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Chapter 584: Treatment

 Chapter 584: Treatment

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He had not touched her hands in vain.

Both of them sat cross-legged facing each other. With his head lowered, Ai Hui's left hand held Shi Xueman's right hand and his right hand grasped the hilt of his sword. Small, fragmented lightning streaks swam around his body. Every now and then, a cracking sound would pop off.

Opposite him, Shi Xueman's eyes were tightly shut, her face was flushed, and traces of mist rose from her body.

Ai Hui's solution wasn't very complicated. He directed the sword cloud in his body to Shi Xueman's five residences and eight palaces. The lightning attribute of the sword cloud could remove elemental energy.

This solution carried a very huge risk as well as side effects.

First, it required Shi Xueman to be totally relaxed. In such a state, the elemental energy in her body would not reject Ai Hui's sword cloud, allowing the sword cloud to enter her five residences and eight palaces. Second, Ai Hui needed to have precise control over his sword cloud. Only by having meticulous control over his sword cloud could he then remove the impurities without damaging Shi Xueman's five residences and eight palaces.

The side effect was that the lightning from Ai Hui's sword cloud would not only remove the remnant impurities, but would also remove some of Shi Xueman's water elemental energy. This would cause her five residences and eight palaces to degenerate.

However, at this point in time, such small side effects were insignificant. Shi Xueman was already a Master. It was not very difficult for her to strengthen her five residences and eight palaces. Furthermore, with Lou Lan's customized elemental soup, she could quickly and fully recover after spending some time cultivating.

Like a white wall that was accidentally smeared with other colors, Ai Hui's solution was to remove the entire layer of paint on the wall and repaint it white again.

Even Shi Xueman was surprised by Ai Hui's solution of using a minor injury to heal a major injury. Frequently, she wanted to pry open this fellow's skull to see what was inside. How could he always come up with so many weird ideas? Ai Hui's ideas were always illogical, leaving people flabbergasted. At the same time, they were awe-inspiring.

Without a doubt, this was a good solution.

Of course, other people couldn't think of this solution since they weren't like Ai Hui, who could control the sword cloud and the lightning streaks with great precision.

Shi Xueman was a decisive individual. Without any hesitation, she agreed to this idea.

Even though the remnant impurities were very difficult to remove, the severity of their corrosion on her five residences and eight palaces wasn't high.

Shi Xueman was very curious about what exactly Ai Hui would do.

Ai Hui's sword cloud was a soft cloud. It engulfed Shi Xueman's water elemental energy and caused her to carry out Circulatory Cycle Revolutions automatically.

To Shi Xueman's surprise, this soft sword cloud did not affect her control over elemental energy. This was the first time she had encountered such a freakish phenomenon.

Ai Hui, this fellow, was simply filled with eccentricity.

As her body carried out Circulatory Cycle Revolutions, the impurities that corroded her five residences and eight palaces were slowly removed. The sword cloud was extremely sharp like a razor. It shaved away Shi Xueman's corroded elemental energy as well.

To Shi Xueman, this was a test of willpower.

Time silently passed.

"All right, it's done," Ai Hui's voice was hoarse.

Shi Xueman opened her eyes. Opposite her, Ai Hui was drenched in sweat with his body on the verge of collapse.

"Are you okay?" Shi Xueman was worried.

"I will be fine after taking a break," Ai Hui's voice displayed his weariness.

Shi Xueman suddenly stood up, picked up Ai Hui, and carried him in her arms.

The tottering Ai Hui widened his eyes abruptly. With a terrified voice, he said, "Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing! Let me down! Quickly let me down!"

Shi Xueman turned a deaf ear to Ai Hui and replied, "You can't even move your fingers right now."

Even though Ai Hui was a shameless individual, his face still burned with embarrassment when a girl carried him in her arms. Out of humiliation, he raged, "Hey, hey, hey, you are an ungrateful girl! Quickly let me down! I can walk on my own!"

"Don't worry, no one is looking," Shi Xueman replied casually.

At that moment, the door flap of the tent suddenly flipped open. Dazzling sunlight shone into the tent.

Shi Xueman froze. Ai Hui froze.

Jiang Wei and Sang Zhijun, who were here to invite Ai Hui and Shi Xueman over for a meeting, stood at the entrance with flabbergasted looks on their faces. They widened their eyes, unable to believe what they were seeing. Time and space seemed to have frozen at this moment.

Sang Zhijun stammered, "What... What are the both of you doing..."

Jiang Wei pulled Sang Zhijun away and left the tent. Without turning around, he said, "Continue what you were doing. We never saw anything."

Shi Xueman felt her face burning. She wished she could find a hole and hide in it. What had just happened?

Ai Hui's eyes as wide as the eyes of a cow. At this moment, he felt as if 10,000 cows had just trampled over him. He felt like dying!


Shi Xueman threw Ai Hui onto the bed like a burlap bag.

Ai Hui felt a wave of pain sweep through his body and blurted out, "Ouch!

The blushing Shi Xueman escaped in a panic.

"Hey, hey, hey, how can you treat your benefactor like this? Hey, hey, hey! Come back! Let's talk about it first. How much money do I owe you this time..."

Ai Hui's yelling almost made Shi Xueman go back to give him a good beating.

With a bright-red face, she gritted her teeth and ran off.

This affection was brief. Of course, whether or not they were affectionate would have to depend on the person who was looking at them. Everyone saw things according to their own perspective. In everyone else's eyes, they were considered affectionate when they were not fighting. Only Jiang Wei and Sang Zhijun knew that there was more to it when they saw them.

The current situation was dire. Everyone had responsibilities and numerous daily tasks.

