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Chapter 588: Former Members of the Surveillance Division

 Chapter 588: Former Members of the Surveillance Division

Translator: Cynthia Editor: X, TYZ

"Vice Leader Jiang, how have you been?"

Xiao Shan looked at ease, as if nothing had happened between them.

Tong Gui and Yu Jin didn't know who these newcomers were, but could feel the dangerous atmosphere they carried. They were a bit relieved after they learned that Jiang Wei knew these people.

Jiang Wei had not been afraid of him even when in Wind Mail City, let alone in their own campsite. He said in a deep voice, "After the farewell in the Wind Mail City, I never expected that we would meet again. What are you doing here?"

Xiao Shan looked at Jiang Wei carefully. Then, against everyone's expectation, he burst into laughter and said, "Within such a short period of time, Vice Leader Jiang has made great progress."

Jiang Wei replied emotionlessly, "Thanks to you."

At first, the others only thought that these people and Jiang Wei knew each other. Only now did they realize that something unpleasant must have happened between them. The atmosphere immediately became tense as everyone became vigilant, especially Ke Ning who led them here. Were they here to assassinate Ai Hui?

Although Ke Ning despised Ai Hui, he had to admit that Ai Hui had an enormous influence over the Pagoda Cannon Alliance and the Spear of Heavy Cloud. If Ai Hui was injured or killed now...

Ke Ning didn't dare to think further.

Xiao Shan was not angry. Instead, he smiled and said, "No discord, no concord. I sincerely admire your conduct and strength."

Even Jiang Wei began to feel weird. As the saying went, never hit a smiling face. It appeared that he had not come to look for trouble. To be honest, Jiang Wei was not really angry with him. At least last time Xiao Shan had left when he was at an absolute advantage. From this, Jiang Wei could tell that Xiao Shan should be a righteous gentleman.

Jiang Wei directly asked, "What are you doing here? You can cut to the chase."

Xiao Shan said casually, "We want to join you and fight together against the blood elementalists."

The eyes of Tong Gui and Yu Jin lit up. The strength of this middle-aged man was unfathomable, while the agility and courage of his compatriots also indicated they were an elite force. At first, they thought the newcomers were here to find fault with them and were a bit worried. Now, they were overjoyed to hear that these elites wanted to fight against the blood elementalists.

Ke Ning was also relieved.

Jiang Wei was surprised as well. The identity of this man was a mystery, but he was more influential than ordinary Masters. If these elite were to join, they would be a strong influence that could not be ignored. He looked Xiao Shan in the eyes and asked in a deep voice, "Skyheart City has agreed to this?"

Xiao Shan's smile disappeared at once upon hearing "Skyheart City" and said with disdain, "We have nothing to do with the Yes."

Tong Gui and Yu Jin had not expected to hear "Skyheart City," and were even more surprised to hear Xiao Shan's words. Their minds were working fast, trying to figure out who this guy was who dared to call Lady Ye "the Yes."

A smile appeared on Jiang Wei's face. He stretched out his hand and said, "Welcome! How about joining our Spear of Heavy Cloud? I can resign and leave the position of vice division leader to you!"

Jiang Wei believed that Xiao Shan was a proud man since Xiao Shan had taken the initiative to leave even when holding an advantageous position. Such a proud man would not lie.

Tong Gui and Yu Jin's eyes opened wide. How had things changed so quickly? A minute ago they were like enemies, but now Jiang Wei was drawing them over to his side and was even willing to give up his position as a vice division leader.

Tong Gui and Yu Jin were anxious. Since Ai Hui was not here, they could not stop Jiang Wei from doing this.

Ke Ning didn't feel surprised. That guy was not a fool, so of course they would join the Spear of Heavy Cloud. After all, the Spear of Heavy Cloud was an elite squad and far superior to the Pagoda Cannon Alliance that consisted of stragglers and disbanded soldiers. Even in his dreams, Ke Ning wanted to return to the Spear of Heavy Cloud and was very regretful for his decision to join this crap. In the Spear of Heavy Cloud his pagoda cannon expertise was also useful. Plus, Master Fatty was also in their combat division. Why had he made such a stupid decision back then?

Although the combat divisions brought by Tong Gui and Yu Jin greatly increased the level of the Pagoda Cannon Alliance, it was still far inferior to the Spear of Heavy Cloud.

The Spear of Heavy Cloud was a legendary combat division and the only elementalist combat division that had defeated a blood elementalist division.

Xiao Shan shook his head and said, "No,we want to join the Pagoda Cannon Alliance."

Everyone was shocked, especially Ke Ning. He couldn't believe his ears.

Jiang Wei was surprised too, explaining, "I invited you to the Spear of Heavy Cloud because our defensive position is closer to the enemies and therefore under greater pressure. Thus, we need an expert to assume overall command.

Xiao Shan still shook his head and said lightly, "We will join the Pagoda Cannon Alliance."

Ke Ning wanted to pry open their skulls and see if their brains were made of tofu. Abandoning the vanguard elite squad to join the rear-guard combat divisions to fight against blood elementalists? Were they here to play around?

Oh, in addition, the head of the rear-guard combat divisions was completely unreliable.

Jiang Wei was curious, "Can you tell me why?"

He had interacted with this man before. If such a proud man decided to fight against blood elementalists, he was definitely not afraid of difficulty or death, sohe had to have a reason for making this decision.

Xiao Shan didn't want to hide anything, "Because we are more optimistic about Ai Hui and think that he is the key to victory."

