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Chapter 541: Surviving

 Chapter 541: Surviving

Translator: Irene Editor: Lucas, TYZ

His troops had already broken into the enemy's frontline. Even though a huge price had been paid, they had already gained dominance. In previous battles, as long as they entered the elementalists' frontline, the latter would fall into a state of panic.

Elementalists' inheritances were exquisite and abundant and they were courageous and bold.

Blood of God hadn't been established for a long time; it was like a young and vigorous youth. Beyond Avalon, on the other hand, was like an old man who was past his prime, lacking in drive and bravery.

Fighting at close quarters required valor.

Xing Shan felt that the present conditions were already fixed, so he just had to wait for the bottom bcombat division to claim victory. So what if Shi Xueman was strong and powerful? It takes two hands to clap!

He smiled. "Why would you fight this hard-pressed battle? Your troops have already been broken into. Do you still think there's a chance to overturn the situation?"

Shi Xueman replied coldly, "What a pesk."

At that, her figure vanished.

Xing Shan quickly drove his wolf toward a corner to dodge. The snow-white mist curling around the Cirrus brushed past his body like a whip that carried overwhelming power.

Clap. The mist fell into the sea of clouds, causing it to explode and transform into a six hundred meter crack.

Sunlight pierced through the crack like golden light swords.

Xing Shan's scalp went numb. If that mist had struck him, he would've been severely injured if not dead. He was bewildered. Shi Xueman was like a lively dragon, her elemental energy completely unaffected.

Was his [Gadfly] ineffective?

Or was it her plan to lure the enemy? Looking at the mingled crowd beneath, he dismissed that thought. If her opponent had assisting armies, she would reasonably avoid meeting them head on. Why would she present herself at their doorstep?

But Shi Xueman seemed not the least bit affected even after two of his own troops had been taken down by her personally.

Xing Shan racked his brains but still couldn't understand.

But he knew that waiting was his only chance at victory now.

The battle situation on the ground was very tight.

Xing Shan dodged continuously. It was a sorry sight. Shi Xueman's spear techniques were extremely peculiar. The strips of white mist wound around her spear body were like white dragons, and it was precisely this mist that caused Xing Shan such a huge problem. The mist would disperse in a spiral along with the onward spear ray like a big, opened umbrella, enveloping a wide region.

Yet this spotlessly white and floaty mist that looked soft and powerless was in fact exceptionally potent.

These overbearing mist strips had made him suffer quite a bit.

It was the case this time as well.

Seeing that he wasn't going to be able to dodge, Xing Shan could only wave the machete in his left hand to block them off. But the high-quality machete cracked instantly upon impact and shattered into countless fragments that flew in all directions.

Xing Shan spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood, which spilled and stained his garment.

His wolf was covered in injuries as well, with a leg that was bent unnaturally.

Xing Shan bit between his teeth. He mustn't retreat now.

The soldiers below would lose confidence and hesitate if he fled. Their morale would take a hit and they would lose the upper hand.

He threw the sword hilt away and burst into laughter, disregarding the bloodstains on his face. He was like a malicious spirit that had risen up from the sea of blood inhell. With glaring eyes, he suddenly shouted, "Ardent Flower Blood Division! Kill!"

The members below, who had already sunk into a bitter struggle, received a morale boost upon hearing their division leader's command. Blood elementalists in every corner of the battlefield raised their weapons in unison and responded wildly, "Ardent Flower Blood Division, kill!"

All covered in bloodstains, Xing Shan watched Shi Xueman coldly. Blood overflowed from the wound on his palm as he stroked his wolf's head gently.

The state of battle was extremely desperate, especially at the frontline, where blood had already dyed the entire ground red. Elementalists on both sides had bloodshot eyes. The blood elementalists broke into the disposition in hope of opening up a nick, but the guarding elementalists were going all out to defend against the attacks.

Those shooting cannons and arrows bombarded enemies who had sunk into the quicksand in order to cut off the strength of incoming enemies.

Jiang Wei's heart was bleeding. His men were falling successively, but so far no one had cowered.

Th elemental energy light rays and fresh red blood rays interweaved.

About six meters away from the troops, Yang Xiaodong was fighting at close quarters with a powerful blood elementalist. They were both keeping away from the disposition. A battle between Masters would influence a wide area, so not only would enemies be affected, team members would be involved too.

Looking down from the sky, the Spear of Heavy Cloud gradually was gradually into a disadvantageous position!

The current Blood of God combat division were well-trained, their combat strength matchless. When the blood catastrophe first erupted, the combat divisions had an equal number of weak and strong players, but ever since the Holy Emperor made War God Ye Baiyi to lead and establish the combat divisions, the situation immediately changed for the better.

Ye Baiyi had been serving the army for many years and was well versed in the ways of a combat division. He did not blindly imitate the Thirteen Divisions of Avalon of Five Elements. Instead, he altered the allocation of resources according to the unique characteristics of blood elementalists. Following that, he created a duty roster that got the soldiers in the combat division to take turns going to the front line to accumulate actual combat experience and tempering.

It was precisely Ye Baiyi's string of actions that made abilities on both sides comparable and created a fundamental change.

Blood of God's combat divisions trained efficiently and its soldiers were brave, good, and unyielding when it came to battling. Beyond Avalon's combat divisions, on the other hand, had a bunch of newbies. It hadn't been established for long and so it lacked drilling and the temperings of actual combat.

