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Chapter 567: Master’s Glory Selection

 Chapter 567: Master's Glory Selection

Translator: YH Editor: TYZ, CakeHermit

Gong Residence.

Gong Peiyao was startled when she saw Venerable Volcano who came to bid farewell. "Venerable, this is...."

Venerable Volcano firmly replied, "I am here to bid farewell."

Gong Peiyao's eyes turned red immediately. "Did Peiyao neglect Venerable Volcano in any way? Why do you want to leave?"

Thunder City had managed to survive only because Venerable Volcano went all out to risk his life. Gong Peiyao felt devastated upon hearing that he was going to leave.

Venerable Volcano shook his head. "I have already repaid the family head's kindness. With Han Li by your side, I can also be at ease. I wish to check out the situation at the front line. Back then, it was thanks to Ai Hui's porridge that my injury healed. I also wish to experience what the Pagoda Cannon Alliance is like."

Gong Peiyao was choked with emotion. "The front line is so dangerous..."

Venerable Volcano laughed heartily. "I already have one foot in the grave, how dangerous can it be? If not for how much I detest blood elementalists, I wouldn't have made this choice."

Before Gong Peiyao could persuade him to stay, Venerable Volcano interrupted her. "I have already made up my mind, do not attempt to persuade me anymore. Before I leave, I have a message for your father."

Gong Peiyao resisted her tears. "Please speak, Peiyao will definitely pass on the message."

Venerable Volcano glanced intensely at Gong Peiyao. He was quite fond of her and knew that she had a good personality, otherwise, he would not have stayed at the Gong Residence for so long.

Such a pity that he really did not fancy Prince Gong or the culture at the Gong Residence. If this little girl had been in charge of the household, he might have stayed on for another few years.

But, these words were not necessary for the little girl to know. He replied calmly, "Your father and the Assembly of Patriarchs are very close. He must be careful of them, as the Assembly's people are vicious and ruthless. Associating with them is akin to asking a tiger for it's skin. Okay, I have nothing more to say, so I'll be leaving."

After finishing his message, Venerable Volcano disappeared in a burst of flames.

The sea of clouds in the night sky was like a black curtain embedded with diamonds, boundless and wide. This was the most majestic and also the most enchanting view in the world. Jiang Wei was deeply moved by the sight.

Hundreds of millions of years ago, the vast sky full of stars was just like the illuminated sky today.

During the era ruled by the ancient dire beasts, their backs, multi-colored feathers and footprints were illuminated by the stars' radiance sprinkling down from the night sky.

Cultivation Era, which had been reflected in this night sky, witnessed the magnificence of swordsmen. The myriad sword rays had surged through the sky, exuding an earth-shattering brilliance that eclipsed even the dazzling stars. Tens of thousands of swordsman sects were ripped up from the earth while an endless number of seals were placed across mountain ranges. The starry night sky seemed to reflect the grandeur of the swordsmen and their naive ignorance. The splendour of the earth will last for all ages, just like them.

Is there anything that is immortal on this earth?

Jiang Wei sighed softly.

The elementalist by his side heard his sigh and teased him, "Old Ginger, thinking of Sister Sang?"

Jiang Wei and Sang Zhijun's intimate relationship was observed and blessed by everyone. Jiang Wei was steady and experienced, while Sang Zhijun was bold and incisive. They were both vice division leaders and their romantic relationship was termed as "the spring of vice division leaders."

Jiang Wei retracted his thoughts as he was already used to being teased. He smiled. "A little."

On the contrary, due to his honesty, everyone felt embarrassed to tease him. In fact, they were envious of their relationship. With the rampant wars and bombardments in this era, nobody knew when they would die. It was somewhat lucky to be able to find someone who loves you and who you love in return.

Jiang Wei sized up the city in front of him. It was not big and had guards standing perfectly straight in a considerably imposing manner.

Jiang Wei was a little taken aback. With regards to such a small city, its combat division's strength and discipline should be relatively ordinary and relaxed. As for its financial status, it would be difficult to support an elite combat division as the amount of resources one consumes is very shocking. Without strong and solid financial resources, it would be difficult to support a combat division.

If Central Pine Valley did not have the support of the snow lava, they would also be unable to support Spear of Heavy Cloud and Sword of Lightning.

As a result, Jiang Wei's heart stirred when he saw the guards at the city gate. It seemed that security was rather strict. Could there possibly be a capable person inside Wind Mail City?

Wind Mail City was located neither too far off nor too close to the front line. As it was still within the range in which they could recruit, Jiang Wei and a few elementalists made a trip down.

The previous battle heavily damages Spear of Heavy Cloud and they urgently needed to replenish their manpower. In addition, Shi Xueman considered how this battle would not end anytime soon and specially relaxed the restrictions on recruitment. She hoped that they would be able to recruit a few youngsters with potential. Although these youngsters would not be able to immediately become a combat power, they would still be able to improve quickly over time spent enduring the battlefields. Most importantly, they would continue to improve while penetrating deeply into the battlefield. Only then would they become the future backbone of Spear of Heavy Cloud.

