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Chapter 511: A Story

 Chapter 511: A Story

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Ai Hui looked at the black-colored armor, the golden blood, the blood bandage, and the piece of an unknown beast's bone in front of him.

These were the only items he had that might not belong to the elemental energy system.

The black-colored armor resembled a skeleton. It was formed by an unknown type of black bone. Ai Hui suspected that it might be the bones of the demonic god in his dream. The intertwining spurs on the black bones that were of various sizes looked like beast fangs, appearing unusually sinister. On its skull, there was a spur that was as sharp as a sword pointing directly towards the sky. On its back, there was a pair of boney, black wings that resembled the wings of the devil.

The gold-colored blood was sealed within a crystal, flickering with an alluring luster.

The blood bandage was the item that Ai Hui was most familiar with. It had saved his life countless times. Without the blood bandage, he would have been disintegrated into ashes by the lightning bolts in the clouds that time. Even after it had been struck by lightning for a long period of time, the blood bandage remained intact.

The piece of unknown beast bone had been found in the cavern of scarlet flying foxes. Until now, Ai Hui had yet to determine which dire beast it came from. Other than being unusually hard, it did not seem to release any elemental energy undulations.

Now that he looked at these items again, he had a completely different perspective on them.

In the past, when he'd looked at an item, he would subconsciously observe its elemental energy undulations. Now that he'd lost all his elemental energy, he was able to see a lot of new phenomena outside of the elemental energy system.

The demonic god armor was surrounded by a thin layer of distorted air.

The piece of unknown beast bone must have come from an extremely powerful dire beast in the past. It did not release any elemental energy undulations. Furthermore, it also looked like some kind of crystal, reminding Ai Hui of the firmament iron at the tip of Cirrus.

The golden blood looked as if it was surrounded by countless, shape-shifting, mysterious symbols that were moving constantly.

Meanwhile, the blood bandage gave off weak, yet strange energy waves.

In the past, he would not have observed these phenomena. As such, when they appeared in front of him now, he felt very amazed.

Standing beside Ai Hui, Lou Lan's eyes were flickering with a red glow. "Ai Hui, these items are very weird."

"Yes, Lou Lan," Ai Hui replied casually, "They are items that do not belong to the elemental energy system."

"Like artifact remnants?" Lou Lan asked.

"That's right," Ai Hui nodded his head and replied.

Items that did not belong to the elemental energy system were not rare at all. Among these items, artifact remnants were the most commonly seen. They were remnants of ancient artifacts that had been corroded by Silver Mist Sea and time.

How long has mankind been cultivating? Ai Hui did not know the answer. The ancient Cultivation Era seemed long and boundless. The elemental energy system, which had merely existed for around one thousand years, was like a drop of water in the vast sea of the history of mankind.

Suddenly, Lou Lan let out a yelp.

Ai Hui was shocked and he asked, "Lou Lan, what happened?"

Lou Lan pointed at the golden blood, "Ai Hui, Lou Lan finds it somewhat familiar."

Ai Hui was startled. He widened his eyes and asked, "Lou Lan finds it somewhat familiar?"

The golden blood was an ancient treasure. From his dream, it seemed to be the blood and seed of the demonic god. The demonic god had released a total of ten seeds in the hope of being resurrected.

A puzzled look appeared in Lou Lan's eyes as he replied, "Yes, Ai Hui. Lou Lan does not know the reason behind it as well. I just find it familiar. The weird thing is Lou Lan hasn't seen it before."

Ai Hui immediately thought of Master Shao.

Lou Lan had not seen Blood of Demonic God before and yet he found it familiar. There was only one possibility. It was because of his previous owner and creator, Master Shao. Master Shao's background was very mysterious. Was it possible that he had seen the Blood of Demonic God before?

Ai Hui felt that there might be such a possibility.

Ai Hui still remembered there were many people who had coveted the ancient treasure last time around. Not only was Blood of God interested in it, but Dai Gang as well. Now that he thought about it, Dai Gang and the rest could have already known what the golden blood really was.

It was something that could make a Grandmaster go crazy over it...

However, Ai Hui felt somewhat worried and fearful after having that dream. Because of the demonic god's evilness, strangeness and formidability, Ai Hui did not dare to try using the golden blood. At that point of time, Ai Hui's training path had been smooth and straightforward. He was improving at a very high speed. Hence, it was natural that he did not want to take any risks at that time.

Fundamentally, Ai Hui was an extremely conservative individual. He would definitely not take a risk if there was no need for it.

However, when it came to a moment in which he needed to make changes, he would be filled with courage.

Lou Lan hesitated for a while and asked, "Ai Hui, can you give Lou Lan the golden blood?"

Without any hesitation, Ai Hui passed the golden blood to Lou Lan, "Here, Lou Lan."

Even if the golden blood was the blood of a demonic god, something that even a Grandmaster had racked his brain to obtain, Ai Hui would still give it to Lou Lan without any hesitation if he needed it.

Lou Lan was very happy as his eyes curled into two crescent moons, "Thank you, Ai Hui!"

"Lou Lan, you must be careful, this thing is somewhat evil. It's the blood of an ancient demonic god. It's also the seed that allows the demonic god to resurrect from the dead," Ai Hui reminded Lou Lan.

Ai Hui told Lou Lan about his dream in detail.

Lou Lan listened to Ai Hui attentively. After listening to Ai Hui, Lou Lan realized what was going on and said, "So it's Blood of Demonic God. There are ten seeds in total. One has been used on the armor and one is with Lou Lan. There are still eight seeds left. Ai Hui, Lou Lan just thought of something."

"What has Lou Lan thought of?" Ai Hui was stunned.

