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Chapter 590: First Confrontation

 Chapter 590: First Confrontation

Translator: Cynthia Editor: X, TYZ

Silence. Dead silence.

The news was like thunder from a clear sky. Their faces were pale, while their brain buzzed.

Ye Baiyi and Nangong Wulian had been kidnapped by the Judgement and Dread divisions.

Everyone's hands and feet were cold as the news chilled them to the bone. They felt like they were falling into an abyss without any preparation, and their future suddenly became hopeless.

No one said a word because they hadn't recovered from the shock.

The messenger from the God Spirit Division knelt on the floor and felt ashamed. This time it had been the God Spirit Division that made a blunder. Even when Division Head Helian shouted abuse at their division, the messenger didn't dare to refute this.

For half an hour, no one spoke in the command tent. They were all in a trance.

Finally, Helian Tianxiao came to his senses. His face was still gloomy, but his eyes returned to normal. He said coarsely, "Have all the other combat divisions been informed?"

The messenger from the God Spirit Division said, "Yes, messengers were sent to all combat divisions."

Helian Tianxiao then asked, "To His Majesty too?"

"We haven't had the time to..."

Hearing his words, Helian Tianxiao became furious. He suddenly stood up and said, "You are still thinking of hiding this fact from His Majesty even at this time? Do you think he is a fool?"

The messenger shivered and didn't dare to speak.

Helian Tianxiao sat back in his seat in disappointment. Suddenly, he felt at a loss. At the very beginning, they were on the advantageous side. How on earth had they fallen into a situation like this? Back then, they were mighty and overwhelming like a tiger. What could the Wall of North Sea do to them? It could only vanish under their feet.

Since when had the state of the war became so unpredictable?

The North Sea Division...

Ever since the explosion of the God-subduing Peak, General Ye had been in a coma due to injuries. His majesty sent Nangong Wulian to help them implant the Heart of God. Even so, they were practically certain that they would win the war. Even after the Ardent Flower Blood Division was destroyed by the Spear of Heavy Cloud, they still believed it wouldn't have much influence on the overall situation.

They laughed at the depraved and decadent Elders Guild, but never expected that the Judgement and Dread Divisions, which they had also derided countless times, would kidnap General Ye and Nangong Wulian.

The war situation suddenly changed.

Cornered beasts would put up a desperate fight. Helian Tianxiao suddenly had this thought.

The Elders Guild was corrupt and decayed, but with thousands of years worth of accumulation, its final counterattack was surprisingly impressive and aggressive.

He suddenly became furious. They were strong, powerful army that was braver than anyone else. How could they allow others to lead them by the nose?

"Inform the whole army! Attack the Windy Pearl Bridge at full speed!"

He stood up, looked around, and said in a low voice, "Leave the rescue to the others. As the vanguard, we should initiate the attack."

Seeing the confusion from all the generals and soldiers, he said coldly, "It's time for you to put up the most desperate fight. Get ready to die on the battlefield."


On the Pinwheel Sword.

Standing shoulder to shoulder, Ai Hui and others felt the sword's lightning velocity and watched the ground fly by at such high speed. The Pinwheel Sword was like a sharp blade that could cut the wind and chop the clouds.

Silver Soldier marveled, "I never knew that anything could fly so fast. Previously, I saw in a mirage bean pod clip and already felt shocked. Now, after a firsthand experience, I'm even more certain that this speed is incomparable in the world."

Venerable Volcano added, "Even azure wings will lag behind in comparison."

Xiao Shan looked indifferent, but he was shocked too. The Surveillance Division once analyzed the speed of the Pinwheel Sword and concluded that it was about five times faster than azure wings, but if they were to experience it themselves, they would know just how ridiculous this was.

This terrifying speed was historical!

Would the people in Skyheart City still be able to sleep soundly if they knew the real speed of the Pinwheel Sword?

Speed was a constant pursuit for humans. Whether it was individuals or combat divisions, they never spared any efforts in such a pursuit. As the saying went, being fast was the only move that couldn't be dealt with.

Although he hadn't known the real fighting strength of the Pinwheel Sword, he had a hunch that the appearance of the Pinwheel Sword would profoundly influence modern warfare.

He didn't know what this influence would be, but his feeling was strong.

With shining eyes, Shi Xueman suddenly turned her head, "In the future, we need Pinwheel Swords in the Spear of Heavy Cloud as well."

Ai Hui coughed slightly and drawled, "The Pinwheel Sword is expensive..."

Suddenly, he caught sight of Iron Lady stretching her wrists and flinched. If he was beaten by her in front of so many people, it would be shameful. Therefore, in the next breath, he immediately said, "But if you want it Iron Lady, it won't be a problem. After all, we are so poor that we have nothing but money now."

Hearing his words, Ke Ning immediately added, "My lord, we need it in the Pagoda Cannon Alliance too!"

Ke Ning felt like he was in a dream. His biggest nightmare now was that he would suddenly wake up and find out that it was all a fantasy. The current amazing personnel of the Pagoda Cannon Alliance were beyond his wildest imagination. He had previously been worried that they would only be an army of cannon fodder.

