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Chapter 569: To Die for a Belief

 Chapter 569: To Die for a Belief

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Wang Rui overlooked the surging and frantic crowd, his mood completely ruined.

On behalf of Skyheart City, he had come to select the best candidates for Master's Glory, but these people were only here to join in the buzz. Yet, upon hearing that the Spear of Heavy Cloud was recruiting, they became so agitated and wild. Wang Rui felt terrible, as if he had just swallowed a fly.

Wang Rui was born into an aristocratic family that had a close relationship with the Ye family.

The Wang Family had a long history, but hadn't been illustrious for a long time. However, by riding on Madam Ye's newly gained power, the family immediately had a change of fortune. In terms of seniority, Madam Ye was Wang Rui's maternal aunt, and Wang Rui often played around in the Ye residence when he was young.

Madam Ye considered visiting various cities to scout for candidates since just relying on the Surveillance Division wasn't enough. She needed someone who was decent in all aspects, including family background, to coordinate the selection so that the respective mayors would follow through or at least not obstruct her plans.

Having followed Madam Ye for some time, Wang Rui had had his glorious moments, but it was still his first time carrying such a heavy responsibility.

He truly cherished this opportunity and wanted to get things done properly.

Seeing the scene before him, a rush of anger filled his heart, and his face was terrifyingly gloomy. Could it be that the popularity of the Spear of Heavy Cloud had already surpassed that of Skyheart City?

"Quiet! Quiet!"

The Master beside the mayor had no choice but to step forward to maintain order.

The excited crowd gradually calmed down, but the passion and fervor on their faces had yet to fade.

The mayor wanted to speak, but a tender voice broke the silence from on the stage, "I don't want to go to Skyheart City! I want to join the Spear of Heavy Cloud!"

The speaker was He Min, who had an agitated expression on his face.

He was extremely agitated. Ecstasy filled his heart, and he felt as if he was dreaming.

The Spear of Heavy Cloud had actually come to Wind Mail City to recruit new members!

He Min's voice rang just when the crowd had quieted down, so everybody's gaze fell onto him. However, no one, including the mayor, was surprised. In fact, they urged him on.

"Good one!"

"That's our boy!"

The crowd starting an endless cheer.

Master's Glory had been discussed for so many years, but nothing had come out of it yet. There weren't any Masters, so people thought of it unfavorably. Plus, while Skyheart City emphasized righteousness, citizens had nothing good to say about it. Le Buleng's satirical speech circulated more extensively than anything else, and to the ordinary citizens, the so-called general situation was simply too vague and distant.

Meanwhile, the Spear of Heavy Cloud grappled at the front line with real swords and spears. Wine, to them, was boiling fresh blood. Those who died were eternal heroes. What they chopped were the heads of their enemies.

In the eyes of ordinary people, joining Master's Glory and going to Skyheart City meant that they might gain power and become an influential figure. Joining the Spear of Heavy Cloud, however, meant that they could immediately enter battle to fight against the blood elementalists.

The latter was for the hot-blooded!

"No way!"

An angry voice boomed across the field.

Wang Rui's face was ashen, and he felt his face burning, as if he'd received a few hard slaps. He hadn't expected the Spear of Heavy Cloud to be this popular!

The servant behind him whispered, "We must take He Min away no matter what. So far he's the most talented candidate, second to none!"

Wang Rui also had no plans of letting He Min go. If he were to join the Spear of Heavy Cloud, Skyheart City would reach rock bottom. Wouldn't it be an extreme humiliation if this were to spread? And how could he, Wang Rui, allow himself to become the butt of the joke? His bright future would be thoroughly thrashed.

Furthermore, that servant had reminded him that he absolutely could not shrink back.

He stood up slowly. With a stern expression, he walked to the edge of the pavilion and surveyed the audience. In a deep voice, he started talking, "The Spear of Heavy Cloud is the pillar of the Elders Guild and a combat division most worthy of our trust. Their outstanding performance was indeed up to the Elders Guild's expectations, but Master's Glory fundamentally influences our ability to resist and claim victory over the blood elementalists."

Terrified by his might, the clamorous crowd unconsciously lowered their voices.

His tone was powerful and resonating. "Thus far, Master's Glory is our greatest and strictest plan. The Elders Guild will supply endless effort and resources! Countless people are advancing dauntlessly, wave upon wave. What for? To defeat the blood elementalists and take the Avalon of Five Elements back! Every one of you must understand the Elders Guild's painstaking effort. Regarding the fight against blood elementalists, the Elders Guild is more determined and well-prepared than anyone else."

He Min shook his head stubbornly. "I want to join the Spear of Heavy Cloud!"

Wang Rui suppressed his impatience, responding calmly, "If you join Master's Glory, you'll be able to unleash greater potential and become a powerful Master! You will become the Elders Guild's core, and they will focus on grooming you!"

He Min refused to listen. Like a monkey drum he shook his head. "No! I'm joining the Spear of Heavy Cloud!"

Wang Rui ran out of patience. Under the eyes of those present, he flew into a rage and berated, "Why are you so insensible? Do you not have any regard for the present situation? Are you able to take responsibility if Master's Glory fails because of you?"

He Min answered righteously, "I'm a child!"

The crowd burst into laughter. Everyone was amused by his response.

"Exactly. He's just a kid. What responsibility?"

"The Elders Guild is so useless!"

"Heh, heh. An old man is dead in the enemy country, new soldiers are defending our territory, a lone girl is fighting at the front line, and now it's this kid's turn!"


