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Chapter 549: It’s Coming!

 Chapter 549: It's Coming!

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Every "first time" in life was always unpredictable.

For example, Huo Da certainly didn't expect his first mission in Thunder City to be transporting goods. Shi Zhiguang and Gu Xuan also didn't expect their first mission on the destructive Pinwheel Sword would be fetching people.

However, Boss had said that this matter was extremely urgent, so none of them dared to idle.

Shi Zhiguang stood at the position of sword operator with widened eyes, looking extremely focused. To him, the difficulty level of controlling the Pinwheel Sword to move forward at full speed paled in comparison to the difficulty level of controlling it to make complicated maneuvers.

Usually, his training was much more complicated than this. The Pinwheel Sword could not fly so fast. He had to control the speed, keep on changing directions, and finding suitable angles to make maneuvers.

Shi Zhiguang was extremely excited to be able to fly the Pinwheel Sword at top speed without any worries. Such a chance was hard to come by. Ever since he became the sword operator, his love for speed had reached an unprecedented level. Being as fast as lightning gave him a mysterious sense of thrill.

This was a speed that Shi Zhiguang found pleasurable. However, from the moment the Pinwheel Sword took off from the ground, Huo Da's face had been deathly pale.

He was scared out of his wits!

In terms of size, the Pinwheel Sword was much more smaller than the God-subduing Peak. However, in terms of speed, the God-subduing Peak was not Pinwheel Sword's match. Not only the God-subduing Peak, but no flying machine that Huo Da had come across before, be it the Fiery Floating Cloud or azure wings, could match Pinwheel Sword's speed.

It was simply too fast!

Huo Da, who was specialized in flying, actually felt dizzy. It was too fast! The last time he felt dizzy was when he was twelve years old. That was the first time his teacher had brought him to fly.

At this moment, Huo Da finally understood why Ai Hui said that he was too slow.

As Huo Da got used to the speed of the Pinwheel Sword, the color of his face gradually returned to normal. A brand-new experience entered his body. He was slightly excited, looking as if he had gotten a new toy.

How was it possible that it could fly so fast?

Huo Da paid attention to the elemental energy changes taking place in the Pinwheel Sword. Gradually, a look of awe and realization appeared on his face.

The Pinwheel Sword was indeed a sword!

The design of the Pinwheel Sword was very odd. There was a layer of sword gleam formed around it. The sword gleam was wide and thin, effortlessly slicing through the incoming gale.

Its flying style was very unique as well, resembling a stone that was skipping on water. The Pinwheel Sword would always slice through the blasting wind through various very small angles. It flew swiftly along the gaps within the wind instead of going directly against it.

Such insane creativity!

It was too perfect!

Huo Da never stopped exclaiming in admiration in his heart. In his eyes, the Pinwheel Sword was the perfect flying machine. No other flying machine could be compared to it. He sharply realized that the other flying machines would become obsolete with the emergence of the Pinwheel Sword.

It was simply like a streak of lightning.

He could not imagine how much fear and surprise such a sword gleam would cause in the enemy forces if it appeared on the battlefield!

Huo Da's gaze subconsciously swept across the other people on the Pinwheel Sword.

Gu Xuan was older and more experienced than Shi Zhiguang. This was his first mission and his mind was tense. He had to do his best for this mission. Throughout the journey, he was on high alert. The two sword pagodas took turns to rest and keep watch.

When Thunder City appeared in Huo Da's line of sight, he was dazed. He found it very hard to believe what he had seen.

Had they really reached Thunder City?

Even though he had already accepted the extraordinary speed of the Pinwheel Sword along the way, he still received a huge shock when Thunder City appeared in his line of sight.

In Thunder City, the cloud defense layer was keeping watch over the city vigilantly.

Last time around, the battle of Masters destroyed more than half of Thunder City. In the process, the cloud defense layer was completely destroyed as well. The current cloud defense layer was built afterwards. Qiao Meiqi still remembered the lesson he learnt from that incident. Having immense wealth now, he built a cloud defense layer that was thicker and sturdier than before. Its defensive capabilities were more outstanding as well. Of course, the price was much more expensive too.

The number of elementalists stationed on the cloud defense layer was more than before too. There were at least twenty elementalists.

Nowadays, Thunder City had tight security. Even if it was an ordinary day, the guards would not dare to idle at all. The Mayor had told them that any lazy behaviour would result in them being fired. The treatment that Thunder City's guards received was far better than the other cities', so everyone treasured their jobs very much.

Suddenly, someone asked puzzledly, "Do you all hear something?"

The rest stopped joking and listened attentively.


"I hear nothing as well."

"What did you hear? Have you heard wrongly?"

Everyone shook their heads.

A puzzled look appeared on the face of the elementalist who heard something. Was it possible that he heard wrongly?

"What's that?" an alarmed cry broke out.

Everyone shifted their gazes and saw a pin-sized light spot in the distant sky. The light spot was very small but unusually bright. It was trembling slightly in the sky.

What was that?

The spot that seemed to be glowing with light was far away from Thunder City. They widened their eyes but still could not tell what it was.

"Is it a dire beast?"

"What dire beast is it? Who has seen this dire beast before?"

"I have never seen it before."

Just as everyone broke into a lively discussion, someone said, "Eh? Is it becoming slightly larger?"

