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Chapter 547: The Popular Pagoda Cannons (2)

 Chapter 547: The Popular Pagoda Cannons (2)

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Ai Hui still did not know that Iron Lady was actively promoting the pagoda cannons.

As usual, he was training at the mountain peak, absorbing the lightning from the clouds.

Suddenly, he stopped and shifted his gaze to a distant mountain range.

Someone was coming!

Ai Hui closed his eyes and grabbed his sword hilt. The range of his sensory perception extended and the world became unusually quiet and clear to him.

He "saw" a man holding a white flag walking through the forest towards Central Pine Valley. The appearance of that man was fuzzy. However, his movements were clumsy and his base level was low.

Ai Hui suddenly let out a yelp of surprise and looked at another direction.

What day is today? Why are there so many customers?

Ai Hui shook his head. Following which, he transformed into a streak of sword gleam and appeared in front of Gu Xuan and the rest. He said to Gu Xuan, "Stop training. Two guests are coming. Get some people and welcome them."

Huo Da did not expect his first mission to be transporting goods. He wanted to reject this mission. After all, he was a Master and he had his dignity.

Transporting goods? Is this a joke?

However, he could see the unconcealable anxiousness and seriousness in the mayor's eyes.

Alright, the mayor had treated him rather well. He could only console like this.

Restraining his face from twitching, he forced himself to accept the mission.

However, when the mayor took out an astronomical number of essence elemental beans from the treasury and placed it before him, his eyes widened abruptly!

At that moment, he knew this was an extremely important mission!

He was not the only one. When the mayor took out the essence elemental beans, the noisy mayor residence quieted down immediately. The glow and elemental energy undulations released by the essence elemental beans were filled with destructive power. Everyone was affected by it.

Subsequently, the mayor reminded him that the other party did not like to sell the snow lava on credit. If he did not see the essence elemental beans, he would not take out the goods. The mayor also told him that the other party had a bad temper and not to get into a conflict with him.

Right now, Huo Da was carrying these essence elemental beans and flying in the sky.

Honestly speaking, this was the first time he had come into contact with so many essence elemental beans. Every now and then, an evil thought would arise in his head. What if he ran away with them? However, his rationality eventually defeated his irrationality. In the current times of chaos, it was very fortunate for him to encounter a boss like the mayor. If he ran away with these essence elemental beans, he would not be able to find a place in this world to settle down.

Now he finally understood that whether or not a flight would be tiring depended on what the flyer was carrying. Even though he carried so many essence elemental beans, he did not feel tired at all. He was flying at his top speed.

When Huo Da thought of the mayor's reminder, he took out the flag that he gave him. An eye-striking "Qiao" was written on the flag.

The mayor gave him the flag because he was afraid he might get injured accidentally. Huo Da did not completely agree with what the mayor thought. After all, he was a Master. How could he get injured so easily? Even though the story of the bloody sign at the Lemon Camping Ground spread like wildfire, he still felt that he could not get injured so easily.

Right now, all he wanted to do was complete the mission as soon as possible. The mayor had said that this mission was extremely urgent and that he needed it to be completed as soon as possible.

After a while, a few figures appeared in front of him.

Huo Da became energized. Central Pine Valley had a mysterious background. Various versions of rumors surrounded it, and he was very curious. Whether it was the so-called "Lightning Blade", the influential Shi Xueman, or the disciple of Grandmaster Dai, Duanmu Huanghun, all of them had achieved renowned feats.

Right now, they had one more Pagoda Cannon Master. He was the first ever Pagoda Cannon Master, Qian Dai.

"There is a ferocious tiger in Central Pine" was the mainstream opinion that everyone had of Central Pine Valley. In everyone's eyes, Central Pine Valley wasn't huge in size and it did not have many people; however, it was filled with experts.

However, when Huo Da saw the elementalists that came to greet him, a disappointed look appeared on his face.

They looked ordinary!

They could not even be compared to the weak guards of Thunder City. There was nothing special about them.

When the person saw Huo Da's flag, he asked, "May I know who are you?"

"I am Huo Da from Thunder City. I am under the orders of my mayor to come here and purchase a batch of snow lava urgently," Huo Da replied humbly.

The other party cast a glance at him and said, "Follow me."

Huo Da had been sizing these few elementalists from Central Pine Valley along the way. He was greatly disappointed. Their elemental energy undulations were weak and inert. They lacked wariness as well, casually showing their backs to other people.

Was this the true strength of Central Pine Valley?

Huo Da felt very disappointed. It appeared that there was no lack of con artists in this world. Central Pine Valley was deliberately mystifying their existence to build up their reputation.

Huo Da followed the elementalist from Central Pine Valley to an empty earth-made city.

This city was....really ugly!

Compared to the prosperous Thunder City, this earth-made city was pathetically small. Furthermore, it was crudely made and it had no defensive capabilities. At this point in time, Huo Da was utterly disappointed. All he wanted to do now was to complete the mission and return to Thunder City as soon as possible. He was not willing to stay here any longer.

The elementalists from Central Pine Valley brought Huo Da to an empty house. Then one of them pointed to the house and said, "Wait inside."

Instead of getting angry, Huo Da wanted to laugh. This elementalist was weak, but he was arrogant, huh!

As a Master, no matter where Huo Da went, he would be treated with respect. This was the first time he was being bossed around since becoming a Master. He wanted to see how arrogant Central Pine Valley could be.

He strode in the house with his head high.

