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Chapter 550: You’re A New Citizen

 Chapter 550: You're A New Citizen

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Perfect emergency brake!

Shi Zhiguang heaved a sigh of relief. He was very satisfied with his own performance. During the usual training sessions, he seldom had the chance to push the speed of the Pinwheel Sword to its limits. He also seldom practiced emergency brake when the Pinwheel Sword was travelling at its top speed. Furthermore, he was mentally and physically exhausted after travelling such a long distance.

However, when he saw the chaotic Thunder City beneath him, where everyone was running in all directions in fear and panic, he was stunned.

Not good. Shi Zhiguang's facial expression changed as he knew he had created huge trouble!


The camp of the Spear of Heavy Cloud was packed with people every day.

Various divisions leaders and important figures came all the way here to observe Fatty shoot Pagoda Cannon. Every now and then, alarmed gasps could be heard from the crowd. The power of the Pagoda Cannon was indeed terrifying. In the hands of Fatty, there was a myriad of attacking styles for the Pagoda Cannon.

A eager look appeared on many people's faces.

"Will we really not get into trouble?" Sang Zhijun was slightly worried.

Beside her, both Jiang Wei and Yang Xiaodong looked distressed. Things were getting out of hand. Those who did not know what was going might think that this was a popular circus, not a combat division. Every day, there would be a huge number of people coming here from various places. They were here just to witness the might of the Pagoda Cannons. As such, the Spear of Heavy Cloud's camp was always packed with people. Every now and then, there would also be discussions on how to forge the Pagoda Cannons and how to improve them.

This caused the traveling speed of the Spear of Heavy Cloud to reduce significantly.

According to the original plan, they should already have met the Dread Division and Judgement Division, which were escorting the God-subduing Peaks.

The thing that astonished Jiang Wei and the rest was everyone's fervor toward the Pagoda Cannons. The only event that could be compared to the current Pagoda Cannon craze was when the Elders Guild publicized the blueprint for building elemental energy pools and encouraged everyone to build cities in the Wilderness.

However, the Elders Guild was a highly revered organization whereas the Central Pine Valley was just a small power.

The craze of the Pagoda Cannons was fully displayed through the current value of fire elementalists.

When the Spear of Heavy Cloud had recruited fire elementalists at Lemon Camping Ground, they had attracted a huge number of fire elementalists. At that time, those fire elementalists were in dire straits. Not too long after the blood catastrophe broke out, the Fire Prairie was annexed by the Blood of God. The prices of fire elemental materials skyrocketed, making them extremely expensive. Fire elementalists could no longer sustain their usual training routines. Facing a similar situation were the earth elementalists.

The emergence of snow lava had captured the attention of fire elementalists. All of them went to Lemon Camping Ground to look for opportunities, leading to the grand occasion back then. Shi Xueman wanted to build the Spear of Heavy Cloud with fire elementalists as its core. The fire elementalists she chose were those that passed the test of the fire reservoir. These fire elementalists were extremely determined. They could endure the extreme pain and never once cried out. They valued the opportunities that were given to them very much. Even though most of them were very low-level, they weren't a problem to the the Spear of Heavy Cloud at all due to the snow lava production.

However, as the Pagoda Cannons rose in popularity, the demand for fire elementalist skyrocketed. Any fire elementalist could easily find a lucrative job now. Those fire elementalists with outstanding abilities were a hot commodity.

Of course, all the fire elementalists needed to be retrained to learn how to use the Pagoda Cannons.

Pagoda Cannon Master became the premier progression path that all fire elementalists wanted to pursue.

Jiang Wei and the rest saw with their own eyes how everyone's fervor got out of control in an extremely short period of time.

After thinking for a while, Shi Xueman said bluntly, "I can't think of a better idea. Does anyone have a better idea?"

The rest shook their heads.

Honestly speak, they were not optimistic about publicizing the technology of the Pagoda Cannons. Everyone in the command department of the Spear of Heavy Cloud had different opinions toward the disclosure of the Pagoda Cannons' technology. However, Shi Xueman's reasoning eventually convinced them all. Given Shi Xueman's prestige, everyone trusted her decision.

Shi Xueman blinked her eyes. "Furthermore, we still have Ai Hui. We won't get the worst of it."

Everyone burst out laughing in unison.

Shi Xueman suddenly thought of Ai Hui's exasperated curses coming from behind when she flew off from the peak of Blackfish Mouth Volcano during that snowy day. Her limpid and ice-cold eyes became gentle in an instant. Her lips curled into a faintly discernible smile.

Only those who were very familiar with Shi Xueman could tell that she was very happy now.

"Why are you so happy?" Sang Zhijun was astounded.

"I am thinking how that fellow will handle this matter?" A mischievous look appeared on Shi Xueman's face.

"I guess he will have a headache," Jiang Wei said while chuckling.

Shi Xueman swept her gaze across everyone and realized that the worried looks on their faces had unwittingly disappeared. Everyone was probably willing to follow Ai Hui because they could let Ai Hui worry about those troublesome issues.


Ai Hui was sitting alone on a rock at the peak of Blackfish Mouth Volcano. He did not know since when, but he liked to sit on this piece of rock to gaze into the distance, ponder about matters, or get lost in thought.

The only thing that he found lacking was that it had never snowed since that day.

In the past, Ai Hui had not liked snowy days since he would be very cold. Now, he felt that a scenery with snow drifting in the sky was quite beautiful and interesting.

Whenever he encountered problems, he would sit here alone and ponder over them. He wasn't a quick-witted individual, and the sly Bangwan had yet to complete his secluded training. As such, he couldn't find anyone to discuss his problems with and could only sit here and slowly contemplate.

A fat figure climbed up to the mountain peak with great difficulty, panting heavily along the way.

