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Chapter 540: Chapter 540 - 20 Meters Of Life-or-death Experience

 Chapter 540: Chapter 540 - 20 Meters Of Life-or-death Experience

Translator: TYZ Editor: Lucas, TYZ

When Sang Zhijun caught Shi Xueman in the air, she had already sensed that something was not right with her.

After Shi Xueman surged into the air, Sang Zhijun no longer placed her attention in the sky. She felt relieved in any place that Shi Xueman was in charge of. Sang Zhijun shifted her gaze to Jiang Wei, who was roaring commands frantically now.

She seldom saw such a fervent look on Jiang Wei's face. Her mouth curled into a faint smile.

The calm and seasoned Jiang Wei was usually called "Old Ginger" by everyone. The older a ginger was, the spicier it was. [1]

Sang Zhijun shifted her gaze, withdrew her smile, and placed her attention on the battle.

The situation was much more intense than expected. The Ardent Flower Blood Division had arrived too fast. The Infantry Division and the Sky Edge Division had yet to arrive. Even though the Spear of Heavy Cloud was somewhat powerful, it was still a relatively new combat division with little experience.

This was only the second battle of the Spear of Heavy Cloud. One could imagine their stress in facing a legitimate combat division of Blood of God.

When Sang Zhijun took over the command of the archers, the previously chaotic rain of arrows became orderly now.

Jiang Wei looked very excited, but deep down he was unusually calm. When he noticed there was a change in the nature of the rain of arrows, he knew Sang Zhijun had taken command of the archers. This took some pressure off him.

The two of them had collaborated for many years, so they were well-coordinated.

Jiang Wei fixed his gaze on the quicksand on the ground. He had underestimated the Ardent Flower Blood Division's [Bloody Axe Charge]. However, he also did not expect Wang Xiaoshan's quicksand mud to be so formidable!

The quicksand mud was more slippery than oil and yet it was stickier than sugar syrup.

Every time a pagoda cannon was fired, a commotion would break out in the Ardent Flower Blood Division. Every shot would kill or injure at most five people. For the Ardent Flower Blood Division, which had thousands of men, this number was insignificant. However, the chaos that was created by the Hellfire Pagoda Cannons caused the charging speed of the Ardent Fire Blood Division to reduce sharply.

The impact of having their charging speed reduced was deadly.

The charging impact of a high-speed Ardent Flower Blood Division was extremely powerful. It would cause the pits on the ground to be destroyed. However, once the speed of the Ardent Flower Blood Division was reduced, they would lose their momentum, making it very difficult for them to advance in the sticky yet slippery quicksand mud. The ardent flower night wolves had to be very careful to maintain their balance in the slippery quicksand mud. Every step they took would be harder than usual. The stickiness of the quicksand mud made them felt as if they were walking in a marsh. Every now and then, if the body of a ardent flower night wolf swayed, it implied that it had stepped on a pit.

The quicksand mud and pits were not powerful enough to cause any damage to the ardent flower night wolves. They only had one purpose, and that was to slow down the speed of the Ardent Flower Blood Division.

In the sky, Xing Shan's attention was caught by Shi Xueman. Tao Feng, who was leading the charge, had yet to notice her. All he was thinking of was seeking revenge for Zu Chun. The Spear of Heavy Cloud's camp was almost within reach.

As long as he and his soldiers could cross this quicksand zone, the victory could be easily obtained!

The quicksand zone, which was less than 300 meters, was insignificant in the Ardent Flower Blood Division's eyes.

The commotion created by every shot from the pagoda cannons dimmed the bloody glow that surrounded the Ardent Flower Blood Division. And every time this happened, a rain of arrows would be released from the archers under Sang Zhijun's command and descend upon the blood elementalists.

This scenario resembled a wolf pack that kept on tearing off the flesh of its prey.

Every small commotion created was like a small cut. Eventually, the small cut would become a huge cut.

Within a short period of time, the sharp and heavy blade of the bloody axe was riddled with damage unwittingly.

