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Chapter 518: Creditor And Boss

 Chapter 518: Creditor And Boss

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"... It has been proven that setting up fortifications on the battlefield beforehand and having an earth elemental master who specializes in construction are very advantageous for our defense. A battlefield that has been fortified beforehand provides a favorable position for our side during an intense battle. Furthermore, we can clearly identify the paths to take for counter-attacks. We can also foresee that Construction Master will become a new progression path for earth elementalists in the future. It might become a brand-new profession..."

"... The Hellfire Pagoda Cannon is extremely powerful. It played an important role during the battle. However, it has also become the main target for enemy forces. As such, it is necessary to deploy layers of defense around a Hellfire Pagoda Cannon. Fatty's bombardment skills are admirable. He also has a suggestion regarding the Hellfire Pagoda Cannon. After discussing it, we feel that there is high chance for it to work. We will only know if it truly works when we return and ask Master He to try it out..."

"... I am shocked by the Hellfire Pagoda Cannon's utility in battle. I have a feeling that it will greatly change the style of warfare in the future. I imagine that if we can equip a God-subduing Peak with Hellfire Pagoda Cannons, it will greatly increase the offensive power of the God-subduing Peak in theory. I have even come up with a few tactics for it. It's a pity I don't have a God-subduing Peak..."

"... The enemy forces have very high adaptability. In the late stage of the battle, they were able to identify our weaknesses. Luckily, they didn't have many men left and couldn't break through our defensive line. At that point in time, the situation was extremely dangerous. Now that I think about it, I still feel scared. Currently, we are discussing how to resolve this issue. We have a few ideas so far, but we will only know whether or not they will work when we try them out in an actual battle..."

Ai Hui read Iron Lady's letter very carefully.

The letter was like a battle summary report. In the letter, she did not reminisce about their old times or write anything about missing him.

Ai Hui was slightly in daze. He could imagine the battlefield scene in his mind.

The beams of red light that erupted from the Hellfire Pagoda Cannons engulfed the enemy forces like floodwater. Ear-piercing screams, explosions, rising smoke, splattered mud that rained down from the sky, soldiers who were struck in the sky and resembled kites with broken strings...

Looking down from the sky, the defensive line was like a tidal wave that was being compressed. A blue and white armored girl was fighting at the forward position of the tidal wave with Cirrus in her hands.

Without even asking, Ai Hui already knew where Iron Lady would be on the battlefield.

She would always take the lead and appear at the most dangerous place. This was something about her that Ai Hui admired a lot.

To his surprise, the name she signed at the end of the letter was "Creditor."

Ai Hui chuckled.

He re-read the letter a few more times. After furrowing his eyebrows and pondering for a long while, he took out a piece of paper and wrote a letter of reply to Iron Lady.

"... Like what you have said, weapons like pagoda cannons will play an important role in future warfare. As long as we have enough snow lava, the Hellfire Pagoda Cannons will inflict heavy losses on the enemy forces. If we can equip God-subduing Peaks with Hellfire Pagoda Cannons, then these God-subduing Peaks will certainly become fortresses that fly in the sky. We will have to provide them with elementalists who specialize in aerial warfare and prevent the enemy forces from getting close to them. Like what you have said, warfare in this era is undergoing huge changes..."

"... The idea of a Construction Master sounds great. You can consider involving wood elementalists as well. Wood elementalists specialize in creating disturbances such as poison attacks and illusions over a large area. If a wood elementalist could collaborate with a Construction Master, they would produce outstanding results. By the way, Bangwan has gone into secluded training..."

"... My condition has stabilized. The Sword of Lightning is gradually forming its offensive capabilities now..."

After writing a lengthy letter, Ai Hui realized that if Iron Lady's letter was a battle summary report, then his reply letter would be a battle planning report.

All right, replying to a report with a report.

They certainly matched each other.

At the end of the letter, Ai Hui solemnly penned "Boss."

He felt pleased with himself. Didn't the Iron Lady know that the debtor is the boss of the creditor? What was so special about being a creditor?

Yang Xiaodong looked on as Ai Hui rapidly finished writing the letter, solemnly folded it up, put it in an envelope, and passed it to him. At that moment, his facial expression became solemn as well. It appeared that the letter was very important.

"When are you leaving?" Ai Hui asked.

"Immediately," Yang Xiaodong replied.

The great victory they had just achieved was a truly meaningful victory for the Avalon of Five Elements against the Blood of God. The enemy forces had a strong and solid foundation. The defeat of their vanguard division was not enough to fundamentally damage them. It would only enrage them instead.

Their upcoming counter-attack would definitely be insane.

Yang Xiaodong didn't like Ai Hui very much, but he respected Shi Xueman very deeply.

"Bring more snow lava with you before you leave," Ai Hui reminded Yang Xiaodong.

"Okay." Yang Xiaodong nodded his head.

He had witnessed the might of the Hellfire Pagoda Cannons with his own eyes and knew the importance of snow lava. The upcoming battles would not be easy. Replenishment of snow lava on the battlefield was a problem, so this was the best time to restock their supply.

Things weren't like what they used to be in the past. Otherwise, a sand compass would solve all of their problems.

Whether it was the sand compass or the message tree, both of them were built at the peak of the Avalon of Five Elements and nourished by generations of experts. The earth elemental energy in the ground blended together well without any barriers. The stable and powerful Avalon of Five Elements was like a plot of rich and fertile soil, while the sand compasses, message trees, and azure wings were the delicious fruits that grew on it.

