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Chapter 589: Metal Wind Curtain

 Chapter 589: Metal Wind Curtain

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The news that former members of the Surveillance Division and Venerable Volcano had joined the Pagoda Cannon Alliance encouraged the elementalists who had been watching and waiting.

They were not afraid to go to war, but they didn't trust Ai Hui's Pagoda Cannon Alliance. Now, however, the enlistment of Masters facilitated the expansion of its reputation and strength.

Ai Hui still had not supervised the Pagoda Cannon Alliance at all, and left everything to Tong Gui, Yu Jin and Ke Ning.

Xiao Shan followed Ai Hui as he walked back and forth along the Great Rift every day.

At last, he couldn't help but ask, "Are you thinking of how to deal with the metal wind curtain? As far as I know, no one can break through it. Even if a Master enters the wind curtain, he or she will only be shredded into pieces. Once upon a time, a Master tried to walk through it, and the result was that not even a single part of his body remained."

Ai Hui smiled, "Human beings cannot break it for sure."

Xiao Shan paused. Ai Hui's words seemed to indicate something else. He asked, "You mean things other than human beings can break it?"

Ai Hui smiled again, but didn't explain.

Xiao Shan was so eager to understand that he felt as if there was a cat scratching his heart. So had Ai Hui thought up of a solution?

Blind He never thought that one day he would have to manage so many craftsmen.

The Lightning Razor "plundered" over 2,000 craftsmen and over 20 weaponsmiths along the way. Blind He was shocked to hear the number.

Then, when he learned that the number of craftsmen conscripted by the Spear of Heavy Cloud was similar, he didn't know what to say.

Even the Elders Guild in Skyheart City would yield to such a tremendous amount of craftsmen.

If this number was announced, the rest of the world would be astounded.

The scene of thousands of craftsmen forging weapons at the same time was spectacular. The flames rose up in an endless line and lit up the sky. All the craftsmen were trying their best to make Beehive Heavy Cannons, although not all of them were truly willing to do so because Ai Hui had resorted to extreme methods which were not at all open and aboveboard.

In terms of the remuneration, however, none of them were badly treated. Plus, everyone understood that if this defense was broken, Beyond Avalon would completely fall. By then, even if they and their families didn't die, they could only convert to blood elementalists.

No one wanted to become a blood elementalist. That was a totally different world to them.

The world of craftsmen was very simple and straightforward. They only trusted the one with the best skills. Since Blind He's level was high enough to convince the others, no one had any objection to him being their leader.

The White Cluster Flames and snow lava had greatly widened their horizons, while even a glimpse of the mountain-like piles of materials would bring them happiness.

What craftsmen worried about the most was a lack of materials, which would lead to the failure of many of the ideas they conceived. In reality, this used to be a very common problem. Therefore, almost all craftsmen had severe a "supply shortage phobia," especially the higher-level ones.

Now that they had free to use materials, the unprecedented satisfaction made them joyful.

Blind He was totally dumbfounded when he received this task and didn't know where to start at all. If it had not been Ai Hui who assigned him this task, he would have already fallen out with whoever appointed him to such a position. Since it was Ai Hui's request, however, he didn't dare to do so.

He wouldn't mind raging at Ai Hui, but as for falling out with him, Blind He didn't have the courage. He didn't want to experience any of Ai Hui's methods.

Fortunately, they had Lou Lan.

Lou Lan was almost omnipotent. The mountain-like piles of materials were sorted out and arranged by Lou Lan alone. It was amazing that Lou Lan finished this vast workload quietly.

During the first cannon forging stage, Lou Lan also played an important role in coordination.

Numerous mini Lou Lan went around busily in the manufacturing district.

"The heating duration has to be a little bit longer."

"Oops, there's an error in its length."

"Keep going! We will succeed soon!"

Soon, every craftsmen became fond of Lou Lan who was always happy. They all wondered how Lou Lan could be so kind-hearted and lovely while Lightning Razor Ai was so wicked and merciless.

Many Beehive Heavy Cannons had been produced. They were lined up neatly, looking majestic and impressive.

When Ke Ning caught sight of so many Beehive Heavy Cannons, his eyes lit up as he almost pounced on them.

Currently, all the important figures were gathered at the Great Rift because Ai Hui said they were going to test the cannons.

Beside the rift, a Beehive Heavy Cannon had been set up with Fatty as the test gunner.

Fatty shot Ai Hui a glance, and Ai Hui nodded. "Try it."

Fatty didn't reply. He controlled the cannon to fire into the fierce wind curtain.

Streaks of red light exploded on the wind curtain, making a huge roar. Flames were gathered by the wild wind and splashed crazily. A deep hole appeared on the wind curtain after the explosion. It lasted for only one second before it was devoured by the metal wind.

In front of the power of nature, even an elementalist's strong weapons were so tiny.

Ai Hui stared at the wind curtain attentively and said, "Continue."

Fatty took a deep breath and fired continuously at the wind curtain. With deafening roars, balls of red light kept hitting the wind curtain, leaving huge holes in it. The scene of metal wind and flames combining was a feast for the eyes, but the holes in the wind curtain disappeared instantly like raindrops falling in the river.

When the Beehive Heavy Cannon stopped firing, the wind curtain had not changed one bit.

Many people were witnessing the power of the Beehive Heavy Cannon for the first time and were shocked. Yet, when faced with the metal wind curtain, it was still not enough.