What? Ke Ning wondered if his ears were still functioning. More optimistic of that unreliable guy? Currently, he would rather be an onlooker. There was nothing joyous because these newcomer who wanted to join them were only fools.

Tong Gui and Yu Jin's expression indicated their confusion since this reason was just nonsense.

Jiang Wei, however, didn't think so. He asked with surprise and solemnity, "What do you mean?"

Xiao Shan seemed to know what Jiang Wei was thinking and said with a smile, "We know the Central Pine Valley well."

A shudder swept over Jiang Wei. His face turned gloomy as what he had just been thinking was that these guys seemed to know them very well, and now his thoughts were laid bare. Actually, although Ai Hui didn't do much in either the Spear of Heavy Cloud or the Pagoda Cannon Alliance, the key members of the Central Pine Faction firmly believed that Ai Hui was the key to success.

Such confidence was blind, but it was due to their experience accumulated over a long period of time.

However, this was the first time that their blind confidence was exposed by someone else.

Xiao Shan's smile disappeared as he made a formal salute. "Please let Sir Ai Hui know that Xiao Shan, former member of the Surveillance Division, together with 352 men, applies to join the Pagoda Cannon Alliance to fight against blood elementalists. We wait for assignment at any time."

The Surveillance Division!

Jiang Wei's eyes widened, as he finally learned where Xiao Shan was from and why he was such a strong opponent. Also, he discovered why Xiao Shan was so familiar with the Central Pine Faction.

Tong Gui and Yu Jin were also struck dumb with amazement.

They knew much more about the Surveillance Division, such as the level of the "Xiao" generation in the division. They also knew that 352 people was about one third of the whole combat division. Were they really that determined to leave?

Ke Ning's jaw almost dropped to the ground. He was totally dumbstruck.

The personal charisma of Ai Hui was beyond his imagination!

Xiao Shan reamained self-possessed. He was not a fool. Before he left, he told Xiao Lin that he knew he didn't know how to fight in a war, so he wanted to find someone who did. In others' eyes, the best strategist in the Central Pine Faction had to be Shi Xueman, but with the Surveillance Division's powerful information network, they concluded, after careful analysis of the extensive information they had collected, that all the victories were directly connected to Ai Hui.

Shi Xueman's Spear of Heavy Cloud might be able to confront a blood division or a god division face to face, but there was no chance of winning when facing the main forces of the blood elementalists who were numerically superior. Even if he joined them with his 352 comrades, it wouldn't help much.

The only possibility of winning depended on Ai Hui and the Pagoda Cannon Alliance he was setting up.

Although faint, this was the only hope.

Jiang Wei was the first to come back to his senses. No wonder they were familiar with Ai Hui. Whether or not they were willing to join the Spear of Heavy Cloud, having former members of the Surveillance Division on their side was a great boost for them in the fight against blood elementalists.

He smiled and said, "Sir Ai Hui will be glad to know you are here. Please wait for a moment. I'll inform him of this good news now."

Xiao Shan nodded. "Thank you."

All of a sudden, he looked up and into the distance before calmly saying, "We have a guest."

Just as he finished his words, a point of light appeared in the remote sky with a rumbling sound. Then, they saw a fireball flying at their campsite like a shooting star with trailing black fumes.

The fireball moved extremely fast.

As a former member of the Surveillance Division, Xiao Shan was sensitive to any secret intelligence. Seeing the fireball, he shouted, "Disperse!"


The fireball crashed into the open field in front of the campsite, making the earth tremble and lava splash.

When the fire died out, an old man who looked like a drunk appeared in front of everyone.

He murmured to himself, "So tired, so tired! This time I'll ask that boy to give me enough lava to drink."

Seeing the face of the old man, Tong Gui and Yu Jin were greatly shocked and blurted out at the same time, "Venerable Volcano!"

Venerable Volcano shook his head and turned back. After recognizing them, he laughed out loud. "Little Tong Gui and little Yu Jin. Why are you here? Is Old Yuchi all right?"

Tong Gui and Yu Jin hurriedly saluted him.

Tong Gui said reverently, "i am honored to meet you, Venerable Volcano. Elder Yuchi is still secluding himself from the world to train."

Venerable Volcano snorted in contempt and said, "Still in closed door training? Doesn't he know how old he is? He just doesn't know how to deal with the inner devils. What a waste of his fighting capacity. He puts too much in his heart, not like me."

Tong Gui smiled and didn't say anything. The status of Venerable Volcano was high enough to comment on Elder Yuchi.

Venerable Volcano looked around. His pupils contracted when he saw Xiao Shan, "Who are you?"

Xiao Shan saluted and said in a polite and decent tone, "I'm a former member of the Surveillance Division. It's my honor to meet you."

"A subordinate of Nian?" Venerable Volcano paused for a while. When he came back to his senses, he said with admiration, "Not bad. You are more courageous than him. Doesn't he feel vexed to have a group of Masters crouching in Skyheart City?"

Hearing his words, even Xiao Shan and the others who had left felt embarrassed.

Venerable Volcano looked around and asked, "Where is Ai Hui? Ask him to meet me. I'll depend on him from now on. Didn't he set up some Pagoda Cannon Alliance? I'm in, as long as there's enough snow lava."

Tong Gui and Yu Jin were shocked.

Ke Ning had not recovered from the previous shock. He used to regard the Pagoda Cannon Alliance as an alliance of cannon fodder. However, all of a sudden, Masters showed up out of nowhere and were actively seeking to join it.

Why couldn't he understand the world anymore?