The house was empty. There was only a stone table inside. On the table, there were a pot of tea and a few ceramic bowls.

To Huo Da's surprise, there was a person sitting front of the table.

This person was short and fat. His body was covered with dirt, making him looked utterly pathetic. His base level was very low as well.

The fat man was panting as he gulped down the tea. When he heard footsteps behind him, he turned around to see who it was.

When he saw Huo Da, he smiled warmly at him. "Are you here to buy snow lava too?"

He took a bowl and filled it up with the tea from the teapot. Then he placed it on the table where there was an empty seat. "Come and have some tea, you must have flown for a while."

Huo Da's facial expression loosened up and then he sat down on the empty seat. With a reserved tone, he said, "Thank you."

He took a sip of the tea and he furrowed his eyebrows. It tasted really bad! In Thunder City, the treatment he received was top-notch. When was he ever served such lousy tea before?

The fat man asked smilingly, "Brother, which city are you from?"

"Thunder City, I am Huo Da," Huo Da replied. Then he asked, "Who are you?"

The fat man replied with a smile on his face, "My name is An Chouchou, I'm from Newlight City."


Huo Da's hand trembled and his bowl dropped to the ground, splashing the tea over the floor.


Newlight City.

"So she rejected?"

Madam Ye's voice was calm like water, but it still sent a cold shiver down Nian Tingfeng's spine. He lowered his head and replied, "Yes. Shi Xueman said that the Spear of Heavy Cloud currently doesn't need so many Masters and she thanked Madam for your kind intentions."

Madam Ye smiled. "It's normal for youngsters to have resolution. They need to hit a snag to know what this world is truly like."

"Madam is right," Nian Tingfeng replied.

"Anyway, what's with the issue of pagoda cannons?" Madam Ye picked up the teacup in front of her and took a sip.

"Whenever the Spear of Heavy Cloud encamps, they will showcase the technology of pagoda cannons. They allow people to spectate and study the pagoda cannons. From the looks of it, I think they are trying to sell more snow lava." Nian Tingfeng looked somewhat helpless.

"Since when has Shi Beihai's daughter become a profiteer? It doesn't seem like something she would do." Madam Ye was astounded.

"I am also thinking whether or not it is Ai Hui's idea," Nian Tingfeng conjectured.

"Is the price of snow lava on the market dropping?" Madam Ye asked.

Nian Tingfeng shook his head and replied, "No."

"Then how can those ordinary people afford to use pagoda cannons? Even though the pagoda cannons are powerful, they consume a substantial amount of snow lava. Not many people are rich enough to use pagoda cannons," Madam Ye said.

"I heard they have discovered that B-grade fire liquids can be used as well. As long as they add a small amount of snow lava, the power of pagoda cannons won't reduce too much," Nian Tingfeng reported.

Madam Ye put down the teapot in her hand, and a mysterious sense of panic arose in her heart.

The Elders Guild had long studied the pagoda cannon. The pagoda cannon was a first-class weapon, but it was very expensive to forge. Furthermore, it needed to use snow lava, and the cost of snow lava was very high. The pagoda cannon also had numerous weaknesses. For example, it needed to be erected, its attacking frequency was low, and etc. Actually, it was more suitable for attacking a city or a defensive battle.

Because of these weaknesses, even though the pagoda cannon was very powerful, the Elders Guild did not really care about it.

They certainly did not expect Shi Xueman to use the pagoda cannons to obtain a great victory.

Shi Xueman actively promoting the technology of pagoda cannons was unusual. Madam Ye also did not think that someone was able to come up with a solution for the weakness of high consumption of snow lava.

Her initial plan to ignite conflict between Newlight City and Central Pine Valley was unexpectedly disrupted by Shi Xueman.

Madam Ye looked very far into the future. The popularity of pagoda cannons would have a deep impact on the future. It had a deadly impact on her Master's Glory.

If a Grandmaster was an asset to a nation, then a Master was an asset to the battlefield.

The number of Masters and their strength had a direct impact on the strength of a combat division. And the pagoda cannons were a weapon that could threaten Masters. In the past, only Central Pine Valley had pagoda cannons, and they did not have many of them.

With the rise of pagoda cannons, a Master's importance on the battlefield would be reduced sharply in the future.

Madam Ye, who had placed all her chips in the Master's Glory, undoubtedly would be the one that suffered the most losses.

After remaining silent for a while, she asked, "Do you have any solutions?"

Nian Tingfeng clenched his teeth and answered, "The success of pagoda cannons lies in the snow lava. If we can take control of the snow lava..."

He clenched his fist in the air abruptly.

A look of uncertainty flashed across Madam Ye's face.

Even though Nian Tingfeng's plan would settle the issue once and for all, it faced many impediments. Shi Xueman had just obtained a great victory, and her had reputation skyrocketed. She had done a meritorious service for Beyond Avalon. If they targeted Central Pine Valley at this point of time, it would deal a huge blow to Skyheart City's prestige. People would start to question Skyheart City's impartiality.

Righteousness was a very important weapon in Madam Ye's hands.

Moreover, Central Pine Valley's strength worried Madam Ye very much. Up till now, no one knew how the Masters that tried to infiltrate Central Pine Valley had died.

If it was another city, that city would've already been razed to ground.

What should she do now?

Madam Ye could not help but clench her fists tightly. Master's Glory was a war that she definitely had to win at all costs!

She took in a deep breath of air. With a determined gaze on her face , she asked, "Do you have any idea how to get rid of Central Pine Valley?"