Silver Soldier asked curiously, "Ai Hui, do you want to attack the enemies across the wind curtain?"

Many people's eyes lit up. If they could do so, then this was definitely a good idea, especially for the Pagoda Cannon Alliance which was advantageous in its number of people.

Xiao Shan shook his head, "It's not powerful enough to pierce the wind curtain."

The depth of the hole left by the cannon was six to ten meters while the narrowest part of the rift was over 100 meters.

Venerable Volcano sighed, "Since the fire restrains metal, I don't dare to intrude into the wind curtain either. It's a road that leads to death."

Fatty said while thinking, "Or let me try to see if we can make heavy cannons that can pierce the wind curtain?"

Ai Hui shook his head and said, "No need. Even if we can do so, not much power will remain, so it cannot do much harm to our enemies. Besides, we can't waste time on this. Hurry up, and teach everyone how to control the Beehive Heavy Cannon."

Then he clapped, "Okay, enough of the flashy part for today. Get back to what you were doing."

The curious crowded dispersed , wondering what Ai Hui's plan was.

However, Ai Hui called Shi Xueman, Silver Soldier, and some others back, saying, "For several days, not a single combat division has passed through. I believe our enemies are coming. Are you interested in joining me to go and watch?"

Silver Soldier laughed out loud. "I've heard that the Pinwheel Sword is as fast as lightning. It's a rare chance to experience it in person, so I'll go."

The others also agreed.

Even Shi Xueman had never been on the Pinwheel Sword, and the other division leaders were also curious. Meanwhile, it would indeed be helpful if they could spy on their enemies in person.

Gu Xuan and others never stopped training. As the war drew near, the intensity of their training also increased. The supplies were abundant, so they didn't need to worry about consumption and just focused themselves on training.

The Pinwheel Sword suddenly rose up into the sky to the exclamation of the riders.

The experience of the unparalleled speed was totally different. Within a limited time, it had conquered everyone.

Silver Soldier marveled, "I guess the Pinwheel Sword is the fastest thing in the world. Is there anything that can compete with it?"

Xiao Shan answered affirmatively, "Definitely not."

The gorgeous eyes of Karakorum Polaris lit up, and she asked, "Can we borrow it? This is a supreme weapon for swordsmen."

Ai Hui smiled bitterly, "This Pinwheel Sword is not hard to make, nor is it expensive, but it's very hard to control. First of all, there must be a sword operator. So far, we'veonly trained one qualified sword operator, Zhiguang. Secondly, the swordsmen in the Sword Pagodas are totally different from ordinary swordsmen. You will understand this if we encounter any enemies."

Karakorum Polaris nodded. She didn't feel angry at Ai Hui's refusal. During these days, she got to know Ai Hui better. The more they interacted, the more they trusted each other.

The feeling of flying in the sky while as fast as a flash was fanscinating.

Not a single person could be seen in the wild land.

Their expressions gradually became solemn. This abnormal phenomenon indicated that the enemy was not far away from them.

The members of the Sword of Lightning were on guard for any possible dangers.


The God Wolf Division was holding a meeting.

The members were in a heated discussion.

"It's so weird. How can Ai Hui be so shameless? Even the Elders Guild didn't say anything?"

"What can they say? The Elders Guild has to yield as long as he agrees to go to the front line. They are willing to give him whatever he needs."

"Okay great. Our plan has completely failed. The defeated combat divisions have not traveled through the the Spear of Heavy Cloud's defensive line at all."

"Then their return will take them months, right?"

"Those people are on their side. Ai Hui is cruel enough to treat them like this."

"Now the elementalists are scared out of their wits when they hear Ai Hui's name."

"Shit! Who on earth are their enemies? Currently, Ai Hui is more like their enemy than us."

Song Xiaoqian, who used to be bright and brave, now looked very gloomy. Those goddamn defeated elementalists would rather face the vast Wilderness and unpredictable dire beasts than withdraw through the Windy Pearl Bridges.

Moreover, the reason was ridiculous-they were afraid to be plundered by their ally.

This meant that her plan was a complete failure.

She had never failed so completely before.

Damn the Sword of Lightning! Damn Ai Hui!

Helian Tianxiao's face was as peaceful as the surface of water. He wasn't very angry because he knew it was common for tactics to fail in the actual combat. A war would never go as they expected.

Or it wouldn't be called a war.

He was still calm because their advantages had not been weakened at all. As long as they were on the superior side, they could win by overwhelming the opponent in a simple and crude way.

Suddenly, someone came and reported, "Sir, there was a letter sent by the God Spirit Division."

Helian Tianxiao was immediately overcome by an uneasy sense of foreboding. The noisy tent became silent at once. They looked at each other in surprise and bewilderment.

In the next moment, their hearts sank when they saw the blood all over the messenger's body.

The messenger delivered the letter to Helian Tianxiao so quickly that he did not even have time to salute.

Helian Tianxiao's hand shivered slightly when he took the letter. Then, he tore it open, his face paled, and his dizzy mind spun as he read the contents.

The tent was so quiet that they could even hear the sound of a pin drop. Seeing Helian Tianxiao's pale face, they all realized something horrible had happened.

In the following instant, a furious and desperate roar from Helian Tianxiao could be heard from inside the tent.

"He Nanshan! You piece of trash!"