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Chapter 593: Silver Frost’s Resistance

 Chapter 593: Silver Frost's Resistance

Translator: TYZ Editor: TYZ, KLKL

Without any probing attacks, the battle instantly escalated into a climax.

Song Xiaoqian, whose request to launch a counterattack was denied, mysteriously appeared in Silver Frost Blood Division. With an ice-cold face, she sat on the back of a snow white silver frost wolf. Beside her, there was a flagbearer who held the war flag of Silver Frost Blood Division high in the air. Behind her, approximately one thousand soldiers had gathered and they stood in neat and orderly formations. Units of soldiers continued to gather behind her like streams of water.

The enemy had arrived too fast, so fast that they couldn't assemble in time.

One thousand soldiers was enough!

A cold glint flashed across the beautiful eyes of Song Xiaoqian. The silver frost wolf beneath her suddenly raised its front limbs. Behind her, the silver frost wolves beneath every soldier followed suit as well.

When Helian Tianxiao's angry roar resounded through the sky, the one thousand Silver Frost wolves' thick and solid front limbs slammed heavily onto the ground.

A snow white icy mist suddenly pervaded the area.

A thick and gigantic ice wall rose from the ground in front of the encampment. It was right in the way of Pinwheel Sword. After the ice wall was set up, icy mist and frost swept up from the ground and gathered around it.

Helian Tianxiao's God Wolf Division suddenly moved. They separated into two groups and ran adjacent to each other, brushing past the two ends of the ice wall. This entire process was completed in one go without any hesitation.

The sudden appearance of the ice wall did not seem to affect Ai Hui at all. He merely turned the hilt of his sword slightly.

The movement of one sword caused hundreds of swords to move.

Beneath Pinwheel Sword, the chime-like Unity Swords were whirling slowly, resembling water plants that were caught in a vortex. Suddenly, they erupted with a burst of radiance and synchronized sword chimes. Like a fully-filled reservoir with its dam lock opened abruptly, the radiance gushed out like surging floodwater. The deep and low sword chimes converged into one single sword chime. It was loud, clear and melodious, resounding through the sky like the cry of a crane!

[Heavenly Chime of Sword Vortex] was inspired by [Sword Chime], but it was several times more powerful than the latter.

The ice wall trembled and the icy mist rose into the air. Countless straight, crisscrossing sword scars appeared on it.

Song Xiaoqian's facial expression changed, but she couldn't yell in time.

Pinwheel Sword did not try to dodge the ice wall. Instead, it collided into it directly.

The ice wall shattered with a loud bang, causing countless ice fragments to fly in all directions like torrential rain. The charging God Wolf soldiers collapsed like wheatgrass that was being reaped. They looked as if they were hit by a heavy hammer as the glow around their bodies dimmed. The terrifying power from the collision caused them to lose their balance and fly off the backs of their wolves.

Song Xiaoqian reached out her hand and caught one of the ice fragments as it shot out from the icy mist. The fist sized ice fragment had a shiny surface that made it look like a shard of mirror. It appeared as if it had been cut and polished by an extremely sharp sword gleam.

Her face turned solemn.

After it shattered the ice wall, Pinwheel Sword entered the icy mist. Its speed suddenly slowed down. When the icy mist brushed against the glowing screen surrounding Pinwheel Sword, sparks were created and flew in all directions. The glowing screen around Pinwheel Sword was thinning visibly. The icy mist had an odd, corrosive ability that seemed to be effective against Pinwheel Sword's glowing screen.

Ai Hui was unconcerned about this.

Blood elementalists practised blood spiritual force. In the spiritual force system, blood spiritual force was considered a low-tier spiritual force. However, it was still a type of spiritual force nonetheless. Therefore, it was still much more powerful than elemental energy.

However, a battle was never fought on paper.

Pinwheel Sword was as fast as a lightning bolt. The icy mist could not stop it at all. Pinwheel Sword jolted and the hindering mist disappeared.

A snow white combat division stood silently in front of them.

Without any hesitation, Ai Hui moved the sword in his hand. Like a silent command, every member's sword moved at the same time.

