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Chapter 564: An Chouchou’s Change

 Chapter 564: An Chouchou's Change

Translator: Irene Editor: X, TYZ

What was he seeing?

What was he seeing!

The mountain peak was flying!

Oh god...

An Chouchou's head was buzzing, and he felt as if he was being electrocuted while an intense numbing sensation rendered him motionless. Everything he was seeing was beyond his imagination.

The surrounding clamor seemed to be coming from afar, and everything felt unreal.

Amid the dead silent Fishback City, an explosion abruptly went off. It looked as if an erupting volcano had instantly collided with a thick layer of ice. The chill and the quiet had been shattered and catapulted into the skies by the sudden release of raging passion and agitation.

Everyone had gone mad!

Completely mad!

Shi Zhiguang held his head with both hands and kneeled on the ground, his face full of disbelief. "Oh my god! It flew up! It flew up! How's that possible... how's that possible..."

Gu Xuan stood at the side, his mouth trembling. He was unable to speak, and unknowingly, tears had filled his face.

Qiao Meiqi rushed to Ai Hui's side and roared frantically, "God-subduing Peak! God-subduing Peak! This is a God-subduing Peak right? You did it on purpose, you must have done it on purpose! Oh my god, you actually made a God-subduing Peak. What can't you make? Are you human? Are you human or not! You're not! Not human!"

Choosing Ai Hui had been a tough decision, and Qiao Meiqi had to endure immense pressure and risks. Be it abilities or magnitude, Ai Hui was far behind Skyheart City. Qiao Meiqi thought highly of Ai Hui, but at the same time, his confidence had no basis. Seeing Blackfish Mouth Volcano flying up relieved him of all pressure, thus causing him to act this way.

Although Ai Hui felt very emotional, he did a good job of remaining calm. "It's not a God-subduing Peak. Although I made some theoretical references, they are still very different..."

When Ai Hui had decided to rush to the front line, the Central Pine Valley's safety became the greatest obstruction that needed to be fixed. The Central Pine Valley contained all the elderly and the young, so just one Mister Dou wasn't enough to resist an enemy invasion. He came up with many possible solutions, but they weren't able to guarantee the Central Pine Valley's safety, so Ai Hui felt that it was better to just bring all of them along.

However, danger lurked in every corner of the battlefield, so Ai Hui had to once again think about how to ensure everyone's safety.

He then thought about the God-subduing Peak.

The Central Pine Valley was uniquely shaped and contained all five elements. Plus, disregarding costs, they had constructed five elemental energy reservoirs to form a Circle of Life. While a God-subduing Peak had all five elements as well, its elemental energy reservoirs were much smaller than those of the Central Pine Valley. Plus, the valley's elemental energy reservoirs had already been built for quite some time, and they had constantly been using fire elemental energy to nourish and strengthen the Circle of Life. As such, the quality and scale of the five elemental energy reservoirs were far superior to when they were first constructed.

Conditionally speaking, the Central Pine Valley's flying mountain form was much more outstanding than a God-subduing Peak's. The former naturally contained all five elements, and after Ai Hui's modification, its Circle of Life became even more perfect. A God-subduing Peak, on the other hand, had an ordinary mountain form and the five elemental energy reservoirs were refined by people, so it had to consume an alarming amount of precious ingredients in order to maintain the operation of the reservoirs.

Yet, Ai Hui's idea was even bolder.

Although the Central Pine Valley had the five elemental Circle of Life, the cycle would gradually disperse from wear and tear if there wasn't a way to replenish it. The same principle applied to a God-subduing Peak. As such, Ai Hui thought about using the Blackfish Mouth Volcano since it contained an astonishing amount of lava, which was the key to replenishing the fire elemental energy of the cycle as well as producing snow lava.

That way, it would not only provide unceasing nourishment, but would also upgrade the Central Pine Valley's five elemental Circle of Life as well as supply the combat division with snow lava.

No one, however, listened to Ai Hui's explanation. Fishback City was in a raucous frenzy.

The lofty mountain peak ascended gradually as everyone watched in awe. It was much bigger than the Pinwheel Sword. It was so bulky that the Pinwheel sword was like a toothpick before the peak of Blackfish Mouth Volcano.

The volcano had an unique shape, like that of a blackfish which was halfway out of the water. Beside its huge body was a bright plain enveloped in mist. This was the former Central Pine Valley. The other three faces of the valley had been peeled off and exposed.

Ai Hui was the first to fly to the mountain peak, and the rest, who were unable to hold back any longer, followed closely behind.

Ai Hui did not go to the Central Pine Valley, but flew toward the volcanic crater of Blackfish Mouth Volcano. The devilish red glow over the lava lake converged to form a beam that shot into the Northern Underworld King Tree. Next to the tree sat a figure covered in blood.

Ai Hui jumped in shock. His figure shook a little and appeared beside Mister Dou. "Sir!"

Mister Dou appeared much paler and even the wrinkles on his face had deepened. He burst into laughter. "Hahaha, mission accomplished, mission accomplished!"

The red glow in Lou Lan's eyes flickered rapidly, and he said shortly after, "Mister Dou's injuries aren't fatal, but he might not be able to engage his elemental energy in the future."

Emotions stirred in Ai Hui's heart, and he extremely guilty. He carefully supported Mister Dou up.

He had considered this matter to be highly challenging, but it seemed that he had still underestimated the difficulty of cutting off the earth fire's pulse.

