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Chapter 536: Netherworld Bestial Ox

 Chapter 536: Netherworld Bestial Ox

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Xing Shan stood up from the trench. Holding his heavy axe, he made a soft jump and jumped out of the trench. His Chieftain Wolf followed suit as well. It shook off the dirt on its body and stared at Shi Xueman with fear and hatred in its eyes.

When Shi Xueman saw that Xing Shan looked as if nothing had happened to him, she had no choice but to admit that a blood elementalist's body was far more stronger than an elementalist's. After going up against so many blood elementalists, she realized that they had tenacious life force and powerful physical bodies. Their life force and bodies even surpassed blood fiends'.

"Excellent spearmanship!"

Xing Shan praised Shi Xueman with sincerity.

Shi Xueman's spearmanship was not dazzling at all. It looked no different from the basic spearmanship that any ordinary training hall would teach.

However, it was this unremarkable spearmanship that produced an invincible aura.

Xing Shan was no longer the town butcher that he was in the past. He understood that this spearmanship was a result of hard work and countless revisions. If this type of spearmanship appeared in the hands of someone like Le Buleng, no one would find it strange at all. However, when it appeared in the hands of a young girl, everyone found it incredible.

Xing Shan petted his Chieftain Wolf dearly. Shi Xueman's previous spear move was unusually powerful. Even though he knew the Chieftain Wolf wasn't weak, he still felt sorry that it was hurt.

Like a docile dog, the Chieftain Wolf intimately licked Xing Shan's wide palm.

Xing Shan's gaze turned cold. He stretched his back and shook his four limbs. The vertebrae at his back lit up one by one.

With a calm voice, he said, "I am Xing Shan. Miss Shi, nice to meet you. I have long heard of your famous name. I am truly blessed to be able to see your beautiful face today."

A storm was brewing beneath his calm tone.

Deep down, Shi Xueman shivered with cold. She could feel that Xing Shan's aura was intensifying.

During the previous battle, Shi Xueman had seen many powerful blood elementalists. However, none of them could be compared to Xing Shan.

After Xing Shan introduced himself, a look of realization appeared on Shi Xueman's face. She swept her gaze across his subordinates, nodded her head, and replied, "So you're the Ardent Flower Blood Division's Division Leader Xing Shan."

As the conflict between Blood of God and Avalon of Five Elements intensified day by day, both sides became more and more familiar with each other. Eventually, more and more people knew about the mysterious combat divisions of Blood of God.

"I didn't expect Miss Shi to have heard of my name before." Xing Shan suddenly burst into a laughter. He waved his heavy axe wildly and continued, "Miss Shi's superb spearmanship is indeed impressive. Let's have a good fight today."

As he finished his sentence, a tyrannical aura surged through the air.

Crack, crack, crack!

The sound of fried beans exploding was given off from whole of Xing Shan's body. Like a balloon, his body began to inflate. His body became tall and sturdy. His height was around 4 meters, his shoulders were broad, his back was wide, and his hair was thick and dense. His skin was now giving off a black, metallic luster. His huge and sturdy muscles looked as if they were made up of iron, and his black-colored armor burst open and embedded itself into skin, resembling black fish scales.

A bone-made helmet grew out of his head. There were two sharp, bull horns on each side of his helmet, giving off a threatening, cold aura.

Even though Shi Xueman looked calm on the surface, she was on high alert deep down.

She had never seen such a weird scene before in a battlefield.

When Xing Shan used his huge, cattail-leaf-fan-like palm to hold up his heavy axe, he looked like he was holding a stalk of rice straw. The heavy axe, which previously looked too big and awkward for his size, looked just right for him now.

A fearsome aura soared through the sky and engulfed the battlefield. The sky looked as if it had darkened at this instant. Qing Shan looked like a thousand-year dire beast that had emerged from the depths of the Wilderness, intimidating everyone present.

Even the Ardent Flower Blood Division's soldiers, who were used to seeing their boss' might, took a few steps back at this moment.

Beside Xing Shan, his Chieftain Wolf howled and shook its body.

