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Chapter 517: It’s A Disgrace To Associate Myself With All Of You

 Chapter 517: It's A Disgrace To Associate Myself With All Of You

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Another piece of cloud had been sucked dry.

A bitter smile appeared on Ai Hui's face when he looked at his arms. The size of his arms thinned again.

The sword cloud within his body strengthened again.

His muscles were degenerating at a rapid speed. His clearly defined muscles had completely disappeared. The strength of his arms had reduced significantly and his body was much more skinnier than before.

With his body fully covered with bandages, he looked like an air-dried mummy.

Ai Hui's body was lacking in life force, resembling a person who was about to die. Even though he had stabilized his injured condition, his body had become significantly weaker. Other than this, there was nothing wrong with him.

Ak Hui, himself, was the one who couldn't get used to it the most.

In the past, his strong and agile body was one of his most trustworthy weapons during combat. He was very proficient in using his body to obtain an advantageous position during a fight.

However, he had completely lost this advantage now.

He suddenly became extremely delicate, unable to even truss a chicken. He would be lying to himself if he said he didn't find it a problem at all.

On the contrary, the sword cloud had become several times stronger. It slowly revolved and gave off a boundless aura of might.

Mysteriously, his eyes had become unusually bright. Nowadays, his gaze varied irregularly.

Sometimes, his gaze would be empty and unpredictable. Sometimes, his gaze would be limpid and lofty like the sky. Occasionally, it would be boundlessly deep like the vast starry sky. There were also times where his gaze looked as if it was densely covered with lightning bolts, giving off an aura of destruction. At times, his gaze would look as sharp as a sword, piercing through the heart of whoever he looked at.

However, no matter what, his gaze would always dazzle with brilliance, making it impossible for one to look him in the eyes.

When he touched the hilt of the sword hanging on his waist, the sword cloud within his body trembled and the feeling of weakness instantly disappeared without a trace. The glint in his eyes became more glaring as well.

Ai Hui gently shook the sword hilt and abruptly disappeared from the sky.

The next moment, he appeared one meter above the ground. He let go of the sword hilt and the power in his body disappeared immediately. He fell to the ground and staggered before stabilizing himself.

These past few days, he had made a lot of new discoveries.

The sword cloud would only react under two circumstances. The first circumstance was when it was absorbing lightning. The second was when Ai Hui held his sword hilt.

As long as Ai Hui held his sword, the sword cloud would be initialized. It would engulf Ai Hui's body with energy and power, resonating with his flesh.

Ai Hui called this [Imbuement of Sword Cloud].

However, the moment he let go of the sword hilt, he would revert back to the frail and weak loser who couldn't even truss a chicken.

The thing that left him helpless was that the [Imbuement of Sword Cloud] would deplete the lightning in his sword cloud. As such, he had no choice but to reduce the amount of time that he held his sword.

At this moment, he suddenly noticed a familiar figure approaching him. It was Yang Xiaodong.

Yang Xiaodong was travel-worn. When he saw Ai Hui, he heaved a sigh of relief. Initially, he did not have a good impression of Ai Hui. However, after he returned from the battlefield, he found Ai Hui to be cordial. He took out a letter and passed it to Ai Hui, "This is from Division Leader Shi."

Iron Lady's letter!

Ai Hui became energized and quickly took the letter.


"Great victory! Great victory!"

A wave of cheers swept across the camp of the Dread Division.

Even Wan Shenwei's cold-looking face contained a tinge of joy at this moment. He looked in the direction of the front line with a complicated look on his face.

"What great victory?"

Le Buleng's voice came from behind him.

Wan Shenwei quickly turned around and passed the report in his hand to Le Buleng. "It's a report of victory from the front line. The Sky Edge Division, Infantry Division and Spear of Heavy Cloud Division joined hands and inflicted heavy losses on the enemy forces. The enemy forces have lost more than 3,000 men and all of them were elites..."

After taking a glance at the report, Le Buleng's shrivelled face turned red in an instant. He rudely threw the report at Wan Shenwei's face.

