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Chapter 551: The Purest Sword Lineage

 Chapter 551: The Purest Sword Lineage

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"When I first saw it, I knew it was extraordinary. It is destined to dazzle the entire sky."

-- News Master Wen Youming

Wen Yongming was a famous news reporter from the news village, "Elemental World."

The rise of news villages, which was due to the decrease in the production cost of the mirage bean pods, happened not too long ago. However, the number of news villages was already growing at a terrifying speed. Everyone was becoming increasingly used to buying newly-released mirage bean pods every day to watch the content they were interested in.

Some high-tier news villages were able to distinguish themselves from the rest and expanded rapidly. Elemental World was one of these news villages.

The rise of news villages also gave rise to a new profession, news reporter. They were hired by news villages to gather news from various topics. They were an indispensable part of a news village.

As a reporter, one did not need to have a high base level, but rather, one definitely needed sharp senses. Knowing how to obtain valuable news from the chaotic world and how to conquer audiences involved a lot of science,

Wen Yongming was a well-known reporter, otherwise, he wouldn't have been targeted and hired by Elemental World.

He had arrived in Thunder City one month ago. His attention was captured by the snow lava. Qiao Meiqi was the only snow lava retailer, and he had a mysterious relationship with the Central Pine Valley.

As a professional reporter, Wen Yongming was very interested in everything that had to do with Ai Hui. Ai Hui's reappearance in the world was orchestrated and hyped up by the New Citizen Faction using news villages. One could say that the Lightning Blade was the first successful news story for the world of news villages.

Unlike those who disappeared without a trace after laying low for a period of time, Ai Hui was able to reappear on the world's radar despite disappearing for some time.

He then established the mysterious Central Pine Valley!

Wen Yongming witnessed with his own eyes how the news of Ai Hui's comeback spread and resulted in the grand gathering of the Central Pine Faction. Wen Yongming was filled with interest toward Ai Hui. All this time, he had been paying attention to various information related to Ai Hui and the Central Pine Valley.

For example, the Battle of Clearwater City, Ai Hui becoming the first ever Lightning Master, the Central Pine Valley's snow lava being graded as an A-grade fire liquid, the bloody signboard at Lemon Camping Ground, the Shi Xueman-led Spear of Heavy Cloud winning two battles in a row, the recent Pagoda Cannon craze, etc.

The Central Pine Valley was still very mysterious, as if it was covered by a dense fog.

Many aspects of the Central Pine Valley intrigued Wen Yongming.

For example, the fact that the Central Pine Valley's strength kept on increasing. It was not just one person improving, but rather, everyone in the Central Pine Valley was improving together.

Another example was that other powers wished the whole world would know about their feats, but not the Central Pine Valley. It seemed that the entire Central Pine Valley had not appeared on the world's radar at all. No one paid great attention to their existence. Only when certain huge events or conflicts broke out would the long-forgotten Central Pine Valley appear on the world's radar.

A low-profile power like them always got on the nerves of other powers.

Previously, the Central Pine Valley had very few people. Most of them were from the Central Pine Faction. The formation of their combat divisions happened not too long ago. Everyone thought highly of the Spear of Heavy Cloud. After all, Shi Xueman was well-versed in military warfare and the Central Pine Faction was mainly made up of combat veterans. They had a bright future. However, no one expected Shi Xueman to bring a bunch of unknown rookie fire elementalists to the battlefield and win two battles in a row.

The Central Pine Valley had a magical allure over Wen Yongming.

After waiting for a month, he still did not make any gains. Even so, he wasn't anxious. As an outstanding reporter, having patience was a must. Even if he put in effort, he might not receive any payback. However, if he did not put in any effort, he wouldn't even have the chance to receive any payback at all.

Now, he finally received payback from the effort he had invested. From the huge number of customers crowding outside the mayoral residence waiting to buy snow lava, Wen Yongming immediately understood that the pagoda cannon craze would have an extremely deep impact on Beyond Avalon and the entire world.

However, at this point in time, he could only look blankly at the oddly-shaped structure hovering in the sky outside of Thunder City.

He had never seen such an odd-looking structure before.

It was like a misshapen ladle or a walking stick. Atop it, there were a few pagodas that were of different heights. Beneath it, countless swords were hanging, resembling wind chimes. At the back of the structure, there was a rotatable pinwheel.

No matter how he looked at it, it looked like an oversized handicraft that was made by a child and very stupid-looking at that.

However, it was this odd-looking structure that struck an unprecedented fear and panic in all of Thunder City.

An elementalist from descended from it. Oh? Wasn't that Master Huo Da?

Wen Yongming was stunned momentarily. When he returned to his senses, his face flushed with excitement.

Master Huo Da travelled day and night to go to the Central Pine Valley!

The Central Pine Valley!

This odd-looking structure was from the Central Pine Valley!

Wen Yongming forced himself to stay calm. He knew he had gotten himself a big scoop this time around! He took out a mirage bean pod in a flurry. Following which, he pinched and broke its outer shell, revealing five sparkling, translucent, and dark green beans.

He inserted a trace of elemental energy into the beans. With a soft pop, the beans became a wiggling ball of light. Within the ball of light, there was an image of the odd-looking flying structure outside the city.

"Hello everyone. This odd-looking structure that everyone is looking at now is a rarely-seen flying device. This is the first time it has appeared in front of the world. We have never heard of it before. It comes from the mysterious Central Pine Valley. That's right! The Central Pine Valley that triggered the pagoda cannon craze! The speed of this flying device exceeds our understanding of speed. When it arrived just now, the violent shock wave it created almost destroyed the defenses of Thunder City. Now, let us take a closer look at it..."