An Chouchou sat his fat ass down beside Ai Hui. While panting heavily, he said, "It's very lonely to admire such beautiful scenery alone. Let Chouchou be Brother Ai's companion."

Ai Hui felt helpless. Not only was An Chouchou fat, he was also thick-skinned. He thought of Fatty, who was also very thick-skinned. Was this a nature all fat people in the world?

An Chouchou reclined halfway on a piece of boulder. He did not care about his image at all. Then, he asked, "Is Brother Ai having difficulty in making a decision?"

"There's nothing difficult about making a decision." Ai Hui shook his head.

"Oh? So Brother Ai has made your decision?" A glint flashed across An Chouchou's pea-sized eyes. He smiled confidently and said, "We complement each other very well. This alliance is a win-win situation for both of us. There is a huge number of new citizens, but we lack the resources of aristocratic families. Now that we have Brother Ai's creativity, we are like a tiger with wings. Just like Master Wang, Brother Ai's name will last for all eternity and be remembered by everyone in the world."

Ai Hui merely smiled. He did not agree or disagree with An Chouchou's words.

Ever since Ai Hui injury, he felt that his mind had become calmer, that he, himself, had become a much quieter person. He did not know whether this was because of the existence of the sword cloud or because his body had become weaker. His mind was pure and limpid.

The details that he ignored in the past would occasionally stun him nowadays. They were exquisite and real, making him emotional for some unknown reason.

His ferocity had diminished significantly as well.

If the Ai Hui of the past was like an unsheathed treasure sword that gave off a cold glint, the Ai Hui now was gentle and tranquil like a sword gleam hidden within the sheath.

An Chouchou was in a rather good mood. Filled with vigor, he said, "Brother Ai's way of thinking is creative. You're really a genius. I wonder what that metal basket-like structure is? I can see that it moves unusually fast."

Even though there was a casual look on his face, deep down he was awaiting Ai Hui's answer with rapt attention. When he saw the enormous structure fly, he was overwhelmed with astonishment.

An Chouchou's eyesight was sharp. He could tell that it was an extraordinary structure with a single glance.

Initially, he thought it was a structure like the God-subduing Peak. The principle behind the God-subduing Peak was developed from the theory of [Treating the city as a piece of cloth], which was the brainchild of Wang Shouchuan. In this world, other than the Elders Guild, the person who was most likely to build a God-subduing Peak was undoubtedly Ai Hui.

Previously, there were some people who were doubtful whether Ai Hui had learned one or two things from Wang Shouchuan. However, after the birth of the Pagoda Cannons, everyone finally knew that Ai Hui was well-versed in Wang Shouchuan's theories. The fact that no one was able to imitate and create snow lava up to this point was the best proof.

"That's the Pinwheel Sword." Ai Hui cast a glance at An Chouchou. "Brother Chou is also interested in swordsmen gadgets?"

"Swordsmen?" An Chouchou furrowed his eyebrows.

He had not expected it to be a gadget for swordsmen. Immediately, he lost interest in it. Swordsmen had enjoyed a rather good reputation for the past few years, but the biggest representative for swordsmanship was still the Karakorum Sword League. In An Chouchou's eyes, Karakorum Polaris was Madam Ye's lackey, and not many people would go to the Karakorum Sword League to learn swordsmanship. As such, there were very few swordsmen among the new citizens. These few swordsmen were very low-level as well.

"Only a swordsman can use it." Ai Hui nodded his head.

An Chouchou initially thought well of the Pinwheel Sword's future and usefulness. At this moment, he said, "It's such a pity. I can see that it moves fast like lightning, so much so that it's faster than any flying devices and structures today. If it was used on the battlefield, it's perfect for long-range raids and sneak attacks."

Ai Hui had no choice but to admit that even though An Chouchou was ugly and his base level was low, he had an extremely sharp insight for things that he had never seen before.

An Chouchou changed the topic and asked shamelessly, "Can Brother Ai build one for Newlight City too?"

Indeed, not only was his insight top-notch, his shamelessness was also top-notch.

Ai Hui could not be bothered with this fellow. He knew An Chouchou was someone who asked for a mile when one gave him an inch.

Seeing that Ai Hui ignored him, An Chouchou did not get angry, merely smiling.

On the mountain peak, the wind became stronger and colder. Night gradually descended.

"Honestly speaking, I am still not used to nighttime in the wild," An Chouchou suddenly muttered, looking as if he was reminiscing about something. "In the past, in the Avalon of Five Elements, everywhere was brightly lit like the stars in the sky when it was nighttime. One could go anywhere at night. There were no dire beasts, and one did not need to fear for his or her safety. There were stores that sold midnight snacks everywhere on the streets. Everyone could have fun until late into the night. There would still be heavy traffic on the streets at midnight. The powerful individuals could fight with each other, while the commoners could still lead a peaceful life."

Ai Hui remained silent. He thought of Central Pine City.

Back then, even the most ordinary small town would be filled with vigor and liveliness. That scene was so beautiful that it resembled a dreamland. When those days still existed, people complained about them being utterly boring. However, when the conflagration of war arrived and every day was filled with life-and-death struggles and blood, everyone wished they could return to those peaceful and mundane days.

"Ai Hui, you're a new citizen."

An Chouchou stared at Ai Hui with a solemn look on his face.

"We, as the new citizens, shouldn't be enslaved and trampled on. Ai Hui, no matter what, we have to decide on this alliance before Master's Glory is completed. If we drag this decision out until then, everything will be meaningless. Master's Glory is much scarier than you expect. That woman is a lunatic!"

An Chouchou looked sinister, and his facial expression was distorted. His eyes were filled with deep hatred and resentment.

Ai Hui was startled.