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Chapter 498: Back View

 Chapter 498: Back View

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The fall of the North Sea Wall shocked all of Beyond Avalon.

The atmosphere in the meeting hall in Skyheart City was extremely tense.

Madam Ye's facial expression was solemn. All the important personnel had grave looks on their faces.

Nian Tingfeng's tone was deep and forceful as he reported the news to everyone, "By the time we obtained the news, North Sea Division, which was stationed at the North Sea Wall, had been completely wiped out. By using blood fiends to attack North Sea Division, Ye Baiyi caused the complete collapse of the North Sea Wall. Facing a sea of blood fiends, it was very hard for them to make a successful escape. Until now, we haven't found any survivors. I'm afraid Shi Beihai has..."

He could not finish the rest of his sentence.

Most of the people there were very familiar with Shi Beihai and had a rather good impression of him. Before, they had discussed the issue and hoped that Shi Beihai could take over the position of Great Elder.

It was a pity that Shi Beihai was not interested in the position and rejected the offer tactfully.

Ye Baiyi was another person everyone was familiar with. Coincidentally, Ye Baiyi had also been a candidate to become Great Elder.

Ultimately, neither of the two candidates took over the position of Great Elder and both of them ended up fighting each other.

Fate played a joke on the two of them, and it was a cruel one.

Madam Ye's gaze swept across everyone as she began to talk with a solemn voice, "Now is not the time to grieve, we don't have much time left. Let's talk about what we should do next."

Nian Tingfeng gave Madam Ye a bow and continued, "Shi Beihai had arranged a back-up plan."

Madam Ye wasn't surprised at all as she understood Shi Beihai very well. She nodded and said, "Shi Beihai has always thought far ahead. Tell us about his back-up plan."

"Yes." Nian Tingfeng turned around and faced everyone. "Shi Beihai anticipated the North Sea Wall's collapse. He'd had his vice-division leader, Qi Xiuyuan, lead all the blacksmiths to the rear of the North Sea Wall and build a large number of fortifications. His original plan had been to use the North Sea Division and the layers of fortifications to stop the enemies if the North Sea Wall collapsed. It's a pity that he did not expect Ye Baiyi to use blood fiends to attack them. Most of these fortifications have been completed. Qi Xiuyuan, who was in charge of this project, has gone missing."

"So these fortifications have fallen into the hands of Blood of God?" Ximen Caijue asked coldly.

"Not yet." Nian Tingfeng saw the doubt in everyone's eyes and explained, "Shi Beihai hid an expert in each of the three God-subduing Peaks and purposely let Blood of God capture them. Subsequently, the three experts detonated the God-subduing Peaks and caused a colossal explosion. The scene was extremely spectacular. At that time, Ye Baiyi was aboard one of the God-subduing Peaks. He was caught in the explosion and is severely injured. He has been unconscious since then."

"Such a pity..."

"It's such a pity!"

"Such a pity, we almost got him. As long as Ye Baiyi dies, the enemy troops will collapse even if we don't attack them."

A lot of people felt it was a pity that Ye Baiyi had not died.

Rage engulfed Silver Soldier's eyes. Karakorum Polaris, who was standing beside him, grabbed his hand and shook her head. When Silver Soldier saw Karakorum Polaris's eyes, his rage subsided significantly.

Her soft palm tightly interlocked its fingers with Silver Soldier's. Beneath the light muslin veil on her face, her usual ice-cold eyes were now tender like water.

When Silver Soldier sensed Karakorum Polaris's tenderness, he grabbed her hand tightly in return.

Wan Shenwei, who had not spoken all this time, suddenly opened his mouth to say, "We need to seize the moment."

Madam Ye shifted her gaze to Wan Shenwei while the rest of the people quieted down.

"Shi Beihai's plan is not bad," continued Wan Shenwei.

In the dim light of the night sky, Sky Edge Division and Infantry Division's encampments were brightly lit, bustling with life. Everyone was unusually busy as they made their last checks and preparations before setting off.

Four hours later, Sky Edge Division and Infantry Division would be rushing to the front line.

All the cities along the way had been ordered by Elders Guild to provide them with essence elemental beans, food, and lodgings. These were to allow them to reach the front line as soon as possible. They were now racing against time. Every second was extremely precious.

Sky Edge Division and Infantry Division had been rebuilt not too long ago and had many rookies. Even though they had undergone plenty of training, they were still slightly flustered now that they were going to enter the battlefield for real.

From the balcony of the mayor's residence, one could look down at the two camps that were situated right next to each other.

A man of around fifty to sixty-years-old was staring at the two camps without moving. His figure looked as if it had blended into the night scene. Madam Ye's voice came from behind him.

"Are you worried about them?"

The man's eyes regained their clarity. Without turning back, he replied plainly, "They will be fine after fighting a few battles. Why didn't you send the three central divisions?"

The man's stubby, grizzled beard and short silvery hair that was hard like iron wires made his craggy face look like the head on a robust statue. His eyes were like gems carved with the utmost care. They were solid-looking, well-defined, and striking. Every now and then, a cold glint would flash across his eyes, causing one to shiver with fear; however, if one took a closer look, those eyes would look like the depths of a night sky, filled with darkness.

His clothes were plain and unadorned. He wore a pair of the short pants usually worn by laborers and was bare-footed, contrasting greatly with the ravishing and luxurious mayor's residence.

The man's facial expression was indifferent, looking as if he did not sense the contrast at all.

"Dai Gang is coming." Madam Ye walked beside the man and stared at the encampment as she spoke with a soft voice. "I'm even more worried about her than you are."

"Then you shouldn't let her be the division leader."

Madam Ye raised her eyebrows and sneered. "Don't let her be the division leader? Then who will be the division leader? You? I am a woman and have to take over such a huge mess. Furthermore, I am isolated and helpless..."

