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Chapter 512: Heavenly God

 Chapter 512: Heavenly God

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She Yu could not help but sit upright. She felt that what she was listening to was an astonishing insider story.

The relaxed look on Bei Shuisheng's face had disappeared as he sat upright from his half-lying position. With a solemn tone, he said, "He had a few questions in mind. Why do we have to keep trying to decode the God's blood? Why can't we create it?"

"He wanted to create God's blood?" She Yu could not help but cry out in alarm.

"Yes, he wanted to create God's blood," Bei Shuisheng replied as a hopeful look appeared on his face. "He is really bold for coming up with the idea of creating God's blood. You can well imagine that this idea raised a lot of objections at that time. Even though the research on God's blood has never stopped and we have obtained a substantial amount of knowledge, there are still a lot of things about the secret of God's blood that we have yet to unravel. Perhaps this is the difference between men and God."

She Yu, who was enthralled by the story, quickly asked, "What happened next? Was he able to create God's blood?"

"No." Bei Shuisheng shook his head. "The difference between God and man was far larger than he expected. He went through almost all the research on God's blood and tried to find a method to create it. Eventually, he failed. However, even though he failed, he still managed to make some gains. He discovered that being able to create God's blood was highly unlikely. However, he also knew that if he lowered his expectations and combined what he'd learnt from his specialization in making god puppets, he could create a god puppet that was far more powerful than the ordinary god puppets. Hence, he initiated an ambitious project."

"Heavenly God."

"The Skyheart City's so-called Master's Glory pales in comparison to the project of Heavenly God..." Bei Shuisheng's mind seemed to wander off.

"So has he created a God?" She Yu blurted out.

"I don't know," said Bei Shuisheng spreading out his hands.

She Yu widened her eyes, looking as if she was going to kill someone.

'I don't know? How could he say "I don't know" after the story finally came to an end?'

Bei Shuisheng chuckled, "Subsequently, he left Blood of God and disappeared without a trace. Even though he destroyed lots of information, there are still some remnants left. His student then tried to use the remnant information to replicate his teacher's work. This student of his was Palace Master Nangong Wulian."

She Yu was stunned. After a while, she said. "But Sir Nangong was the palace master of Beast Venom Temple."

Bei Shuisheng raised his eyebrows and replied, "At that time, Nangong Wulian did not partake in the project of god puppets. He was in charge of managing the blood fiends. As such, he eventually renamed God Puppet Palace to Beast Venom Temple."

Bei Shuisheng did not think too highly of Nangong Wulian. Nangong Wulian's Beast Venom Temple paled in comparison to the once terrifying God Puppet Palace.

"What does all this have to do with Heart of God?"

"Reportedly, the most important part of the Heavenly God Project was the heart. That is because, according to the previous palace master's theory, the heart of the God must be able to withstand immense pressure. It's the most important part of the whole project. This is what's called the Heart of God. As to whether Nangong Wulian's Heart of God or the previous palace master's Heart of God is stronger, we still don't know yet."

"I see," She Yu muttered.

Bei Shuisheng continued, "Why are you so anxious then? You can talk about it again after Ye Baiyi has tried it."

"Thank you, Sir." She Yu gave Bei Shuisheng a bow.

Bei Shuisheng waved his hand and replied, "These are just some old affairs. I am not the one that created Heart of God, you don't have to thank me. However, you're still young, there's no need for you to be so anxious."

She Yu knew Bei Shuisheng had good intentions and she gave him a respectful bow once more.


The battle was extremely intense.

Silver Soldier wasn't flying in the sky. He was walking on the ground with long, swinging strides. Like an unreasonable beast, everywhere he walked past, men would fall and blood fiends would collapse. His metal-made arms were flickering with a cold glint at this moment. His attacks were unusually violent. If one was to get hit by him, that blood elementalist or blood fiend would explode into a bloody mess. Furthermore, he did not try to dodge the enemies' attacks at all and let them land upon his body. It was as if he was invulnerable.

Karakorum Polaris was hovering above his head. Thirteen swords were floating behind her in a fan-shaped formation, making her look like a peacock that had spread its feathers. Whenever she pointed her finger at an enemy, a sword gleam would streak across the air and a bloody hole would appear in her target's body. She was spiralling through the air nimbly and quickly. Because of her gorgeous figure and her magnificent sword gleams, she became the most dazzling entity on the battlefield.

Silver Soldier wiped the blood off of his face. The enemy forces were much harder to defeat than he'd expected.

Under such hopeless circumstances, the enemy forces had yet to give up and collapse.

Luckily, Silver Soldier's ally forces were rather powerful. Otherwise, even with his plan being executed smoothly, they might not be able to secure a victory.

Spear of Heavy Cloud was guarding their position firmly like a nail being nailed tightly to the ground. They were able to withstand the charging enemy forces and entangled them, not giving them a chance to make a retreat.

She was truly the daughter of Shi Beihai!

Silver Soldier's eyes were filled with admiration.

Spear of Heavy Cloud's guard formation looked chaotic, but in reality, it was carefully designed. They had an exceptionally formidable earth elementalist. Those pagoda cannons had been built last-minute and those long tubes were the snouts of lava-spitting beasts. The most impressive member of Spear of Heavy Cloud was a fatty who was one hundred percent accurate with his shots. He would roar every time he shot the pagoda cannon.

The white beam of light which shot out from the pagoda cannon was extremely powerful.

When Silver Soldier took a closer look, he almost tripped and fell. The simple and crude pagoda cannon was actually shooting out snow lava.

