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Chapter 577: Camp of the God and Blood Divisions

 Chapter 577: Camp of the God and Blood Divisions

Translator: Irene Editor: TYZ, KLKL

The whole world had been monitoring Ai Hui's preposterous behavior.

As commander of Sword of Lightning, Ai Hui had become the Lightning Razor and while everyone was raising a storm of protest, no one was really that shocked. Although Ai Hui was a reputable leader in Central Pine Faction, he had always remained low-key and no one knew much about him.

Skyheart City's appointment and attitude had caused a huge commotion, and later on Spear of Heavy Cloud's new tax regulation left the people speechless.

It seemed as though the world had suddenly become incomprehensible. Such perverse events just kept happening one after another. Openly robbing an ally? How was that any different from what bandits do?

Many thought that for such a righteous division leader like Shi Xueman to get involved, she must've been brainwashed by Ai Hui.

Although Skyheart City was trying hard to control the public's opinion, people's interest toward this matter was shocking. Long-standing families and the mayor absolutely abhorred Lightning Razor and were fuming with rage. Citizens at the bottom, on the other hand, clapped their hands in favour.

To them, the combat divisions that had pulled back from the front line were all cowardly and only interested in saving themselves.

While Ai Hui was greedy, he had never stopped advancing toward the front line. Shi Xueman, too, was like a nail, hammering her way to the front without ever retreating.

It was obvious at a glance who the reliable ones really were.

"Razor Ai and his new victim" became the talk of the town as everybody discussed it enthusiastically over food and tea.

Even the blood elementalists combat division was shocked upon receiving the news. However, it also boosted their morale. From what they saw, Elders Guild had already completely decayed and was unable to unite even when the big war was approaching. Basically, they had rotted to the core from punitive expeditions and internal strifes.

There were even blood elementalist officials calling for soldiers and weapons to fight directly against Skyheart City.

The situation was favorable. All that was needed was a spurt of energy to take down the Windy Pearl Bridge defensive line and the rest would be smooth-sailing, like a horse galloping straight across flat land.

However, danger often surged within the shadows cast by the sunlight, just as how thistles and thorns often hid among brightly colored flowers.

In the lush forest people were densely packed. Their faces and disheveled looks revealed the hardships they had been through. Yet, they remained calm. They either leaned on the tree trunks or sat on the ground. Some chewed their food quietly while others sipped on their water.

They moved gently and the enormous camp was dead silent. Only bird chirps could be heard.

The short pine trees planted by the exploring wood elementalists were covered with pine cones that emitted an alluring fragrance, which was effective for attracting birds. The birds happily pecked at the cones as if they didn't see the figures sitting on the ground.

After surveying the terrain, the explorers would plant a short pine tree. The pine cones had a special attractive force that drew birds to them and the birds would ignore the troops entering the jungle. This way, the birds wouldn't be alarmed and the patrolling blood elementalists wouldn't notice anything amiss as well.

Ximen Caijue sat on the moist moss, not minding that her clothes were stained with mud despite having mysophobia. She was like a stubborn, mischievous little girl but only coldness and harshness filled her tender face.

Wan Shenwei sat opposite her while military officers and powerful players from both divisions surrounded them. Everyone looked apathetic, but occasionally, as they blinked, excitement for the upcoming war could be seen in their eyes.

Between them, amid a ball of gentle light, a camp could be seen clearly.

If blood elementalists were found here they would definitely be shocked since it was their camp.

Wan Shenwei said in a deep voice, "God Spirit Division as well as Dawn and Dusk Blood Divisions are guarding the big camp. When dealing with them, just fight normally."

His tone was very calm, as if he was facing a regional combat division and not God Spirit Division, one of the six god divisions. The rest appeared as usual, not sensing anything strange, as if everything was natural.

"Be it God Spirit Division or the two blood divisions, they're not our targets. We have two targets: Ye Baiyi and Nangong Wulian."

When mentioning Ye Baiyi, Wan Shenwei's voice trembled slightly, but only his old subordinate caught it.

He continued, "Ye Baiyi's still unconscious. He's been planted with the Heart of God. Beast Venom Temple's master, Nangong Wulian, is also an important target so there must be a specialist in charge. You'll be in charge, Song Yan."

The middle-aged man, who looked rather feeble, nodded. "Alright."

Song Yan was one of the most outstanding members in Dread Division. He was also one of the most competent assistants of Wan Shenwei.

Ximen Caijue added, "Tie Dao, partner with Song Yan."

A plain looking man, who looked like a blacksmith, nodded his head simply. "Okay, Old Song. I'll listen to your directions."

No one seemed to have any regard for this unremarkable looking person, but he was one of Caijue's three knives. Even Song Yan was quite excited. They had joined hands over twenty years ago and hadn't expected to be able to fight alongside each other once again. Powerful players shared a common sense of understanding, which made them look forward to this upcoming battle.

Wan Shenwei looked at both of them. "Your target is Nangong Wulian. Capture him alive if possible, but otherwise kill him."



Wan Shenwei turned toward Ximen Caijue. "As for Ye Baiyi, are you going or should I go?"

Ximen Caijue replied mildly, "I'll go, you're busy."


He added, "The plan is simple. We'll kill our way in.. till this point."