Everyone took a closer look. The previously pin-sized light spot indeed became larger.

Became larger...

A fast-reacting elementalist's facial expression changed drastically as he screamed, "It's flying towards us!"

Everyone looked as if they had just woken up from a dream and all of their facial expressions changed. The inside of the cloud defense layer went into chaos.

"Alarm! Pull the alarm!"

"Cloud defense layer, activate!"

"Rainscreen defense, activate!"

"Elemental energy pools, all elemental energy pools take note!"

Various orders were being passed down continuously. The atmosphere inside the cloud defense layer was extremely tense. Everyone was on high alert, and a layer of perspiration had appeared on their foreheads.

An elementalist cleared his throat and yelled, "It's too fast! We can't lock onto it!"

The intense feeling of nervousness and fear altered the tone of his voice.

After a while, the dazzling light spot had become the size of a fingernail. It looked as if the sun was flying towards them! The light spot was vibrating slightly, displaying its terrifying speed in great detail.

Buzz, buzz, buzz.

The elementalists could feel their bodies trembling. They quickly discovered that it was the cloud defense system that was trembling. The fragmented yet powerful energy undulations made the cloud defense system looked like if it was on a high-speed vibrating sieve.

"Not good! The elemental energy undulations are interfering with the cloud defense layer!"

An alarmed cry rang across the interior of the cloud defense layer. Everyone's faces turned numb with fear.

What dire beast was it?

How was it possible for it to possess such an incredible speed?

The atmosphere of the cloud defense layer's interior was solemn and tense.

The mayor residence.

Qiao Meiqi rubbed his temples. Not only did the number of buyers waiting outside the mayor residence not decrease, it was increasing constantly. Reportedly, someone had developed a new type of fire liquid that was suitable for pagoda cannons. This fire liquid reduced the usage of snow lava.

This also meant that the cost of using a pagoda cannon would decrease.

Until now, all the fire liquids that were developed for the pagoda cannons needed snow lava. People had tried many methods, but they eventually discovered that the power of pagoda cannons could be increased significantly by adding in a small amount of snow lava. Even though fire liquids that did not contain snow lava could still work, they were not powerful enough.

After obtaining this piece of good news, everyone realized snow lava had become even more important now!

Previously, even though the pagoda cannons were very powerful, no one was interested in using them, as their cost was overly expensive. However, now that the technology of the pagoda cannons was gradually decoded and their cost was lowered, everyone could afford them now. As such, snow lava became more important and the demand for snow lava in the market increased significantly.

Due to this series of information, those merchants who previously did not intend to buy snow lava changed their minds and joined in the panic buying of snow lava.

This in turn caused the overcrowding outside the mayor residence.

Qiao Meiqi was a businessman. Those who visited him were his guests, and as such, how could he chase them away? He did not want to offend anyone, but he was extremely anxious. Considering the time, Huo Da should be reaching Fishback City.

Now he was just hoping that Huo Da could bring enough snow lava back.

It was still not enough!

When Qiao Meiqi saw the massive crowd, he felt blissful and vexed at the same time. After Huo Da brought back the snow lava, who should he sell it to first? When a commodity was in high demand, a lot of science was involved in deciding who to sell it to.

Suddenly, a deafening alarm rang across the air, disrupting Qiao Meiqi's thought process. His facial expression changed slightly.

During the battle of Masters last time, he almost lost his life. When he heard the alarm now, he was trembling with fear. However, when he thought of the huge sum of money that he invested in the defense system, he felt slightly at ease.

Especially when he saw the two figures in the air, he regained his composure.

What was there that Masters couldn't solve? There were two Masters in the sky!

At this moment, someone yelled, "Look, what's that in the horizon?"

When Qiao Meiqi heard these words, he quickly looked at the horizon.

An extremely dazzling light spot appeared in the horizon, and it was expanding in size rapidly. The light spot was so glaring that it caused everyone's eyes to tear. No one could look at it directly.

"It's moving extremely fast!"

"Oh god, how is it possible that such a fast-moving beast exists?"

An unprecedented sense of fear slowly extended throughout Thunder City. Those who were looking at the horizon had their faces turned white. A strong sense of fear and uneasiness engulfed their minds.

Suddenly, a faintly discernible vibrating rustle rang across the air.

The light spot became so bright that no one could look at it with their naked eyes.

A sharp and dangerous aura engulfed the city. Like a star that fell from the sky, it was expanding continuously in everyone's eyes!

"It's coming!" someone yelled in alarm.

Inside the cloud defense layer, all the guards were extremely tense. They let off an off-key, alarmed cry in unison.

"It's coming!"

The indescribable light spot was very close to the city. The visual impact from its extreme speed was overwhelming!

A lightning-like streak of light flashed across everyone's trembling eyes.

The glowing trail left by it looked as if it had pierced through time and space.

An odd-looking structure appeared outside of Thunder City.

A dead silence swept across Thunder City.

Everyone's mouths were agape as they stared blankly at the sky. All of their minds were in a daze.

After a moment.

Like a delayed tidal wave, the whistle and boom that followed tightly behind the flying structure collided heavily on the cloud defense layer.


Snow-white mist swept across the area. Like a tottering bubble, the rainscreen was fluctuating irregularly, looking as if it would collapse any moment.

Thunder City exploded into an uproar instantly.