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Chapter 548: The Deep Conversation With Ugly Elephant

 Chapter 548: The Deep Conversation With Ugly Elephant

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This was the first time Ai Hui had met An Chouchou.

An Chouchou, who was also known as "Ugly Elephant", was the current mayor of Newlight City. Under his leadership, Newlight City had changed beyond recognition. Even though Newlight City's prestige paled in comparison to Madam Ye's Skyheart City's, An Chouchou still did a great job by creating the prosperity it was enjoying now.

Using his performance, An Chouchou was able to gain the respect of everyone in the world.

His appearance was ugly, he was born poverty-stricken, and his base level was extremely low, and yet he could become the mayor of Newlight City. Everyone could not help but respect him for his achievements.

After finding out that this pathetic-looking fat man was the renowned "Ugly Elephant", Huo Da became reserved instantly, sitting down there quietly.

An Chouchou was sizing up Ai Hui as well.

Ai Hui's appearance was too weird. His entire body was covered with bandages and he wore two red crystal chips on his eyes, resembling a red-eyed mummy. An Chouchou had encountered many experts before, and he had a very high adaptability towards weird-looking clothings.

Experts' tempers were usually different from ordinary people's as well. It was very normal to see some eccentricities in experts.

An Chouchou remained calm to Ai Hui's appearance and chuckled. "I have long heard about the legendary Lightning Blade. All this time, I have been thinking about when to pay you a visit, but I certainly didn't expect I would wait until today to do so. I heard that Brother Ai is injured, how's your injury now?"

A cold shiver went down Ai Hui's spine. The outside world did not know about his injury, hence, he did not know how An Chouchou had gotten wind of it. However, on second thought, he felt that the New Faction having a few spies was nothing to be surprised about. After all, they were a powerful faction.

Ai Hui did not want to beat around the bush and asked bluntly, "Ugly Elephant is a busy man and yet you're here personally. May I know what are you here for?"

An Chouchou was surprised at Ai Hui's bluntness. However, he regained his composure very soon and continued, "I am here to propose an alliance."

"Alliance?" Ai Hui was looking at An Chouchou doubtfully. "I don't quite understand what you're saying."

"Even though Central Pine Valley is small, it is powerful. Even though Newlight City is very huge, it is weak. Skyheart City uses righteousness as its banner and combat divisions as its sword. Master's Glory is about to be completed. Why would they let outsiders share a slice of their pie? The day Master's Glory is completed is the day that my faction and your faction are hegemonized," An Chouchou explained calmly.

Ai Hui laughed involuntarily and replied, "Newlight City is a huge city and you have numerous new citizens. It's normal for Skyheart City to view you as a threat. On the contrary, Central Pine Valley is so small. I'm afraid Madam Ye doesn't care about us at all."

"If that's the case, why is Miss Shi's Spear of Heavy Cloud conscripted?" An Chouchou chuckled.

Ai Hui was stunned momentarily.

"Brother Ai, you have underestimated yourself. Central Pine Valley possesses the technology of pagoda cannons, and snow lava is the key to its success. Currently, Madam Ye sees Central Pine Valley as an eyesore. On the battlefield, the Spear of Heavy Cloud's pagoda cannons were able to rid of the Ardent Flower Blood Division's blood elementalists that possessed the Ability of God. Therefore, it shouldn't be much of a problem for the pagoda cannons to get rid of Masters as well," An Chouchou said casually.

Ai Hui was terrified. He suddenly understood the severity of the issue.

Everyone knew that Master's Glory was Skyheart City's brainchild. If the pagoda cannons threatened the existence of Masters, wouldn't the Central Pine Faction become an impediment that Madam Ye would want to get rid of?

For a moment, Ai Hui was breaking out in cold sweat.

