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Chapter 500: There’s No need For You To Apologize

 Chapter 500: There's No need For You To Apologize

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Nangong Wulian looked below him. His deep set eyes contained a tinge of curiosity.

The countless tents of Blood of God's army resembled a sea that was black and red in color.

There were a lot of faintly discernible, disjointed white lines in this red-and-black sea. These white lines were from the ruins of the Wall of North Sea.

The tallest of the broken walls was nine meters tall, while the shortest was only one meter high. They stood along the old defensive line. Looking at them from afar, they looked like an old hair comb with its teeth broken. They had endured through the harsh winter and made it to spring. The grass around them was covered with snow remnants from the winter. The dust that had gathered on them during the winter made them look dirty and scattered, resembling the defeated North Sea Division.

The glory of the Avalon of Five Elements declined inevitably and the grandiose plan to stop the invasion had failed. The traces left over by the greats could only be found in the distant legends.

How would people in the future remember this battle?

How would it be possible for them to visualize the magnificence of the Wall of North Sea and the devastation of the battle, if all they could see was verdant grass covering everywhere?

As the palace master of Beast Venom Temple, Nangong Wulian's status was comparable to Ye Baiyi's. Furthermore, he was decreed by the Holy Emperor to come here. All the army generals were already out to welcome him.

When they saw Nangong Wulian, they stepped forward and greeted him with a bow.

Nangong Wulian's clothes were wrinkled and his hair was unkempt. His eyes were flickering with a demonic, yet fervent glint. When the generals made eye contact with Nangong Wulian, they immediately felt as if they were being burned by a piece of hot iron. Subconsciously, they quickly shifted their gazes elsewhere.

"Where's Ye Baiyi?" Nangong Wulian asked, smiling.

"Sir has yet to wake up."

Nangong Wulian gave a neurotic laugh and replied, "It's good that he hasn't woken up."

His surroundings became quiet. Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what Nangong Wulian meant by his words. Was it possible that His Majesty wanted to punish their master?

Everyone was feeling uneasy.

If their master was to be punished, what were the chances of them being spared?

Nangong Wulian noticed the fear on these people's faces, but he did not want to explain anything to them. The smile on his face grew wider as he said, "Lead the way."

The generals returned to their senses and hurriedly led the way.

Beast Venom Temple was unusually mysterious and dangerous in everyone's eyes.

Most of the generals in War God Palace used to be from the old Icy Flames Division. The rest of the generals were converted elementalists as well. Beast Venom Temple and Cold Palace were the cores of Blood of God. They existed before the blood catastrophe broke out. The history of Beast Venom Temple was longer than Cold Palace's. As such, it was more mysterious in everyone's eyes.

Nangong Wulian had a weird temperament. He was extremely unfathomable and unreasonable.

Ye Baiyi had warned them more than once not to provoke Beast Venom Temple. One could see that even Ye Baiyi feared Nangong Wulian.

Nangong Wulian walked into the tent and saw the unconscious Ye Baiyi. When the god priest who was guarding Ye Baiyi saw Nangong Wulian, he hurriedly stepped forward to greet him and reported Ye Baiyi's condition.

As Nangong Wulian listened to his subordinate's report, he looked at Ye Baiyi.

The awe-inspiring War God of God Nation did not look like his usual self at this point in time. Ye Baiyi's face was pale-white and his life force was extremely weak, resembling a waning candle that was left in the wind.

Nangong Wulian's eyes lit up with a mysterious fervor. He placed his pale and dry palm on Ye Baiyi's chest. Suddenly, Ye Baiyi's clothes disintegrated into dust and disappeared. Nangong Wulian used his palm to caress Ye Baiyi's body. His gaze became increasingly hot while he let out a weird, high-pitched laugh every now and then.

"Such a fine body, such a fine body... His meat is white and tender... Ye Bai has such a good body..."

All the generals there were individuals who had been through countless battles and had experienced many life-and-death situations. Their eyes wouldn't even blink when someone attacked them head-on with a sword. However, the bizarre scene in front of them now was able to make their hairs stand on end.