Jiang Wei liked youngsters even more as they were not influenced by the bad habits of other combat divisions. With proper nurturing, they could become outstanding soldiers. When they had been recruiting fire elementalists, it was by chance that fire elementalists were at their lowest point. As a result, they were able to filter in the fire elementalists who had tenacious determination. If it had been like the current situation, they would have thanked heavens for being able to recruit any fire elementalists at all. As for the strength of these fire elementalists or whether or not they had strong determination, they completely had no choice in the matter.

One of the guards came forward and asked, "Here for the selection?"

Jiang Wei stared blankly. "Selection?"

Another guard checked Jiang Wei from top to bottom, smiled, and told his comrade, "Maybe he's not here to take part in the selection. He's not qualified to join the selection due to his old age."

Jiang Wei heard what was said and bowed politely to a few others. He curiously asked, "May I know what selection everyone is talking about?"

One of the guards smiled and explained, "Ignore them. The city is currently selecting the best seeds for Master's Glory."

Jiang Wei was overwhelmed with shock. "Master's Glory has succeeded?"

The guard shook his head, "Not yet, we have not heard any news, but we did hear that they are preparing for the next generation's Master's Glory. We assume that it will succeed soon."

Jiang Wei heaved a sigh of relief. They had previously discussed how Master's Glory's success would be bad news for them. There was a high possibility that a fundamental change would take place in the current situation.

They were still uncertain whether the situation would take a turn for the better or for the worse, but they knew that it would be a turning point.

Jiang Wei laughed. "I have yet to experience Master's Glory. Since I happened to passed by, I will have to tour around properly. I wonder which training hall it is being held at?"

"It's the mayor's residence, of course!" The guard looked at him as if he was a country bumpkin. "They are our valued and distinguished guests, how could we degrade them and make them travel to different training halls?"

Jiang Wei was not angry and nodded repeatedly. "That's true."

He was a little disappointed. It turned out that the guards were being serious and conforming to standards because of the selection. There really weren't any talented candidates.

He handed over a few elemental energy beans and was released.

After a short while, one of the guards suddenly became suspicious. "That person from a moment ago seemed a little familiar. It felt like I had met him somewhere before."

Another guard was also a little suspicious. "Now that you mention it, he did seem familiar."

"Maybe he came to our Wind Mail City before?"

"Sigh, I just can't recall anything. Not going to care anymore."

After entering the city, Jiang Wei and the rest headed towards the mayor's residence. Earlier on, the mayor's residence had already been surrounded by people until it was impossible to get through. Such a selection was a rare occasion in a small city like Wind Mail City. The entire city was there to enjoy the bustling scene.

"It was such a pity. That child almost made it. "

"Yes, anyway, this selection is really stringent. Not a single soul has succeeded yet."

"If it was easy, how could it still be called Master's Glory?"

Jiang Wei waited to mix into the crowd as he darted his gaze towards the second floor pavilion of the mayor's residence. The mayor looked like he was a rich middle-aged man. Beside him was a fair skinned youngster who was lavishly dressed and had a cold and gloomy gaze. His status seemed to be rather honorable. It could be seen that the mayor was constantly expressing goodwill towards him.

Jiang Wei's gaze ultimately landed on the servant behind the youngster. The man wearing servant's clothes gave off a dangerous vibe; it was as if he knew that someone was spying on him. The servant turned his head and looked in Jiang Wei's direction.

Before the other party even began to turn his head, Jiang Wei had already shifted his gaze elsewhere.

The official in the training hall spoke loudly, "The next batch joining the selection, Hyde Training Hall."

He Min stood on the stage and was the sixth person in the queue. He was not in the least bit nervous. Frankly speaking, he was not even interested in joining this selection. If it weren't for the fact that every student in the training hall had to take part in it, he would have slipped away.

He did not like Skyheart City.

When did it start? As he stood on the stage, he was bored stiff and thought to himself, oh, probably because he liked Spear of Heavy Cloud. After seeing that mirage bean pod, he became Spear of Heavy Cloud's die-hard supporter. He had dreamed of joining Spear of Heavy Cloud countless times. Even if he was unable to qualify as a pagoda cannoneer, he was fine serving as a transport soldier.

He was unsure why the gruesome battle had given all the other students nightmares. He'd thought that the battle with flesh and blood spattered everywhere, the booming sound of the pagoda cannons, and the fluttering quicksand was brimming with power and aesthetically pleasant. In He Min's eyes, the malevolence exuded by the Spear of Heavy Cloud's members ignited a certain indescribable conviction in him.

He felt as if he was possessed. In the past, he'd longed to join the Wind Mail Division, but as he looked at them, he felt that they were undisciplined, like a bunch of disorganized and uncoordinated soldiers.

Skyheart City had a hostile relationship with Spear of Heavy Cloud, making He Min detest it even more.

All the students in front did not succeed.

This was nothing odd. Including himself, the entire Hyde Training Hall did not have any gifted students.

Wind Mail City and Hyde Training Hall were respectively a small city and training hall. He was only an ordinary person.

Spear of Heavy Cloud, that was where all the heroes were congregated. He looked forward, but felt even more frustrated.

"Next, He Min."

The voice on the stage woke He Min from his thoughts and he returned to reality. He subconsciously walked towards the centre of the stage.

As he strode over the shadow backstage, the glaring light ray prevented him from seeing anything clearly.

Even many years later, he was unable to forget that image.