Looking down from the sky, one could clearly see the seven sword pagodas erupting with a brilliant radiance at the same time. The radiance was produced by the glow of sword gleams shooting out of the seven sword pagodas. They were scattered uniformly, resembling the seven stars of the Big Dipper.

Song Xiaoqian held her breath. She felt that her heart was being gripped by an invisible hand. An intense feeling of danger engulfed her body.

Her instincts, which she'd developed from countless battles, allowed her to channel all her blood spiritual force instantly. All of sudden her body emitted an enormous amount of mist.

At this moment a thick, dazzling streak of sword gleam travelled with lightning speed and struck her directly.


Ice fragments flew through the air in all directions.

Having a powerful sense of perception and a clear mind, Ai Hui knew that he'd struck an ice statue the moment he unleashed his attack. At the same time, he had already locked onto his target again and he lashed out his sword once more.

Another gigantic streak of sword gleam was unleashed!

Song Xiaoqian, who had just appeared amid the mist, felt an intense sense of danger. She was overwhelmed with shock. How could the other party lock onto her position? However, she had no time to think about it now. She clenched her teeth, channeled all her blood spiritual force and transformed into a cloud of mist once again.


Ice fragments flew through the air in all directions again. The spot where she was standing previously was empty now. However, this time around, the ice fragments were stained with blood.

At this point of time, the blood elementalists from Silver Frost Blood Division had already risen into the air and lunged for Pinwheel Sword!

Every one of them was holding an ice spear. As they reached their maximum height in the air, they arched their lower backs, exhaled and hurled the ice spears in their hands.

The ice spears spun at an extreme speed and transformed into streaks of light that whizzed towards Pinwheel Sword.

Each unit of blood elementalists hurled out more than one hundred ice spears. Like a bone shattering rain of ice, the ice spears blasted Pinwheel Sword's glowing screen. The glowing screen vibrated violently. The piercing power of those ice spears was extremely terrifying.

Just as the first wave of blood elementalists hurled the ice spears in their hands, the second wave of blood elementalists was already in the air throwing their ice spears.

One wave after another, the ice spears flew towards Pinwheel sword like a torrential storm!

Pinwheel Sword's glowing screen was on the verge of collapse.

Ai Hui locked onto Song Xiaoqian's figure once more. However, this time around, Pinwheel Sword's glowing screen was facing imminent danger. Admittedly, his attack could hit Song Xiaoqian, but he would put Pinwheel Sword in danger.

In a split second, Ai Hui had made his move.

The seven sword pagodas lit up once again. The sword gleams released a glow and shot out from the seven sword pagodas.

[Seven Stars]!

Seven bursts of sword gleams erupted like fireworks around Pinwheel Sword.

Without any warning, Silver Frost soldiers were caught in the sword gleams from [Seven Stars]. They fell from the sky like dumplings in an instant. However, the icy mist seemed to have a mind of its own. It transformed into a soft mattress and caught the fallen soldiers.

The soldiers weren't severely injured. Other than ten unlucky soldiers who were hit in their vital body parts, the rest were only lightly wounded. They did not care about their injuries at all. Their first reaction after getting hit was to continue lunging for Pinwheel Sword.

The strength of [Seven Stars] did not lie in its power, but rather its attacking radius. Like a huge broom, it swept every blood elementalist down from the air around Pinwheel Sword.

Shi Zhiguang seized the opportunity and pressed the hilt of his sword abruptly. Pinwheel Sword conveniently flew out of Silver Frost Blood Division's encirclement and its glowing screen re-stabilized. Those fallen Silver Frost soldiers that had frantically lunged for Pinwheel Sword missed their target.

Shi Zhiguang clearly understood that Pinwheel Sword's most formidable strength did not lie in its sword gleams, but rather, its speed and maneuverability. Boss had warned them more than once that Pinwheel Sword was not used to fight enemy forces head-on. Fighting head-on was more for weapons like hammers and rods. Swords were used to fight nimbly and swiftly.

Touch and go, attack the enemy's weak spot, strike where it hurts the most.

Shi Zhiguang wasn't confused at all. At this moment, he was unusually excited and yet his brain was extremely calm.