His tapped his finger on the north point of the big camp before drawing a straight line down to a tent in the heart of the camp, where security was the tigtest.

Wan Shenwei continued, "Everyone go to rest now and the whole army shall execute a surprise attack in twelve hours."

The rest nodded their heads indifferently before turning around and leaving.

The former Wall of North Sea had long vanished without a trace. Blood of God's camp had also been emptied out and all the blood fiends had disappeared.

God Spirit Division led both Dawn and Dusk Blood Divisions to guard the camp.

Continuous reports of success arrived from the front line, bringing joy, but also restlessness, to the people.

It wasn't the first time subordinates had tried to persuade He Nanshan to lead the army. What credit could he get by defending the big camp? There was an uncountable number of people who complained everyday. He Nanshan understood how his subordinates felt and this, too, wasn't his first time considering that proposal.

His Majesty emphasized on contributions. Contributors would get rewarded definitely, no exceptions.

Defending the camp really wasn't desirable. If anything happened, they would inevitably be held accountable. If nothing happened, that was just a given and when His Majesty gave out rewards the most he would do would be to grace them with words like "reliable" and "wise". It was nothing comparable to the combat divisions that charged out in front.

Yet, He Nanshan forced himself to remain in the camp. He remembered how Dread and Judgement Divisions were nowhere to be found.

Everybody thought it was possible that Dread and Judgement ran off somewhere to become independent, so there was nothing to worry about. Elders Guild had long been corrupted, still obsessed with riches right before the big war. How unbelievable.

Their consecutive victories also made everyone look down on Elders Guild. To the blood elementalists, Spear of Heavy Cloud was the last barrier they had to cross. Once that was done Beyond Avalon would be a delicate woman, stripped bare.

Only Spear of Heavy Cloud could give them trouble now. But they were only just a little stronger than a blood division. Once god divisions were dispatched, nothing would be too difficult to handle.

But everyone felt more uneasy the more this was so.

How could they feel fairly treated seeing that others could easily gain credit while they weren't able to benefit from anything?

He Nanshan could only continue placating them. No matter what, Handsome Ye's safety was top priority. He Nanshan's coaxing was actually very effective. Not only was Handsome Ye everybody's commander-in-chief, he was their superior. He had a good personality and was capable, hence he was well-liked and respected by people.

As such, people put the blame on Nangong Wulian again, and until now Handsome Ye still hadn't woken up.

Nangong Wulian never was kind toward the soldiers so no one was happy to begin with. If not for the fact that he had a high status and great power, they would've spoken up out of anger. But since they weren't able to do that they could only complain in private.

Although He Nanshan had repeatedly warned everyone to raise their guard, no one cared. No one believed that anyone would dig their own graves by coming over here. And if they did, even better! As everyone was feeling frustrated over the lack of credit they were getting, anyone who attacked the camp would basically be giving them free credit.

Nangong Wulia's tent was right beside the center tent. Other than making daily trips to Ye Baiyi's tent, he would also hide in his tent to study whenever he had time.

Of course he knew about the general complaints, but he did not care. Heh, even Ye Baiyi had to mind his manners in front of him, so what rights did these lowly soldiers have to whine?

The front line's victory temporarily eased his worry over the destruction of Ardent Flower Blood Division.

What worried him was Ye Baiyi. The Heart of God had obviously wielded together with Ye Baiyi perfectly, so why wasn't he awake yet?

Nangong Wulian was losing patience while staying at the front line. There was nothing there and he couldn't conduct much of his research. It was a complete waste of time, but he couldn't go back unless Ye Baiyi woke up.

It looked like he would have to nourish Ye Baiyi with more nutrients today.

He went into the tent in the middle and Ye Baiyi was still lying unconscious in the ice coffin. Ye Baiyi had an indistinct heartbeat, but it had the power to absorb people's souls. Even Nangong Wulian, the creator of Heart of God, was immersed in the heartbeat that seemed to contain boundless might.

It was as if an enormous dragon was lying in the ice coffin, deep in sleep.

He asked the person beside him, "Whose turn is it today?"

Shortly, a youth, not older than twenty, entered the tent.

Nangong Wulian said with a smile, "I remember you. So it's your turn today, how is it? Prepared well?"

He had a deep impression of this youth. He recalled the youth saying that Ye Baiyi had advised him to leave before he'd made the decision to join God Nation.

The youth did not leave, but instead followed Ye Baiyi and had been ready to offer his life to him.

Looking rather tense, the youth said with much effort, "All prepared."

In these past few days he had seen his companions using fresh blood to feed Boss and it was his turn today. Everyone said he was the youngest and so they placed him right at the end.

Nangong Wulian felt envious that there were actually so many people who were willing to die for Ye Baiyi. How many of his people in Beast Venom Temple would do the same?

His face turned ugly as he said coldly, "You can start now."

The youth plopped his knees onto the ground and made three bows to Ye Baiyi. His forehead was red and tears were falling down his face. He choked, "Sir, I'm unable to follow you any longer. You must live long! I have no regrets left, and will conquer the world with you in my next life!"

He took a deep look at Ye Baiyi and wiped the tears off his face before leaping into the blood pool beside him.

The blood pool glowed brightly and roared like angry waves.

Ye Baiyi's faintly discernible heartbeat became lower and more powerful.