Wen Yongming controlled the mirage bean pod and talked as he moved closer to the Pinwheel Sword.

Huo Da descended to calm everyone down while the rest of the Sword of Lightning's members continued to be on alert.

Previously, the ruckus they created shocked the entire Thunder City. Shi Zhiguang's face was filled with regret. Now, he felt that what he had just done was overly rash. The city gate of Thunder City was absolutely empty, with no one daring to get close to them. It was as if they were a dire beast that would eat people!

At the empty city gate, there was a man holding a ball of light. That man was mumbling nonstop to himself as he moved closer to them.

What should they do?

Everyone looked at Gu Xuan.

Gu Xuan was vexed as well.

Clearly, this person was a reporter. The mission that Boss gave them was to bring as many reporters back as possible. That meant he couldn't kill this fellow. However, this man kept on recording them, making Gu Xuan extremely uncomfortable. He felt something wasn't right.

Should he silence this fellow?

Luckily, Gu Xuan was an experienced veteran. After thinking about it, he still had to bring a batch of reporters back. As such, he couldn't keep the Pinwheel Sword a secret no matter what. He let Wen Yongming move closer and record them. Turning around, he yelled at the other members, "Everyone, wake up! Have you not eaten anything? Whoever looks unglamorous on the mirage bean pod will receive extra training sessions when we go back!"

When everyone, including Shi Zhiguang, heard the words "extra training sessions," they raised their heads and stuck out their chests, releasing a surging ferocious aura.

"... Its shape is extremely odd. It's uglier than the most ugly-looking dire beast. Until now, we still don't know what is it used for. However, the speed that this monster displayed just now is unusually terrifying. It is faster than all azure wings, Fiery Floating Clouds, and dire beasts. Since this monster is from the Central Pine Valley, it is destined to be extraordinary..."

Everyone was already stressed out by the man's nonstop muttering. All of them trained with the Pinwheel Sword day and night, so they had developed a deep relationship with it. As such, when the man kept on referring to the Pinwheel Sword as a "monster," one of the members could not help but cry out, "It's a Pinwheel Sword! It's not a monster!"

Wen Yongming's eyes lit up and quickly raised his volume to explain, "A Pinwheel Sword! This monster-like flying structure is a sword! Oh, that's right, Ai Hui is the Lightning Blade, and his combat division is called the Sword of Lightning. This Pinwheel Sword no doubt possesses the purest sword lineage. It's completely filled with the aura of swords..."


One of the members could not help but laugh.

Gu Xuan turned around with eyes filled with anger and asked, "What's so funny?"

"Boss Gu, the purest shamelessness lineage... filled with the aura of shamelessness..." the member's face was bright-red from holding in his laughter.

[1] "Sword" and "Shamelessness" have the same pronunciation in Chinese.

The rest responded to that member's joke and laughed all over the place.

Gu Xuan's face turned black.


When Qiao Meiqi saw Huo Da, his heart skipped a beat.

Don't tell me he is also a traitor!

The incident with Yang Xiaodong had left a dark shadow in his heart. Moreover, there was no reason for Huo Da to be back so soon. He had also never seen the odd-looking flying structure in the sky outside of the city before. Furthermore, he could tell that the odd-looking structure harbored malicious intentions just from its recent display of might.

However, when Qiao Meiqi heard Gu Xuan's roar, he was stunned.

Gu Xuan was the vice division leader of Ai Hui, so Qiao Meiqi naturally recognized him. Qiao Meiqi immediately realized that this odd-looking structure was a new creation of the Central Pine Valley!

His eyes lit up as he took a closer look at it.

In his eyes, the Central Pine Valley was definitely not the strongest power. However, it was definitely the one that knew how to make the most money. Every new creation they came up with was definitely something good, something that made a lot of money.

At this moment, he happened to hear the name of the Pinwheel Sword.

Pinwheel Sword?

So this structure was called a Pinwheel Sword. It was so fast!

Would it sell well?

After thinking about it, Qiao Meiqi knew that it would definitely sell well. Just its speed alone was enough to make people pay for it with essence elemental beans.

It was a good product!

Qiao Meiqi's eyes were brightly lit. However, when Huo Da walked over and told him exactly what Ai Hui had said, his facial expression changed.

Qiao Meiqi was an experienced businessman. After Huo Da told him what Ai Hui said, he knew that Ai Hui must have something to announce, and that it had to be related to the snow lava and the recent pagoda cannon craze.

When he thought more deeply about it, a cold shudder went down his spine.

Right, he and Ai Hui were bound together by mutual benefits. If Ai Hui was done for, his good days would come to an end as well.

Under a strong sense of danger, Qiao Meiqi's efficiency was exceptional. Very soon, he had gathered all the reporters in Thunder City. However, Thunder City wasn't a huge city like Skyheart City, so it didn't have that many reporters.

There were only seven reporters in total!

When Qiao Meiqi thought of Ai Hui's words, "How much snow lava he is going to get will have to depend on whether or not he does a good job," his mind went into a daze. He knew that Ai Hui seldom said such harsh words. If he said these words, that meant he was for real.

Since he did not have that many reporters, he had to use other people to make up the numbers.

The huge number of customers that surrounded the mayoral residence were representatives for various powers. Since Ai Hui had an important announcement to make, it must affect these people as well.

Qiao Meiqi was uncertain. He could only console himself like this.