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Chapter 582: Hostage

 Chapter 582: Hostage

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Everyone's attention was caught by the frantically advancing Dread and Judgement divisions. They had never seen such an unstoppable offensive. He Nanshan had tried various methods, but still could not stop their advance. The central camp was facing imminent danger!

At this point in time, every blood elementalist could only think of one thing. They must not let the enemy forces reach the central camp!

If they could not think of a solution, they had to sacrifice their lives to hinder the Dread and Judgement divisions' progress.

All out!

The immense pressure caused the blood elementalists to make deadly mistakes. The blood elementalists who previously provided strict security at the other end of the central camp were now heading toward the position of the Dread Division to provide reinforcement, leaving only a few units back there to stand guard.

An unnoticeable wisp of black smoke silently drifted into the central camp through an unguarded area.

The central camp did not consist of just one tent. It was a circular area where rows of tents were set up. The central camp was where Ye Baiyi spent his daily life, where meetings took place, etc. Nowadays, many tents were occupied by Nangong Wulian. He had brought a lot of equipment and various ingredients with him.

In an isolated corner, the wisp of black smoke touched the ground and Song Yan and Tie Dao appeared. Both of them had changed into the attire of a blood elementalist commander.

Both of them looked at each other excitedly.

In the central camp, the Beast Venom Temple's god priests were like a bunch of headless flies that were frightened easily. Their faces were filled with panic and fear. Usually, they lived like kings in the Beast Venom Temple. Since when had they ever been in such a situation? All of their legs became like wet noodles as their faces became pale-white.

Nangong Wulian also felt very anxious, but when he saw his subordinates' behavior, he chided them, "What are all of you panicking for?! Humph, the number of men that the Dread and Judgement Divisions have is so few that they will burn out very soon. As long as they don't break through the defensive line, we are safe."

On the surface, he appeared strong-willed, but deep down he regretted coming to the front line.

However, he could not defy His Majesty's order. After thinking about it, he could only blame himself. He shouldn't have sought credit from His Majesty at that time.

The roars and sounds of battles from outside set off his fear and trepidation.

Suddenly, he discovered that his surroundings were empty. There were no blood elementalist guards around him, which immediately enraged him. "Where is everyone? Where have they gone? How come there is no one protecting me?"

One of his subordinates hesitated for a while before replying, "Sir, you have instructed them not to get close to this tent."

It was at this point that Nangong Wulian remembered what had happened. He felt the patrolling soldiers were too noisy and that they were disturbing him from doing his research. Therefore, he had set this place as forbidden area.

He allowed only a few soldiers to guard the central camp. He Nanshan and his counterparts were allowed to enter the central camp only if they had something urgent to report to Nangong Wulian.

The invasion came too abruptly and too aggressively. He Nanshan and his counterparts had been struggling under the immense pressure that the Dread and Judgement division exerted. They could not execute the usual reactionary plan and had no time to worry about the central camp.

Nangong Wulian felt more and more uneasy. With a stern voice, he said, "Go and find someone to protect me! Tell He Nanshan that if anything happens to me, His Majesty will sentence him and his family to death!"

The few god priests quickly appeased Nangong Wulian and left the tent in a hurry.


Not far away, Song Yan and Tie Dao were searching the central camp. They were surprised at how empty the central camp was. Previously, they were still worried that the enemy forces had set up a vacant central camp to trick them. However, when they heard the words, "Go and find someone to protect me," their eyes lit up.

The two of them looked each other in eyes. With perfect coordination, they silently crept in the direction of the voice.

Subsequently, they saw Nangong Wulian. Previously, they had already memorized the face of Nangong Wulian. Therefore, they could recognize him with a single glance. Both of them were overjoyed as they had not expected their mission to proceed so smoothly.

Nangong Wulian was panting heavily. The sounds of battles were getting closer to him. The feeling of fear in his heart was growing stronger as well. He felt like he was a fish that had been thrown ashore and was having more and more difficulty breathing properly.

That goddamned He Nanshan!

Nangong Wulian had to survive and teach him a lesson! How dare He Nanshan fail to send people to protect me!"

Suddenly, the head of his subordinate dropped to the ground in front of him as blood spurted out of the severed neck like a fountain.

Nangong Wulian's pupils dilated. He wanted to scream, but couldn't do so as a chilly tinge flowed down his neck. The sharp blade of a sword made of all his hair stand on end. Then, a ghost-like voice came from behind his back, "If I was you, I would keep my mouth shut."

The scream that was about to leave his mouth became a whimper.

Nangong Wulian's face was pale-white. He feared that a slight movement of the other party's fingers would cost him his life.

"Where is Ye Baiyi?"

Even though he couldn't see who the other party was, his voice was so cold that it resembled the voice of a devil from hell.

Nangong Wulian swallowed his saliva with difficulty and pointed shakingly to the largest tent, "He... He is there."

Song Yan held Nangong Wulian at swordpoint and walked toward the tent. Tie Dao grasped a broadsword with a vigilant look on his face.

As they walked into the tent, Song Yan and Tie Dao's facial expressions changed. Ye Baiyi was lying unconscious in an ice coffin that emitted traces of cold air. However, his deep and terrifying heartbeat made him appear like a huge dragon that was hibernating.

Even if a huge dragon was in a deep slumber, one could not ignore its might.

