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Chapter 579: The Bloody Battle At The God Encampment (1)

 Chapter 579: The Bloody Battle At The God Encampment (1)

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"We had been humiliated, and we had been shamed. These words will be passed on through the generations and history will remember them for many years. History will also remember what the strongest elite unit in the world was like."

- Wang Shenwei

Tang Yingrong did not know where this glowing green arrow came from, but he was a blood elementalist that possessed an Ability of God after all. At this critical moment, he was able to activate his terrifying potential. A deep, angry, and beast-like roar was exploded from his throat.

He reached out his right hand abruptly and tried to grab the arrow.

Mysteriously, his right arm was covered with a layer of thick hair as traces of bloody glow twined around his piercingly sharp fingernails.

He caught it!

A look of joy appeared on his face. However, the next moment, the smile on his face froze.


A deep pain erupted from his right hand. His palm had exploded into a bloody mess. A huge chunk of minced flesh and blood hit his face and chest, making him look extremely horrifying. His right palm and wrist had completely disappeared, revealing his ghastly white forearm bones.

Tang Yingrong could not bother with the pain. He knew this was the moment to fight for his life.

In front of him, the soldiers' heads were exploding like shattered watermelons.

He turned around and flew into the air. With his body surrounded by a red glow, he flew toward the main camp with all his might. He was overwhelmed with shock. Who was it that attacked them? The enemies were so powerful! He was already severely injured before he could even see their faces! Skyheart City still possessed such formidable experts?

Suddenly, he thought of the two combat divisions that had disappeared, and his face turned deathly pale.

Dread! Judgement!

A feeling of extreme danger engulfed him. All his hair stood on end, making him look like an alarmed cat. Without turning around, he gathered a ball of bloody glow in his left palm and swung it behind his back!

Pffft. His left palm exploded. His entire left forearm was severed.

It was as if Tang Yingrong knew his death was imminent as he let out a heart-wrenching shriek.


An arrow shot into his back, through his body, and flew out from his chest, releasing a burst of bloody mist.

He watched blankly as his body fell from the sky powerlessly. He saw speckles of light spark up in the horizon, resembling the stars of the night sky. Following which, a deafening hiss flooded over him like a tidal wave. With his own eyes, he witnessed the fortifications of his camp being destroyed as if they were made of paper.

The Three-forked River Camp that he had spent a countless amount of effort and time building was annihilated in the blink of an eye.

His vision began to blur. Streaks from glowing figures hurtled past him in the sky above him.

One of them stopped for a while and shot a glance at him. Then, he conveniently swiped the blade in his hand once.

A blade gleam devoured Tang Yingrong's line of sight before darkness descended upon his vision.


Nangong Wulian came early in the morning to check on Ye Baiyi.

He was still not awake!

Nangong Wulian was so angry that he pulled out a few strands of hair from his head. He realized the amount of blood spiritual force that the Heart of God needed was terrifying, so much so that it exceeded what he had expected. Theoretically, this was a good thing.

The only thing that gratified Nangong Wulian was that Ye Baiyi's heart rate had changed.

This proved that he was on the right track.

Should he continue to sacrifice people to provide blood spiritual force him? Nangong Wulian was slightly hesitant. He did not know whether or not Ye Baiyi would find trouble with him after waking up.

All right, maybe not. After all, he was doing this to save his life.

Nangong Wulian was still uncertain. Those sacrificed subordinates of Ye Baiyi seemed to possess a mysterious power that caused Nangong Wulian to feel worried. He had seen many gory scenes before. It was very normal for the Beast Venom Temple to use blood elementalists as ingredients.


For a cold-blooded individual like him, he actually felt scared when he saw Ye Baiyi's subordinates jump into the blood pool to sacrifice themselves. He did not know why he felt this way.

He decided to wait for two more days.

Once Ye Baiyi woke up, there would an incredible change to his strength. Nangong Wulian did not know exactly how much Ye Baiyi's strength would grow, but he was certain that it would be a significant growth. In the Blood of God, strength was status. Ye Baiyi's status in the Blood of God would definitely rise. If Ye Baiyi woke up, became unhappy with Nangong Wulian, and wanted to find trouble with him, His Majesty would protect him. However, Nangong Wulian would definitely still have to undergo some suffering.

He had better be careful...

Nangong Wulian walked out from the tent and saw He Nanshan, who had been keeping watch outside.

"Sir Nangong, has General Ye woken up?" He Nanshan asked with concern.

"Not yet." Nangong Wulian shook his head with an indifferent look on his face.

A disappointed look appeared on He Nanshan's face. Without General Ye, everyone felt that they lacked a pillar to support them. Being the division leader of the God Spirit Division, He Nanshan definitely wasn't an ordinary individual. He clearly knew that the current situation was only this smooth and perfect because the enemy was weak. If things did not turn well at the front line, they would most likely be thrown into an adrift situation.

This was an extremely deadly time bomb.

As long as General Ye was unconscious, this time bomb would continue to exist. The four god divisions were equally ranked, so no one would listen to each other.

Fortunately, the war at the front line had been smooth so far. They had been crushing the enemy combat divisions effortlessly.

From the look of it, the only remaining threat was the defensive line at the Windy Pearl Bridge.

The three deployed God Division leaders had already identified the weakness of the Spear of Heavy Cloud. Therefore, they chose to drive the retreating enemy combat divisions to the Windy Pearl Bridge and use them to crush the defensive line. This was a rather good idea, but the enemy wasn't simple either. They only saw the avaricious appetite of Ai Hui and the Spear of Heavy Cloud. He Nanshan, however, saw something different. The number of defeated combat divisions that were previously stationed at the Windy Pearl Bridge's defensive line had been reduced greatly.