Crack, crack, crack.

Its body began to inflate rapidly. All its hair became thick like needles. Its initial calf-sized body had become the size of an elephant now. The ardent flowers that were previously fluttering around it had transformed into streaks of scarlet flames. These streaks of flames were then absorbed by its hair. Its sharp claws were giving off a bright-red glow, looking as if they were just taken out from a furnace. Its deathly pale teeth were growing at a great speed. They became thicker and sharper. Traces of flames were spiralling in and out of the gaps between its teeth.

Xing Shan then sat on the back of the Chieftain Wolf.

Shi Xueman lowered her gaze, took half a step back with her right foot, and pointed her Cirrus towards the front.

Xing Shan squeezed his legs and the Chieftain Wolf dashed forward all of a sudden.

"Eat my axe!"

A thunderous voice erupted through the air. Everyone felt their visions blur as they lost sight of Xing Shan and his Chieftain Wolf.

Shi Xueman squinted her ice-cold eyes and stepped forward half a step with her left foot. Following which, she thrusted her Cirrus forward.


A deafening sound of metal colliding erupted in everyone's ears. A circular air current that was formed by a white-colored mist and a red, bloody glow swept across the entire place like a red-white hurricane. The blood elementalists' facial expressions changed as they put up their shields to defend themselves. The dirt and fragments mixed within the red-white hurricane was extremely destructive, causing sparks to fly when the hurricane collided against the blood elementalists' shields.

Those slightly weak blood elementalists were being pushed back repeatedly. Their bodies were trembling and blood was flowing out from their mouths and noses. However, at this point in time, no one dared to wipe off the blood on their faces as their eyes were fixated at the scene.

The two figures separated immediately after making contact, drawing a distance of a few hundred meters from each other.

There was a hole that had an area of 350 square meters in between them, shocking everyone.

Before the onlookers could regain their composure from the impact of the collision just now, the two of them disappeared at the same time.

The two indistinct figures continuously streaked across the air and collided against each other.

The densely-packed sound of the collisions between the spear and the axe resounded through the air, striking fear into the onlookers' hearts.

Every collision was earth-shaking, creating a red-white, ring-shaped shockwave that swept across the area. Everything in the path of the ring-shaped shockwave was reduced to smithereens as if they were being swatted by a huge, invisible hand.

The Ardent Flower Blood Division kept on retreating. All of them were overwhelmed with horror. When a battle between two experts was taking place, it was extremely dangerous for one to spectate it, let alone lend a helping hand to one of the parties.

The longer Shi Xueman fought, the more astonishment she felt.

Compared to before, Xing Shan was a completely different man after he summoned his Ability of God. A blood elementalist's Ability of God was mysterious in many ways. Qing Shan's strength had increased by at least ten times. Previously, he was easily knocked back in the air by Shi Xueman's spear moves. Now, he could easily ward them off. His blood spiritual force had undergone weird changes as well. Every attack he launched with his axe was covered with a layer of red-colored bloody glow.

The red, bloody glow had high viscosity. There were a few times that it almost pierced through her spear gleam, posing an unusually dangerous threat to her.

The Chieftain Wolf also became more powerful and sly.

So this was an expert blood elementalist?

However, the surprise Xing Shan was feeling was no less than Shi Xueman's.

His Ability of God was the rare [Netherworld Bestial Ox].

One day, while Xing Shan was training, he suddenly sensed a trace of ancient aura in his blood. That was when he formed the Ability of God in the [Netherworld Bestial Ox].

Legend had it that the Netherworld Bestial Oxen lived in the Nether River that connected the realm of life and the realm of death. They were an extremely rare species that lived in the realm between life and death. The Netherworld Bestial Oxen were immensely powerful. Furthermore, their bodies were surrounded by the blood water of the Nether River. Any living thing that touched their bodies would be dragged into the Netherworld.

In this day and age, ancient beasts were thought to possess a myriad of remarkable abilities.

Even though the ancestral mark of the [Netherworld Bestial Ox] in Xing Shan's body was very weak, it still allowed him to become extremely formidable when he summoned it.