"What's the situation with Ye Baiyi? When is he going to wake up?" Song Yan asked.

Nangong Wulian whimpered, "I don't know when he will wake up either... Grant me amnesty and I am willing to pay any price and will surrender to you. As long as you give me amnesty, I will join Skyheart City. I am the palace master of the Beast Venom Temple. I have conducted a wide range of research, and you will definitely be interested in them..."

Nangong Wulian stopped talking all of a sudden. His eyes were wide open as he couldn't believe what had just happened. He wanted to talk, but only a muffled and incoherent sound came out of his mouth.

His neck had been sliced open. Blood gushed out of his neck as immense pain flooded him like a tidal wave.

He really couldn't believe what had just happened. He was the palace master of the Beast Venom Temple and possessed so many secrets. How could they bear to kill him? Were they not interested in the secrets of the God Nation? He still had so many research results...


These mad men...

Song Yan casually threw Nangong Wulian's corpse to the ground.

"One hostage is enough," he said emotionlessly.

"All right," Tie Dao replied.

A glass bamboo vial appeared in Song Yan's hand. He crushed it and poured the snow lava over Nangong Wulian's corpse. Flames quickly rose from the snow lava and devoured Nangong Wulian's corpse. In the blink of an eye, his corpse was reduced to nothing but ashes.

Tie Dao then dug up the charred soil and threw it into a blood pool.

This incursion was a perfect start, but it was only the beginning of the entire war. The Beast Venom Temple's countless methods had stricken fear in them. A slight moment of carelessness would result in devastating consequences.

By destroying Nangong Wulian's corpse in this manner, the enemy forces would not know whether he was alive or dead. Plus, Ye Baiyi would be in their hands. Nangong Wulian's value in this war paled in comparison to Ye Baiyi's. Whether Nangong Wulian was dead or alive, his impact on the front line blood elementalists wasn't huge. However, with Ye Baiyi in their hands, the blood elementalists at the front line would definitely descend into chaos.

Ye Baiyi had an unrivaled impact on the blood elementalist combat divisions. He had single-handedly formed the six god divisions and the twelve blood divisions. His prestige among the blood elementalists was matchless. Not even Red Devil's reputation could be compared to his.

As long as they could take down Ye Baiyi, the tides would shift in this lopsided war.

Neither of them let their guard down. Tie Dao swung his broadsword heavily on the ice coffin. The ice coffin shattered with a loud bang, and Ye Baiyi fell to the ground. Tie Dao carefully placed his sword against Ye Baiyi's neck, but Ye Baiyi remained unconscious and motionless.

At this moment, they could hear hurried footsteps getting closer to them. They immediately picked up Ye Baiyi and ran in the opposite direction of the tent.

The blood elementalists who rushed over were Ye Baiyi's personal guards. When they saw the empty tent, their facial expressions changed drastically.

Then, they saw an opening on the other side of the tent.

"Chase them!" the leader of the personal guards yelled anxiously.

He Nanshan was under immense pressure since their defensive line was thinning. There were a few times that Ximen Caijue's cold arrows almost struck him, and it had been the two experts beside him that warded off the arrows. One was dead while the other was severely injured.

Before today, he had never thought that there existed such a terrifying combat division in the world.

Even though the blood elementalists outnumbered the elementalists 15 times over, He Nanshan had never once obtained the upper hand. The enemy forces had taken control of the rhythm of the battle. Whether it was the level of the leadership or the level of the soldiers, they had been completely outclassed by the enemy forces.

Suddenly, the Dread and Judgement divisions changed directions, as if they wanted to attack from another angle.

"Defend!" He Nanshan roared at the top of his lungs.

Countless blood elementalists gathered to form a thick defensive line, preparing to withstand the onslaught of the Dread and Judgement divisions.

However, no one expected for these two divisions to suddenly turn around and retreat.

All the blood elementalists were stunned before cheering at the top of their lungs. They had defeated the enemy forces! Even though the enemy forces barely had 1,000 soldiers, the suffocating pressure they exerted was able to destabilize any defensive line. When the Dread and Judgement divisions retreated, the physically and mentally exhausted blood elementalists felt as if they had won a battle. One could tell how much pressure the Dread and Judgement divisions had given them.

He Nanshan's facial expression changed drastically, however, as he felt a strong sense of unease.

"It's not good! General Ye and Sir Nangong have been kidnapped by the enemy!"

He Nanshan nearly blacked out as he almost fell to the ground. His brain buzzed loudly, resembling someone who had been punched in the temple. His face was deathly pale. The fact that General Ye and Sir Nangong had been kidnapped under his nose would definitely earn him a death sentence!

An intense fear engulfed his mind. Not only him but all the officers around him had their faces turned pale at this moment.

He Nanshan bit the tip of his tongue, causing a sweet bloody taste to pervade his mouth. The pain calmed him down. "Chase them!"

He knew if he didn't save General Ye and Sir Nangong, they would not need to return to the God Nation anymore. Dying on the battlefield would not implicate their family members, but if they returned to the God Nation now, they would be trialed as sinners and their families would also be charged.

At this point, he threw all his worries to the back of his mind.

Everyone knew that this was the time for them to go all-out. This was the only chance for them to survive. No, it wasn't a chance for them to survive, but rather, a chance for them to redeem themselves. The fear instilled by the Dread and Judgement division just now had completely vanished. Currently, they were in dire straits.