease. Then, he turned around and asked Song Xiaoqian, "How's your injury?"

Half of Song Xiaoqian's body was covered in frost. One could see some bloodstains within the frost. She shook her head and replied, "I will be fine after resting for a few days."

A blood elementalist had a very strong body. As long as the injury was not deadly, he or she would recover rapidly.

Helian Tianxiao nodded his head and continued, "Since Ai Hui already knows our position, there's no need for us to hurry. We can advance at normal speed while taking this opportunity to let your injury heal as well."

"Yes," Song Xiaoqian replied.

She turned around and left.

Helian Tianxiao looked around him. The soldiers were repairing the encampment and tending to the wounded. Deep down, he wasn't as optimistic as he portrayed. Previously, he had felt that the defensive line at the Windy Pearl Bridge would be unable to withstand a single blow. He had not expected for Ai Hui's Sword of Lightning Division to deal him a head-on blow.

How could he not understand Ai Hui's intention?

Ai Hui was doing this to raise the morale of the elementalists. He wanted to prove that blood elementalist combat divisions weren't invincible.

And Ai Hui had succeeded.

No matter what, this was a successful raid by the elementalists. The Sword of Lightning Division had pierced through the encampment of the God Wolf Division, able to come and go as they pleased. Meanwhile, the God Wolf Division was helpless against them. This raid would boost the morale of Ai Hui's subordinates greatly.

However, what Helian Tianxiao told his soldiers wasn't a lie either. A mere Sword of Lightning Division wasn't really scary.

Helian Tianxiao did not tell them the full story. He did not tell them that Ai Hui was using this raid to boost the morale of the elementalists.

This was a most troublesome issue.

From this day forward, not only did he need to face the Sword of Lightning, he also needed to face tenacious combat divisions which had their morale boosted. Defensively, the enemy forces had a new-found willpower and fighting spirit that would significantly impact the future battles as well.

Previously, Helian Tianxiao only knew of Ai Hui as "Lightning Razor Ai." Ai Hui was supposed to prove the Elders Guild's decadence.

Now, he knew how unreliable those rumors were. They had made an extremely huge mistake.

This fellow, whom everyone felt was merely avaricious, was able to create such a significant impact the moment he set foot on the battlefield.

Such a formidable individual!

Helian Tianxiao exclaimed in admiration in his heart. He knew he, himself, wouldn't be able to pull off such an earth-shaking move. If Ai Hui's means weren't so weak, he might have been able to overturn the situation.

It was a pity both sides had nowhere to retreat to. In terms of determination and willpower, both sides were evenly matched.

The upcoming battle was destined to be a tough one, but victory would ultimately belong to them.