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Chapter 539: Confrontation

 Chapter 539: Confrontation

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The one leading the charge of the Ardent Flower Blood Division was its vice division leader, Tao Feng. Tao Feng and Zu Chun had a deep relationship. After he found out that Zu Chun had died, he cried his eyes out.

He was bent on seeking revenge for Zu Chun. When he saw the camp of the Spear of Heavy Cloud, his eyes turned bloodshot with hatred.

He raised his arm and roared, "Kill them! Kill all of them!"

His soldiers echoed after him in unison, "Kill them! Kill all of them!"

Amid the deafening clamor, Tao Feng and the ardent flower night wolf beneath him lit up with a bloody glow. The rest of the soldiers lit up with a bloody glow as well.

All of their bloody glows made contact with each other and combined together into one. Their aura intensified abruptly.

An aura of death rose into the sky. Like a bloody, heavy axe, the aura split the thick layer of clouds above their heads into two.

The bloody glow engulfed the entire Ardent Flower Blood Division. The movements and rhythm of every soldier and ardent flower night wolf began to synchronize more and more.

Their grandeur intensified and their momentum turned increasingly terrifying.

Boom, boom, boom!

The thousands of soldiers advanced together as one. Every time the wolves placed their paws on the ground, the ground would tremble like a drum that was being beaten. Everything that was in the path of the charging, red-glowing army was reduced to fine powder.

When the usually composed Jiang Wei saw the Ardent Flower Blood Division raze a six-meter-tall hill to the ground, his facial expression changed drastically.

He had never seen such a grandeur from a combat division of Blood of God before.

Was this the true might of a proper combat division from Blood of God?

This thought flashed across his mind. The situation that they were facing now had reached a critical junction. He widened his eyes and held his breath.

Boom, boom, boom!

Jiang Wei was counting the pace of the ardent flower night wolves. Wang Xiaoshan's quicksand pit zone was right in front of them.

Like a bloody, heavy axe that was swinging crazily, Tao Feng led the Ardent Flower Blood Division and charged into the quicksand pit zone

Jiang Wei widened his eyes while holding his breath.

He also did not know whether his idea would work or not. He came up with this idea when he was devising battle tactics. At that time, he felt that it would work. However, now that he witnessed the powerful charge of the Ardent Flower Blood Division for himself, he knew he had underestimated his opponent!


Suddenly, the outermost edge of the quicksand pit zone exploded. Under the powerful impact of Ardent Flower Blood Division's charge, the quicksand that was more slippery than oil flew into the air from the pits.

Tao Feng and his wolf wobbled. He and his ardent flower night wolf were telepathically connected. As such, they would immediately sense if there was something wrong.

It was a trap!

His mind jolted.

However, at this point in time, he couldn't think too much about it. Both sides were only separated by a small distance. He could clearly see the fear and shock on the elementalists' faces. He immediately made up his mind.

He was too familiar with this facial expression!

Once they covered this small distance and charged into the elementalists' camp, the elementalists would definitely crumble!

A sinister smile appeared on Tao Feng's face, then he roared, "Charge!"

Jiang Wei continued to widen his eyes. However, he was not looking at the incoming Tao Feng. Instead, he was staring at the ground beneath Tao Feng's ardent flower night wolf.

The quicksand that splattered into the air was like a raised brocade, giving off a dazzling luster.

However, the quicksand did not break!

A look of joy appeared on Jiang Wei's face. Yes, the quicksand did not break!

Xiaoshan had succeeded!

The bloody glow that surrounded the paws of Tao Feng's wolf was like knives, shattering the rocks on the ground. However, the soft-looking quicksand did not break under the impact of the bloody glow!

The soldiers following closely behind Tao Feng had charged into the quicksand pit zone as well.

Their bodies could not help but wobble as well.

