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Chapter 566: One-versus-One or All-versus-One

 Chapter 566: One-versus-One or All-versus-One

Translator: YH Editor: X, TYZ

Newlight City's high-profile announcement of joining the Pagoda Cannon Alliance shook the entire Beyond Avalon.

The Central Pine Valley was rather well known and had strong abilities as well. However, in the eyes of others, it was only a small power after all. Newlight City, on the other hand, was a big player. It was secondary compared to Skyheart City, but was the second largest city with the largest population. Newlight City represented an alarming number of new citizens. Although the new citizens were generally not that strong, nobody could belittle the vast number of them.

When Newlight City publicly announced that they would support Ai Hui's decision to set up the Pagoda Cannon Alliance, it momentarily disrupted the combat divisions which were waiting on the sidelines. Everyone was originally worried that Ai Hui could not handle this, but with the support of Newlight City, they could immediately see the future of the Pagoda Cannon Alliance.

The Spear of Heavy Cloud, the Sword of Lightning, and Newlight City's combat divisions were the core divisions that were capable of forming the foundation of the Pagoda Cannon Alliance.

Previously, many people were worried about Skyheart City's sanctions, but after witnessing Newlight City's declaration, they were worried that this opportunity would vanish all of a sudden. With Newlight City as their shield, why would anyone be worried?

The Pagoda Cannon Alliance, which had yet to form, was already becoming popular.


Skyheart City.

Madam Ye was fixated on the mirage bean pod and could not take her eyes off of it.

"Newlight City is the Central Pine Valley's closest ally..."

Just like a hammer's head, An Chouchou's voice was calm and powerful. Every sentence that came from him was hammered into everyone's mind.

The crowd beneath were overwhelmed with shock. The Central Pine Valley and Newlight City becoming allies was what worried Skyheart City the most. Although the Central Pine Valley had pagoda cannons and snow lava, their small population eventually limited them. Newlight City, on the other hand, had a large population that wasn't strong. They were only strong in appearance, but weak in reality, which was unworthy of Skyheart City's worry. However, when both factions united, it caused Skyheart City to feel utterly frightened.

Nian Tingfeng was extremely cautious since he could imagine how furious Madam Ye could get.

However, what took him by surprise was that Madam Ye was not the least bit angry. In fact, she replied with a smile, "This An Chouchou is pretty good at using powerful connections to intimidate people. Back then, we were under the impression that the new citizens had new tricks up their sleeves. Never did I expect that he would not even have the boldness to compete with Ai Hui today."

No one dared to even exhale. From Madam's tone, they were unable to distinguish if she was pleased or furious. Everyone became even more worried, especially Nian Tingfeng. He had already been warned by Madam for fouling up the previous issues and had not expected that An Chouchou would actually release a statement.

"An Chouchou has lost his determination, so there is nothing to worry about," Madam Ye faintly replied. "As for the Pagoda Cannon Alliance, hehe, do you think it is so easy to establish? Let them torment themselves."

Nian Tingfeng heaved a sigh of relief. "Yes."

Madam Ye continued, "This problem is beyond our scope of concern. Just let them do as they please. As to what extent, this will be their own doing. What we need at present is the Master's Glory. The first batch of Masters are going to leave seclusion. Skyheart City should be on the alert and not mess up at this moment."

Everyone replied in unison, "Yes."

Madam Ye's gaze was as cold as ice. "I will not blame anyone for the things that they are not in charge of, but do not blame me for being vicious and merciless if anyone does not fulfill their own duties."

Everyone uniformly trembled in fear.

Madam Ye continued, "Tingfeng, what is the situation for the selection of the next generation of Master's Glory?"

Nian Tingfeng quickly replied, "Reporting Madam, the 40 closest cities to Skyheart City have already completed the selection."

Madam Ye faintly replied, "Is anyone obstructing?"

Nian Tingfeng immediately replied, "No one is obstructing."

Madam Ye nodded her head in satisfaction, "That is great. Master's Glory is the right path for elementalists to resist the blood elementalists. Whoever dares to obstruct will be deemed as the entire Beyond Avalon's enemy and a traitor! Inform them that when it comes to this point, feelings and sentiments will not be considered."

Nian Tingfeng immediately responded, "I understand!"

Madam Ye continued asking, "How many people have been selected as of this moment?"

Nian Tingfeng replied, "There are currently 76 people selected. 36 of them have arrived at Skyheart City, and the other 40 are still en route.

Madam Ye faintly knitted her eyebrows since the number of people selected were far lower than her expectations. However, thinking of the current situation as compared to when Master's Glory first started, it could be said that there was a world of difference.

Nian Tingfeng sensed that Madam Ye was displeased and hurriedly replied, "We are currently heading toward the further cities to select the most suitable candidates."

Madam Ye solemnly warned, "This is the most crucial matter. Ai Hui and An Chouchou are merely little rascals. Do not mess up your priorities."

Nian Tingfeng quickly replied, "I understand."

Madam Ye restrained the jitters that she was experiencing in her heart as she had to rely heavily upon Nian Tingfeng. Surveillance Division was the toughest and strongest combat division in Skyheart City. Moreover, their ability to dig for intelligence was what she required at present.

Even if Nian Tingfeng did not do a good job, she would not reprimand him on a whim, but would rather win him over.

Once the Master's Glory program was over, all the difficult issues could be solved easily!

I'll just have to endure for a short period!


Shi Xueman slowly opened her eyes, and Cirrus which was stationary, started to tremble lightly. A strand of black smoke could be seen emitting from the tip of the spear.