Ai Hui did not stop attacking. His sword continued to fly through the air swiftly.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. More than two hundred sword gleams were dancing in the air.

Like an enormous whip, a huge and thick sword gleam landed on the enemy encampment. Tents were ripped apart and blood and flesh flew in all directions, forming a bloody "road" on the ground.

The blood elementalists who had assembled into their formations were able to withstand the huge sword gleam through various methods. Even if they could not withstand it, they still tried their best to lessen the damage done. However, those blood elementalists that had yet to assemble into their formations did not have the ability to withstand the huge sword gleam. Like a fish on a chopping board, they were readily slaughtered.

A war was as such. Sometimes, blood elementalists with Ability of God or who were Masters were very limited in their usefulness. It was every division leader's responsibility to give orders and ensure their combat divisions were in order.

Song Xiaoqian's face turned ashen. Half of her body was drenched in blood. The huge sword gleam had injured her severely. However, even so, she continued to give commands to the soldiers and made sure they finished assembling into their formations.

Pinwheel Sword whizzed through the air and released three more huge sword gleams. Three enormous bloody gouges were left on the ground of the encampment.

More than thirty blood elementalists died on the spot. More than fifty blood elementalists were lying in a pool of blood while groaning in agony.

Helian Tianxiao's facial expression did not change at all. A few hundred casualties was insignificant to Silver Frost Blood Division and God Wolf Division, despite the fact that this was the largest number of casualties they had suffered since they arrived at the battlefield.

Helian Tianxiao already knew who the invader was!

Ai Hui's Sword of Lightning!

Having sharp eyesight, he could see Shi Xueman, Silver Soldier and the rest of the elementalists' core members on Pinwheel Sword.

Disrespect. He could feel that God Wolf Division was being disrespected. All the enemy division leaders had arrived at God Wolf Division's encampment, if they weren't disrespecting them then what else were they doing here?

However, Helian Tianxiao was still able to maintain his composure at this moment. He was thinking of only one thing. He couldn't let the enemy leave this place!

The oddly-shaped weapon and the astonishing fighting tactics had lit up his eyes. All of his defensive tactics had failed because of these unprecedented and odd fighting tactics.

They had been in a disadvantageous position all this time. They had more than a few hundred casualties and yet the enemy did not even have a single casualty.

Helian Tianxiao, however, was unconcerned.

All of the enemy's important leaders were atop this weird-looking weapon. As long as he could take down this weapon, he would make up for all the losses he suffered. Even if the whole God Wolf Division was annihilated, this deal was still worth it.

Pinwheel Sword broke through the half raised blood canopy and penetrated the encampment.

"Don't run!"

"They are escaping!"

The surrounding generals were cursing loudly. Suddenly, Helian Tianxiao yelled, "Get ready, the enemy is coming back!"

The rest were stunned. Soon after, a furious look appeared on their faces.

Helian Tianxiao could maintain his composure, but his generals could not do so. They failed to stop the enemy's raid. Their encampment was wrecked and the ground was filled with corpses and wounded soldiers from their side. It was as if the enemy had just trampled on their faces.

Every soldier of God Wolf Division was prideful and valiant. How could they take this lying down?

"Every unit split up now and focus on slowing the enemy down. You must entangle the enemy in order to slow it down. Once the enemy's speed is reduced, it will become a fish that is trapped in a net," Helian Tianxiao instructed.

"Yes!" roared everyone in unison.

God Wolf Division scattered into separate units. Every unit had approximately one hundred men and they cruised forward slowly.

Atop Pinwheel Sword, everyone felt like they were dreaming. They could not believe what they had just seen.

Were they... penetrating the enemy encampment?

They actually penetrated the encampment of the enemy forces!

The encampment of God Wolf Division and Silver Frost Blood Division!

Ai Hui's facial expression remained as usual and his mind was calm. He lowered his sword as his cold voice resounded through the air.

"Shi Zhiguang, peeling tactic!"

"Yes!" Shi Zhiguang's eyes lit up.

Moving the hilt of the sword in his hand, Pinwheel Sword drew an elegant arc in the sky and went back for the blood elementalists!