The next morning, Ai Hui was awakened by Lou Lan's energetic shout.

"Everyone, meal time!"

Ai Hui felt the entire Fish Bone shaking. Cheers could be heard coming from every nook and cranny of the Fish Bone. Lou Lan's cheerful voice made everyone realize how beautiful this world was.

After checking his body, Ai Hui was surprised to find his body wasn't damaged much.

As for Iron Lady's injury, she would be fully healed after a few more sessions. When Ai Hui thought of this, he felt slightly pleased with himself. Such a troublesome injury was easily taken care of in his hands!

Nowadays, he was already used to his weak and delicate body. Indeed, he had to face the reality sooner or later.

Crying and whining wouldn't solve the problem.

As he walked out from his tent, the warm and cozy sunlight shone on his body. Filled with contentment, Ai Hui stretched out. When he saw some people crying piteously for food, he was stunned. Almost all the core members of the Spear of Cloud Division were here, and they were looking blankly at Lou Lan.

When Lou Lan saw Ai Hui, his eyes lit up. Immediately, he took a bowl of elemental soup and dashed over to Ai Hui, "Ai Hui, it's meal time!"

Under everyone's jealous gaze, Ai Hui grinned and felt extremely pleased with himself. "Thank you, Lou Lan."

Ai Hui bluntly took the bowl of elemental soup, downed it in one gulp, and wiped his mouth. He still wanted more, but he currently couldn't drink that much elemental soup. After his five residences and eight palaces were destroyed, the elemental energy system within his body was completely warped. Without the five residences and eight palaces, he couldn't absorb the huge amount of elemental energy in the elemental soup.

"Eh, why is everyone here?" Ai Hui asked.

Everyone rolled their eyes at him and continued wolfing down the elemental soup.

"Lou Lan belongs to everyone!" someone yelled.

Immediately, a commotion broke out.

Everyone drooled when they thought of Lou Lan's elemental soup. None of them could restrain themselves and began to refill their bowls. Currently, the Fish Bone had an abundance of ingredients. They were no longer poverty-stricken like in the past. The elemental soup was now free-flowing. As long as one could digest and absorb the elemental energy in the elemental soup, he or she could drink as much as he or she wanted.

Being unable to absorb the elemental energy in the elemental soup wasn't as simple as a digestion problem caused by overeating. The accumulated elemental energy would negatively impact one's body.

Ai Hui chuckled and did not raise any objections. He looked around and asked, "Where's Iron Lady?"

"Xueman said she is busy today and will not be coming," Lou Lan replied.

Ai Hui rubbed his chin and thought of the scene yesterday. He felt slightly regretful and sighed. Why had he not flirted with her more when he had the chance to do so yesterday? He really shouldn't have cared so much about losing face. He had to be thick-skinned like Fatty.

"A'hui! A'hui!" Fatty ran toward him excitedly.

Ai Hui shuddered. Had he accidentally spoken out his thoughts? He coughed softly and tried to maintain his composure. Then, he examined Fatty with a melodramatic look on his face and said, "Not bad, Fatty. You have become a Master. I underestimated you in the past."

All along, Fatty wanted to show off to Ai Hui. When he heard Ai Hui's words, he felt extremely pleased with himself, but did not display it. Instead, he replied with a solemn tone, "I can't always embarrass you. Come, come, let me show you my Beehive Heavy Cannon! Don't be surprised when you see it!"

Ai Hui was also filled with curiosity regarding Fatty's Beehive Heavy Cannon. Even though the Hellfire Pagoda Cannon was created by Ai Hui, it was popularized and brought to greater prominence in Fatty's hands. Even Ai Hui was shocked by Fatty's transformation.

Ai Hui was looking forward to the pagoda cannon created by the first ever Pagoda Cannon Master.

When Ai Hui saw the Beehive Heavy Cannon, his eyes lit up. "Interesting, Fatty."

"Of course." Fatty smirked.

As Ai Hui walked around the Beehive Heavy Cannon and examined it, his eyes became increasingly bright. From many aspects of the Beehive Heavy Cannon, he could tell that Fatty's understanding of pagoda cannons had exceeded the original scope of the Hellfire Pagoda Cannons.

Li Houtang stood at one side and looked at Ai Hui with disdain.

He was an old-school individual and wasn't used to seeing Ai Hui's "weird appearance." Li Houtang was someone who valued reputation a lot. The nickname "Lightning Razor Ai" made him dislike Ai Hui even more.

Li Houtang felt that Ai Hui had created the Hellfire Pagoda Cannons through luck.

After completely circling around the Beehive Heavy Cannon, Ai Hui spoke with a pompous tone, "There are no major problems. It looks rather good. The work of a Master is indeed extraordinary."

Getting praised by Ai Hui made Fatty beam involuntarily. He replied joyfully, "How can I not improve after spending so much time with you. Feel free to tell me any areas that need to be improved. I am a humble man. Hahaha!"

The last tinge of apprehension in Fatty's heart disappeared. If Ai Hui had not taken a look at it, Fatty would still be uncertain. Since Ai Hui said there were no major problems, then there definitely were no major problems. Fatty trusted Ai Hui with all his heart. Even if he had become a Master, he still trusted Ai Hui like before.

Speaking of becoming a Pagoda Cannon Master, Fatty still did not understand what happened back then.

Li Houtang was annoyed as he snorted, "There aren't any major problems? So you are saying there are some minor problems then? Sir Ai Hui, please give us one or two pointers."

Ai Hui shot a glance at Li Houtang. He did not remember provoking this old fellow before, but why had he been given such an annoyed look?

He waved his hand at Blind He, who was standing to one side, and said "Old He, come and take a look."