In the past, whenever he summoned the [Netherworld Bestial Ox], his opponents would be suppressed by him immediately.

The quality of every component of his body would improve drastically and he would become immensely powerful. An ordinary attack from him would become unblockable. His skin and muscles would become as hard as metal, giving him an extremely formidable defense. There were a few sparring sessions where he used his bare hands to ward off weapon attacks and not a single mark was left on his arms.

His blood spiritual force not only became more vigorous and concentrated, it also possessed the aura of the Nether River, which allowed it to become unpredictable.

Initially, he thought that he could completely suppress Shi Xueman by summoning the [Netherworld Bestial Ox]. He didn't expect Shi Xueman to be able to ward off his attacks steadily. Every time he increased his power, Shi Xueman's spear would increase in power as well.

The thing that bewildered Xing Shan was that the power of Shi Xueman's spear moves was comparable to his!

Shi Xueman's Cirrus was surrounded by ribbon-like traces of mist. These gentle-looking traces of mist were unusually dominating and forceful!

The physiological differences between a man and a woman gave rise to many differences in traits and abilities between the two genders. Strength was one of these differences. A woman's strength seldom matched up against a man's. As such, how would one expect Shi Xueman to go up against Xing Shan, who had just summoned the [Netherworld Bestial Ox]?

Was Shi Xueman made of iron?

If he found out that Shi Xueman's nickname was Iron Lady, he definitely would not be so surprised.

The continuous head-on collisions aroused Xing Shan's bloodlust. With a roar, he streaked towards Shi Xueman.

Shi Xueman was also becoming stronger and stronger. The tougher her opponent was, the more her strength grew. With a snort, she rose into the air. The ribbon-like traces of mist released by her Cirrus were fluttering and dancing along with the wind.

Xing Shan did not have the slightest bit of fear in him. His Chieftain Wolf made a leap and both of them turned into a streak of red shadow.

Boom, boom, boom!

Every now and then, a burst of light and a terrorizing aura would erupt throughout the sky.

The onlookers raised their heads as the battle dazzled their eyes. The two figures in the sky were moving extremely fast. They could see the white-colored mist and the red-colored bloody glow colliding against each other continuously.

Thunderous booms fell incessantly on the onlookers' ears.

The two people had completely different fighting styles.

Shi Xueman's spearmanship was superb. She forcibly used her spearmanship to ward off Xing Shan's heavy attacks. Those blood elementalists that practised spearmanship widened their eyes for the fear of missing out any detail.

Shi Xueman's spearmanship had indeed reached an unimaginable realm.

Meanwhile, Xing Shan's attacks were extremely heavy and forceful. Every attack caused the sky to turn bloody. All of his subordinates had a taste of his bloody glow before. The moment it made contact with a person, it would invade and attack that person's bone marrow, usually ruthlessly.

Xing Shan and his Chieftain Wolf were telepathically connected. A man and a wolf. Their powers were harmonized perfectly, producing an utterly formidable impact.

One could clearly tell that Shi Xueman was very scared of Xing Shan's bloody glow. She did not dare to touch it at all. The traces of mist surrounding her body were soft like ribbons, changing their forms endlessly. Like an imposing mountain, they were heavy and dominating. They could always shatter the bloody gleam at critical moments.

Shi Xueman was on high alert against the bloody glow. Every time her spear gleam collided against it, she could tell that a trace of her water elemental energy was absorbed by it.

Xing Shan was like a crazy man. His might was terrifying, appearing as if he possessed a boundless amount of energy. The Chieftain Wolf beneath him kept on howling, not showing a single sign of tiredness.

Shi Xueman quickly realized that this could not go on!

The other party had a huge advantage over her in terms of physical energy. A battle of attrition would be disadvantageous for her.

All of a sudden, Shi Xueman withdrew her spear and flew towards the sky.

"Trying to escape?"

Xing Shan's sinister laugh followed Shi Xueman relentlessly.

Suddenly, Shi Xueman stopped at the thick and dense layer of clouds.