Many people turned their heads as they did not dare to look at the scene.

On the contrary, the god priests from Beast Venom Temple had a completely different reaction. All of their eyes were lit up and they couldn't wait to assist Nangong Wulian.

After caressing Ye Baiyi's body for quite some time, Nangong Wulian withdrew his palm hesitantly. With an impatient tone, he said, "Anyone who isn't from Beast Venom Temple get out of the tent now."

More than half of the generals left the tent.

Those generals who stayed had a hesitant look on their faces. Most of them were Ye Baiyi's subordinates and were from the old Icy Flames Division. They were faithful and loyal to Ye Baiyi. As such, how could they be at ease when Ye Baiyi was in such a weak state? Furthermore, what Nangong Wulian had done just now made them very worried.

If Nangong Wulian was to do anything to Sir...

Furthermore, Sir was such a prideful individual...

Nangong Wulian cocked his head and smiled. His unkempt hair was like a bird's nest. Following which, he said with a smile on his face, "If Ye Baiyi is no longer being treated now, he might be breathing his last breath today. All of you have to think carefully now."

The generals that stayed behind looked at each other. Suddenly, one of the generals clenched his teeth and yelled, "Everyone, go out now!"

The generals gushed out of the tent like a tidal wave.

Nangong Wulian stared at the unconscious Ye Baiyi with a zealous look on his face. He muttered, "Sir, Sir... It feels so good to know that you haven't died yet. The first Heavenly God is going to be born."

An ice coffin was placed behind him. A jellyfish-like heart was floating in the bright-red liquid within the ice coffin.

Nangong Wulian's long and skinny index finger slid across Ye Baiyi's chest. Like a sharp blade, his finger cut open Ye Baiyi's skin, revealing a beating heart within it.

Nangong Wulian clicked his tongue in admiration. After a while, he threw Ye Baiyi into the ice coffin.

When Ye Baiyi's body was fully submerged in the blood-red liquid within the transparent ice coffin, the jellyfish-like Heart of God suddenly moved.

All of its tentacles suddenly contracted. Like a streaking javelin, it shot through the blood-red liquid and entered Ye Baiyi's chest.

Nangong Wulian watched the entire process without taking his eyes off of the scene before him. His face was filled with fervor as he muttered, "It's perfect, it's indeed perfect!"

Thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump.

The sounds of two heartbeats echoed throughout the tent. The faces of those god priests who were low in base level turned pale-white with agony. The mixing of the sounds of the two heartbeats caused their blood to boil.

As time passed, the interval between the beats of the two hearts reduced gradually.

The rhythm of the two heartbeats eventually merged into a single one. The new heartbeat sounded deep and forceful, resembling the sound of a drum being beaten slowly. Every time it beat, it caused the blood spiritual force within everyone's body to undulate.

The ghastly cut on Ye Baiyi's chest healed and closed up visibly.

Ye Baiyi, who was floating in the blood-red liquid, slowly sank to the bottom of the ice coffin.

He looked as if he was sleeping.

Nangong Wulian looked blankly at the ice coffin. His unkempt hair became motionless, the facial expression on his gaunt face froze, and his eyes turned red.

It had been nearly twenty years.


In a makeshift camp outside of Jade Tree City.

The place was filled with the sound of people wolfing down their food. No one cared about their image. After flying for a day and a night without stopping, everyone was drained. They were hungry and cold. At the makeshift camp, food had already been prepared for them. When they landed, they were immediately served piping hot elemental soup.

Silver Soldier hadn't eaten yet. When the mayor of Jade Tree City heard they had arrived, he quickly rushed over to welcome them. Out of courtesy, Silver Soldier had to entertain the mayor.

After entertaining the mayor, Silver Soldier returned to the camp and sat beside Karakorum Polaris.

Karakorum Polaris served Silver Soldier the elemental soup that she had long prepared. He did not even bother to be polite and gulped down the soup. He finally regained his energy after gulping down a few bowls of elemental soup one after the other. With a deep voice, he said, "The essence elemental beans have been prepared. There are enough to last us until we have reached the Rear of Wall."