Lou Lan widened his eyes and replied, "Ai Hui, do you think Blood of God has anything to do with it? Blood of God and Blood of Demonic God differ only by one word."

Ai Hui froze, looking as if he was struck by lightning.

How could he not have seen this obvious link!

Blood of God, Blood of Demonic God...

Was it possible that the creation of Blood of God was related to Blood of Demonic God?

Ai Hui suddenly understood why Blood of God and Dai Gang had racked their brains to seek the Blood of Demonic God.

Previously, he was still speculating about Master Shao's background. At this moment, he slightly understood what was going on. If Master Shao wasn't from Blood of God, then he was related to Dai Gang. However, when Ai Hui thought of Master Shao's age, he realized this conjecture was very unlikely. It was more likely that Master Shao was from Blood of God.

Ai Hui also thought of Madam Ye, as the stone statue was found in the Ye Residence's treasury. It might be possible that the Ye family's ancestors were also looking for Blood of Demonic God and came across the stone statue by chance. However, they did not find the Blood of Demonic God and was unable to activate the stone statue. This in turn benefitted Ai Hui.

Countless thoughts flashed across Ai Hui's mind, but he did not say them out loud, especially the conjectures that were related to Master Shao.

If Master Shao was really from Blood of God, why would he want to leave Blood of God in the first place? There must be a reason that no one was supposed to know. If Ai Hui told Lou Lan about these random thoughts, Lou Lan would be very worried.

Ai Hui's gaze landed upon the demonic god armor. It was good that Lou Lan wanted the Blood of Demonic God. He did not need to fuss about which item to choose now.

He walked towards the demonic god armor.


The last bit of debris from Wall of North Sea had disappeared. The area was lined with unending stretches of tents, resembling a black-colored sea.

At this point of time, the camp was bustling with activity.

Ye Baiyi was still in a deep sleep in the ice coffin, but the sound of his heartbeat was deep and heavy. He was like a huge dragon that was in a deep slumber.

A few generals walked into the tent and asked, "When will Sir wake up?"

"It will have to depend on his luck." Nangong Wulian's eyes were bloodshot and his face was filled with a morbid fascination. He furrowed his eyebrows and continued, "His body is too weak and it needs to be replenished with essence blood.

"How do we do it?"

After thinking for a while, Nangong Wulian replied, "We will use blood fiends and they must be of high base level. Low-level blood fiends are useless. Kill all the high-level blood fiends."

The generals did not leave immediately upon hearing Nangong Wulian's answer. One of them said, "Palace Master, Sir hasn't woken up yet. What should we do next then? Should we send some men as vanguards? We have been pursuing Sky Edge Division and Infantry Division. Should we send some reinforcements..."

Suddenly, Nangong Wulian broke into a rage and shrieked, "All of you get out! Don't come and bother me! If you want to talk about anything that has to do with warfare, wait for this fellow to wake up!"

The generals fled the tent in a panic.


The Cold Palace.

Bei Shuisheng, who was sunbathing behind the entrance, opened his eyes. The image of a graceful figure expanded rapidly in his line of sight.

"Such a rare visitor."

Bei Shuisheng poured a cup of tea for She Yu and passed it to her.

She Yu did not bother to be courteous and took the cup of tea. After she rose from her chair and thanked Bei Shuisheng, she continued, "There's something I'd like to ask Sir about."

A smile appeared on Bei Shuisheng's haggard, pale-white face. He replied, "It sounds like it's something serious."

She Yu did not beat around the bush. She nodded her head in agreement and asked, "Yes, I want to know what Heart of God is."

"Heart of God?" Bei Shuisheng's hand froze momentarily.

He stared at She Yu and sighed softly, "Why are you so anxious?"

She Yu forced a smile. She couldn't tell anyone about the [Life and Death Flower Sacrificial Art] and the swapping of positions between the flower slave and flower master. However, she needed to come up with a solution fast. Otherwise, the longer the problem dragged, the more dangerous it would become for her.

When she heard that Beast Venom Temple had developed Heart of God, and the Holy Emperor bestowed it on Ye Baiyi, she felt like a drowning person who had seen a lifebuoy.

Bei Shuisheng placed his cup down and replied with a gentle voice, "There's nothing about it that I can't tell you. It's just that it involves some old affairs. You're definitely qualified to know about it. This story, however, will be slightly long."

She Yu sat upright and smiled, "She Yu has the time and patience to hear it."

"Do you know how the name 'Blood of God' came about?" Bei Shuisheng asked casually.

She Yu was stunned as she did not expect the story to start from this question. She shook her head and replied, "It's not because we are blood elementalists?"

Bei Shuisheng shook his head and replied, "Back in the day, someone found a drop of God's blood by luck. Subsequently, that person founded Blood of God."

She Yu was dumbstruck. She then stammered, "A drop of God's blood? God's blood? Is there really God's blood in this world?"

"That's because the secret to God's blood can't be decoded by one person alone. Therefore, that person gathered a group of capable individuals who had the same mentality as him and formed an organization called Blood of God. The secret of God's blood is boundless. As such, the organization has lasted for generations. Once they understood the secret of God's blood, they disapproved of the elemental energy system.

"They obtained many experimental results and accumulated generations of important knowledge. Blood poison and blood refinement are some of their later achievements. At that time, they developed a humanoid puppet. This humanoid puppet is somewhat similar to a sand puppet, but it is more intelligent and flexible. They called this type of humanoid puppet a god puppet. The creation of the god puppet helped them significantly. Therefore, they purposely created a department that could produce more god puppets. That department is called God Puppet Palace.

"God Puppet Palace continued to last for many generations until the last palace master suddenly came up with a bold idea."