As she spoke, she began to choke with emotions.

"You get what you seek," the man replied plainly.

Madam Ye wiped off her tears and said, "So are you saying that I sought this big mess myself? Then why did you ask your disciple to come over? Why did you agree to our daughter taking over Sky Edge Division? At the end of the day, you will help me, right?"

The man cast a glance at her. An indescribable glint flashed across his eyes in the darkness. This pair of eyes looked hurt, regretful, and sad at the same time. Soon after, they returned to normal.

"I'm very clear on what I have done."

Madam Ye stopped crying and her facial expression returned to normal. "Don't tell me you're only here to look at your daughter?"

"No, I am here to warn you not to interfere with Karakorum's and Silver's business." The man shook his head.

An unnatural look swept across Madam Ye's face as she replied, "You are still so paranoid, why would I interfere with their business?"

"If you don't repent, I will kill you," the man said.

Like a cat with its tail being stepped on, Madam Ye's voice turned sharp. "Kill me? Kill me then! Didn't you want to kill me back in the day? Heng Bingfeng!"

Heng Bingfeng looked as if he didn't hear Madam Ye's words and continued to stare at the two camps.

Madam Ye snorted. "It's because of you that I gave that lad a chance and let him be Infantry Division's division leader, but how can my daughter lead such a miserable life..."

Heng Bingfeng's head suddenly turned around. His lightning-like gaze made Madam Ye stop talking at once.

"You and her are two completely different persons. Other than your own life, you won't value anything else as important," Heng Bingfeng said plainly.

Madam Ye looked straight at Heng Bingfeng and did not speak for a long time. Suddenly, like a blossoming flower, she broke into a smile. "We have not met for quite a long time, let's not talk about these unhappy things and talk about some happy things. How about it? Do you want to help me deal with Dai Gang? I think your strength is right on par with Le Buleng's."

"I admire Dai Gang and think he is more suitable than you for the position of Great Elder," Heng Bingfeng said.

"You're such a petty individual." Madam Ye pouted her lips. "You don't want to help me and you'll still say such words to annoy me."

Heng Bingfeng shifted his gaze back to the two camps.

Karakorum Polaris had been brought up by Heng Bingfeng and they had a deep relationship.

"Do you want to visit Karakorum and your precious disciple?" Madam Ye suddenly asked.

Heng Bingfeng did not respond.

Just as Madam Ye thought that he was not going to speak, he suddenly said, "There's no need for me to do that. In times of chaos, if I can't protect them, the least I can do is not create trouble for them."

"Are you going to look on helplessly as they go to the battlefield?"

Heng Bingfeng remained silent for a while before replying, "Silver has a brave and unyielding character. His heart is filled with wrath and hatred from the blood catastrophe. If I don't let him go to the battlefield, he will not be happy. Karakorum can't bear to part with him. No matter where he is, whether he lives or dies, she will be by his side."

"Because of these bullshit reasons?" An incredulous look appeared on Madam Ye's face.

Without turning his head, Heng Bingfeng replied, "As long as she is happy, it's fine with me. One gets what he or she seeks. In times of chaos, it's best for one to live in the moment."

"Yes, in times of chaos, it's best to live in the moment."

Madam Ye muttered as she gazed into the distance. She looked slightly distracted. The area outside of the city was pitch-black. Silver City's bright and lively lights that resembled a vast sky full of stars could no longer be seen.

She returned to her senses and said coldly, "The Avalon of Five Elements can survive only if Dai Gang and Ye Baiyi are settled!"


At this time, the Elders Guild, which was usually disorganized and inefficient, was unusually quick and efficient.

Sky Edge Division and Infantry Division travelled day and night towards the fortifications at the rear of the North Sea Wall.

At the same time, Skyheart City issued a conscription order in the name of the Elder's Guild. This was to allow them to conscript a large number of combat divisions. Any city that had a slightly reputable combat division was conscripted.

When the conscription order and the grievous news of Shi Beihai's death reached Fishback City, Shi Xueman was very calm.

She took over the conscription order, which read, "Conscription order: Spear of Heavy Cloud and Sword of Lightning are to report to the front line immediately."

Shi Xueman closed the conscription order and said, "Only Spear of Heavy Cloud will be going."

The envoy, who was an elementalist from the Surveillance Division which had sent the conscription order, was stunned. He hurriedly explained, "But..."

Cirrus's ice-cold tip was immediately placed on his neck. At that moment, the envoy's facial expression changed drastically as he responded, "Audacious! Shi Xueman, are you defying the order? You have to think properly..."

"Only Spear of Heavy Cloud will be going."

Like the spearpoint at his neck, the frosty voice sent a cold shiver down the envoy's spine.

The envoy tried to argue, "This is Elders Guild's..."

"An envoy has the authority to act at his or her discretion," Shi Xueman interrupted.

The envoy was speechless. It was then that he remembered Shi Xueman was from a powerful aristocratic family and knew about these customs very clearly.

He tried to stay calm and said, "Miss Shi, you have to consider your actions carefully lest you humiliate your father's reputation."

At his neck, Cirrus trembled. After a while, Shi Xueman said softly, "What is the point of having a good reputation when he is already dead?"

The envoy's heart softened and he sighed, "It seems like the rumors are really true."

He retrieved the conscription order and crossed off the name "Sword of Lightning," following which, he stamped it with his seal and passed it back to Shi Xueman.

With a solemn look on his face, the envoy said, "My comrades from the Surveillance Division have offered incense to your father."

"Thank you." Shi Xueman took over the conscription order and left with Cirrus in her hand. She did not turn back.

The envoy suddenly raised his head. All of a sudden, snowflakes began to drift down from the sky.

The back view of the figure in the drifting snow looked weak, yet austere.