At this point in time, the most sharp front end of the damage-riddled bloody axe had finally reached the edge of the Spear of Heavy Cloud's camp. An evil grin was upon Tao Feng's face. As the one leading the charge, he was at the front end of the army. The bloody glow surrounding his body was the most concentrated as well.

However, Tao Feng, who was solely focusing on moving ahead, did not notice that he was slightly separated from his army.

The nearest blood elementalist to him was 20 meters away.

"Master Yang!" Jiang Wei suddenly yelled.

When Yang Xiaodong saw that Shi Xueman was alright, he placed his attention on the battlefield. A Master was an important offensive power that posed a significant impact on the battlefield. In the daily training sessions of the Spear of Heavy Cloud, a Master's attack was utterly formidable.

A Master usually had two responsibilities. The first was to deal with an enemy expert that was of same level as him. The second was to launch a point source explosion and overturn the battle situation.

The number of Masters in the Spear of Heavy Cloud was very limited. Only Shi Xueman, Zu Yan, and Yang Xiaodong were Masters. Therefore, they had to very careful on how the Masters were utilized in the battlefield. As such, they placed a lot of effort on devising tactics that could be used by a Master.

Zu Yan was too young. Furthermore, he had been ice-sealed for a rather long period of time. Even though he had attained the level of Master, he was still lacking in combat experience.

On the contrary, Yang Xiaodong was much more experienced and shrewd.

An experienced veteran might not necessarily had an advantage in an one-on-one battle. However, when he was in a dire situation, he knew what should be done. When Jiang Wei gave the order, Yang Xiaodong immediately took action.

[Refraction Forest]!

Numerous prisms that were made up of water elemental energy appeared behind Tao Feng. Like a prism wall, it separated Tao Feng from the rest of the Ardent Flower Blood Division.

After losing its speed, the bloody hammer's momentum reduced greatly. It was easily split by Yang Xiaodong's [Refraction Forest].

The blood elementalists were dazzled by the sudden burst of light in front of them. Those who had fast reactions attacked the [Refraction Forest] at the first instance.

To their surprise, the bloody glows that they released bounced to and fro within the forest of prism pillars

Hovering in mid-air, the prism "wall" remained the same.

"Pagoda cannons! Concentrate your shots on..."


The roar of a blood elementalist commander behind the "wall" could be heard by all blood elementalists. Boiling blood gushed up their heads in an instant.

Not good! Vice Division Leader Tao Feng is in danger!

The other blood elementalist who possessed the Ability of God couldn't care less. They flew into the air and lunged towards the position of Tao Feng.

While in mid-air, he saw an appalling sight.

There was someone who had targeted Tao Feng earlier than Jiang Wei. That person was Fatty, who had been controlling the pagoda cannon with all his might.

From Fatty's puffy cheeks and the traces of hot steam coming out from his body, one would think he was utterly exhausted. In reality, he was looking for the weaknesses of the enemy forces. He had long noticed Tao Feng, who was at the front end of the charge.

Tao Feng was too ferocious, too arrogant, and too conspicuous.

However, Fatty had been restraining his urge to shoot Tao Feng, as he knew he had to wait for the right moment to do so. Tao Feng was coming at them with might and great momentum, so Fatty was not confident he could kill him.

As such, he targeted the main forces behind Tao Feng first.

In reality, Fatty was responsible for more than half of the casualties the Ardent Flower Blood Division had suffered. When Fatty took up the position for the pagoda cannons, the other pagoda cannons placed their attention on him. During the daily training sessions, everyone had witnessed Fatty's exceptional prowess in using the pagoda cannon and his extraordinary despicability.

Fatty's shots would always land on the enemy forces' most unbearable area.

After learning from experience, everyone fired at whichever direction Fatty fired at. The casualties the Ardent Flower Blood Division were mainly caused by this tactic.

Fatty felt exceptionally good today. Even though his body was emitting traces of hot steam, he did not feel tired at all. On the contrary, he felt he had an unlimited amount of energy.

