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Chapter 554: Entering the Camp

 Chapter 554: Entering the Camp

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Along the way, the Spear of Heavy Cloud, which had been delayed, was finally about to join forces with Shenwei and Caijue's combat divisions. From afar people, were already able to catch sight of the God-subduing Peaks floating in the sky. Four majestic God-subduing Peaks formed a line in the sky, creating a magnificent sight. Light screens lit up and flickered from time to time, contributing to the God-subduing Peaks' already mysterious vibe.

"Those are God-subduing Peaks?"

"How spectacular!"

"Two of those are ours? Oh my, how great!"

Members of the Spear of Heavy Cloud exclaimed in admiration. Their eyes shone brightly as a look of infatuation and longing flashed across their faces.

The God-subduing Peak, a top-notch battle weapon forged by the Elders Guild. It played a huge role in assisting the Wall of North Sea in defending against the Blood of God. So far, God-subduing Peaks were still the most powerful battle weapon in the world.

The God-subduing Peaks were enormous and bulky, able to station a whole combat division. Each God-subduing Peak was unique because they were made by slicing off mountain peaks at their waists. It was said that the selection of mountain peaks was a stringent process, with the first requirement being that they must be over 1.3 kilometers in height.

Its defense was extremely shocking. Each God-subduing Peak was basically a fortress in the sky. Its offensive power was equally astonishing. It possessed all five elements and could quickly change its attacking methods.

The God-subduing Peak gathered the Elders Guild's most exquisite elemental trace research, the most valuable ingredients, and the top forging methods. Only the Elders Guild had the ability to forge a God-subduing Peak since they were the only ones with an abundance of valuable materials and extremely skillful craftsmen.

Standing against the God-subduing Peak, the Blood of God had no choice but to attack forcefully.

When facing an elementalist combat division, a blood elementalist combat division had a relative advantage over them. In a one ono one battle, a blood elementalist combat division had an 80 percent chance of victory.

However, if the elementalist combat division had a God-subduing Peak, the blood elementalist combat division only had a threefold advantage in terms of military strength, and this was only if they chose to attack head on. Even then, they would have to be prepared to pay a heavy price in exchange for breaking through a God-subduing Peak's defense.

To the elementalists, the God-subduing Peak held the most supreme position.

Even Shi Xueman, who was usually steady and calm, seemed touched. She had been in a God-subduing Peak before and had experienced for herself its immeasurable might. Two God-subduing Peaks were enough to place the Spear of Heavy Cloud onto the list of the most powerful combat divisions.

Everyone sped up in unison. Even the injured members were excited.

There were already people waiting outside the camping ground.

"Are you Shi Xueman, division leader of the Spear of Heavy Cloud?"

The speaker was a middle-aged man, 40 or so with average looks. However, the occasional glints in his eyes convinced people that he wasn't someone whose abilities should be underestimated.

Shi Xueman composed herself. "Yes, I'm Shi Xueman. You are?"

The man made his salutations, "Your humble servant, Zhao Mingwei, is from the Surveillance Division."

The Surveillance Division. Shi Xueman became vigilant and asked calmly, "I'm here to receive the God-subduing Peaks and some resources. Are there any procedures to follow?"

"I've been waiting days for you and thought you weren't coming." Zhao Mingwei smiled. "There's no procedure. You'll just have to enter the camp to verify."

Shi Xueman nodded. "All right. Where are the two division leaders? Xueman will pay them a formal visit."

In terms of seniority, Wan Shenwei and Ximen Caijue were on par with her father, so she spoke as a junior.

She walked toward the camping ground as Sang Zhijun and the rest followed behind.

"Halt!" Zhao Mingwei spoke suddenly, "Sorry, everyone. Only Division Leader Shi is allowed to enter."

The faces of Sang Zhijun and the others changed abruptly. Members of the Spear of Heavy Cloud put on an unfriendly face, and the atmosphere instantly became one of mutual hostility. Everyone was highly guarded against Skyheart City, and now Shi Xueman was going to enter alone. How could they not be worried?

Shi Xueman stopped them and looked at Zhao Mingwei, saying coldly, "I'll be quick, don't worry."

After that, she entered the camp with her head high.

Jiang Wei looked murderous at this point. He ordered in a low voice, "Be on guard everyone."

Members of the Spear of Heavy Cloud took out their weapons silently and got into position. With pagoda cannons in place, they pointed them toward the camping ground. A murderous aura filled the air.

Thousands of miles away.

The mirage bean pod light ray flickered.

There wasn't any sound in the room since everyone was holding their breaths. They had forgotten how to breathe.

It was evident that the clip had been recorded some distance away from the battlefield, but because of the ample distance the whole battle could be recorded. The wood elementalist who had recorded the clip was so skillful that even the veteran reporters were left sweating from head to toe.

The gruesome battle had the audience shaken up and emotionally moved. Blood and flesh splattered everywhere and carelessly right before everyone's eyes. The Ardent Flower Blood Division's head on attack made their scalps tingle. Even if it was merely a recording, it was enough to evoke intense reactions from the crowd. The dazzling white flames sprayed by the pagoda cannon ripped through the sky. Trampled by the ardent flower night wolves, the yellow mud on the ground was like a sheet of raised silk, tan in color and carried a devilish luster that flickered nonstop.

The close quarters fight between Shi Xueman and Xing Shan was on full display.

Vapor rose from Fatty's body. He was like an iron tower, domineering and sturdy. A sinister look flashed across his face as he mounted a sneak attack on the enemy division leader.

