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Chapter 580: The Bloody Battle At The God Encampment (2)

 Chapter 580: The Bloody Battle At The God Encampment (2)

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They were like a gorgeous meteor shower.

Leading the charge, Wan Shenwei smiled silently. Each of his hands grasped a sword raised high above his head. The swords were unusually flashy under the sunlight.

Wan Shenwei, who dual-wielded swords, was relaxed, natural, and looked as if he was performing an ordinary leaping overhead slash.

He swung his swords down vertically.

No sword gleams or sword chimes were produced. Suddenly, the center of the roaring blood wall caved in. Countless fragments of bones and flesh erupted from the blood wall, resembling a torrential rain of gore.

The blood wall was split into two, revealing a gap that was more than 30 meters wide in the middle.

Beside Wan Shenwei, Ximen Caijue was emotionless. She was holding a toy-like miniature bow. The bow was very small, but it was of an unusually excellent quality. Its body was green in color and formed by two green snakes intertwining together. The two snake heads happened to be biting each end of the bowstring. The bowstring glistened red in color.

She followed beside Wan Shenwei and had no intentions of attacking.

Watching from afar, He Nanshan's facial expression changed. He could not believe what he had just seen.

That slash just now...

That person was... Wan Shenwei!

He Nanshan suddenly felt his mouth go dry. He was overwhelmed with shock. Beyond Avalon still had such a powerful expert!

Among all the experts today, the Holy Emperor and Dai Gang were evenly matched. Right beneath them were Le Buleng and Red Devil. Le Buleng's greatness was obvious. Even though he had suffered numerous defeats, His Majesty felt that he was the third strongest individual in the world.

As for Red Devil, General Ye had personally told him that Red Devil's strength was surpassed only by His Majesty's in the God Nation. Hence, he was the second strongest individual in the God Nation. Generally speaking, his strength was most likely beneath Le Buleng's.

However, after He Nanshan witnessed Wan Shenwei's might today, he realized there were a lot more experts in this world than he had imagined!

He felt slightly uneasy.

No two Masters were exactly the same. Different Masters had different impacts on the battlefield. If that slash from Wan Shenwei was to strike a battle formation, it would deal heavy casualties. A Master was a disruptor on the battlefield. The destructive power of an expert among the Masters was even more terrifying.

He Nanshan suddenly felt that the assembling speed of his troops was slight slow. He could not help but yell, "Faster!"

At this moment, approximately one thousand men who were diving down from the sky with streaks of light trailing behind them collided squarely with the blood wall.

He Nanshan could not help but widen his eyes. He looked at the collision with expectation. The blood wall was very huge and thick. Breaking through the blood wall would not be an easy task even for blood elementalists. Furthermore, the blood birds weren't afraid of death. As long as they were still alive, they would continue to tangle with their enemies in an insane manner.

More than 200 men at the front of the charge suddenly roared in unison, "Dread!"

The bodies of more than 200 men lit up with a dazzling glow, resembling over 200 suns. The weapons in their hands buzzed loudly, appearing as if they were echoing each other.

If Ai Hui was to see this sight, he would be astonished because this charge produced the same outcome as his Sword of Lightning Division, but through a different approach. These two hundred plus men used different weapons, but their elemental energies resonated with each other and at the exact same rhythm.

The 200 plus weapons were brandished in a top-down direction at the same time.

The blood wall exploded with a loud bang. Like an enormous burst of blood-colored fireworks, countless torrents of scarlet blood sprayed in all directions. One could see mangled blood birds, numerous broken bones, and dismembered limbs in every torrent of blood.

The blood wall was shattered to smithereens in one hit!

The Dread Division soldiers continued to advance with momentum and landed on the ground like a gigantic hammer.


If one looked down from the sky, the ground surrounding the position where the Dread Division had landed undulated like water ripples.

Due to the undulating ground, the blood fiends that were frantically dashing toward the Dread Division lost their balance and fell into chaos.

When the blood fiends picked themselves up from the ground, the sinister looks on their faces had disappeared. Their eyes were filled with fear and dread as they whimpered softly, turned around, and suddenly escaped in all directions. These blood fiends were violent and unintelligent, but their senses were sharp. Instinctively, they could sense the small group of people in front of them was extremely dangerous. These people were a terrifying entity that lived at the top of the food chain.

He Nanshan's facial expression turned extremely ugly. The uneasiness in his heart became stronger, and he could sense an imminent danger.

Inside the main camp, streams of soldiers continued to gush out from the tents. Only 50 percent of the soldiers had been assembled.

They were too slow!

Initially, He Nanshan thought that the blood wall could delay the enemy forces for a while and that they would have enough time to assemble all soldiers. All of his soldiers were well-trained. As long as they had enough time, they could be fully assembled.

There were over 200 men in the Dread Division. To be exact, there were 274 men.

They moved as one and stomped the ground together. A perfect crater was formed in the ground with a diameter of 150 meters, as though an invisible hand had pressed into the ground. It was smooth and impeccable, as though gently stamped from a mold.

274 figures rose into the air at the same time and drew an elegant arc in the sky. Like stone pellets released by a catapult, they flew toward the fortifications at the edge of the main camp.

"Stop them!" He Nanshan blurted out.

Even though the blood elementalists were alarmed, they were able to maintain their composure and order due to their arduous daily training sessions. A blood elementalist captain at the fortifications roared, "Attack!"

Pitch-black spheres were shot out of the fortifications and into the air. Following which, they exploded into clouds of blood mist that gradually diffused in the air. Instantly, the concentrated blood mist engulfed the zone in front of the fortifications.

