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Chapter 555: Decoy

 Chapter 555: Decoy

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Entering the camping ground. Shi Xueman saw that it was empty. She narrowed her eyes and stared coldly at Zhao Mingwei. "What's going on?"

Her gaze was bitterly cold. To the Spear of Heavy Cloud, the two consecutive bloody battles were like two completely transformative tempering sessions, but wasn't it the same for her? Although she did not raise Cirrus in her hand, she still released a frightening aura, which seemed to freeze the air in the camp.

However, Zhao Mingwei only smiled bitterly. "Please calm down, Leader Shi. I wasn't being deceitful, but was left with no choice..."

Suddenly, two figures dashed in. They were Silver Soldier and Karakorum Polaris. Seeing the hostile situation outside the camping ground upon arrival had shocked them. After receiving information from Jiang Wei, they couldn't help but charge in without delay.

They were also worried that Skyheart City would harm Shi Xueman.

Silver Soldier looked around and said in a deep voice, "What's going on?"

By now Karakorum Polaris had already rested her sword against Zhao Mingwei's neck.

The bitterness on Zhao Mingwei's face intensified. "Now that all three division leaders are here, my mission is complete. The Dread and Judgement Divisions are long gone."

As it turned out, Wan Shenwei and Ximen Caijue, while formulating a plan on the road, had decided to change their route. They had ordered Zhao Mingwei to advance according to the original plan and to put forth a great display, allowing everyone to have a look at the four majestic God-subduing Peaks. Yet, the Dread and Judgement divisions had long since disappeared.

All three division leaders made eye contact.

Silver Soldier asked, "Did the two leaders say where they were going?"

Zhao Mingwei cried, "I did ask, but they ignored me. You sirs are finally here! I was in fear the whole time. We're talking about four God-subduing Peaks and endless supplies. If I had lost them, even nine lives wouldn't be sufficient for me to compensate. I haven't had a peaceful night of sleep and have been traveling in trepidation this whole journey..."

Silver Soldier inquired once again about the details of the Dread and Judgement divisions' departure.

After a while, the three of them gathered again.

Silver Soldier said in a low voice, "He's not lying."

Shi Xueman asked, "If this was a decoy employed by them, where would they be targeting?"

Silver Soldier shook his head. "I don't know yet. Perhaps they would attack the enemy headquarters directly or the Blood of God's territory. The former is most likely. How bold of them!"

Shi Xueman looked impressed too. "The enemy would never expect it, but they still have a narrow window."

Everyone kept quiet.

Such a dangerous war strategy was greatly avoided and employed as a last resort. This also meant that the two division leaders were pessimistic about the situation. They were convinced that ordinary methods would give them little chance of victory.Thus, they chose to risk it.

Worry flashed across Shi Xueman's eyes. "We have to make full use of this time. The enemy's counterattack might be too aggressive for us to handle this time round."

They had initially thought that with the two central combat divisions, Dread and Judgement, there would not be any problems even if the enemy attacked more forcefully. After all, they were the two strongest combat divisions in the Avalon of Five Elements.

They believed that while an ordinary combat division would be unable to resist the blood elementalists' retribution, it would at least have sufficient members to exhaust a significant portion of their energy. Plus, they would have the Dread and Judgement divisions as the core while the Spear of Heavy Cloud, Infantry, and Sky Edge would assist by forming a new defensive line to obstruct the enemy.

But with the Dread and Judgement Divisions' sudden change in attacking route, their plan had already failed before it even started. This also meant that the situation had become extremely dangerous.

Having battled with blood elementalists, the three of them were clear that an ordinary elementalist combat division was no match for the enemy. They were most worried that the combat divisions charging toward the front line would keep getting defeated and eventually collapse.

With the entire front line collapsing, there would be no chance of victory.

Everyone was speechless. Suddenly, Beyond Avalon's fate had fallen onto their shoulders, and the immense pressure rendered them breathless. In reality, they were merely three nobodies and their combat divisions were completely new. Looking around, however, they realized that there wasn't anyone else.

Silver Soldier exclaimed, "We must obstruct them!"

Shi Xueman raised her Cirrus up.

A snow-white long sword was raised.

An iron fist was raised.

"To the death!"

"To the death!"

"To the death!"


Central Pine Valley.

Ai Hui, Lou Lan, Blind He, and Mister Dou sat together. They listened carefully as Ai Hui went through his whole plan. "That's about it. Any problems?"

Mister Dou was the first to speak. In a worried voice he asked, "Can we really succeed?"

Ai Hui replied calmly, "This is the best solution I can come up with. Whether or not it will work, I'm not sure. Lou Lan has tested this hypothesis, and theoretically speaking, it should work, but no one has done it before, so nothing can be guaranteed."

With an exceptionally grim and assured tone, Lou Lan exclaimed, "Lou Lan believe it will definitely succeed!"

Mister Dou sighed. "It's too much of a risk."

Ai Hui said in a low voice, "A loosed arrow cannot be retrieved. The tigers and wolves are watching all around, so we have to defend ourselves."

Mister Dou couldn't help but sigh and remained silent. When compared to the serenity within the valley, the fire of war outside was like a whole different world. He was no longer a leader in the underworld, but an average old man who enjoyed teaching a bunch of kids every day.

He sighed deeply. He'd hoped for these kids to grow up safely, but judging from the current situation it was an extravagant wish.

The chaotic world was like a copper furnace that trapped everyone in it. There was no hope of escaping.

The Central Pine Valley was also unable to stay out of it.

He closed his eyes and envisioned many small and weak figures fighting through the war amid the wind and rain. Some fell while others gradually grew stronger.

This was the chaotic world.