Ke Ning was clever. Otherwise, he wouldn't have become so infatuated with pagoda cannons. The experience onboard the Pinwheel Sword not only astounded him, but it also caused him to think further. What if the Pinwheel Sword was equipped with pagoda cannons instead of sword pagodas?

Ai Hui restrained his impulse to kick Ke Ning off of the Pinwheel Sword and said carelessly, "There aren't enough sword operators."

Abruptly, he yelped in surprise and shouted to Shi Zhiguang who was at the tail of the sword, "Turn left!"

The others were intrigued by Ai Hui's behavior and all looked left, but they saw nothing. Even Xiao Shan, who was one of the strongest individuals onboard, didn't feel anything either.

The Pinwheel Sword drew a beautiful arc in the sky.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

About 200 miles away from the camp of the God Wolf Division, one of their scout teams was on patrol. They were sitting on the backs of their Rust Plumes, looking pleased, but alertness flickered across their narrowed eyes now and then.

"I candidly admit my defeat. How can the Lightning Razor be even more scary than us? Look at those fleeing combat divisions. I feel like we are actually saving Skyheart City."

"Haha, yes we are indeed."

Someone suddenly grunted, "What good are elementalists? We god elementalists are definitely superior."

The atmosphere immediately became awkward. Although they were all blood elementalists now, previously almost everyone was an elementalist. It had been long enough for everyone to accept their new identity, but the process was cruel, bloody, and full of miserable memories. The topic was always mentioned accidentally, revealing seemingly long forgotten scars.

The captain noticed the change in atmosphere and said, "There's no difference in levels between elementalists and god elementalists, but there is between the Elders Guild and His Majesty. It's not wrong to say that we are saving them. The Elders Guild is stupid and incompetent and Beyond Avalon is near its end, but our God Nation is thriving. This world should be ruled by someone with the appropriate ability so that everyone can live a happy life. As for the Elders Guild, even the Lightning Razor's combat divisions have become their pillar. You can see how corrupt they are now."

His words boosted the morale of the team.

Willing or not, their identity as blood elementalists couldn't be changed, just as wounds could be forgotten, but scars would never disappear. They simply needed a reason to live and a reason to fight.

The dazzling brilliance of the thriving God Nation covered up all the scars.

Everyone in the God Nation believed firmly that the world belonged to them, just like the loyal soldiers and generals believed that the appearance of the Blood of God was to create a new world. The growing pains were just an inevitable part of this creation.

The captain was pleased with his encouragement. Suddenly, his Rust Plume quivered abruptly. He looked up and saw a flash of light far away from them and therefore shouted, "Careful!"

The light rushed at them at an astonishing speed.

The pupils of the captain contracted. "It's a sword ray! Dodge!" he shouted.

His Rust Plume stretched its wings and rolled quickly in the air. The howling sound brushed past him at a shocking speed, causing all of his hair to stand on end from the icy stimulus.

Next, he heard a scream behind him. One soldier couldn't dodge and was cut in half together with his mount.

The captain's eyes immediately became red with anger. Without saying a word, he urged his Rust Plume to fly forward, and the other team members followed him closely. Everyone was furious. They had never encountered any resistance like this before. This was their squad's the first casualty.

Soon, an oddly shaped object appeared in front of them.

What was this?

While the others were perplexed, the captain suddenly remembered that this thing had appeared in a mirage bean pod they captured before.

He blurted out, "The Sword of Lightning!"

The others paused. They had just been talking about the Sword of Lightning Division and then they encountered it.

Regardless, they had to get revenge for their teammate!

The flying object had a weird shape, but they were not afraid at all. Scout teams consisted only of elites from a combat division. All of them were outstanding and experienced. The previous easy victories had made them confident too. They had once attacked an elementalist combat division and defeated the whole division with just their one team.

The captain said in a deep voice, "Attack separately!"

All the members dispersed at once and approached the Sword of Lightning from different directions.

On the Pinwheel Sword, Gu Xuan was severely scolded by Ai Hui.

"With such a massive strike, you only hit one guy? How on earth did you practice recently?"

With a spur of the moment improvised idea, Ai Hui decided to let Gu Xuan take command of the combat division because this was a perfect opportunity for actual combat training. Although the Sword of Lightning had improved and was much better than before, the members didn't have many chances to experience real combat.

However, seeing that Gu Xuan only hit one guy with the last strike, Ai Hui couldn't bear it.

Cold sweat ran down from Gu Xu's forehead, and other members were nervous too. Ai Hui's prestige was now much higher, and they held him in awe and veneration. They were very afraid to hear him say the word "practice" because this would usually be accompanied with punishment.

Gu Xuan shouted loudly, "Everybody stay focused!"

When Gu Xuan observed Ai Hui commanding, he felt that Ai Hui was doing it easily. On the other hand, when he was in charge, he realized how difficult it was.

If he screwed up and lost face for Ai Hui in front so many people...

Gu Xuan couldn't help shivering.