If not for a batch of outstanding key players inside the Spear of Heavy Cloud defending against the heedless assault of the Ardent Flower Blood Division, the combat division would've crumbled long ago. These key players, taking lead in spite of the dangers, were the ones who managed to keep the situation controlled.

Even then, the scale of victory was still gradually tilting toward the Ardent Flower Blood Division as more and more blood elementalists stepped onto the battlefield.

Yet, blood elementalists weren't the only agitated ones.

Struggling bitterly to brace the disposition, Fatty was going insane.

Eliminating a powerful blood elementalist pleased him greatly and gave him a big morale boost in regard to his condition that day. With his inflated confidence he performed remarkably by killing thirty six enemies with twelve consecutive shots.

He had killed thirty-six because one shot of his would pierced through three blood elementalists.

In the battlefield, the enemies weren't as closely packed, so it was actually much more difficult to kill off three blood elementalists with one cannon, yet Fatty did it twelve consecutive times. It could be said that he had the assistants, who were refilling the pagoda cannon with snow lava, utterly dumbstruck.

Fatty's well-built body was like an iron tower, resisting the strong recoil of the pagoda cannon. With each shot, his body sank a little and his sweat-covered flesh tensed up like solid metal. His whole body became red, like burning steel. Zzt, zzt, zzt. His sweat instantly turned to thick vapor.

The mist practically enveloped the whole pagoda cannon and Fatty's body.

No one noticed Fatty's gaze changing from its initial ease and confidence into a frightened look.

Each shot was still perfect and flawless, but why was the number of mounted soldiers increasing?

Not only did his exceeding performance fail to enhance his confidence, it brought about an increasing number of enemies, resulting in him feeling increasingly despairful.

He couldn't control his fear and dread.

He'd been overperforming, so why were the enemies respawning quicker and quicker? He had already hit his maximum potential...

Amid the vaporization, Fatty shivered, his gaze full of fear. His footsteps grew heavier, as if he was sinking into quicksand.

He was beyond afraid.

A Hui, A Hui...

Come and save me, quick!

Tears welled up and fell quickly. Zzt zzt zzt. His red-hot skin vaporized his tears immediately, leaving only two white tear stains.

He dared not stop and could only continue attacking with even more wildness.

It was as if Fatty had become possessed. His face warped and involuntary sounds of crying came out of his mouth.

Suddenly, a white figure descended from the sky.

A spinning spear ray carrying strips of mist smashed strongly into the crowd of blood elementalists like a meteorite.


The ground shook and the earth-shattering boom made everyone freeze.

The incomparably aggressive mist was like long vines that whipped the ground strongly, shattering the corpses of the blood elementalists and night wolves together with the mud. It was like a reverse waterfall where everything shot upward into the sky.

A petite silhouette half-squatted on the ground with Cirrus pointing toward the ground.

Their blue and white armor was crushed and only a few pieces remained. Only half a sleeve was left on one shoulder and fresh blood was spilling out from her mouth, causing her porcelain white skin to look even more snowy and tender. Her hair tie was broken and her head full of hair fell upon her shoulders like a waterfall, fluttering along with the wind.

She got up slowly and surveyed the battlefield coldly and loftily.

She raised her head and took a look at Xing Shan, who was in the sky.

She responded not with words but the Cirrus in her hands.

Cheers erupted from the troops of the Spear of Heavy Cloud. The elementalists who had been bitterly assisting were now crying frantically, their morale spiking.

Shi Xueman's universally shocking strike had jolted Fatty out of his despair. With a quive, his crazed mind leapt into action once again.

Like a drowning man, he grabbed onto the last straw of hope.

Whether or not that straw could save him wasn't for him to ponder over. It was his last chance of surviving, so no matter how tiny, it was significant.

Catching sight of a trace of life amid the abyss of despair converted all his fear and dread into drive. As if injected with chicken blood, his flesh started rousing and his footsteps became swift. The heavy pagoda cannon that had been weighing down on him became light as feather.

An image of piled up corpses in the cold forest of the Wilderness appeared in his head. He was digging with a shovel at the heap of dead laborers, some of whom he remembered the names and others whom he did not.

Scenes from the breezy evening that he left the Wilderness floated into his mind.

With the tangerine yellow sunset as backdrop, Fatty called out to Ai Hui's back, "Live on, Ai Hui!"

Live on! Live on!

You must live on!

Boom boom boom!

Faster, faster!

Damn it, how do I do it faster!

There isn't enough power, but more snow lava would overheat the pagoda cannon. What to do...

He grabbed the snow lava by his feet and gulped it down abruptly. Whoosh. Surging white flames came out from his body and the white blaze in his eyes throbbed.

This time, Fatty did not lose consciousness!


His clasped his fingers together over the cannon tube like two metal pincers that carried flames. The tail was supported by his shoulder, and with his feet placed firmly on the ground, he stood motionless.

The raging fire elemental energy surged into the cannon tube in his hands.

Like an enormous beast, the pagoda cannon drew out all of the Snow Lava in the fire pond in an instant.

Complicated spiral patterns formed by white flames lit up in the inner wall of the cannon tube, from the tail of the tube to its mouth.