Even though the report was just a thin piece of paper, it felt like a heavy hammer when it hit Wan Shenwei's face. Wan Shenwei groaned, but he didn't care about the pain on his face and hurriedly asked, "Why is Senior so angry?"

Le Buleng ignored him completely and walked toward his room.

Wan Shenwei quickly chased after him. "Senior... Senior..."

Le Buleng continued to turn a deaf ear to him. When he reached his room, he began to pack his things.

Wan Shenwei forced a smile and asked, "Senior, what are you doing?"

Usually, Wan Shenwei did not like to smile. At this point in time, his smile looked extremely unnatural and awkward.

Without raising his head, Le Buleng replied, "I am not waiting anymore. I am going to challenge Dai Gang now."

Wan Shenwei was startled. He did not know what had provoked Le Buleng and quickly persuaded him, "Senior, didn't we come to an agreement that we will join hands and take on Dai Gang? Why have you suddenly changed your mind?"

"It's about self-respect," Le Buleng replied as he continued to pack his things.

"Senior, what are you implying?" Wan Shenwei's face turned gloomy.

When everyone in the camp saw the two of them arguing, they stopped celebrating and shifted their gazes toward them.

"What am I implying?" Le Buleng sneered as he stopped what he was doing and squinted his eyes. An ominous glint flashed across his eyes as he continued, "You still dare to argue with me? If I was a few years younger, I would have killed you by now."

Wan Shenwei tried to restrain the anger within him. His body was surging with a murderous aura while his fists were tightly clenched. "Senior, can you clarify your words? At least let me know what you are unsatisfied with."

Le Buleng's face was filled with disdain as he smirked. "After spending a few days with you, I still thought you were a real man. A tiger that has rested for too long will lose all its might. A dragon that is locked up for too long will lose its fearsome gaze. My life was full of ups and downs. I have been through countless life-and-death situations. The only thing I have is courage, so I don't cower from difficulties. A moth that flies into the flame will die, but at least it dies gloriously. Look at all of you, you're a bunch of dogs and flies that think you can outsmart everyone. In reality, you're just a bunch of lethargic cowards and weaklings."

Every word that came out from the skinny old man was powerful and resonating.

Everyone in the camp was speechless.

Wan Shenwei's face flushed with anger and embarrassment.

Le Buleng raised his voice as he continued angrily, "The three central divisions are useless! Does the armor you wear, the inheritances you have learned, and the elemental food and beans you eat come from the Ye family?"

Everyone's gaze gathered at Wan Shenwei involuntarily.

At this point in time, Wan Shenwei's face was red with embarrassment, shame, and anger. He did not know how to explain this to his soldiers.

Le Buleng did not care about him at all and continued to chide him, "The Wall of the North Sea has collapsed, while the North Sea Division has been annihilated. Your fellow comrades have died for the country with their corpses left in the wilderness. They are unable to rest in peace since they were humiliated. The enemy forces have arrived and the world is about to be plunged into an abyss of misery and suffering. Let me ask all of you: Who are the ones who are going to die?"

Le Buleng's surroundings became even more quiet. Many people felt uneasy.

Le Buleng's words were like a knife that plunged into the hearts of every soldier. "The citizens who provide for all of you!"

Everyone's face was bright-red as their heavy breathing became erratic.

"Great victory? Haha!" Le Buleng's tone became even more sarcastic.

Anger erupted from his chest. With a seething look on his face, he yelled, "From the glorious footprints, an old man had died in the enemy country. From the North Sea's Shi family, a lone girl is fighting at the front line. From the Infantry and Sky Edge, new soldiers are defending our territory. The so-called elites are hiding at the rear and celebrating the so-called great victory at the front line. Hahahaha!"

Le Buleng let off laughter aimed at the sky. His laughter was ear-piercing. Unable to restrain his anger, he blasted a punch toward an arena in the center of the camp


It sounded as if a drum had been heavily struck in Skyheart City. The arena in the center of the camp was shattered into smithereens.