He Min's words made Jiang Wei smile too. This kid seemed really stubborn, but somewhat quick-witted and clever.

The mocking and ridiculing turned Wang Rui's face as red as pig liver. Each verbal attack was like a iron sword that pierced right through his heart. He had never been in such an embarrassing situation. The humiliation made his body tremble uncontrollably. Finally losing control, he roared, "Enough!"

The audience sank into momentary silence, but what followed after was an even more intense wave of angry reactions.

"What nonsense! Too afraid to go to the front line, yet you dare shout at us?"

"I've already said it. The Elders Guild is as useless as mud, and the inside officials are only interested in saving themselves!"

"Don't waste the kid's time. Bullsh*t Master's Glory. Rubbish!"


The crowd was absolutely agitated. Some of the stronger men were even rolling their sleeves up, ready to charge forward.

Wang Rui's face was ashen, and his body shivered. He muttered to himself, "Wicked citizens. A bunch of wicked citizens..."

Wind Mail City's mayor stood at the side, his face turning gloomy. Calling his people wicked right in front of his face... was that fellow implying that he was a wicked mayor? Expressionlessly, he commented, "Wicked indeed. How could such wicked citizens be worthy of such a grand plan like Master's Glory? Kindly head over to other cities to find your candidates."

Wang Rui turned his head, his face distorted. His eyes spat fire as he roared like a ferocious tiger, "You..."

Wind Mail City's mayor wasn't the least bit afraid. He asked coolly, "What? Is Prince Wang going to call me wicked too?"

The servant behind Wang Rui sighed and placed his palm on Wang Rui's shoulder. Wang Rui only felt a heavy weight pressing on his body. Not only was he unable to move, but he couldn't speak a word either.

A powerful elemental energy wave enveloped the whole of Wind Mail City, and the dark clouds overhead instantly vanished, revealing the clear, blue sky. Yet, no wind could enter Wind Mail City, as if the air had solidified.

All noise faded in a flash.

The surging clamor from earlier seemed to have frozen all of a sudden, and everybody's faces changed. They were so overwhelmed with shock that they couldn't speak.

The middle-aged man bowed toward Jiang Wei, calling out, "Sir! I'm a nobody from the Surveillance Division and have received an order to select the candidates for Master's Glory. I think we have found a very suitable prospect. Please give us that honor. My division leader will never forget this and will repay you in future for sure."

Jiang Wei sighed. He was somewhat hesitant.

He was a prudent and experienced man who did not wish to become enemies with the Surveillance Division. While the two parties did not see eye to eye, the Surveillance Division was very strong with the Elders Guild was behind their back, so it was best for the Spear of Heavy Cloud to not fall out with them.

He Min was confined by the invisible elemental energy and couldn't speak. He felt absolutely anxious, fearing that he was going to be sent to Skyheart City.

No way!

He couldn't let the opportunity to join the Spear of Heavy Cloud slip away!

He Min frantically engaged the elemental energy within his body. Although he was aware that his own frail elemental energy was in no way comparable to the energy that confined him, he couldn't care less. All he could think of was joining the Spear of Heavy Cloud!

The elemental energy within his body attacked the invisible shackles recklessly and incessantly!

His face was twisted, and the bones in his body were cracking, but the elemental energy trace rendered him immobile.

He must go to the Spear of Heavy Cloud!

He had never mobilized all of his energy this wildly before. Unable to adapt to such a great intensity, he started feeling dizzy as his head buzzed nonstop.

Suddenly, somewhere deep within his body, a hot stream gushed from his abdomen up toward his neck, and a ball of raging flame burned in his chest. His head rumbled as he entered a fuzzy state of consciousness. He could only feel a rush of intense heat enter his throat as the invisible shackles loosened slightly.

He used all his energy to shout, "I want to go to the Spear of Heavy..."

Before he could finish, a ball of bloody mist sprayed out of his mouth!

The middle-aged man opened his eyes wide in disbelief.

Upon seeing the bloody mist that He Min spewed out, Jiang Wei jolted. The doubt in his heart vanished like a puff of smoke.

Jiang Wei stood forward and spoke in an unhurried, but firm as steel, tone, "Sorry, but we're taking this kid."

The other members followed closely behind. As the troops spread out, everyone had solemn and resolute expressions.

It would be their greatest honor to have a kid who was this stubborn, who would choose to injure themselves in order to join the Spear of Heavy Cloud.

The middle-aged man sighed. "As a vice division leader with an immeasurably bright future, why put yourself in danger for a kid? You only have one life, so why not use it where it matters? The divide between a Master and yourself is too huge. You can't win."

Jiang Wei did not stop. With determined and steady eyes, he calmly unslung the bow from his back and said in a low voice, "We were born with a belief, and we will die with it. We will not live perfunctorily, and we will die for our belief!"

His scattered comrades formed a miniature vanguard, walking in sync. There was no fear on their faces, only persistence and courage. They were one. Old Ginger's words had touched them, and they couldn't help but cried out in unison.

"We were born with a belief, and we will die with it. We will not live perfunctorily, and we will die for our belief!"

Clearly, they weren't walking fast, but each step shook the earth like claps of thunder. Their voices clearly weren't loud, but they reached far and wide and into people's heart. They clearly had few people, but fearlessness spread across the field. They were invincible.

With each step and sentence, their aura strengthened like a rising tongue of flame, burning the skies like fire and like blood.

The middle-aged man's face changed.