Blind He said faintly, "It's fine on my side. I can make whatever is needed. The rest can be put aside for now."

Ai Hui added, "Regarding manpower, I will engage all the members of the Sword of Lightning and all of the kids from the valley. Lou Lan will be in charge of coordinating and rectifying the situation."

"No problem, Ai Hui! I'll work hard!" Lou Lan answered enthusiastically before asking, "What about Bangwan?"

"Don't disturb him." Ai Hui continued, "Bangwan's spontaneous enlightenment has been going on for such a long time. I have a feeling that he will be at a totally different level when he awakens."

Mister Dou opened his eyes, revealing the depth of his empty eye sockets. With a disdainful expression, he commanded, "Just leave the Northern Underworld King Tree to me."

Ai Hui watched him attentively and bowed. "Thank you, Sir."

Mister Dou laughed. "You need not be so polite with me. I've been waiting for this for a long time. Just the thought of it makes my blood race. One foot already in the grave,n but still able to go down in history. How lucky am I! There are no regrets left in life!"

His long grey hair fluttered in the air. Despite the emptiness and haggardness on his face, he spoke heroically, "Remember to prepare some good wine!"

Ai Hui spoke solemnly, "On the day of victory, we will have a drink together."

Pinwheel Sword.

As everyone gradually got used to the speed of the Pinwheel Sword, their excitement cooled off too. Nevertheless, they never stopped pondering over it.

Qiao Meiqi wondered if he should get a Pinwheel Sword from Ai Hui. From what he saw, circulation was the essence of business, and in the circulation of money and goods, speed was always crucial. Even if placed in the era of the Avalon of Five Elements, the speed of the Pinwheel Sword would be incomparable, let alone the load basin beasts that were currently the main mode of transport.

As for the fact that the Pinwheel Sword ran on snow lava and was therefore extremely costly, Qiao Meiqi did not see it as a problem at all.

Now was the time of wars and chaos!

Who would care about costs when it was a matter of life and death?

As for the swordsmen needed to operate the Pinwheel Sword, he could simply pay Ai Hui to train them! With his understanding of Ai Hui, any definite benefits would effectively convince him. There was no difference between chasing a duck or a flock of ducks. He wasn't expecting those swordsmen to fight his war, but to transport his goods.

After a while, he realized that only Shi Zhiguang was operating the Pinwheel sword while the other swordsmen were merely standing guard. Qiao Meiqi's eyes became even brighter. Wouldn't that be even easier?

A Pinwheel Sword being attacked? With such speed, enemies would only be eating the dust coming out of it. Not even dire beasts would be feared! Practically all the dire beasts that could catch up to the Pinwheel Sword's speed lived in the upper atmosphere.

No matter how he saw it, the Pinwheel Sword was the perfect transportation tool!

The more he thought about it, the brighter his eyes became.

What he had thought of wasn't anything special, but at this moment, no one could imagine the enormity of the storm that the Pinwheel Storm could possibly raise. No one knew how deep of an impact it could bring to this world.

Everyone was aware of the advantages of the Pinwheel Sword, but its disadvantages were similarly evident. The high cost of snow lava greatly limited its suitability. Only the wealthy, like the Central Pine Valley, would spend so recklessly. How were others going to afford it? Even if they could, they would only have enough for one or two.

Throughout the journey, Huo Da had been by Shi Zhiguang's side.

Shi Zhiguang was feeling uneasy after being stared at for a long time. "What are you looking at?"

Huo Da replied truthfully, "Looking at how you control the Pinwheel Sword."

Shi Zhiguang laughed out loud. "Is this something you can learn just by looking? It's not so easy being a sword operator!"

Huo Da questioned, "Sword operator? Specializing in the Pinwheel Sword?"

Shi Zhiguang had been piloting the Pinwheel Sword in a fanciful manner and had been totally enjoying the process. Upon executing an emergency brake maneuver outside Lightning City, he had almost caused an uproar, but became significantly more well-behaved on the route back. However, merely operating the Pinwheel Sword at full speed required little effort, and he quickly got bored. Huo Da's words easily got him excited.

He was, after all, a young chap in his twenties. Seeing a Master who was looking at him in such an inquisitive manner immediately fed and satisfied his vain heart.

In high spirits, Shi Zhiguang started bragging about the importance and power of sword operators. "That's right! A sword operator holds the most important position on the Pinwheel Sword and has complete control over its flight. He decides how and where it flies. Think about it. All lives on board are in your hands, so how can you not be important?"

Huo Da nodded his head in agreement. With slight astonishment he cried, "That's really good!"

Huo Da's compliment excited him even more. "Now that you have experienced the Pinwheel Sword's speed for yourself, how do you feel?"

Huo da replied sincerely, "Fast as lightning. It's incomparable."

"That's right!" Shi Zhiguang hurriedly added, "With this speed it is extremely challenging to alter its direction. You must find a loophole in the enemy's troop disposition and seek a suitable path to cut in. All of this has to be completed in a second. I'm not lying. It must all be done in the blink of an eye or else you'll overshoot."

Huo Da knew that Shi Zhiguang was speaking the truth since Huo Da was also an expert in flying. His Comet Wings were known for their speed. He had rich experience in flying and knew that the faster the speed, the harder to control. With the Pinwheel Sword's speed, it was true that Shi Zhiguang would only be given a split second to react.

Huo Da exclaimed, "You must have trained for a long time!"

Shi Zhiguang opened his eyes wide. "Definitely! I've been through some vigorous training. There's no other way. There were so many times that I felt like I was going to die."

Huo Da asked curiously, "How do sword operators train?"

Shi Zhiguang's face instantly turned red. After a short while he stammered, "Embroidery."

Huo Da was utterly shocked.