Wang Xiaoshan's transformation of the ground into a muddy marsh was a perfect showcase of a Master's aura.

The remarkable blood elementalists' might and malevolence.

The bitterness of the short range fights and the hysteria of both parties were clearly demonstrated. They were willing to do anything to continue breathing. The cruel sight of fresh blood mixing in with mud made people feel suffocated.

Fatty's breakthrough at the ultimate moment, the terrifying fiery rain, and the strangely inextinguishable white flames made their limbs cold and sent a chill down their spines.

The Chieftain Wolf's sacrifice, Xing Shan's suicidal counterattack... it was moving and tragic.

When the final scene ended, the room sank into darkness, and no one said anything for a long time.

Whoosh. The windows were opened and sunlight entered the room. The bright and beautiful sun couldn't provide the room with any warmth. Only fear and shock remained on the audience's faces.

Prince Gong couldn't help but exclaim, "I did not expect the battle to be this gruesome. Shi Xueman's victory didn't come easy."

Gong Peiyao pursed her lips. Her face was pale and bloodless. She had been thoroughly frightened and felt extremely regretful. She wouldn't have watched it if she'd known how gory it would be. She was definitely going to have many sleepless nights. More so than fear, she felt impressed. It was no wonder that Shi Xueman had always been the one looking after her. How much tenacity and perseverance this battle had required! She had felt happy for Sister Xueman upon hearing about the good news, but hadn't realized how difficult it had been for them to claim this victory!

Han Li was out of it and shaken up. He had always been responsible for his own sword mastery. Ever since he became a Master, he was convinced that he could go anywhere in this world. Only now did he realize how ignorant he had been. He had been intensely proud of his skills, but how much help would he be when placed on that battlefield?

On the contrary, being used to such sights, Venerable Volcano wasn't too affected, but his eyes lit up at that point. "What an amazing pagoda cannon! What a strange Path of Master! I did not think that a Master could be born out of a pagoda cannon. This thing has great potential."

Prince Gong nodded. "Recently pagoda cannons have been popular and Shi Xueman seems to be marketing them as best as she can. I had been led to think that the Central Pine Valley was on short of money."

"War costs a lot." Venerable Volcano nodded. "A combat division's expenditure is no longer like in the past, when they only had two or three hundred members. It's normal to be short on money. It would be weird if they were not."

Prince Gong asked directly, "What do you think about pagoda cannons, Venerable Volcano?"

Venerable Volcano answered without hesitating, "Great prospects! Slightly inconvenient when used single-handedly, but for a combat division they're perfect. Fire elementalists are cheap nowadays..."

Prince Gong interrupted Venerable Volcano with a bitter laughter. "Venerable, fire elementalists aren't cheap anymore..."

Venerable Volcano was slightly taken aback. "How come?"

Prince Gong laughed even louder. "Shi Xueman had been demonstrating the power of pagoda cannon on the trip back. She allowed tours and answered all related questions. Pagoda Cannons are in high demand now, and the price of hiring fire elementalists is spiking. Every family has a shortage of fire elementalists."

A look of realization flashed across Venerable Volcano's face, and he burst into laughter. "How unexpected, how unexpected. Here I was thinking that fire elementalists were about to fall into decline and look what happened in the blink of an eye. Ai Hui is remarkable, remarkable indeed."

He was a fire elementalist, so naturally it was happy news.

Prince Gong muttered, "Looks like we'll need to polish up the pagoda cannon's techniques. Engaging fire elementalists isn't a problem. It doesn't matter if they're expensive, so just scout them out. However, we will have to purchase snow lava. Doesn't that mean we will be in the hands of the Central Pine Valley?"

Venerable Volcano had seen a lot, so he suggested, "Buy some first and we will study it ourselves. If the pagoda cannon is really that popular and snow lava is really essential, would others simply let those people control them?"

At that he stopped abruptly.

Prince Gong's eyes lit up and were twinkling.

They exchanged gazes.


Fishback City.

The recording had finally ended, and An Chouchou gave Ai Hui a side glance. A pity his face was wrapped up in bandage, so his expression couldn't be seen. Ai Hui would probably have an engrossed look on his face right now.

An Chouchou waved his hand. "This is my subordinate who just went to purchase this mirage bean pod. If Skyheart City wants to make a move, it would definitely gain support first, and this mirage bean pod is the best way to do it. I had my man be on the lookout, and sure enough, it's out."

Ai Hui asked faintly, "What does this show?"

An Chouchou laughed out loud. "Why feign ignorance, Brother Ai? Things have already come to this point, is there any meaning in concealing and hiding?"

Ai Hui sighed. "Looks like Skyheart City is really about to make a move. You're wise, Brother Chou. What should the Central Pine Valley do?"

An Chouchou smiled. "It's just a small issue. Surely Brother Ai wouldn't be defeated by it?"

He was full of confidence. It was already set. Skyheart City's first step was as he had predicted. He believed that this would serve as a message to Ai Hui that the situation was under his control.

An Chouchou didn't want to talk too much. Ai Hui was a smart man. With his accumulated experience, Ai Hui could always seek out opportunities.

Ai Hui's only chance was to cooperate with Newlight City!

Only by cooperating with Newlight City could he intimidate Skyheart City and prevent it from making any reckless moves. Other influences, even the Gong residence, wouldn't be able to do this. Other smaller powers wouldn't even be able to resist against Skyheart City.

"I can't even earn some money peacefully." Ai Hui sounded helpless.

He stood up, walked toward the door, and left An Chouchou with some parting words, "It's late. You should rest early."