The bloody glow that engulfed the entire combat division suddenly dimmed slightly. [Bloody Axe Charge] was a unique charging tactic of the Ardent Flower Blood Division. It involved everyone's blood spiritual force combining together and forming a powerful and invincible momentum. However, [Bloody Axe Charge] was very demanding on the combat division that was executing it. Everyone's pace and tempo of blood spiritual force circulation had to be the same; the more synchronized they were, the more powerful they would be.

In a perfect [Bloody Axe Charge], everyone moved together as one, their hearts beat together, their blood spiritual force circulated in the same tempo, and they advanced and retreated together. A perfect [Bloody Axe Charge] was simply unstoppable for attacking a city or a camp.

Jiang Wei had studied the Ardent Flower Blood Divison before, so he roughly knew the characteristics of [Bloody Axe Charge]. He knew that it was ineffective to slow down the enemy forces or increase their own defense when dealing with this type of charge. Instead, they had to disrupt the enemy forces' tempo. The more chaotic the enemy forces got, the less powerful the charge would be.

He had been waiting for this chance. He roared, "Pagoda cannons! Fire!"


The first boom came from the pagoda cannon of Fatty.

A beam of white light flashed through the air and landed squarely on the Ardent Flower Blood Division.

Fatty made a very smart move. He did not aim at Tao Feng, who was right at the front of the combat division. Instead, Fatty aimed at the side of the combat division.

The beam of white light pierced through five blood elementalists, leaving a bloody hole in each of their bodies.

A commotion broke out among the blood elementalists surrounding them. The bloody glow that they thought was impregnable was utterly delicate against the beam of white light. Even though it only killed five blood elementalists, it shocked the rest of the blood elementalists greatly.

The other pagoda cannons reacted as well.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Booms resounded through the air continuously while beams of white light repeatedly shot out of the pagoda cannons and landed on the Ardent Flower Blood Division. Since the two sides were so close to each other, it wasn't too difficult for the pagoda cannons to hit their targets. Only two pagoda cannons missed their targets as the elementalists controlling them were too nervous.

The killing machines from Central Pine Valley had displayed their might.

Those blood elementalists that were hit by the pagoda cannons did not explode into a pool of blood. Instead, a basin-sized hole was created on each of their bodies. If such a huge injury appeared on any part of a body, it would be more than enough to cause death.

When a blood elementalist saw the internal organs and bones dangling from the horrifying hole on his comrade's body and then his comrade collapsed to the ground without saying a word, it was very difficult for him not to feel panic.

Just like how it was the first time the Spear of Heavy Cloud's elementalists had seen [Bloody Axe Charge], it was also the first time that Ardent Flower Blood Division's blood elementalists had encountered Hellfire Pagoda Cannons.

Ai Hui created the Hellfire Pagoda Cannons simply because Blind He complained that the flames used to refine and forge weapons were not good enough. At the same time, Ai Hui also wanted to recycle the snout of the lava-spitting beast.

He definitely didn't expect the Hellfire Pagoda Cannon to become a weapon that struck fear in people's hearts one day.

In the sky, the faces of Xing Shan and his counterparts turned ugly.

Looking down from the sky, they could see what was going on clearly. They saw with their own eyes how the invincible Ardent Flower Blood Division became sluggish and chaotic instantly when it entered the Spear of Heavy Cloud's trap zone. The straight and brilliant beams of white light were like the gazes of Death itself, creating more chaos for Ardent Flower Blood Division.

As the division leader of the Ardent Flower Blood Division, Xing Shan clearly knew the might of the [Bloody Axe Charge]

When he saw the [Bloody Axe Charge] becoming soft and weak, he knew he had to do something. Otherwise, even if he ultimately obtained victory, it would come at a price of heavy casualties.

"All of you, go down!" Xing Shan instructed with a deep voice.

In the Ardent Flower Blood Division, there were seven blood elementalists that had Ability of God. One was Zu Chun, who had died. Two of them were Tao Feng and a blood elementalist who were currently leading the charge. The remaining three were beside Xing Shan.

