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Chapter 529: Reconnaissance

 Chapter 529: Reconnaissance

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Shi Xueman was patrolling the camp when she saw Jiang Wei and Sang Zhijun. She nodded and asked, "Did you arrange for the reconnaissance?"

Jiang Wei said, "Arrangements have been made for Zu Yan to lead and Fatty has set off as well.

Having been sharpened by the battle, which had greatly influenced him, he appeared more steady and restrained. Not only him, even Sang Zhijun and Fatty seemed like different people individually.

Jiang Wei's work could always be trusted since he rarely made mistakes.

Shi Xueman was surprised, "Even Fatty is going? He is not suitable to be a scout."

Sang Zhijun heard and smiled, "Aren't they both fire elementalists? Both of them used to soak in the fire reservoirs together, and with Fatty so thick-skinned, how can Zu Yan be his opponent? Just a short time was needed for them to become good brothers."

Jiang Wei said hurriedly, "Besides being a little bit thick-skinned, Fatty is actually not too bad."

Sang Zhijun covered her mouth and laughed, "Are you praising him?"

Jiang Wei reacted and laughed heartily.

Shi Xueman noticed the fluctuation of elemental energy throughout Jiang Wei's whole body and her eyes lit up, "Jiang Wei, are you going to have a breakthrough?"

Sang Zhijun was stunned to hear this. She turned her face toward Jiang Wei and gushed, "Breakthrough? Why did you not mention it?"

Sang Zhijun was prepared for action. "It seems like I have to put in more effort and not be left behind."

Shi Xueman looked at the two of them and could not help smiling. Jiang Wei and Sang Zhijun got close to each other recently and gelled really well. Although Jiang Wei did not come from an aristocratic background, he was destined for a bright future as he was steady and calm. The Sang family used to be mediocre, but their situation was not much better now.

Sang Zhijun played a critical role in her family and had sufficient authority to speak.

Jiang Wei thought of something and said, "Zu Yan has recently improved tremendously."

With the achievements of Master Zu Yan, everyone should have addressed him as Master in accordance with the usual practice. However, addressing him as "Master" still made people feel awkward. It also made Zu Yan uncomfortable, so he requested that everyone address him by his name.

Shi Xueman sighed with emotion. "He is probably inspired by Senior Le Buleng."

Jiang Wei and Sang Zhijun nodded one after another as they agreed with Shi Xueman.

Sang Zhijun was full of worries. "I wonder if Senior Le Buleng has reached the Jadeite Forest? I admire the courage of Senior Le Buleng, but to challenge Dai Gang at this time, the odds are slim."

Jiang Wei had a different view. "When will we ever have a high chance to defeat Dai Gang? I, however, feel that the timing is just right. Thus, do not worry about the future of Zu Yan as he is a carefree spirit. After witnessing the actions of Grandmaster An Muda, the battle spirit in Senior Le Buleng was also aroused. Moreover, after seeing the actions of Skyheart City, anger filled his heart. From the moral point of view, it was the limit for Senior Le Buleng."

Talking about Skyheart City made Sang Zhijun angry and she grunted, "Unfortunately, I was not present at that time. It is with great regret that I did not get to see Senior Le Buleng in a rage. Skyheart City really makes people angry!"

Jiang Wei saw that Sang Zhijun was angry and hurriedly comforted her, "There's nothing to be angry about. At least they gave us a God-subduing Peak. A God-subduing Peak is something I have never even dreamed of."

Sang Zhijun grinned from ear to ear and was full of optimism. "Oh yes, with the God-subduing Peak, we do not need to take other's feelings into consideration. Plus, a lot of Xueman's ideas can also be achieved."

Shi Xueman had the utmost expectation for the God-subduing Peak. She used to be stationed at a God-subduing Peak, had experienced its power, and had thought about it before. What would be the result if she possessed a God-subduing Peak and erected the Hellfire Pagoda Cannon on top of the peak.

The recent battles had made her profoundly aware of the changes in her surroundings.

Former combat divisions only had to confront dire beasts, but now they had to face the blood elementalists who were under the reformed combat divisions. The enemy had undergone tremendous changes and many strategies had became less suitable.

This was destined to be a rapidly changing era.

She remembered some of the points that Ai Hui had elaborated on in his letter and had to admit that Ai Hui's keen instinct for battle was extraordinary. He obviously lacked rich experience in warfare, but this did not seem to prevent Ai Hui from understanding the battle.

Maybe it was a gift.

This thought flashed across Shi Xueman's mind, and she immediately laughed at the fact that it took until now to discover Ai Hui's gift. Wasn't the talent of Ai Hui obvious since the first battle?

She repeatedly warned, "Continue to be alert."


Jiang Wei and Sang Zhijun obeyed the order with a salute. No matter how close their relationship was in private, everyone was serious when it came to business.

Shi Xueman accelerated her pace and a thought flickered in her mind.

She wanted to capture this feeling.


Fatty scanned the mountain below and muttered from time to time, "This barren land, not even a shadow to be seen. Nothing, there is nothing at all. We have flown for a long time, and it is very tiring. Little Yanyan, let's go down to rest."