The pagoda cannon felt unusually good in his hands as well. Wherever he pointed his pagoda cannon, he would hit whichever specific target he had in mind.

His accuracy was simply on point today!

Fatty also did not know why he was so excited today. However, he knew that today he was on fire.

When Jiang Wei's roar rang across the air, Fatty immediately knew what he was thinking.

When Yang Xiadong's [Refraction Forest] erupted with a dazzling radiance, Fatty's pagoda cannon sounded off.


A beam of scorching, white light hit Tao Feng squarely.

Tao Feng sensed danger immediately. He let out a weird yelp that sounded like the cry of a bird.

When the white light hit Tao Feng, he transformed into a pheasant feather with a pop. Following which, the pheasant feather was reduced to ashes.

When Fatty fired that shot, he immediately knew that something was not right. Without any hesitation, he carried the heavy pagoda cannon and took two steps forward diagonally. His feet were unusually nimble and quick.

The heavy pagoda cannon weighed almost nothing in Fatty's hands. Whoosh. A heavy and muffled sound of wind could be heard.

The pagoda cannon was fixed, pointing towards a position where there was no one.

Without any hesitation, Fatty fired the pagoda cannon.


A beam of scorching, white light erupted from the pagoda cannon.

A blurry shadow appeared in front of the pagoda cannon. All of a sudden, a burst of white light erupted.

It was too late for Tao Feng to dodge the attack. He could only look on blankly as the beam of white light struck his body.

The scorching, white light collided heavily with the bloody glow around Tao Feng's body. Tao Feng's body trembled as a red-white brilliance erupted.

Fatty felt that his situation was unprecedentedly good. He was visualizing the snow lava being poured into the pagoda cannon and sensing the fine and complicated traces and elemental energy rings on the inner wall of the cannon barrel.

He was doing this purely by his feeling. Boom, boom, boom!

Three muffled booms resounded through the air as three balls of dazzling white-colored flames erupted from the cannon barrel.

Every loud boom caused Tao Feng's body to tremble.


A loud and crisp sound that sounded like glass shattering could be heard. The bloody glow around Tao Feng's body had completely collapsed. Blood was seeping out from the corner of his mouth as his eyes widened angrily. However, at this point, his body trembled so much that it became numb and immovable. The ardent flower night wolf's front limbs were half bent, looking as if they were forcibly being held down to the ground by a pair of invisible hands.


The bitter roar that was echoing repeatedly in Tao Feng's head was drowned by the incessant deafening booms.

The rest of the pagoda cannons responded and fired at Tao Feng frantically.

The bounded Tao Feng could only look on blankly as the beams of scorching, white light shot towards him from all directions.


He snarled in his heart.

Dazzling radiance erupted from the [Refraction Forest] behind him, resembling the rising sun.

Beams of white light devoured Tao Feng's body.

When the white light dissipated, four charred footprints were left on the ground.

The man and the wolf were destroyed physically and spiritually.

At this moment, the [Refraction Forest] was shattered.

They had finally crossed the 20 meters of life-or-death quicksand zone. It was because of these 20 meters of quicksand that they lost their vice division leader. Everyone's eyes were bloodshot. The one hundred people at the front end were already setting foot on hard and sturdy ground one by one.

At this moment, all of them knew that their so-called battle tactics and strategies were useless now.

Courage was all that mattered in close quarters combat.

Only the brave ones would emerge victorious.

A devastating and bloody scene began at this point.

Similarly, the battle in the sky became lopsided.

After the crane-like blood elementalist witnessed two of his comrades die, he was overwhelmed with horror. There was only one thought in his mind, and that was to run! His speed was exceptionally fast. In a blink of an eye, he disappeared into the sea of clouds. Even Shi Xueman couldn't catch up to him.

However, Shi Xueman's target wasn't this man. Her target was Xing Shan.


[1]The Chinese word for ginger is "Jiang".