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Chapter 543: Reward

 Chapter 543: Reward

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"Shi Beihai's daughter indeed," Madam Ye praised as she read the battle report over and over again.

Nian Tingfeng stood at the side, smiling. "Like father, like daughter indeed. She's quite similar to her father. I was also very surprised when I received the report and only handed it over to you after three confirmations."

"Yeah." Madam Ye sighed sorrowfully. "It's been so many years since the blood catastrophe, and speaking of which, this is the first time the God of Blood's organizational structure has been destroyed."

Nian Tingfeng responded respectfully, "It's all because of your wisdom, Madam. The situation was so rotten, but you emerged, overturned it, and saved us from the crisis."

Madam Ye burst into laughter. "You're getting better at bootlicking, eh."

Nian Tingfeng cried out, "These are my heartfelt words! Others aren't aware of your troubles, but I've seen them all."

Unconcerned, Madam Ye smiled. "Why care about them? They're either old men one step into their coffins, a bunch of overindulgent fellows, or a group of impulsive and brainless people who think that their enthusiasm can change the world. There's nothing to worry about!"

"You're right, Madam!"

Madam Ye flicked the report lightly with her fingers and mumbled, "What do you think of this pagoda cannon?"

Nian Tingfeng replied, "What a sharp eye you have, Madam! Your humble servant thinks that this pagoda cannon is one of the key reasons why Shi Xueman was able to resist and prevail over the Ardent Flower Blood Division. Its appearance has had a great impact in that battle. Before, there were not any weapons that could allow those who were of lower skill levels to attack and kill Masters or blood elementalists with Ability of God. Vice Division Leader Tao Feng of the Ardent Flower Blood Division died directly under the might of the pagoda cannon. His body and soul were utterly crushed."

Madam Ye nodded and said in a low voice, "Go on."

"Yes." Nian Tingfeng sorted his thoughts out. He had just gotten the battle report a short while ago after all. He added, "Be it the blood elementalists or our own people, the number of Master level experts determined the combat strength. Strong Master level experts were extremely useful on the battlefield and yet, the pagoda cannon is a threat to their lives. Even if the pagoda cannon was targeted only at the enemy's Master level soldiers, it could greatly restrain their military unit."

Madam Ye sighed and asked after a short while, "Then are we able to forge a pagoda cannon?"

Nian Tingfeng answered, "I've studied the Spear of Heavy Cloud's pagoda cannons. In the previous ambush battle, the Hellfire Pagoda Cannon's performance was very remarkable as well. At that time, I was wondering if we could create it. After asking some master weaponsmiths, I was informed that forging it isn't difficult. The snout of the lava-spitting beast is difficult to obtain, but not impossible. The problem is not the pagoda cannon, but the snow lava. Only the Central Pine Valley can create snow lava. Many have tried to get ahold of its recipe, but no one has succeeded yet."

Madam Ye was rather surprised to hear that. "The Central Pine Valley's leader is that laborer named Ai Hui? Pretty capable fellow, always coming up with new things."

Nian Tingfeng replied, "He's Wang Shouchuan's only student."

"No wonder!" Madam Ye continued in realization, "A famous teacher producing an outstanding student. Nothing surprising. I've underestimated him, and he actually went on to create such a quality weapon by himself. He might excel someday."

Nian Tingfeng stood tall at the side, lowering his head without making a sound.

Madam Ye added suddenly, "Award Shi Xueman on behalf of Skyheart City. Didn't we reward them with a God-subduing Peak previously? Give them another! The Spear of Heavy Cloud sustained heavy losses and is in urgent need of replenishment of their manpower. Give her the authority to seek local recruits. Also, the Spear of Heavy Cloud is an important combat division of Beyond Avalon, but has too few Masters. Give her five of them. We can give Shi Xueman a list of Masters to select from. The Surveillance Division will provide a few and the other families will provide the rest. Pick wisely."

Nian Tingfeng nodded. "I understand."

He was speechless. Even he would find it difficult to turn down such a generous offer. One God-subduing Peak and five Masters... even if Shi Xueman knew that there was possibly a hidden motive, she might still be moved.

Since these were enough to substantially improve the Spear of Heavy Cloud's power.

Pleased, Madam Ye looked at him and said, "Inform those selected to obey Shi Xueman's orders and not to act willfully. Of course, do not pressure her if she doesn't need them."


Madam Ye said suddenly, "Find a way to get this report to Newlight City."

Nian Tingfeng shuddered, "I understand."

He retreated with a respectful bow and realized that he was breaking out in a cold sweat.

The sunlight was shining down on him, but Nian Tingfeng couldn't feel any warmth.


The subordinate waiting below gently reminded him upon seeing that Nian Tingfeng was lost in thought.

With a quiver, Nian Tingfeng regained his senses. "Return to the camp."

He smiled bitterly. He was actually frightened by a woman. He had thought that she coveted the pagoda cannon and hadn't expected her to want the news to be brought to Newlight City.

Getting someone else to do the dirty work-classic!