Nowadays, the plot of soil had become infertile and dry, and the trees and plants growing on it were withering. The glory of the past was lost.

Many things that they were accustomed to had disappeared. These things included sand compasses, message trees, Three Leaves Bamboo Carts, etc.

The journey was a long one. As such, Yang Xiaodong did not waste time, taking the snow lava and departing immediately.

When Ai Hui saw Yang Xiaodong's figure disappear into the horizon, a strong sense of urgency arose in Ai Hui's heart.


Skyheart City.

Everyone left their houses and stepped into the streets.

The incident just now had alarmed everyone. All of them were startled when they saw two groups of people standing across from each other on the street.

The group with more people was the Surveillance Division while the group with fewer people was the Dread Division. Was there internal strife among the three central divisions? Or were they plotting a rebellion? Why was there suddenly internal strife when they had just announced a great victory?

Nian Tingfeng blocked Wan Shenwei's path. He was persuading Wan Shenwei patiently, "Le Buleng is crazy, don't tell me Boss Wan is crazy too? Acting rashly like this won't bring you any chance of victory. So what if all of the three central divisions enter the battlefield? Can we obtain victory? No, we can't..."

"I know." Wan Shenwei nodded his head calmly.

"If you know, why are you still doing this?" Nian Tingfeng asked angrily.

Wan Shenwei replied plainly, "Senior Le Buleng is right. It is everyone's responsibility to defend our country. However, we must be the first ones to do so. This is because the world has been providing for us for all these years and the others don't have such a luxury. If someone has to die, then it must be us first. We should be the ones who bleed first, before the rest can do so."

Nian Tingfeng was speechless. After a while, he replied, "Do you think death will solve everything? The most important thing for us to do now is to win."

"Who will win?" Wan Shenwei asked him back.

"Everyone, the Avalon of Five Elements," Nian Tingfeng replied solemnly.

"There is no more Avalon of Five Elements," Wan Shenwei sneered. "We can't represent everyone. The current Elders Guild can no longer represent everyone."

"Then who will represent everyone? Dai Gang? So we should act like a sheet of loose sand, fight among ourselves, and become blood elementalists when we fail?" Nian Tingfeng mocked Wan Shenwei.

"You're underestimating the heroes in the world. Heroes emerge in times of chaos," Wan Shenwei shook his head and replied.

"You would rather place your hope in those so-called heroes than the successor who the Great Elder appointed?" Nian Tingfeng retorted disdainfully.

"Yes. I don't agree with Ye Lin's conduct and deeds."

Nian Tingfeng's facial expression turned ugly as he replied, "It's fine by me if someone else does not understand what she's doing. You don't know how rotten the current situation is. Madam has spent an immense amount of time and effort to reach the current stage. Do you know how stressed and tired she is..."

"Precisely! The current situation is rotten!" Wan Shenwei interrupted him as a blaze lit up in his eyes. "We need courage, not transactions or plots. If you and I don't want to die and everyone puts their own safety before everything else, then who will fight and defend our country? Even ordinary combat divisions should die before the citizens do, let alone the three central divisions. This is not about glory, but rather, fulfilling our duty."

"Well said!"

A piercing voice echoed through the air from the end of the street.

Nian Tingfeng's eye pupils dilated. It was Ximen Caijue!

Wan Shenwei turned and saw Ximen Caijue, who looked like a small girl.

"I didn't expect Boss Wan to be able to talk so eloquently," Ximen Caijue joked.

"Now that I speak of it, I truly feel ashamed." Wan Shenwei's weathered face looked slightly flushed with shame.

"We should be ashamed. The Judgement Division will be heading toward the battlefield with you as well." Ximen Caijue snorted, "Nian Tingfeng, the Ye family is evil. You better be careful to not be betrayed by Ye Lin."

Nian Tingfeng's face turned extremely ugly. He had not expected the Judgement Division to butt in as well.

"Let them go."

Madam Ye's voice came from a distance. She was surrounded and protected by many guards. She looked imposing and dignified.

Her gaze swept across the scene. With a deep voice, she said, "If you want to go, then go ahead. I will not stop you. However, there's something I want to clarify. It's easy to die and difficult to live. If you stay alive, you will be wronged, your name will be tarnished, and you will be blamed. However, only by staying alive can you obtain a chance at victory. The three central divisions are the world's best combat divisions. If the three central divisions are lost, we will no longer have the ability to make another one.

Everyone remained speechless. Madam Ye's words made sense. A worried look appeared on many people's faces.

"Excuses," Ximen Caijue sneered.

With a dignified look on his face, Wan Shenwei looked directly at Madam Ye and said, "Madam can stay alive and pursue the victory you seek. The three central divisions might be able to protect Skyheart City, but what about Beyond Avalon? We can't. What about other cities? Should we not care about their lives? Madam's heart only cares about this small Skyheart City. The three central divisions belong to the entire Avalon of Five Elements, not just Skyheart City alone."

When Wan Shenwei finished his sentence, he became disinterested in talking anymore. He then gave the order, "Set off."

Everyone in the Dread Division echoed in unison, "Set off!"

"Set off!" Ximen Caijue yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Set off!" Everyone in the Judgement Division yelled in unison.