The three of them knew that the situation had reached a critical junction. All of them replied in unison, "Yes!"

The three of them were veterans that had been through countless battles. They immediately split up and flew down from different directions. While they were in mid-air, they summoned their Ability of God.

One person had a row of spurs growing from his back. His limbs became thick and solid and his body became broader. His skin turned coarse and thick with a layer of densely-packed fish scales covering it. A spiky tail grew out of his tailbone. His eyes became almond-shaped, giving off an ice-cold aura.

Another person had a pair of black-white wings growing out of his back. His nails became sharp and crooked while his gaze became unusually piercing. The sound coming out of his mouth resembled the cry of a crane.

The last one was a girl. A pair of thin, spotted wings grew out from her back. Her body was petite, making her looked like an oversized butterfly.

Xing Shan did not move. Even though the injury of his severed arm wasn't life-threatening and it could be healed by taking a trip to the Beast Venom Temple, it still dealt a significant damage to his body overall. Shi Xueman's spear gleam was wreaking havoc in his body. Even though it wasn't deadly, it had a huge impact on his fighting capabilities.

That three blood elementalists with Ability of God flew towards the camp of the Spear of Heavy Cloud. To everyone's surprise, their target was Shi Xueman, who was still in the arms of Sang Zhijun.

As long as they could get hold of Shi Xueman, their mission would be a success!

As the division leader of the Spear of Heavy Cloud, Shi Xueman was deeply adored by everyone. If they could capture Shi Xueman, they could force the Spear of Heavy Cloud to surrender. The three blood elementalists flew extremely fast. They drew three odd-looking arcs as they swooped down from three different directions towards Sang Zhijun.

Sang Zhijun looked as if she sensed something. She raised her head and revealed a weird smile on her face.

The next moment, Shi Xueman, who was unconscious in Sang Zhijun's arms, suddenly disappeared.

Not good!

The image of a spinning-top-like spear gleam that was wrapped by traces of mist expanded rapidly in the three blood elementalists' eyes.

Intense fear struck the three blood elementalists.

They had witnessed Shi Xueman's battle with Xing Shan with their own eyes. From Shi Xueman's terrifying strength and perfect spearmanship, they knew they had no chance of defeating her.

When Shi Xueman suddenly lunged at them without any warning, their first thought was they had been tricked!

Which part of the whizzing, piercing-cold spear gleam looked weak? In mid-air, the figure of Shi Xueman was very blurry, and only her cold-looking eyes could be seen. Her gaze was so resolute that it sent fear down their spines.

The butterfly-like blood elementalist flew the slowest. Despair arose upon her face. Her hands kept on sprinkling gorgeous drizzles of light through the air. Following which, illusions appeared amid the drizzles of light.

She did not know that even Ai Hui had to play second fiddle to Shi Xueman's determination. Her extraordinary willpower was the reason why she had never encountered an inner demon in her path of training. Her teacher, An Muda, did not give her many pointers. He only told her to continue walking her path.

The spear gleam effortlessly pierced through the gorgeous rain of light and the body of the butterfly-like blood elementalist. The immensely heavy mist spiralling around the spear gleam blasted onto her petite body.

Her beautiful and transparent wings were shattered and its remains drifted in the air.

The spear gleam which had yet to lose its power reached the lizard-like blood elementalist. He let out an angry roar and the bloody glow around his body surged. He then turned his body and swung his spiky tail. The bloody glow entered his tail and the spikes on his tail dazzled with a scarlet glow, resembling the iron nails that were just taken from the furnace.

Following which, he swung his scarlet-glowing spiky tail at the spear gleam!

The whizzing spear gleam suddenly trembled and brushed past the scarlet-glowing tail. From an extremely ingenious angle, it pierced through the lizard-like blood elementalist's chin.


A rain of blood descended from the sky while the spear gleam passed through a white rainbow.

Holding a spear, the lone figure of Shi Xueman suddenly surged forward.