An Chouchou smiled and continued, "If I was Madam Ye, I would first use the name of righteousness to incite the public. A powerful weapon like the pagoda cannon is essential in the war against the blood elementalists. It's related to the fate of mankind, how can it be monetized? Then I would send Surveillance Division and force Central Pine Valley to hand over the refinement method for snow lava to the Elders Guild. Oh, I meant 'buy'. As long as Brother Ai is willing to sell the snow lava, the Ye family will still be willing to fork out a sum of money to buy it. Subsequently, the Elders Guild just needs to say that they will equip every combat division with pagoda cannons and provide them with snow lava. Naturally, no one will object to what they are doing. By then, will Brother Ai hand over the refinement method for the snow lava?"

Huo Da's facial expression changed drastically. He was regretting deeply now. If he knew something like this would happen today, he wouldn't have come even if the mayor kneeled down and begged him. At this moment, he was flustering. These two people were blatantly talking about such classified information in front of him. Would they kill him to prevent him from divulging this information?

Ai Hui, however, calmed down and picked up the teapot. Then he filled up An Chouchou's bowl with tea and said, "Brother Chou, don't tell me you came all the way just to scare me?"

Deep down, An Chouchou was praising Ai Hui. Usually, when a person heard such words, his or her facial expression would change drastically. Ai Hui acted as if he wasn't affected by it at all. He was calm and collected, and he still could joke about it. He was truly worthy to be the leader of Central Pine Valley.

"Therefore, I am here to propose an alliance with your Central Pine Valley." An Chouchou smiled brightly. "If you hand over the refinement method for snow lava to the Elders Guild, at least you can become a rich person. The Ye family will still show some leniency towards you. However, the case for us is different. Newlight City represents the new citizens. We have a lot of people, sothe Ye family will definitely not let us off. The Ye family will only feel relieved when Newlight City is destroyed, the New Citizen Faction's Elders are dead, and the new citizens are broken up. It's a pressing issue for Newlight City."

"If Central Pine Valley allies with Newlight City, we can keep the refinement method for the snow lava?" Ai Hui asked.

"As long as you form an alliance with Newlight City, when the Surveillance Division arrives at your doorstep, we will definitely send troops to assist you!" An Chouchou said with resolution.

"How do we form an alliance then?" Ai Hui asked again.

Deep down, An Chouchou heaved a sigh of relief, then he answered, "We will enjoy the benefits of snow lava together. I will provide manpower and you will provide the refinement method for snow lava. Newlight City does not have a lot of things, but we do have a lot of manpower. We also have a lot of smiths. Therefore, we can carry out large-scale production of pagoda cannons and snow lava. Other cities don't have as many smiths as we have."

"How do we split the profits then?" Ai Hui continued to ask.

"We will split the profits evenly," An Chouchou replied.

"I roughly understood Brother Chou's idea. However, this is an important issue, so I have to think about it first." Ai Hui nodded his head.

"Of course." An Chouchou nodded his head as well. "But Brother Ai has to make your decision fast, as the Ye family is already taking actions."

"Alright, I get it," Ai Hui replied.

Following which, Ai Hui summoned Gu Xuan and asked him to bring An Chouchou to his resting place.

Ai Hui drummed his fingers lightly on the table as he pondered over the issue.

Huo Da looked as if he was sitting on a bed of needles, not daring to move an inch. Previously, he was still looking down on Central Pine Valley. However, when he saw the renowned Ugly Elephant anxiously seeking alliance with Central Pine Valley, he knew how foolish he was.

Suddenly, Ai Hui turned around and stared at Huo Da.

Being stared at by the blood-red crystal chips, Huo Da's heart tightened. Was Ai Hui going to kill him? He felt the urge to run away, but his rationality made him stay.

"Old Qiao asked you to come?"

Huo Da's body was frozen. He summoned his courage and replied, "Yes."

"What's the matter?" Ai Hui asked.

"The Mayor wants to buy a batch of snow lava urgently. I have brought the essence elemental beans," Huo Da replied honestly.

"Are there many people buying snow lava?" Ai Hui asked?

"Yes, they are filling up the mayor residence," Huo Da nodded her head.

Ai Hui's mind jolted as he thought of a good idea. He said, "Go back right now and tell your mayor that if he wants the snow lava, gather a batch of news villages and send them to Fishback City."

Huo Da heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. It seemed that he wouldn't be killed. However, very soon, he became surprised, "News villages?"