There was Master's Glory in Skyheart City, so Madam had confidence, but Newlight City had nothing except for people. If this news was spread, Newlight City would seek out the recipe for snow lava at any cost.

Watching the fires burn across the river, Madam Ye was waiting for the right time. For example, when Ai Hui was killed and the Central Pine Valley lacked a leader. Then, she would be able to incorporate these soldiers into her troops in the name of justice and revenge.

Killing two birds with one stone!

What a good game plan. All it took for her to come up with something this brilliant was reading that battle report. How amazing!


The Blood of God's army camp.

Nangong Wulian looked at the soldiers rushing into the tent and asked in annoyance, "Who let you in?"

A high ranking military officer stepped out and answered, "It's very urgent, please forgive us!"

Nangong Wulian's heart thumped. He was prepared to flare up, but seeing the panicked looks on their faces, he had a premonition. "What happened?"

"The Ardent Flower Blood Division has been destroyed and Xing Shan has died in battle!"

Nangong Wulian was stunned. "What did you say? The Ardent Flower Blood Division was destroyed? Wiped out?"

The soldiers quickly gave a battle report in trembling voices.

Nangong Wulian inhaled a deep breath. "So it's still Shi Xueman?"


Nangong Wulian flew into a rage, cursing aloud, "Trash! Bunch of trash! Taken down twice by a woman. You guys are worse than trash! Are you all not useless? Tell me. What use are you guys?"

Everybody lowered their heads, not daring to retort.

After giving them a scolding, Nangong Wulian's face turned pale, and he started pacing back and forth.

The God Nation had always had the upper hand and the Avalon of Five Elements was relying on the Wall of North Sea as their last straw of hope. On the battlefield, the God Nation had a major advantage as well and had basically suppressed the elementalists. If not for Shi Beihai defending the Wall of North Sea, the Avalon of Five Elements would've long since been razed to the ground. All of the God Nation looked down on the Elders Guild and felt that only Shi Beihai was worthy of their respect.

This wasn't a simple defeat. It was the first time the God Nation faced such an devastating defeat. How unlucky. Needless to think, Nangong Wulian knew how angry His Majesty would be upon hearing this news!

And he would have to bear the blame!

Thinking about this made him panic even more. His Majesty had bestowed the Heart of God in response to Ye Baiyi's defeat. He would definitely not let Nangong Wulian off the hook easily now that the latter had made such a huge blunder.

He would have to save himself!

Not only Nangong Wulian, but the other soldiers were also feeling anxious. This was the worst defeat ever in the whole history of the Blood of God. His Majesty's rage wasn't something anyone could endure.

"Why are you guys still standing here?" Nangong Wulian's face was as white as sheet. "Go out and attack! Wipe Beyond Avalon out and bring Shi Xueman back to her to His Majesty or else we're all dead!"

"But Sir Ye isn't awake. Without his orders..."

"Are my words not clear enough?" Nangong Wulian seethed with anger. "I'll be straight with you guys. I'll eliminate the families of those who make me lose face in front of His Majesty."

Seeing the hesitant look on the soldiers' faces, Nangong Wulian suppressed his anger and took a deep breath. "I'll tell him when he wakes up, but if you guys continue dilly-dallying, we might as well just sit around and wait for death."

The soldiers made eye contact, knowing it was time to make a choice.

"We'll leave Sir Ye to you and set off now!"

Then, they hurriedly left .

Shortly after, a bugle horn sounded and the voices of men mixed with the whines of blood fiends were heard continuously.

The army was setting off!

The atmosphere over at the Spear of Heavy Cloud wasn't too great. No one seemed happy about their victory. They had lost too much this time. A quarter of their soldiers were gone and half of the survivors were injured. This was the result of occupying a defensive stance.

It was considered a heavy loss for a new combat division like the Spear of Heavy Cloud, especially with the death of 13 Central Pine Faction veterans.


Shi Xueman and the others weren't the least bit happy. Members of the Central Pine Faction were all survivors from the blood catastrophe. They had fought alongside one another in Central Pine City and survived through the battle together. Their friendship ran deep.

Along the road, upon seeing the Spear of Heavy Cloud's flag, other combat divisions rushing to the front line would clear a path for them out of respect.

News had already spread and the Spear of Heavy Cloud's reputation skyrocketed, even surpassing that of the Sky Edge and Infantry Divisions. It was currently the premier combat division for elementalists.

Shi Xueman advised these combat divisions not to stay idle at the moment since the enemy would soon take revenge.

Yet, no one heeded her warning.

The Ardent Flower Blood Division's destruction and Skyheart City's rewarding of the Spear of Heavy Cloud made everyone hopeful that one day they, too, could create such a miracle and make a name for themselves!

Blood elementalists weren't undefeatable after all!

Shi Xueman watched their disappearing silhouettes and shook her head helplessly. She knew that their victory was due to luck. If not for Wang Xiaoshan, the pagoda cannon, Fatty's breakthrough, and the Sky Edge's reinforcement...

The distant sky was gloomy, and her heart was disturbed.