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Chapter 591: The Sword Aura

 Chapter 591: The Sword Aura

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The Pinwheel Sword was a brand-new weapon that no one had ever seen before.

No one knew how it fought, what it specialized in, or how powerful it was.

Karakorum Savant had been examining how the sword pagodas worked. Being a swordswoman herself, she was very curious about the Pinwheel Sword. Previously, Ai Hui told her that the Pinwheel Sword's swordsmen were different from conventional swordsmen. This certainly piqued her interest.

Similarly, Shi Xueman was very curious about the Pinwheel Sword as well. When she last left the Central Pine Valley, the Pinwheel Sword was just a bunch of metal frames put together in a hideous manner.

Xiao Shan and Silver Solder had widened their eyes as they waited for Pinwheel Sword's performance.

With everyone's gaze gathered on Gu Xuan's back, the pressure on him gradually increased. At the back of the Pinwheel Sword, Shi Zhiguang was also on high alert and 100 percent focused.

Gu Xuan maintained his composure. When he saw the enemy forces striking at them from all directions, he did not brandish his sword immediately. He merely yelled, "Push forward! Prepare for [Seven Stars]!"

Shi Zhiguang's eyes widened as his sword hand transformed into a flurry of afterimages, dazzling those who were looking at it. Not far away, Huo Da's eyes lit up. This was the only move that he couldn't execute as perfectly as Shi Zhiguang. The difficulty of this move was not due to the speed of the hand movements, but rather, the speed of the change in hand movements. The speed at which the elemental energy was being channeled had to be precise and steady as well.

The most difficult part was channeling the elemental energy steadily while changing the hand signs extremely quickly.

Sometimes, one had no choice but to admit that innate skills were indeed scary. Shi Zhiguang's base level and understanding of elemental energy paled in comparison to Huo Da's, yet his performance as a sword operator was much more outstanding than Huo Da's.

The God Wolf Division's scout captain saw the Pinwheel Sword tremble slightly. Suddenly, it blurred and turned into a light streak that flew at them.

It was really fast!

In the blink of an eye, the glowing Pinwheel Sword appeared right in front of the blood elementalists who were unable to dodge in time.


Three blood elementalists were sent flying through the air.

Everyone on the Pinwheel Sword were veterans with rich combat experience. They could tell from the sound of the collision that every bone in those three blood elementalists' bodies had been shattered. They had no chance of surviving.

The Pinwheel Sword was ferocious!

Silver Soldier, who favored the fighting style of meeting force with force, began to fantasize about the Pinwheel Sword bashing through blood elementalists as it sent their flesh and blood flying into the air.

It was a deadly weapon! It was much deadlier than the God-subduing Peak!

The God-subduing Peak was larger in size and had many offensive capabilities, but in terms of force of impact, it paled in comparison to the Pinwheel Sword.

Silver Soldier immediately fell in love with this kind of deadly weapon. He was pondering whether or not he should buy one or two of them from Ai Hui.

The Pinwheel Sword effortlessly cut through the encirclement of blood elementalists. At this moment, Gu Xuan roared, "Raise your swords!"

A buzz rang through the air.

It sounded like countless tuning forks ringing together. The onlookers on the Pinwheel Sword felt their heads become heavier. Despite the fact they were able to recover shortly, their facial expressions still changed involuntarily, displaying shock and amazement.


A electric noise resounded through the air. A thick, irregularly-shaped sword gleam shot out from the Pinwheel Sword's tail.

This was...

The onlookers opened their eyes wide out of the fear of missing out on any detail.

With a thunderous boom, the sword gleam exploded into seven dazzling spots of light that flew in different directions.


The seven light spots ruptured into seven bursts of radiance, resembling seven blossoming flowers. Seven different sized nets formed from sword gleams appeared and scattered in the sky,

When the scout captain saw the brilliant burst of white light in the sky, he knew something was wrong.

Before he could react in time, the surging burst of sword gleams had already reached him.