"Rear of Wall" referred to the area twenty-five kilometers behind the Wall of North Sea where Qi Xiuyuan built all the fortifications.

"Silver, don't be so anxious," Karakorum Polaris said softly.

Silver Soldier reached out his metallic palm and touched Karakorum Polaris's hair, saying, "I used to have a good friend who was from North Sea Division. We stayed together in Central Pine City. He is much more interesting than me and he would often tell me stories about North Sea Division."

"What happened after that?" Karakorum Polaris asked curiously.

The metallic hand that was caressing Karakorum Polaris's hair froze momentarily. He replied softly, "He brought the students of Central Pine Academy to the Garden of Life and the blood catastrophe happened to break out there. He did not survive in the end."

"I'm sorry, Silver," Karakorum Polaris said with an apologetic tone.

"It's not Karakorum's fault, you don't need to apologize," came a gentle, yet apologetic voice from behind the slick, silvery mask of Silver Soldier, "I'm the one who's supposed to apologize for dragging you into the battlefield."

"Don't say such words, Silver. Karakorum needs some real combat experience to complete the swordplay encyclopedia." Karakorum Polaris shook her head.

Silver Soldier did not retort Karakorum Polaris. All he did was caress Karakorum Polaris's long hair gently. After a while, he said, "If we could have set off earlier, Shi Beihai might not have died."

"Silver, don't blame Aunt Ye," Karakorum Polaris said softly.

There were a few times when Silver Soldier had volunteered himself to reinforce North Sea Division, but was rejected by Aunt Ye. Karakorum Polaris did not know why Aunt Ye would reject Silver Soldier. Everytime she talked to Aunt Ye about this, Aunt Ye would try to avoid the topic.

Silver Soldier hesitated slightly and shook his head. "I'm not blaming her. Honestly, I can't do whatever she can do. She definitely has her difficulties. I don't understand all these politics. All I want is to..."

He paused and gazed into the distance, appearing as if he was looking through the already dissipated smoke of war.

After a long while, he said softly, "All I want is to fight with everyone."

Suddenly, he laughed at himself, "Master used to say that I'm too stubborn, my hatred is too deep, and I have too much rage within me. He said that I have no hope of becoming a Grandmaster because of these factors. At that time, I disagreed with him. However, now I know what Master said was right. Whenever I think of fighting, I am not able to restrain my emotions. I don't care whether or not I can become a Grandmaster. As long as I can fight against Blood of God with everyone, I am more than contented. Someone who is blinded by rage and hatred like me is fated to die on the battlefield."

Karakorum Polaris turned around and looked at Silver Soldier through her light, muslin veil. With a voice that was gentle like water, she said, "Karakorum will accompany you."

Silver Soldier was stunned as he looked at Karakorum.

He stared blankly at Karakorum Polaris's veil-covered face. Her beautiful, crystal-clear and determined gaze pierced his heart like a sword. An indescribable agony spread across his body.

"I'm sorry, Karakorum," Silver Soldier muttered.

Karakorum Polaris's heart skipped a beat, but her gaze remained crystal-clear. She imitated Silver Soldier's tone and replied, "It's not Silver's fault, there's no need for you to apologize."

Silver Soldier returned to his senses and broke into a laughter.

Karakorum Polaris's lips curled into a smile.

Silver Soldier's gaze regained its firmness as he replied with a deep voice, "Let's carry out Circulatory Cycle Revolution and regain our energy so that we can set off as soon as possible. Once we reach the Rear of Wall, we won't find such a safe place anymore."

Karakorum Polaris acknowledged him and nodded her head in agreement.

Silver Soldier took out an essence elemental bean, sat cross-legged on the floor and closed his eyes, beginning his Circulatory Cycle Revolution.

Karakorum Polaris's crystal-clear eyes stared deeply at the silvery, glossy mask on Silver Soldier's face. Beneath her thin veil, her cherry lips moved slightly but no sound came out of her mouth.

"No matter where you go, Karakorum will accompany you."