The Spear of Heavy Cloud was indeed rich and imposing!

In comparison, Infantry Division and Sky Edge Division were like beggars.

When Shi Xueman was choosing the fire elementalists for her division, she thought of how to make use of these fire elementalists' fighting capabilities. Subsequently, she thought of the Hellfire Pagoda Cannons. Even though they were simple and crude, they were extremely powerful. She did not need to worry about the snow lava as there was plenty back in Central Pine Valley. Ai Hui had been worrying about how to sell all the snow lava without crashing the market and causing their price to drop drastically.

Initially, the members were in chaos. Luckily, Shi Xueman ordered Wang Xiaoshan to set up specific arrangements on the battlefield.

These arrangements provided rather good protection for the members and allowed them to gain experience rapidly.

If a position could no longer withstand the enemy forces, Shi Xueman, Zu Yan or Yang Xiaodong would lead an attack and stabilize the situation there. They would take turns doing this.

There was once an enemy general who merely showed his face, but he was instantly pierced to death by Shi Xueman.

This dealt a huge blow to the Blood of God's morale. If not for this strategy, Shi Xueman and her counterparts would suffer heavy casualties.

Even so, the brutality of the battles continued to intensify.

People continued to die one by one.


Ai Hui felt weird upon putting on the demonic god armor.

His surroundings quieted down instantly. Thump, thump, thump. He could vaguely hear the sound of a heartbeat. Ai Hui listened carefully so he could hear the sound of the heartbeat clearly. The heartbeat was not his.

It was coming from within the demonic god armor.

An armor had a heartbeat too?

Ai Hui swallowed his saliva with difficulty. Anything that was related with the demonic god armor was strange.

Very soon, Ai Hui discovered that the rate of the demonic god armor's heartbeat was synchronizing with his own heartbeat. He became to feel slightly panicked. Following which, when the rate of the demonic god armor's heartbeat successfully synchronized with his heartbeat, a mysterious power imbued his body.

At that instant, he felt like his body was going to explode from the abundance of the mysterious power. He felt as if he could shatter the sky.

Fortunately, there was still a tinge of calmness and rationality in his mind. He knew this was an illusion. His body was like a dilapidated house, weak and broken.

He heaved a long breath of air. Items from a demonic god were indeed evil.

The helmet covered his head completely, while the two openings for its wearer's eyes were level with his eyes. Looking at the helmet from outside, the openings for the eyes were like two whirlpools that were of an unfathomable depth. Looking out from within the helmet, however, the outside world become entirely different.

He could see everything in high definition.

Ai Hui never expected that his sense of vision could extend so far someday. He could even see every nook and cranny of the clouds in the sky effortlessly.

The sharp spur on the top of his helmet doubled his range of sensory perception.

He could sense every movement that took place within fifty kilometers of him.

The seemingly heavy armor weighed almost nothing when he put it on. It was unusually light. Furthermore, it fitted Ai Hui's body very well, looking as if it was tailor-made for him.

"Ai Hui looks very formidable!" Lou Lan said cheerfully.

Ai Hui tried to spread the wings on his back.

The black, bone-made wings started to vibrate and spread open. Suddenly, Ai Hui disappeared and became a small black dot in the sky.

"Ai Hui is so formidable!" Lou Lan was dumbstruck.

Ai Hui looked extremely joyful, as if he had gotten a brand-new toy. The demonic god armor was far more powerful than he imagined. Furthermore, he could feel that he had only activated a very miniscule portion of the armor's actual powers.

When he took off the armor, his legs went soft and he collapsed to the ground.

Sweat was released from his body like a gushing fountain. In the blink of an eye, he was drenched in sweat. Ai Hui was panting heavily like a dying fish. He was so tired that he could not even move his finger.

Lou Lan was shocked by this scene. He hurriedly fed Ai Hui a few bottles of medicine.

Even though his physical body did not seem to have recovered, his face looked slightly better now.

Ai Hui looked fearfully at the demonic god armor. It was dangerous!

When he was wearing it, he did not feel tired at all. However, when he took it off, he felt like he was going to collapse from exhaustion at any moment. It was not that the demonic god armor would not exhaust its wearer's energy, but it prevented the wearer from knowing that his energy was being depleted and stopped him from feeling tired.

This would be advantageous for its wearer during battles. However, if the wearer was careless, he or she might die from exhaustion in a battle that lasted very long.

It was indeed demonic!

Every part of the demonic god armor was strange. It required its wearer to have an extremely strong willpower. If one lacked willpower, he would be immersed in the pleasure of having unlimited powers and would die unwittingly.

Ai Hui warned himself repeatedly.

After resting for a long while, Ai Hui regained much of his energy. He struggled to stand up and walked towards the demonic god armor.

After he put on the armor, his fatigue disappeared without a trace. The mysterious power filled his body once more.

Ai Hui tried to restrain his urge to fly into the sky. He was not wearing this demonic armor for the sake of immersing himself in the pleasure of having unlimited powers.

He wore it because he wanted to search for a new source of power.

He wanted to find a power that did not belong to the elemental energy system and could heal his frail and broken body.

How could he enter the battlefield with such a body?

A beautiful image of a woman appeared in his mind. Ai Hui subconsciously reached out his hand and touched his own lips. He felt as if the warmth of Shi Xueman's lips was still there.

He thought that his action was somewhat laughable as his lips curled into a smile.

A determined looked appeared in his limpid eyes.