In an instant, his muscular body was ripped into pieces by countless streaks of sword gleam.

When the dazzling burst of white light dissipated, the sky was empty. Every blood elementalist had been annihilated.

Gu Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. He had finally killed all the enemies without screwing up. Even though the [Seven Stars] technique had a very wide attack range, there were still loopholes. If they were unlucky, one or two enemies might be able to dodge the attack and escape.

Fortunately, Lady Luck was smiling upon them today.

He wiped off the beads of sweat from his forehead and stole a glance at Boss. When he saw that Boss did not show any reactions, he heaved a sigh of relief again.

At this moment, everyone on the Pinwheel Sword was silent. The engagement between the Pinwheel Sword and the blood elementalists had dealt a huge blow to them. They needed time to digest what they had just seen.

Ai Hui did not feel anything. What Gu Xuan had just done was nothing out of the ordinary. However, he knew Gu Xuan's progress couldn't be rushed and that Gu Xuan would be more proficient after a few more battles. Ai Hui almost forgot that he, himself, wasn't a battlefield veteran either.

Everyone gradually regained their composure. After all, everybody was an extraordinary individual. Only Karakorum Polaris failed to regain her composure. This time around, she finally understood what Ai Hui meant when he previously said that their concepts of swordsmen were different. She received the most shock out of everyone. Gu Xuan and his counterparts completely defied her understanding of swordsmanship.

Were Gu Xuan and his counterparts still considered swordsmen?

They did not pursue a swordplay style of variations, but rather, a style of synchronization with each other. She had never seen or heard of such swordsmen!

If she had not witnessed the powerful might of the Sword of Lightning's sword gleam with her own eyes, she would think of them as being unorthodox.

Since ancient times, there had been no such swordsmanship!

Since ancient times, there had been no such swordsmen!

"A mere scout unit dared to charge at us. This shows how unafraid of us they are," said Venerable Volcano while sighing.

"Currently, the blood elementalists are unstoppable. They feel that we can't withstand a single blow. There are several cases where an entire combat division was annihilated by a few blood elementalists," Silver Soldier added.

Everyone felt complicated emotions. Initially, both sides' strengths were balanced. Within a short period of time, the elementalists' strength suffered a devastating decline. Nowadays, few elementalists felt proud of themselves. The marvellous Spear of Heavy Cloud Division only magnified the vulnerability of modern elementalists.

All of them returned to their senses. After the shock they received from the Pinwheel Sword wore off, their hearts became heavy. The Pinwheel Sword was indeed powerful, but sword operators were very hard to train. This limited its usefulness in the war. Could one or two Pinwheel Swords make any fundamental changes to circumstances of the war?

Ai Hui noticed everyone was feeling down, but he couldn't think of any way to cheer them up. This wasn't something that could be resolved with a few words. The difference in mentality between elementalists and blood elementalists was caused by the number of victories and defeats each side went through.

The only way to raise morale was through victories. Other than victories, there were no other methods.

Ai Hui also realized this war was tougher than he expected. If the generals and Masters around him now were so pessimistic, he could imagine how low the morale of the rest of the troops would be.

Ai Hui remembered which direction the enemy scouts came from. He passed down the instruction to continue moving forward.

The fact that they encountered the enemy scouts implied that they were not too far away from the main enemy force.

Indeed, they quickly encountered a second batch of scouts. Ai Hui did not do anything and continued to let Gu Xuan command the Pinwheel Sword.

This time around, Gu Xuan's performance was much better. He did not let a single scout escape.

However, their current location was too close to the enemy encampment, their battle had alarmed the other scouts, and a third squad of scouts arrived shortly, depriving them of any time to catch their breaths.

This time around, Gu Xuan failed to kill every single scout.

Of course, other than the fact that Gu Xuan needed to improve his skills, the enemy scouts also took the initiative to retreat this time around. When they saw that the Pinwheel Sword had reached this area, they knew that the other two scouting forces were most likely dead. As such, they did not choose to fight to the death and escaped in different directions instead. At this point in time, the most important thing for them to do was to alert the main force.