A fist-shaped hole that was 60 meters deep was created.

The [Five Peaks] of Skyheart City was alarmed and its light screen was activated. A boundless aura of might engulfed the city. The light screen was as thick and solid as a wall, extending slowly to the defensive line formed by the camp.

"It's a disgrace to associate myself with all of you!"

A firm and disdainful voice rang resounded throughout the sky. It could be heard throughout the whole city, causing everyone's ears to buzz. It was so loud that the soldiers of the Dread Division went into a daze. By the time they regained their senses, shame and anger engulfed them.

A skinny, yet lofty, figure calmly flew toward the light screen of the [Five Peaks] without any fear.

Golden flames began to rise from his back, giving off a dazzling radiance.

"A dead thing dares to stop me?"

Le Buleng sneered. The golden flames engulfed his fist as he blasted a punch onto the light screen.

A dazzling burst of light erupted, looking as if the sun had exploded. A vast expanse of whiteness descended upon Skyheart City.

By the time everyone regained their vision, they could only see a web-like light screen in the sky that had a hole in the middle. Le Buleng had disappeared.

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock.

The five God-subduing Peaks looked as if they were stunned by Le Buleng's terrifying punch. They only regained operations after 10 seconds. The hole in the web-like light screen in the sky was rapidly repaired and disappeared gradually.

Skyheart City, mayor's residence.

Everyone held their breath as they listened to Madam Ye attentively.

"The enemy forces will definitely retaliate. We have to replenish resources and manpower to send to the three combat divisions as soon as possible. This must be done at any cost. This issue is of the highest importance now," Madam Ye instructed with a calm and firm tone.

"Should we adjust the sizes of the three combat divisions?" Nian Tingfeng asked carefully.

"Keep them the same," Madam Ye said as she glanced at him.

"Subordinate understands." Nian Tingfeng nodded his head with a pensive look on his face.

Madam Ye continued, "By the way, don't we have three God-subduing Peaks that have just been completed? Send them to the three combat divisions as well. One for each combat division."

A commotion broke out among Madam Ye's subjects.

"Madam, you must not do this. If the God-subduing Peaks fall in the hands of the Blood of God, we will be in danger."

"Yes, yes. Such a precious weapon cannot be given to them just like that."


Madam Ye raised her hand and all the voices disappeared.

A look of disdain flashed across Madam Ye's eyes. Soon after, she regained her composure and replied, "Such a precious weapon should be used on the battlefield. Don't tell me we are supposed to leave it in a warehouse and let it rot? Get it done!"

A look of admiration appeared upon Nian Tingfeng's face. Respectfully, he replied, "Yes."

Madam Ye had a look of satisfaction. She looked at her subjects and said, "Not only should we publicize this great victory, we have to publicize the rewards for it as well. I want everyone to know that as long as a person is willing to fight on the battlefield, he or she will be rewarded greatly. The Elders Guild will not mistreat anyone. Any combat division that accumulates enough meritorious service will be given a God-subduing Peak."

It was at this moment that everyone realized what Madam Ye's intentions were. All of them clicked their tongues in admiration.

At this moment, the ground suddenly shook and everyone was stunned.

"It's a disgrace to associate myself with all of you!"

The piercing voice was loud and clear.

"It's Le Buleng." A frightened look appeared upon Nian Tingfeng's face.

Following which, a white light flashed across the sky. Soon after, everything returned to normal.

Madam Ye's face turned ashen. She instructed Nian Tingfeng, "Go out and see what's going on."

Nian Tingfeng disappeared instantly. After a while, he came back with a shocked look on his face. "Senior Le Buleng has gone to challenge Dai Gang."

Madam Ye and the rest were astonished. Le Buleng had yet to become a Grandmaster. Was he trying to seek death by taking on Dai Gang single-handedly?

At this moment, a person hurriedly ran into the hall and made a report.

"Reporting to Mayor, the Dread Division is striking their camp and preparing to leave the city!

Madam Ye stood up quickly.