Zu Yan was speechless, "I am taking you to fly. What is so tiring?"

Fatty nonchalantly said, "My eyes are tired. Why don't you try it?"

Zu Yan rolled his eyes, but had to admit that Fatty had the right to say so. Fatty was definitely not a good scout, either in terms of size or speed. Zu Yan was willing to take the trouble of bringing Fatty along despite his habit of constant grumbling for an important reason.

Fatty's eyes were as sharp as an eagle's and even the pheasants who hid in the impenetrable grass could be seen.

Basically, if Fatty said it was safe after a glance at the place, that meant it was truly safe.

Zu Yan was much more powerful than Fatty, but when it came to eyesight, they were not comparable. Fatty could aim the Hellfire Pagoda Cannon so well and so accurately, something that definitely could not be done with bad eyesight.

However, Zu Yan deeply hated some of Fatty's bad habits.

A little bit of work, yet he was already complaining of tiredness. Nonsensical talk from his mouth kept pouring out and could not be blocked. Zu Yan was almost driven crazy by Fatty's nonsense when they were both in the same fire reservoir and had nowhere else to escape to at the beginning. Zu Yan was powerful and therefore able to endure the high-level fire reservoir. Fatty was obviously not strong, yet he was still able to stay put inside.

It should be due to his skin being thick...

Zu Yan was descending and getting ready to land. He picked out a spot with a very good view of the terrain. It was located on a mountain ridge and the line of sight was very far.

As Fatty was preparing to rest, his eyes suddenly blinked and his body stiffened.

Zu Yan, who was carrying Fatty, noticed it and instantly asked, "Did something happen?"

Fatty did not speak, but squinted his eyes and slowly scanned around. After a while, he turned his body and lowered his voice, "There are blood elementalists!"

Zu Yan trembled with fear. "Where are they?"

He had not discovered anything earlier.

Fatty stretched, yawned, and whispered, "Behind the rock, about six or seven miles away from us."

Zu Yan looked Fatty's deceitful expression and suspected he was cooking up a scheme. He asked immediately, "What is your plan?"

"You go get some prey, but do not go too far."

Fatty kept on turning around and his eyes continuously scanned all about, exactly like a veteran scout.

Zu Yan felt suspicious, "Are you hungry? Misleading me by asking me to hunt for you."

Fatty felt indignant. "Where is the basic trust between brothers? What else, what do you mean by misleading you? Isn't it expected for you to hunt for your brother? When you were in the fire reservoir, I was afraid you would be bored and specially kept you company."

Zu Yan decided to shut up since he had never won an argument with Fatty.

After talking, Fatty swaggered toward the low-lying ground, seemingly looking for a sheltered place to rest.

Zu Chun flew the fastest. He set out last, yet flew the farthest. His Ability of God was [Heavenly Roc Wings] which were very commonly used. The pitch-black wings grew from his back with sections of black and red feathers folded layer by layer. The pattern formed by the black and red was extremely exquisite, graceful, and elegant.

The Heavenly Roc was an ancient divine beast which was fierce and tough, roaming all over the highest of the heavens.

The blood in his body, which contained Heavenly Roc ancestral mark, should have originated from the blood golden eage. However, after millions of years, the content of the Heavenly Roc ancestral mark in the blood golden eagle had become very diluted. Still, the power of this small portion of diluted blood was already sufficient to make a qualitative change in the strength of Zu Chun power.

Zu Chun had already discovered the presence of the two of them earlier.

He did not rush over, but quietly landed. Then, he found a place to hide and waited for the two elementalist scouts to enter into his attack range.

A confrontation between scouts was unusually brutal and cruel.

Every scout wanted to capture the opposite party since a live captive was worth far more than a corpse. A captive scout would have a miserable end as they would be tortured and treated cruelly. Even suicide was an extravagant hope.

The scouts needed not only strong personal strength, but also steel-like willpower. Otherwise, once they were captured, they would not be able to withstand the torture and would divulge information.

He never expected the two elementalist scouts to stop moving forward, but they stopped to take a rest instead.

Am I discovered?

Zu Chun felt this was impossible since he was quite a distance away from them and had not exposed himself.

Afterward, he saw that one of the scouts unexpectedly went to hunt. He felt relieved and thought that he had not been discovered, but had encountered two substandard scouts.

It was extremely dangerous to scout for information. The scouts of any combat division were the best of the elites. However, the amateurish performance of these two made Zu Chun shake his head.

He was even more speechless after seeing Fatty's figure. Which combat division would choose a fat man with such a bloated body to serve as a scout?

Am I getting confused?

Am I encountering another combat division? The Spear of Heavy Cloud, Infantry Division, and Sky Edge Division could not be so novice. The more he thought about it, the more likely it seemed that the victory of Shi Xueman during the previous battle had stimulated the rest of the combat divisions and they also wanted to earn some merits against the God Nation?

Zu Chun sneered.

He quietly walked toward the other party.

The other party was negligent and had their backs facing him. In addition, the two seemed to still be in dispute.

Two rascals!

Zu Chun's eyes flashed with murderous intent.