Wisps of blood-colored signals blossomed in the air.

From these signals, one could tell how professional the blood elementalists were. Compared to elementalist combat divisions, the blood elementalist combat divisions had more combat experience and were better trained.

Everyone had solemn looks on their faces.

This was the first time Xiao Shan, Venerable Volcano, Tong Gui, Yu Jin, and the rest made contact with the blood elementalist combat divisions at the front line. The proficiency of the blood elementalists far exceeded their expectations.

"The main forces of the enemy are coming," Silver Soldier reminded Ai Hui.

"They have already arrived," Ai Hui replied calmly.

Just as he finished his sentence, the distant horizon undulated like rippling water. A faintly discernible boom resounded through the air. Even though they were separated by a vast distance, they could feel an invincible aura coming their way.

Ai Hui turned around and walked toward the sword pagoda.

His pace was neither fast nor slow, resembling an ancient mummy who was taking a stroll. At the beginning, everyone had found his weird mummy costume to be irksome. By now, they were already used to seeing him like this.

What was Ai Hui trying to do?

Everyone felt uncertain.

As Ai Hui walked up the flight of stairs, his body exuded an indescribable aura.

The members of the Sword of Lightning became instantly excited. Boss was going to operate the Pinwheel Sword personally! Ever since the day of the one sided slaughter from the Blackfish Mouth Volcano peak, they all viewed him as a god, but the subsequent training sessions were led by Gu Xuan. Boss seldomly led the training anymore.

Ai Hui's aura intensified with each passing day. In everyone's eyes, his aura had become increasingly unfathomable.

Gu Xuan was also very excited. Not only was he the vice division leader of the Sword of Lightning, he was also an expert whose strength was second only to Ai Hui in the combat division. However, he clearly knew how wide the strength disparity between him and Boss was.

Every time Boss displayed his skills, it was an excellent chance for him to observe and learn.

Everyone's gazes were gathered on Ai Hui. Many of the gazes contained a tinge of uncertainty.

This was the first time they had seen such a weird situation.

Ai Hui's body did not emit any elemental energy undulations at all. Nonetheless, for some unknown reason, his body appeared to be unusually pristine and transparent, like... a crystal. An indescribable invisible aura surrounded his body.

Karakorum Polaris's beautiful eyes lit up. She could not believe what she was seeing.

Other people might find that invisible aura unfamiliar, but for Karakorum Polaris, she found it unusually familiar.

It was sword aura! An extremely pure sword aura!

Attaining this realm of swordsmanship was something that she had dreamed about. Such phenomenon could only be found in the swordplay manuals from the Cultivation Era.

Oh god, how did he do it?

From a young age, Karakorum Polaris had always been fascinated by swordsmanship. Creating a swordsmanship encyclopedia was one of her biggest wishes. She had always thought that she was the strongest swordsman of the present era. Today, she finally realized there was someone ahead of her.

No elemental energy was involved, only a sword was used.

Ai Hui did not realize that everyone felt shocked at this moment. When he took up his position at the sword pagoda and held the hilt of his sword, he devoted all his concentration to his sword, appearing as if he had become an entirely different person.

His sensory perception extended to the heavens. The howling metal winds, clouds, and sunshine rapidly brushed past the Pinwheel Sword's light screen shield. The distant imposing mountain range and the blue dome of heaven above his head seemed to be staring at him.

A heroic spirit was born in the vast earth,

Shiiiiiiing. He unsheathed his sword.

Buzzz. Every Sword of Lightning member's sword chimed in unison, producing a sword chime that cut through the air in all directions.

A tremble came from the sword in his hand. It resembled a fine strand of electric current that flowed through every member's body, causing every strand of hair on their bodies to stand on end. The blood flowing in their bodies was boiling silently, resembling surging, scorching-red lava.

A cold voice drifted through the howling wind.

"Target the enemy forces! Advance at full speed!"