Feeling Ai Hui's guilt, Mister Dou shook his head. "I know my injuries well. It's not a big deal. No worries at all. I'm blind and old, so am I expecting to go into battle? I have no more regrets for being able to accomplish this matter. Haha, this is something never done before, and I can teach peacefully from now onward. Where's the wine? I'm going to drink my fill!"

Lou Lan did not hesitate to deny him. Eyes wide open, he very seriously said, "You aren't fit to drink wine right now, Mister Dou."

Ai Hui did not waste any more time either. He supported Mister Dou up and flew outward cautiously. "Yeah, listen to Lou Lan."

Mister Dou burst into a rage. With a hand supporting his neck he scolded, "How can I not have wine now? How can I not have wine now!"

Without even turning his head Ai Hui shouted, "Lou Lan!"

"I'm coming!" Lou Lan replied loudly, before catching up quickly. He persuaded Mister Dou patiently, "You really shouldn't drink, Mister Dou. Before your injuries heal you can't drink. Don't worry, it won't take long. About half a year will be sufficient, so before that, not even a drop of alcohol should be consumed since it will severely impede your recovery. It will have three negative effects. Firstly..."

Mister Dou's face was flushed. He was furious, but couldn't do anything to Lou Lan.

After nagging for half a day, Lou Lan tilted his head, saying, "Although you can't drink, there are other ways to celebrate. I'll prepare elemental soup, so use that to celebrate, Mister Dou."

Feebly, Mister Dou started drooling. His anger vanished like a puff of smoke as he said softly, "So be it, but since it's a celebration, just one bowl won't do."

"Two bowls at most." Lou Lan blinked before adding, "Your body can't take any more than that."

"Fill both bowls to the brim then."


Mister Dou became impatient. "Full bowls! I'm not even drinking wine anymore and you're telling me I can only have two bowls of soup. If you can't even give me two full bowls, what kind of celebration would it be?"

"All right. Two full bowls it is."

"Hahahahaa. I can finally have two bowls!"

Their conversation made Ai Hui smile.

Everybody walked around Blackfish Mouth Volcano in high spirits. Looking down from above was a very refreshing experience. Even Shi Zhiguang and the rest were filled with curiosity.

Being onboard Blackfish Mouth Volcano and the Pinwheel Sword were two entirely different experiences. The Pinwheel Sword was as fast as lightning, but very small in size, so the ride was clearly very shaky. Blackfish Mouth Volcano, on the other hand, was absolutely stable and motionless. There was no swaying, and if not for the fact that they were overlooking the ground, they wouldn't even know that they were in midair.

To them, this was a whole new experience.

The children ran about, excited and unable to stop.

On the contrary, An Chouchou was dazed. Standing at the edge of the mountain peak and surveying the ground, it could be seen that the trees had become like little ants. Blackfish Mouth Volcano's chopped side emitted a red glow, like a gradually cooling molten steel. It was a rather shocking sight.

Before such an overwhelming force, An Chouchou only felt his body turn cold as an intense fear clasped his heart tightly like a devil's claw that had crawled out from the abyss.

He knew that he had once again underestimated Ai Hui and finally understood why Ai Hui had allowed him to stay and watch.

God-subduing Peak!

Ai Hui could forge a God-subduing Peak. If this news were to spread, what kind of storm would it raise?

An Chouchou saw Ai Hui walking over. Feeling the bitterness in his mouth, he asked, "Is this a God-subduing Peak, Brother Ai?"

Ai Hui answered calmly, "There are some differences, but yeah."

Upon hearing Ai Hui's answer, An Chouchou felt agony. Having just pagoda cannons and snow lava versus having the blueprint for the God-subduing Peak were two completely different situations. Everyone favored pagoda cannon and snow lava, but other than the Spear of Heavy Cloud, there weren't any other testimonials. The God-subduing Peak's might, on the other hand, was known and witnessed by all.

An Chouchou was filled with fear.

Ai Hui, who looked like a red-eyed mummy at this point, had become unfathomable.

Pagoda cannons, snow lava, Pinwheel Sword, God-subduing Peak...

What else did he know? Exactly how deep was his understanding of elemental traces?

With a dull, defeated look he cried out, "Great work, Brother Ai! How unpredictable! I'm impressed!"

Ai Hui looked at him. The red crystals and bandage concealed his expression, but his tone remained calm. "What do you think about the Pagoda Cannon Alliance?"

Ai Hui's words did not surprise An Chouchou at all. Ai Hui had him witness the ascension of Blackfish Mouth Volcano precisely for this. Having already expected this question, An Chouchou wasn't the least bit happy. He was discouraged in fact. Other than this last sentence, he had judged everything else incorrectly. Plus, Ai Hui's words left him with no choice.

An Chouchou sighed inwardly, "Brother Ai's capability is immeasurable, and the Pagoda Cannon Alliance's future is inevitably bright. I'll make the announcement when I return. It's going to be a great undertaking!"

Ai Hui rose halfway and said, "Thank you so much, Brother Chou."

Not wanting to stay any longer, An Chouchou bade goodbye. "There's a lot of work to do in the city. I'll leave now."

Ai Hui added, "Have a safe journey, Brother Chou."

An Chouchou staggered away as the elementalists from Newlight City, who had long since been waiting from afar, rushed forward to receive him. From time to time they glanced over at Blackfish Mouth Volcano, their eyes filled with fear and shock.