These defeated combat divisions could be either a helping hand or a time bomb for the Spear of Heavy Cloud.

Due to of this avaricious appetite, those good-for-nothing and weak-willed combat divisions were scared away. Only the determined and fervent combat divisions remained.

He Nanshan wasn't sure whether the enemy forces had really identified the potential time bomb or if it was a fluke. This was because a future sea of trouble had been created using this type of method.

Suddenly, a deafening alarm resounded through the air.

An attack on the camp!

He Nanshan shivered as his facial expression changed drastically. He was enraged. Were all the sentries dead? How could they fail to discover the enemy forces until the enemy had already reached the main camp! He rose up in the air and flew toward the sky.

Vibrating speckles of light appeared in the distant horizon, resembling the stars of the night sky. Even though they were very far away, he could still sense the terrifying aura of death that was coming his way.

He Nanshan lowered his head and looked at the main camp beneath him. Soldiers gushed out of the tents like flowing water while commanders gave out orders clearly and orderly.

He Nanshan heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. It seemed that the daily training sessions had worked. As long as they were calm, the enemy forces had no chance of success.

Even though the enemy forces came with a mighty momentum, they only had around 1,000 soldiers.

He was slightly curious how these elementalists had avoided his tight surveillance network. After a while, his facial expression turned solemn. He saw that the scouts in the sky were killed on the spot before they could even escape.

An incredible idea appeared in his mind.

Were... all the scouts slain like this before they could even escape?

Buzz, buzz, buzz.

A vibrating sound came from the distance. The air seemed to throb at this moment, appearing as if a surging flood was approaching. This terrifying might caused He Nanshan's facial expression to change.

The enemy forces had already reached the edge of the main camp.

To protect the main camp, densely-packed fortifications were set up on the perimeter. A huge number of blood fiends were also stationed there defensively

The soldiers in the fortifications hurriedly broke down the fences surrounding the blood fiends to release them.

If one looked down from the sky, hordes of red blood fiends were gathering.


A sea of avian blood fiends flew up into the sky. The bloody glow around their bodies merged together, seemingly forming a red blood wall that whizzed toward the enemy forces.

[Wall of Bloody Sky]!

This was an unique blood elementalist battle formation. It used the powerful impact of blood fiends to block and disrupt the enemy forces' charge. Those blood fiends were fierce and violent. During peacetime, drugs were used to restrain them. Otherwise, they would fight among themselves until all of them were dead.

The pure elemental energy from an elementalist had a deadly enticement over them. They would recklessly hunt down elementalists and eat them. They did not understand the concept of fear and would not care about their own lives.

Within the camp, all the blood elementalists had gathered while orders were passed frantically through the chain of command.

He Nanshan calmed himself down. With one god division and two blood divisions stationed in the main camp, he felt rather confident. These divisions were meticulously formed by General Ye, and they knew the weaknesses of elementalist combat divisions like the back of their hands.

From the number of the enemy forces, he knew they were the Dread Division and the Judgement Division.

In reality, blood elementalist combat divisions were afraid of the Dread and Judgement divisions since they were so few in number. The Dread Division only had 500 men total. However, they seldom came out in full force and only had at most 300 men at the moment. The Judgement Division had 1,000 men at full force, but they presently only had 700.

In total, these two combat divisions had at most 1,000d men.

Even if they were very powerful, what impact would they have on the battlefield with so few soldiers?

A god division and a blood division had a standardized strength of 5,000 men each. With one god division and two blood divisions, they currently had a total of 15,000 men! With 15,000 blood elementalists against 1,000 elementalists, why should he be afraid?

Unless an elementalist could kill 15 blood elementalists?

As long as they did not panic, the enemy forces had no chance of victory. After thinking it through, He Nanshan regained his composure. This was a god-given chance. Not too long ago, he was still worrying about not accumulating enough meritorious services, but now, the enemy forces delivered themselves to him personally. If he missed this opportunity, he would be letting himself down.

He Nanshan made a firm resolution. Not only must he win this battle, he must do it in a stylish manner!

Wang Shenwei was apathetic. He wasn't surprised that he had alarmed the enemy forces. The enemy was no ordinary army after all. It was already very fortunate that they alerted the enemy forces only after reaching the main camp perimeter. It could have been worse.

Even though flying blood wall was still very far away, he could smell a weird, but strong, fragrance coming from it.

He could see the sinister-looking appearances of the blood fiends. Pungent saliva dripped from their deathly white teeth. Their bloodshot eyes were filled with bloodlust and insanity. The closer the blood wall was, the more he could feel a sense of danger and invincibility from it.

The corner of Wan Shenwei's mouth slightly twitched. A cold and disdainful look flashed across his face.

He shifted his gaze to the distant horizon. The rising sun was bright-red in color, exuding liveliness and vitality. They had flown for a day and a night. After setting off at daybreak, flying in the direction of the rising sun, enduring the scorching afternoon heat, saying farewell to the setting sun, finding themselves in the dark night, and immersing themselves in the splendor of the stars, here they were, encountering the rising sun once again.

The beautiful scenery along the way and the despair in the enemy soldiers' eyes before they died were heartwarming and pleasing to his eyes.

The scenery before a great battle took place was the most beautiful.

He gripped the heavy sword in his hand, and his black azure wings erupted with radiance. Following which, his flying speed increased sharply. Behind him, the other soldiers simultaneously increased their speed.

Streaks of brilliance drew an elegant arc in the heavens. They began to rise higher and higher into the sky.

They pierced through the clouds and the metal winds. In the heights of the desolate upper atmosphere, they immersed themselves in the sunshine and suddenly dove down!