Blood mist bombs were created by the Beast Venom Temple. The blood mist that diffused in the air contained a deadly poison. Blood elementalists were unaffected by it, but it was extremely deadly to elementalists.

However, the Dread Division shocked the blood elementalists once again. They flew out of the blood mist safe and sound.


Just like before, they landed heavily on the fortifications like a mighty hammer.

A breach that was 150 meters long appeared in the continuous line of tall fortifications.

The two ends of the breach were extremely neat, making the breach look like it had been cut out with scissors. A huge pit that was several meters deep was created at the breach. One could see bloodstained tiles and bricks in the pit.

Holding his swords, Wan Shenwei smiled at the fearful blood elementalists. Then, he began to walk toward the inner camp.

He wasn't walking at a very fast pace and looked more like he was strolling through a park.

Absolute silence descended upon the entire camp. It was as if everyone's throat was tightly gripped by an invisible hand.

Indifferent-looking figures followed Wan Shenwei and strolled toward the inner camp.


A loud and crisp sound of glass breaking broke the silence. The glowing bloody screen that covered the sky above the main camp shattered. Countless blood-colored fragments drifted through the air, resembling a heavy snowfall that was dyed crimson.

A cold and somber atmosphere descended upon the main camp.

Their camp had been invaded just like that, and they were scared stiff by the enemy forces just like that. Furthermore, the enemy forces were the Dread and Judgement divisions that they had mocked countless times.

Everyone's eyes became bloodshot. They did not lack courage, and similarly, they did not lack pride. They weren't rookies who had just set foot upon the battlefield. The concept of failure had never come across their minds before.

"Kill them!" roared the captain of an unit that had just finished assembling.

He took the lead and charged at the strolling Wan Shenwei. They knew that they were overestimating their abilities, but they still had their comrades who were mustering behind them right now!

They did not have any lofty beliefs. All they had was fighting spirit and a deep sense of pride. They could be defeated or killed, but they definitely could not tolerate being humiliated and trampled on by the enemy forces.

A few other troop units also lunged at the Dread Division at the same time.

All they could do now was to slow down the enemy forces, even if it was only for a minute!

A look of admiration appeared on Wan Shenwei's face, but he did not stop, continuing to stroll forward. The two elementalists beside him stepped forward to face the incoming blood elementalists.

Side by side, the two elementalists charged toward the blood elementalists like two bulls.

The elementalist on the left used a scythe. Right now, he looked like he was reaping wheat as the self-proclaimed elite blood elementalists collapsed effortlessly before the scythe.

In an instant, the unit was annihilated, leaving corpses and wounded soldiers scattered everywhere on the ground.

The elementalist on the right used a silver spear. Spear gleams appeared and disappeared unpredictably at the blood elementalists' throats and hearts. Even the powerful bodies of the blood elementalists could not stop the deadly attacks from this silver spear.

Wan Shenwei looked as if he couldn't see the corpses around him or the enemy soldiers that were lunging for him.

His gaze was fixated at the distant He Nanshan. With a steady gait, he walked toward He Nanshan.

There were blood elementalist units constantly charging at him from all directions!

The elementalists that surrounded him pounced at the incoming enemy units like tigers released from their cages.

Only the braves would win this battle!

At this point in time, both sides were engaged in close quarters combat. The outcome was unusually devastating. Quickly, Wan Shenwei realized that the surrounding enemy forces were increasing in number nonstop. They had been completely surrounded. The enemy forces had abandoned their battle formations and were simply surging at them like a tidal wave.

Wan Shenwei stopped in his tracks. Then, he raised the two swords in his hands and roared, "Dread!"

The elementalists who were fighting the flood of blood elementalists suddenly withdrew and gathered around Wan Shenwei.

All of them raised their weapons and roared in unison, "Dread!"

Their weapons chimed in unison as the glows around their bodies suddenly intensified. The incoming blood elementalists looked as if they had collided with an iron wall. Immediately, they felt that they had been struck by an invincible force. Their minds went blank as their bodies flew back in the air.


Wan Shenwei and his comrades roared in unison as they swung their weapons in a downward vertical motion.

274 streaks of elemental energy gathered and became a terrifying sword gleam that shot forward.

Blood elementalists were everywhere, but the ones in the front were the most densely-packed. By now, everyone knew that Wan Shenwei's target was Sir He Nanshan!

The densely-packed blood elementalists took the full brunt of this mighty sword gleam.


The gigantic, thick, and cold sword gleam crashed into the crowd of blood elementalists.

Along with soil, broken limbs and flesh splattered on both sides of the moving sword gleam. The sword gleam created a deep trench in the ground. Everywhere it passed by, flesh and blood would fly into the air.

A bloody path with a width of more than 15 meters was formed in front of Wan Shenwei.

The sword gleam had pierced through the area in front of them!

All the blood elementalists in the path of the sword gleam were dead. The surrounding blood elementalists were stunned momentarily. However, in the next moment, they frantically lunged at the Dread Division.

Various forms of bloody glow blasted toward the Dread Division like a torrential downpour.

Suddenly, Wan Shenwei slightly bent his knees. His soldiers looked as if they had received an order and slightly bent their knees in unison as well.

They then exhaled together!

When the 274 men exhaled together, it sounded like a deafening thunderclap. Their surging elemental energy undulations gathered and formed a ring-shaped shock wave.

The surrounding blood elementalists froze, looking as if they had been struck heavily by a rod.

Like an ancient dire beast that had broken free from its chains, Wan Shenwei and the Dread Division rose into the air and surged toward He Nanshan.