Her internal injury was gradually improving. Although the amount of recovery was small, she was already very content.

She retracted her spear, rose up, walked out of the tent, and discovered that something was amiss outside.

Within one night, the camp had become packed with people. Where did all these people come from?

Holding onto Cirrus, she walked toward Sang Zhijun who was currently busy and asked in a low voice, "Why are there so many people?"

Sang Zhijun was both excited and and concerned, "Yesterday, Newlight City's An Chouchou publicly claimed to form an alliance with us. They will be dispatching Tong Gui and Yu Jin''s combat divisions to join the Pagoda Cannon Alliance. These fellows are just like wolves who smelled their prey and rushed over. Newlight City's hard-earned savings were utilized this time since Tong Gui and Yu Jin are their most capable division leaders. Is this how optimistic An Chouchou is about us? I wonder what spell Ai Hui casted on him!"

Shi Xueman finally understood what had happened, lowered her guard, and plainly replied, "Do you not understand him? Haven't you realized that there is nothing that he will not stoop to doing?

Sang Zhijun let out a gentle laugh. "Yes, yes, they have even abducted our division leader."

Shi Xueman replied unpleasantly, "I can't be bothered with you."

Sang Zhijun quickly replied, "Don't go. How do we handle these people? There are so many people at the side, and it's likely to get chaotic."

Shi Xueman replied, "Inform them to retreat 10 miles and wait for Ai Hui's announcement of the Pagoda Cannon Alliance's constitution. Do not allow any pitching of tents within the 10 miles radius.

Sang Zhijun got a little worried. "Will this create any chaos?"

Shi Xueman replied, "It will be better with chaos since they can't even suppress it now. Furthermore, with the establishment of the alliance, wouldn't it be even more chaotic?"

Sang Zhijun eventually understood that Shi Xueman wanted to punish some of the gathered fellows as an example for the others.

She immediately went to announce the order.

As expected, some people came to create trouble.

"For what reason! For what reason should we withdraw?"

"Exactly! Does this place belong to the Spear of Heavy Cloud? This is a no man's land!"

A few started to create a disturbance and immediately triggered others to follow suit.

Upon seeing that many people came to cause trouble, the other divisions did not immediately depart. Rather, they were engrossed in watching from the sidelines and were curious to see how the Spear of Heavy Cloud would handle this.

All of a sudden, a silhouette appeared, and the complacent people in the crowd were knocked down to the ground.

Just like calabashes, they all fell right by Shi Xueman's feet.

The bystanders were dumbstruck. The speed of Shi Xueman's silhouette was too fast, and they had not managed to catch a glimpse of her actions. Yet, those Masters who managed to distinctly see Shi Xueman's actions revealed grave looks as the smiles on their faces disappeared.

When an expert struck you, you would know how good he or she was.

Shi Xueman was agile, swift as lightning, and had clean technique. The Masters in the crowd were pondering if they could achieve the same result, but they would absolutely not be able to do so as beautifully as Shi Xueman had.

One of them had been badly thrashed and was still in a daze. At this moment, there was a voice that came from the front half of the crowd, "Which division are you from?"

He subconsciously blurted out, "The Yellowsand Division."

"Oh, the Yellowsand Division has lost the opportunity to join the Pagoda Cannon Alliance."

This sentence scared the confused and dizzy man until he became deathly pale.

At that moment, a tall and sturdy figure who possessed a fierce and tough aura appeared from the crowd. His face was filled with anger, "I am the division leader of the Yellowsand Division, Hei Yan. My subordinate might have been slightly rude and impetuous, but you should not be so overbearing. On what basis did you disqualify us?"

Shi Xueman did not answer, but questioned him, "One-versus-One or All-versus-One?"

Hei Yan nearly thought that he had heard incorrectly, "What?"

Shi Xueman repeated once more, "One-versus-One or All-versus-One?"

Hei Yan's face became flushed as he fumed with rage between gritted teeth. "Intolerably bullying! Intolerably bullying! This arrogant and despotic person still dares to establish the Pagoda Cannon Alliance?

This sentence caused many to hesitate since everyone still wanted to join the Pagoda Cannon Alliance, but did not want to give up their authority. If the Central Pine Valley was as powerful as what Shi Xueman had revealed, then many of them would have given up deep in their hearts.

Hei Yan glanced across the crowd and felt internally complacent.

Shi Xueman remained aloof. "One-versus-One or All-versus-One?"

Hei Yan who was somewhat arrogant awhile ago, glared at her. "You!"

Although he fumed with anger, he did not lose his rationality. Shi Xueman was indeed extremely powerful. In the mirage recording, she had battled against heavy odds when she encountered a few elementalists with the Ability of God. She had displayed an extremely terrifying combat power, and he knew that he had no chance of winning. There was also a huge gap between the Yellowsand Division and the Spear of Heavy Cloud.

Hei Yan was flustered and exasperated, "Is it a big deal to be strong? Does being strong permit you to bully the weak?"

Shi Xueman nodded her head. "Yes, it does."

Hei Yan was dumbfounded and could not respond in time.

At this moment, someone stepped forward, "Division Leader Shi's combat power is incomparable. The Spear of Heavy Cloud is indeed outstanding, but can you convince everyone if you only use your fist?"

Shi Xueman nodded, "Yes, I can."

This person was dumbfounded as well. After a short period of time, his face flushed. "But..."

Shi Xueman calmly scanned her gaze all around and straightforwardly interrupted his words, "Who is not convinced?"

The people present remained silent out of fear.