"Does Thunder City have them?" Ai Hui asked.

"I'm not sure." Huo Da shook his head.

He was a revered Master, so why would he care about such trivial matters of marketplace?

"No matter what, you have to ask Old Qiao to get them for me," Ai Hui instructed Huo Da with a solemn tone. "This matter is extremely urgent!"

When Huo Da heard the two words "extremely urgent", a premonition arose in his heart.

When Ai Hui saw that Huo Da did not say anything, he continued to ask, "Have you remembered what I told you to do?"

"Yes, I have memorized your words." Huo Da's voice was quivering slightly.

"Tell Old Qiao that how much snow lava he is going to get will depend on whether or not he does this job well," Ai Hui continued.

"I will convey this message to the Mayor." Huo Da nodded his head.

When Huo Da thought of the mayor residence that was fully packed with buyers, he knew how destructive this message was to the Mayor.

"Then what about the current batch of snow lava?" Huo Da asked carefully.

"Get this thing done first!" Ai Hui said bluntly.

"What about these essence elemental beans?"

"Oh, you bring them back then."

For a moment, Huo Da felt that he was going to cry. He painstakingly carried these essence elemental beans and flew here, and now he was going to carry them back to Thunder City?

At this moment, he suddenly heard Ai Hui muttering, "No, he flies too slow!"

Huo Da was annoyed. What a joke! He flew too slow? His azure wings were called "Comet Wings". They had an extremely fast speed. He flew like a comet with them. That was why they were called "Comet Wings".

Speed was a field that Huo Da specialized in. He could not help but blurt out, "Sir, I am using Comet Wings!"

"That's still too slow!" Ai Hui shook his head. Following which, he yelled towards outside, "Get me Shi Zhiguang!"

After a while, a tall and muscular man came in. His entire body was drenched in sweat. He asked, "Boss, you asked for me?"

Without saying anything unnecessary, Ai Hui said, "Zhiguang, I have a mission for you. Bring this Master to Thunder City. Ask the Mayor to find some news villages and gather them here."

"Okay!" Shi Zhiguang replied and prepared to run out of the house.

"Use Pinwheel Sword," Ai Hui instructed Shi Zhiguang. "Ask Gu Xuan to bring some men and go along with you. Take care of your safety."

"Yes!" Shi Zhiguang answered.

Huo Da could not believe his eyes. This muscular man that was built like a iron pagoda could fly faster than him? And what kind of azure wings was Pinwheel Sword? He had never heard of it before. Was it a new model?

He wanted to see what model of azure wings was faster than his Comet Wings!

Huo Da was filled with incredulity. He had decided that later he would compete with Shi Zhiguang's "Pinwheel Sword" to see who was faster.

"Set off immediately. Remember, this matter is extremely urgent! Get it done as soon as possible!" Ai Hui reminded them with a deep voice.

A cold shiver went down Shi Zhiguang's spine. Without saying anything, he broke into a run and dashed outside.

Huo Da quickly followed him.

After a while, Huo Da felt slightly puzzled. Shi Zhiguang wasn't using azure wings, he was actually running with his legs! Huo Da unhurriedly followed Shi Zhiguang, who was running frantically. Subsequently, they arrived at a huge and odd-looking structure.

Huo Da could not help but take a second look at the structure. Such an odd shape.

"Emergency gathering!"

"Old Gu, Boss wants you to bring a team of men and follow me on a mission."

"Alright!" Gu Xuan, who had just walked over, turned around and yelled, "Members from Merak and Megrez! Board the sword now!"

Replies resounded through the air. Huo Da saw a group of people run out from the crowd that was resting. All of them ran frantically towards the odd-looking structure with their foreheads beaded with sweat.

They ran up the structure and dashed into two pagodas.

Huo Da was slightly curious. Were their azure wings inside the pagoda?

"Come up!" Shi Zhiguang yelled at Huo Da.

Huo Da acknowledged him and went up structure with a confused look on his face. He was waiting for those members to equip their azure wings.

Suddenly, the floor beneath Huo Da trembled. His eyes widened abruptly.

It... It was actually flying!